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Paolini bookcase

I built Gregory Paolini's bookcase a year or so ago when the article came out in the magazine.  I had some trouble with the routing, I think my bit was off so I had to chop a lot of the mortises...

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Re: The DiBello Bed

Cindy - so proud of you! Kudos to a great design, great workmanship, and perseverance. This is such a great project.

Re: If this guy can make guitars in a refugee camp...

Wow, that's amazing. A perfect example of how 'it's not the tools but the craftsman.'

(Asa - you might want to double check the website link. It wouldn't work for me. It might be my browser but I couldn't get it to open.)

Re: You Can't Beat the Physics of Kickback

I made the mistake of not buying a saw with a riving knife years ago and while I have a Micro Jig splitter on a zero clearance insert, I still wish I had one. Sure, in years of use, I've never had a kickback happen, but I still want a knife. It's just something that's always in the back of my mind when I'm at the saw.

My absolute respect for the tool is there all the time. I have used it when I shouldn't and have walked away when I realized how stupid I was being. I don't think mandating Saw Stop's technology is the right path for the industry but I do think that knowledge of what can go wrong and how to prevent it is paramount to the woodworker. It still all comes down to personal responsibility.

Re: Calculating for Wood Movement

In addition to Garage Woodworks, there's also an app for your iPhone/Android called Woodshop Widget and available here: I think I also downloaded mine from the App Store.

Re: Paolini bookcase

Cahudson - I really don't remember but it is possible that I did make it a few inches longer.

Re: Like a Kid in a Candy Shop

My dad had an electric coping saw and had forgotten about it until I saw the picture. He used to turn it on and while vibrating would let me touch the blade. Touching lightly it would simply tickle my finger. A very safe tool.

I never saw him actually use it though, so I don't know if it ever really worked. Kind of just hung on the tool bench wall. Nice stroll down memory lane.

Re: Hate sanding? Try this super-block

Never even heard of it. Off to the net I go! Better than those old hard rubber thingies with the three spikes on the ends that never get the paper tight.

Thanks for the tip.

Re: Incredible table tricks the eye

That magnetic key is pretty slick. Did he embed a magnet under the veneer?

Re: Birth of a Lee Valley tool

Can't wait to see the videos! I listened to the podcast on a long drive and really have me intrigued. I, too, own the MK II honing guide and it's phenomenal.

So glad Robin (Rob) is committed to manufacturing in North America.

Re: Help Complete the Vision of George Nakashima

Thank you, Tom, for an accurate description of the Archbishop. While this is a woodworking site, not a political one, our community should be made aware of this man's true character and not what is whitewashed by the media.

A brief bio can be found here:

I would like to believe the Nakashima Foundation is unaware of the difference between "today's" Tutu and the anti-apartheid Tutu of decades ago.

This beautiful altar will in no way detract from my love and admiration of George Nakashima's work.

Re: Should Woodworkers Say Goodbye to Ebony?

I completely agree with JD Maher. There was no mention of re-foresting new trees, either ebony or spruce, for that matter. And this goes, I would guess, for all other tropical trees. Why are there not plantations of mahogany for example?

Re: Make Millions in Woodworking in only 250 Years

I wonder what Tommy MacDonald got for his bombe chest a couple of years ago. The one that got him started on his Rough Cut webcast before the PBS show.

Awesome work.

Re: Fine Woodworking on the David Letterman Show

Ironically, I just got my copy in the mail yesterday and was intrigued by the jig. Then this clip. I guess I have to look for and start watching Parks & Rec. I never even heard of the show. I'm glad Dave took the time to talk about the wood and not the show. It makes this guy bigger in relationship to all the other Hollywood denizens.

William H. Macy is also a woodworker and I think one time gave Letterman a bowl he had turned.

Who else in Hollywood makes sawdust? (And no, Harrison Ford probably hasn't had a saw in his hand since Star Wars days. But he did do a lot when he was younger. More carpenter than woodworker).

Re: Huge advances in woodworking technology

allann - if a train leaves Chicago heading east at 8:30 and another train leaves New York heading west....


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