Brian Grella, High Point, NC, US

Over the years that I have been woodworking, I constantly try to challenge myself by tackling larger projects and by implementing new techniques. Aside from what I have learned by watching Norm Abram and David Marks on TV (which was a lot!), I am a self taught woodworker.

My favorite style of furniture is Arts and Crafts (Mission) and I am often inspired by the work of Gustav Stickley and Greene & Greene.
My wood shop is in a two car garage and it is only used for woodworking and some storage.

One of the most important things that I have learned over the few years I have been making sawdust, is that you DON'T need the most expensive tools to make beautiful furniture! My first table saw, for example, was far from top-notch and did quite well for me.

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Greene and Greene Desk

I finished my G&G Desk recently. I filmed the entire build and you can watch parts 1-5 below. Part 6 will be released this Friday. Please subscribe on YouTube and watch for it! Part 1 Part 2 Part...

Cam Hook

Watch the build and demo video In 2012, I made a couple of cam clamps that used the Bernoulli spiral for the cam design (don't ask why). I found myself using them frequently. They were very useful...

Build a Twin Screw Vise

I made a Twin Screw Vise using my own threaded dowels. I am very pleased with how well it works. Can be used to hand cut dovetails and tenons. and more. Watch the build video here Get the Plans Here

G&G Dartboard Cabinet

I made a Greene and Greene style dartboard cabinet from cherry w/ ebony plugs. The panels are bookmatched and both panels are sawn from the same board.   Watch the build! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Cherry/Lacewood Side Table

I recently finished a cherry side table with a lacewood top. I filmed the entiure build and published it in three videos. I invite everyone to watch and let me know your thoughts. I also have the...

Tilting Router Table Fence

I made a tilting router table fence that can be added to just about any existing router table. This will let you create new router profiles with your old router bits. Think of the...


Watch the build video

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Walnut and cherry salt and pepper shakers. The bottom was tapped for a plugged with a 1/2" section of threaded dowel. Watch the build video here.

Cherry TV Stand

Cherry with tiger maple drawer fronts. The sides of the drawers are the sides of the stand. SketchUp file (doesn't include joinery or drawer slides and other minor details) can be found hereWatch...

Bagel Slicer

Make an easy to build and useful bagel slicer. Watch the build video.

Bottle Opener

Watch the build video!

Nut Cracker

Make a nut cracker from walnut.  See the build video here.

Raised Dog Feeder

Cherry with cocobolo wedges through tenons. Watch the build video here.

Dovetail Picture Frame

The corners are half-lapped dovetails. The dovetails were made to be proud by 1/16" intentionally for effect and more visual interest. Enter the "You've Been Framed" woodowrking contesthereSee...

Barn Style Candle Holder

I made a semi-replica of an antique barn style candle holder.  I filmed the entire build process that you can watch here.

Bernoulli Spiral Cam Clamps

Bernoulli Spiral Cam Clamps.  Will transform how you use your workbench. Video of them in action here. Plans available with the template.

Planer/Jointer knife sharpening jig

I made this jig to sharpen planer and jointer knives (improved version).  Jig has an adjustment for different bevel angles.  Glides on a bearing.  Watch a video of the build...

Cherry Bookcase

Cherry Bookcase. All bookmatched panels. Watch the video build of this project: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part6

Chisel Plane

Very easy to build chisel plane.  This can be used as a shoulder plane or rabbet plane (excels as a shoulder plane).  Total cost for a new shoulder plane: ZERO.  See a video of the...

G&G Style Picture Frame

Cherry and ebony.  For a video of the process please go here.  It's in two parts.   -Cheers, Brian

A Jig for 3D Photos

Enter to Win a WoodSlicer Bandsaw Blade Have you ever felt that your photographs just don't capture the shape and curves of your work? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to present your work to your...

Godzilla the Horizontal Mortiser

  I recently finished a horizontal mortiser that I affectionately call Godzilla because of its size.  It utilizes steel shafts and sintered bronze bushings for the X, Y axis...

Blade Alignment Jig

This jig is very useful for aligning your table saw blade or jointer fence to 90 degrees.  No more need for slapping a square against your blade and sighting for light or using feeler...

Sharpen Jointer and Planer Knives

This jig is very useful for sharpening jointer and planer knives at home.  The method uses the scary sharp method (wet sand paper on plate glass or granite).  Mending plates are used to...

GarageWoodworks Shop Tour

My shop in a two car garage.  Shop dimensions: 23' deep by 21'8" wide with a 9' ceiling. Visit my website.

Greene & Greene Raised Dog Feeder

G&G raised dog feeder.  Cherry w/ ebony plugs and splines.  Visit my website at

Cherry Bookcase

Cherry bookcase.  Resawn bookmatched side panels.  Stopped tapered flutes on the corner posts.  For a video on how to make stopped tapered flutes with a plunge router go here. search...

Cherry Twin Bed

Cherry twin bed that I made for my three year old son. Finished with poly. For more photos and inprogress pictures see here. Thanks for looking Brian

Cherry Blanket Chest w/ Ebony Inlay

Cherry blanket chest with ebony inlay and ebony plugs.  Finished with poly (hvlp). For more photos and construction details see here. (Update: I added detailed dimensions at my webpageThanks...

Birds Eye Maple Hall Table

Maple hall table with birds eye maple top.  Cocobolo drawer pulls. For in process pictures see here. Brian,  

Toy Chest

Cherry legs, lid and rails.  Maple panels. For design info and in process pictures see here. Brian,  

Cherry TV Stand

This was my first attempt at book matching (side panels).  For design process and some in-process pictures see here. Brian,  

Stickley Inspired Walnut Bed

My rendition of a Harvey Ellis (Stickley) bed in walnut.  For design process see here. Brian,

Walnut Bedside Tables

I designed a set of walnut bedside tables with tiger maple drawer fronts.  The drawer fronts were lightly stained with a dye to bring out the figure of the tiger maple.  These were...

Recent comments


Love it! Well thought out and executed.

Re: Calculating for Wood Movement

Ed - No sweat. I hope you and other readers find it useful.

I use it a lot but I approximate starting and final moisture based on my city. I think I need to find a moisture meter too.

Re: Calculating for Wood Movement

FYI if anyone is interested, I made an online calculator that uses the same data from the Forest Products Lab to calculate wood movement. Enter your starting and final moisture level (or approximate based on your city from the Table) and your lumber starting width and press Submit.

Re: Cherry TV Stand

Thanks for the comments!

The SKP file is now published on my website. It doesn't include joinery or drawer slide details.


Re: Build a Super-Precise Tablesaw Crosscut Sled

I'm really surprised how often the 5-cut method is mentioned below. With a dial indicator and square you can be more accurate (depending on the length of the square used).

Using a dial indicator you can have your TS sled fence square to within 0.01 degrees (with a 6" square) before anyone has the third cut made from their 5-cut method.

If you don't already own a dial indicator it should be the next thing you buy. Why are you reading this? Go buy one! :^)

More here:

Video of the method:

Re: Build a Super-Precise Tablesaw Crosscut Sled

Neat idea! Here's how I do it using a dial indicator (precision: +/- 0.01 degree using a 6" square)

Re: Fine Woodworking Magazine Goes Digital

Web-designer NOT developer.

Re: Fine Woodworking Magazine Goes Digital

Nice job FWW! It cracks me up when iPAD users ask web developers to bend over backwards. Send your complaints to Apple.

Re: Homemade Slot Mortiser Has all the Right Moves

Ed - A link to the guys site would have been a nice touch to your article.

Re: Clamping cauls: The secret to great glue-ups

Properly mill your stock and skip the cauls!!

Re: Chisel Plane

@jwaggoner As a shoulder plane you can't beat it for the money! :) Seriously, I was more than surprised at how well it worked. I watched your shop tour; nice set up you've got there!

Re: A Jig for 3D Photos

Howard - I added more pictures which should help to answer your question. The dovetail is free to slide in the dovetailed groove. The bolt only goes through the dovetail. It is essentially a sliding dovetail.

Don't forget to enter to win a WoodSlicer bandsaw blade at my website!


Re: Godzilla the Horizontal Mortiser

Jon - Good question. First, I thought it would be easier to insert clamps into a table that didn't have shafts below it. Second, I don't have to worry about the position of the lever ever interfering with clamped down work. Third, I can do really long bed rails if I wanted to (opposite end on a stand) and not have to worry about moving it around on two axes. (This would be challenging even with a Multi-Router).

It is a breeze to move the lever. You can move it with only two fingers with no problem; I've tried this :^)


Re: Godzilla the Horizontal Mortiser

See a video of this jig in action here:

and here:

Re: Blade Alignment Jig


If you ask a question to me here and I don't respond please try me at my website at. My iPhone will buzz and I usually respond within the hour. :^)


Re: Blade Alignment Jig

@bribassguy05 You are taking it to the next level! I like it. I thought about doing something similar for solving for the angles. The trick is getting the dial indicator plunger exactly parallel with the surface of the table saw for the trig to work.

Re: Blade Alignment Jig

@dleleo DI = dial indicator.

The second screw prevents you from rocking the jig forward and backwards as you measure and consistently places the dial indicator plunger 90 degrees from the surface being measured. I have found that if the jig is rocked forward or backwards during the measurement it can cause small (very small) changes in the reading.

Re: It's Time to Crown Our Jig Champs

Ed - I wonder if the Tapering Jig receiving more votes had anything to do with the attention you gave it on the front page of the website (with a direct link to it)?

Re: Blade Alignment Jig

I should also add that:

A common problem with using a square against the blade (aside from being less accurate) is that the teeth can get in the way. This is not a problem with using this jig.

Re: Blade Alignment Jig

Thanks for the comments! Blade alignment is something that I struggled with early on as a woodworker. This jig makes the alignment a snap.

Re: Serpentine Bow Front Writing Desk


Re: GarageWoodworks Shop Tour


Yes, Good catch! It actually was a FWW magazine that was opened on my bench. Now that I have an e-subscription I no longer get the hard copies, but I miss them. (Sigh...)

Re: GarageWoodworks Shop Tour

Thank you Charles!

Re: Garden Seat

Nice job. I love the design. Very clean.

Re: Standing Frame Has Two Faces

Nicely done Betsy. I need to add this one to my 'To-Do' list!

Re: mount lebanon reproduction table

Awesome. I love the design and the figure in this piece. Nicely done.

Re: Cherry Blanket Chest w/ Ebony Inlay

Thank you Jurgen!

Re: walnut table with red date palm and walnut top

Beauty! Very inspirational design.


Re: bedside table

Nice table! Regarding the use of breadboard ends, they are normally used to prevent cupping contrary to what is stated below. They way you have the breadboard attached it would not aide in preventing this, however I still think it adds visual interest.

Re: hall table

I really like the design and how you kept the grain continuity from drawer to drawer.

Nicely done.

Re: Walnut Bedside Tables

Thank you.

Re: Cherry TV Stand

Thank you!

Re: Stickley Inspired Walnut Bed

The bed took about 3-weeks to make. I worked on it in the evenings and weekends.

Thanks for looking!

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