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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I am very sorry for the man who was injured. I know a number of people who have suffered similar injuries (most are worse than what Mr.Osorio incurred). I will not expound on the necessity of personal responsibility. A number of other people have already done a wonderful and most articulate job of that.

I would just like to add that the decision in this lawsuit is a perfect example of the 'right of entitlement' mindset which is so prevalent in this misguided society. "Feed me, cloth me, house me, protect me from myself, etc. etc." I imagine the members of the jury were hand-picked from an Oprah Winfrey studio audience. (sorry, all you Oprah fans)

I sincerely do hope that Ryobi appeals this case. Hopefully, the lawyers, judge, and all involved will be able to come to a wise conclusion and have this erroneous decision overturned. And if not, well, at least now Mr.Osorio will be able to afford to buy himself a SawStop

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