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Re: Shop Talk Live 14: Who Needs Half-Blind Dovetails?

Sorry not going to do anything that requires me to register with iTunes...Why can you just post the audio / video on your own server. I dislike anything i...

Re: Updated: Stanley Sells Delta Tools to Taiwanese Company

I'm reading that everyone seems to think that Delta tools have been made with the up most quality...that would maybe be true for the ones that were actually made in the USA, but not all of them. I have a US made Delta 14" band saw with gear box used for reducing the speed to allow for cutting metal. I love this saw, even though I've had some minor issues with it, it's 25 years old and a workhorse. I can, and have, cut through rail road rail with it, that is once I found some non-Asian made metal cutting blades for it. I also have a Asian made Delta 10" table saw (15 years old) which works pretty well, but the quality is nothing like the band saw. The miter guide slot, the left one that I use most often, is tapered and narrows a solid 3/32" from the leading edge to the trailing edge. It makes it very hard to cut anything straight, you have to remember to push the guide toward the blade to keep it from drifting...this adds a little danger to the operation due to putting hand force toward the blade...I use my sliding miter saw for most cross cutting. I sent a message through the Delta web site pointing out the defect, but have never received a response. A replacement "deck" would have cost about a third of the price of the saw with no guarantee that it would be any better than the original

I have no hope that this move to Asian manufacturers will lead to any good, for our country, our tools, as well as just about everything else. One writer stated that you can still buy US made if you look for it...and that is true for some things but very little these days. I still hunt for US made products, but I'm not really sure they are much better since the pride of workmanship has seemed to have left the workforce. Like one of the other writers commented, I spend a lot of time rebuilding tools and some times it's new tools I'm rebuilding even before I get a chance to use it.

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