Jonathan Gerspach, Evergreen, Colorado

"As a designer and woodworker I devote my craftsmanship towards exposing the beauty I see within a raw material. To create furniture as a living, functional sculpture. Pieces that are not only admired for their comfort but also the organic motion which draws your eye from one detail to the next. "

Gender: Male

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Occasional Chair

Walnut hand-sculpted occasional chair  Heavy teardrop crest rail  Unconnected backrest spindals  Captured turned front leg, bent lamination rear legs 

Gerspach Lounge Rocker

 16 months in development, creation, invention and self expression. The Gerspach Lounge Rocker is my own, original design. Built by use of bent lamination and extensive hand sculpting. Genuine...

Walking cane

Shaped handle and turned coco bolo shaft

Pauduk maloof inspired rocker

After two years of exposure to ultraviolet rays you can see how much change occurs in color to the surface of pauduk. 

Recurve Bow

The first recurve.

Glass top Coffee table

Base built of reclaimed walnut trim. 

Roubo style workbench

Built of walnut and European beech my roubo style workbench is my most prized woodworking tool in the shop.  Incredibly strong and durable. Completed with benchcrafted vises ( a bit pricy but worth...

Maloof inspired rocker

This is a maloof style rocker I built of walnut back in 2010.

Recent comments

Re: Child's Desk Chair

Beautiful chair, with great intentions. Great craftsmanship, wish I could see it in person! Love the aesthetics of those sculpted folds in the legs; nice touch.

Re: Pauduk maloof inspired rocker

Thank you very much. This build took aprox. 120 hrs to complete. A bit of a long time for this chair I admit but it's not the most pleasent material to work with. I agree the aging of pauduk is very interesting. I like how it shows the characteristics of wood, the fact that its a finished product dosn't matter, that piece of furniture is continuiously changing throughout the remainder of its lifetime.

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