Grayden Sheley, Rockford

About me:
I have been making things from wood for over 20 years. This and home repair were always a hobby. After years of collecting many of the tools required to make high quality custom items I started making and selling boxes, shelving units and custom items requested by word of mouth. I have also have sold his items at public flea markets and on line.

With the purchase of the CarveWright CNC carver we are now able to supply carved items up to 14.5 inches wide X 8* foot long.
I can manufacture custom carved Doors, Trim, Signs, Plaques, Tabletops and Tables, Pet cremation ash boxes and panels to attach to kitchen cabinet doors.

my personal website:

Gender: Male

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Box made of Paduck

We can manufacture custom Boxes carved and uncarved, Doors, Trim, Signs, Plaques, Tabletops and Panels, Pet ash repositories. Please e-mail me and provide any feedback you deem helpful...

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