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Re: Miracle Shield Blocks Kickback

Well I reckon I'm a day late and a dollar short in reading about this but here is my take on it.
First off, two foot long push sticks, that is a bit too much. Can you really control and keep control of the wood with them? The length alone scares me.
Secound, I don't stand right against the saw when I am cutting nor do I stand directly behind the blade,but something popping up between me and the table screams, OUCH!!! in every part of me. I can just see a rib or two broken, lacerated intestinal track and I could go on but I believe you get the pic. I think I'll wait for something better to come along before I drop my dollars on the counter, thank you very much.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I personally think him winning the suit was dead wrong. He knew the saw didn't have this technology and used the saw anyway, that was his fault not the manufacturers. Why should Ryobi or any other manufacturer be held responsible for our mistakes and the inability of Mr. Gass to negotiate.
Does this mean that I can sew Ford because my new mustang doesn't have the technology to alert me if I am too close to an object or apply the brakes for me if I am distracted and run into something? Or GM because my truck can't parallel park itself and when I try I hit another vehicle? If the answer is yes then I say that's chigger Spit.
If you are afraid your equipment is going to hurt you because it doesn't have certain technology then get rid of that equipment and get the tools that do have it or take up knitting. If you can't afford the new equipment and refuse to give up what you are doing, then live with the risk until you can afford it
I have used the saw stop saw and I like it quite well, but I can't afford one right now so I will continue to use the saw I have.
As for buying a saw stop saw, I think I will wait until they come up with a better system than one that distroys your blade and forces you to not only have to buy a new blade but also the system that damaged it.
So in short, I think the lawsuit was wrong and we can't hold a manufacturer responsible for our mistakes.

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