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Re: Amazing Bed in a Box

another vote for an article with plans I'd be willing to purchase. Makes more sense than a Murphy bed for my situation. Better than abide a bed or futon as well.

Re: UPDATE: Dovetail Techniques with Stephen Hammer

I'm just learning woodworking and would like to find out all I can about different types of dovetails and different ways to make them.

Re: Tanning beds accelerate aging for cherry, not just humans

I read an article where they put on boiled linseed oil cut with 50% mineral spirits before putting the cherry in the sun. I'm in the process of trying that on some scrap wood, but it's been cloudy and thwarted my efforts. I do have one of those super bright lights they use lift your spirits in the winter. After reading your post, I'm going to try that instead and experiment with bare wood and the BLO mixture. I'll put some masking tape on the test pieces to see which works better.

FYI, cherry has lots of tannins, which is why it reacts to sunlight more than most other woods which have fewer tannins. I don't know much about exotic woods, though.

Re: shaker cupboard over chest

This is a memorable piece of art. You have done such an exquisite job of using that beautiful wood. The wood and the piece are interwoven. It almost looks as though you designed the piece to maximize the beauty of the wood. Something like a sculptor would look at a piece of marble and design the sculpture in conjunction with it.

Re: Chimney cupboards

Great use of this old fine wood. I'd like to learn to do more of that myself. Very nice pieces.

Re: chimney cupboard

Very nice use of wood, and great dovetails. It doesn't look like a first, piece, I agree with slowman.

Re: Master Bedroom suite

Beautiful work and the wood is spectacular.

Re: Shaker work in gallery show

Beautiful, and amazing how you were able to do so much.

Re: Shaker Chimney Cupboard

Nice work. I notice it is two cabinets, one on top of the other. I have some cherry, but too short for the long cupboard in this video series, so I'm thinking of doing two short cabinets and stacking them, like your picture shows. I found a similar pattern in a beginning woodworking book, but like the dovetail joints in the video series, plus the joinery, too.

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