Gina Eide, Newtown

I'm a beginning woodworker and freelance editor/producer. For six years, I worked on for the Taunton Press doing everything from shooting videos to moderating kerfuffles in Knots.

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At Last... FW Videos on the iPad

At long last, Fine Woodworking finally has some videos available for viewing on the iPad. Check out the list below...

Top-Notch Tools for Less: WoodRiver's New V3 Block Planes

Chris Gochnour takes a second look at WoodRiver block planes, the V3 version. This time, his assessment was chock full of superlatives: “flawlessly made,” “fine machining,” and “great performance.”

Video: How to Flatten Wide Boards

St. Louis furniture maker David Moore shows how to flatten wide boards by hand in an informative and inspirational video.

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Mecca for All Things Stickley: Craftsman Farms

Learn more about the Arts and Crafts luminary Gustav Stickley by visiting his farmstead in northern New Jersey, Craftsman Farms.

Poll: Shopmade Holiday Gifts?

Are you making any shopmade holiday gifts this year?

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Knots Down Temporarily Friday Morning

The Knots forum is temporarily out of service Friday morning, Nov. 19.

Shaker Lap Desk in SketchUp

The new Christian Becksvoort lap desk project was only online for a matter of days, when David Heim emailed me with a revamped SketchUp version of the desk. David edited Tim Killen’s brand new...

Ideas for Woodworking's Own Reality TV

Help us brain storm... what would woodworking's "reality" tv show look like?

Phil Lowe on Episode Three of Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac

Reviews of episode three of the Rough Cut Woodworking show with Tommy MacDonald. It features Philip C. Lowe of the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts and MacDonald builds a wall cabinet.

How Do You Explain Your Prices?

I’m sure that you folks have run into sticker shock when talking to clients about pricing. How do you educate your clients to explain why your work can cost so more but is also worth more?

Video: Godzilla the Horizontal Mortiser

Video of a horizontal mortiser in action by Brian Grella of Garage Woodworks.

Rough Cut PBS Station Locator

Find out where Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac is playing using our crowd-sourced station locator.

Episode Two: Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac

Reviews of episode two of the Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac PBS show. It features a Shaker-inspired step stool and a trip to meet furniture maker Allan Breed of Maine.

Video: NC Woodworking Program Helps At-Risk Kids

"Kids Making It" program teaches at-risk kids woodworking skills in Wilmington, NC with the help of woodworker and lawyer James Pierce.

Poll: Are You A Pro Woodworker?

So folks, so if you haven’t noticed, we launched this brand-new blog/microsite last week in partnership with CustomMade. It’s dedicated to helping woodworkers sell their workPro...

Video and Poll: Building a Workbench: Tips and Tribulations

A video diary from Bill Peck’s workbench class at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. Met woodworkers from three different states (only two non-engineers) and put together this short video report. Get a Bob Van Dyke tip on tapping holes and learn about some of the "challenges" of building a workbench.

A Better Stop-Block (with Micro-Adjust!)

In this quick cut video, Bob shares his secret for accurate repeatable cuts--a stop block where you butt the workpiece against a round-head screw for precise measurements. The screw lets you fine tune cuts.

Handplane Primer: What's the difference between bench and block planes?

Hand tool guru Matt Kenney demystifies hand planes describing the differences between common varieties (bench, block, smoothing, jack, jointer, and shoulder) and explaining what each is used for. He also gives tips on what planes to buy first.

Free Plan: Sturdy Sawhorses

Download a free plan to make these sturdy sawhorses designed by Joshua Finn. Anyone with a circular saw and power drill can build these versatile supports.

Off Topic Question: What do you listen to?

What do you do in your non-woodworking life? For example? What do you listen to? Music? Podcasts? Talk radio?

7 Great Books for Getting Started in Woodworking

A Taunton books editor helped compile a list of great books (and DVDs) for getting started in woodworking. What do you think? Any of these your favorites? Any books that you would add?

How to Handle Small Parts Without Losing any Fingers

Watch a video demonstration of how to cut up small parts using a combination of jigs and hand tools.

How to Use Bamboo for Fine Furniture

Find out how woodworkers are using bamboo in furniture pieces and get tips for using this renewable and "green" material.

Q&A with Woodworking Experts

Tune in for a live video broadcast with Fine Woodworking contributing editors. Christian Becksvoort, Roland Johnson, Garrett Hack, Steve Latta, and Gary Rogowski.

Wanted: Photos of your Shop

Fine Woodworking launched a brand-new section of its gallery: a digital space reserved solely for shop shots:

Dangerous Woodshop Gets NBC Cameo

A dangerous woodshop gets a cameo on the NBC show Parks and Recreation. The actor Nick Offerman, who plays the plaid-wearing Ron Swanson on the show, is a real-life woodworker.

Q&A with Period Furniture Maker Philip C. Lowe

Ever wonder how some of the woodworking pros got their start in woodworking? Well, during a recent video shoot with Philip C. Lowe of the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts we snagged a bit of time for a Q&A session.

How to Fix Woodworking Mistakes

Being a good woodworker doesn't mean you don't avoid mistakes, the key is knowing how to fix them. Find out how Philip C. Lowe of the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts repairs a cabriole leg mistake.

iPad and Woodworking?

What do you think of the new iPad device? Will you buy it and use it to find woodworking content?

Poll: What's more important? Speed or the joy of woodworking?

When you head into the woodshop, what’s more important? Getting your work done fast or taking time to "smell the roses" and enjoy the process of woodworking?

Poll: The Most Popular Way to Cut A Tenon

Vote in our poll. How do you cut your tenons?

The Forum Fix

The Knots forum is moving platforms. Here's a spot where cyber-buds can hang out until we flip the switch on the new platform.

UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

What tools are you putting on your holiday wish list this year?

FREE PLAN: Rip Fence Extension: A Safer Way to Cut Plywood

Cutting up plywood is tricky business. Find out how to make it a safer procedure with a tablesaw rip-fence extension. Download the free plan to find out how to make it.

Free Handplane Book Download for Online Members launched a brand-new homepage for Online Members today. It’s designed to help members find out about the benefits of membership. This month Fine Woodworking is offering...

Hand v. Power Tool Showdown: Watch it Live Online Nov. 12

Fine Woodworking is launching a first-of-its kind live streaming video event on Thurs., Nov. 12 at 1:30 p.m. Watch two FW staffers duke it out to see which method is faster for getting a finish-ready surface.

New Yankee Workshop Series Ends

The New Yankee Workshop staring Norm Abram is ending after 21 seasons on PBS according to Patrick Ramirez, a spokesperson for WGBH Boston.

Make a Box from Reclaimed Lumber

Shopmade presents are the ticket this season to save a dime and show that you do care. Associate editor Matt Kenney came up with the perfect present for his mom this year. It’s an elegant box all made from scraps.

Classical Style Contest Winners: John Kizer and Michael Henderson

Congratulations to John Kizer who wins the Grand Prize for our Classical Style contest with his Boston Bombe Chest. Michael Henderson’s Newport-Style Bureau wins the runner up prize. These two...

Social Media Mania: Follow Us On Twitter or Become a Fan on Facebook

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? If so, follow our tweets or become a fan of our Facebook fan page.

Hall Table Project: A Lesson in Curves

Download the free plan to make Don Kondra's curved-leg hall table. Also get foolproof tips on drawing smooth curves and find out how to make a simple jig for routing curves.

Happy (Belated) Birthday Woodworker Carter

President Jimmy Carter, a woodworker, turned 85 Oct. 1.

New-Fangled Workbench Revisited: Plans Now Available

After 10 years... the New Fangled Workbench is as popular as ever. Buy the new SketchUp plan in Fine Woodworking's digital plan store.

Vote for us in the Wood Talk Online Poll!

A quick call to action: Please vote for us in the Wood Talk Online poll for Favorite Woodworking Magazine Website.

Bench Cookies in Action

A YouTube video clip of Rockler's new bench cookies in action... a new release by Ralph W. Bagnall of

Really Green Woodworking

Check out a video of really green woodworking as bodger and TreeWright blogger uses a treadle-powered lathe to turn a spinning top.

Video: Belt-Sander Races at AWFS

Check out footage from the Belt-Sander Races at AWFS.

Sights, Sounds, and More Tool News From Las Vegas

Check out some of the Wood Whisperer's video clips from the convention-room floor.

Another Celebrity Woodworker

Actor Nick Offerman, from the new television show Parks and Recreation, is a woodworker and boat builder.

Dads and Woodworking

Woodworking is one of those traditions that’s passed from generation to generation. Do you have any great stories about woodworking with Dad? Or, Dads, how are you passing the craft onto your kids?

Clark Kellogg Wins Gallery Challenge

A reclaimed sinker cypress garden bench by Clark Kellog, of Houston, Texas, wins the Waste Knot, Want Knot gallery challenge.

Where'd the Woodworkers Go?

What do woodworkers do in the off season? Take our poll.

SafetyWeek CatchUp: Do the Safety Dance!

The Renaissance Woodworker cranked out six safety videos last week. Check them out and watch his "safety dance"... Yikes!

Week One: Building an Arts and Crafts Table

A group of Taunton Press staffers build Kelly Dunton's Arts and Crafts Side Table from FWW #186--a step-by-step photo essay.

Safety Week in the Blogosphere

In case you hadn’t heard, it’s Safety Week on the World Wide Web. You can never get too many reminders about how to be more cautious in the shop.

Friday Afternoon: Will Announce Shaker Challenge Winner

Hi folks, Thanks for all the fantastic entries to our A Whole Lotta Shaker Goin' On gallery challenge. It ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on April 29, 2009 (tonight!). We will consider the entries and announce...

Video Series Recognized by Webby Awards was recognized yesterday as an Official Honoree for the Build a Small Cabinet video workshop with Tim Rousseau.

Free Plan: A Workbench for the Gardener

Build a potting bench for yourself or the gardener in your life with step-by-step instructions and a free plan from

1 p.m. ET Announcement: Box Challenge Winner

Fine Woodworking will announce the winner of the Build Outside the Box gallery challenge at 1 p.m. ET on March 26 in the Editors Mailbox blog

Search: New and Improved!

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Tom Selleck: You need a shop

Tom Selleck and The Daily Show's Jon Stewart on woodworking...

Ask the Experts Changes

Fine Woodworking will discontinue Ask the Experts in its current format. Instead, it will merge into the Knots forum.

Shaker-Inspired Stool

I built this maple stool with help from two Taunton Press staffers, Helen Albert and John Lagan. The design is loosely based on a project in Peter Korn’s Woodworking Basics book. I cutnbspthe...

Lift-Lid Box

I crafted this lift-lid box in walnut, cherry, and mahogany with help from a Fine Woodworking editor, Tom Begnal, and inspiration from Doug Stowe. Read about the project in our Editor’s Mailbox...

Recent comments

Re: Announcing Fine Woodworking's Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers--The Basics

Yes craigpeter, thanks for the shout out about our giveaway. People can go to the link below for a chance to win a copy of this DVD. All you need to do is post a comment by Monday, April 30, 2012, 12:01am ET:

Re: Announcing Fine Woodworking's Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers--The Basics

Hi Gunga,

Thanks for the feedback on the DVD. I forwarded this to customer service so they can help troubleshoot your specific situation.

I just got a copy of the DVD and was able to play it fine myself. But I appreciate you and others giving feedback so we can to address any issues that people run into.

People can contact our customer service department directly: or Phone: 800-477-8727 9am-5pm ET Mon-Fri

RE: Video transcript and cheat sheet: They are both “Extras” that you need to access on a computer. Below are instructions—these instructions are also included in the main menu system of the DVD.

Insert the disk into the DVD drive and using your default file browser, open it to view its content. Navigate to and select “Extras” from the main menu.

Insert the disk into the DVD drive and double click on the DVD desktop icon to view its content. Navigate to and select “Extras” from the main menu.

Thanks, Gina,

Re: Announcing Fine Woodworking's Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers--The Basics

RE: "Does the DVD comes with English Subtitles or Subtitles for Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing (SDH)?"

Good question there is a full transcript but unfortunately there are not subtitles baked into the video itself. For your reference, I emailed you a copy of the transcript for the intro video above. This way you can see if the transcript helps you follow along.

But thank you for your feedback. It's a good suggestion for future productions. Thanks, Gina,

Re: Announcing Fine Woodworking's Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers--The Basics

Hi angapmac, Thanks for the feedback. Good input for the future. Glad you found the content valuable and that the transcript helped you jump around. –Gina,

Re: Announcing Fine Woodworking's Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers--The Basics

Hi Robbie103,

Sorry to hear about your audio trouble. Yes, the video does have audio with it. I asked our customer service department to contact you to troubleshoot what the issue might be.

Or, as always, don't hesitate to contact them directly: or Phone: 800-477-8727 9am-5pm ET Mon-Fri

Good luck and thanks for your interest. -Gina,

Re: Announcing Fine Woodworking's Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers--The Basics

Hi Hansh, we tested the product on a mac and it worked fine. Start by downloading the latest versions of Acrobat and Quicktime:

- Adobe Acrobat Reader -
- Apple Quiktime Player –

If you're still having trouble, contact our customer service department: or Phone: 800-477-8727 9am-5pm ET Mon-Fri

Thanks for the feedback, Gina

Re: SketchUp: Down and Dirty

What a timely post Mike. We actually just published a new video, The Basics, for people who want to get started with SketchUp for woodworking:

Glad you've found a handy use for the program Mike! Gina,

Re: Announcing Fine Woodworking's Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers--The Basics

Congrats Dave. Folks can watch an intro to this video if they click to the store pages. I'll post a preview in the blogs soon too.

If anyone runs into questions/concerns, don't hesitate to post a comment here. -Gina,

Re: SketchUp 8 M2 Released

Thanks for the update Dave. When I saw the "new version available" pop up in SU just now, I figured if I went to Design.Click.Build. you or Tim would give me more background. I was right. Thanks, Gina

Re: 2B or not 2B

Sure sounds like fighting words Tom! :) "it sure as hell isn’t in front of a computer"

Yeah, let's hope that the Design.Click.Build. folks don't get wind of this post...

But yes... everyone's creative process is different. I recently heard that author Paul Theroux writes all his books by hand (Mosquito Coast guy

Re: Recognizing a Reader

Thanks for sharing Tim. Congrats Riffler! Great to hear about your progress with the book.

I myself only got to the beginning of Chapter Five. Your story is inspiration to keep going with the exercises. Maybe one day I'll be a SketchUp pro!

In other news folks, we now can take customer reviews in our online store here:

So if you read the book, please feel free to write a review to help potential buyers with decision making.

Re: A cache of old stones and gouges to restore

Great find! -g

Re: Elegant Chair designed by Matthew Teague.

Very nice!

Re: A Small Stool for a Tiny Girl

I'm sure your family will enjoy that for years to come. My grandfather made me a wooden green truck when I was small. The durable toy survived my childhood and now it's in my son's toy chest.

Re: Rohlfs Inspired Desk Chair 3

LOL: "Perhaps this is not the most practical piece of furniture for a young person’s first home, but that’s why we have IKEA."

Re: A Simple Door Pull of Copper and Wood

Thanks for posting John. Do you have pictures of the finished cabinet too? When your ready we'd love to see them.


Re: Fine Work Bench

Thanks for posting. Glad the Getting Started in Woodworking series was helpful for you!

Re: Ham on Rye

Nice, on first glance I totally thought this was spam. Sounds like we need to launch another box contest to capture more stuff like this! -Gina

Re: Design an iPad Support

Wow Tim. Do you have pix of the completed pieces? I got a carved cookbook holder as a gift once and my husband quickly converted it into an iPad holder.

Great holiday gift idea. It's almost that time again this year.

Re: Grill Stand Fit for a Woodworker

Woah, fancy!

Re: Patient takes the Design Doctor's advice

Awesome Brian. Cool to see real world example of good, better, best (as Albert Sack would say

Re: Free Chapter Download: Vacuum Press Basics

Hi Rollo1,

Good point about the iPad... I'll forward your suggestion to our product team that you'd like this available as an eBook/video download as well.

For reference, many of our videos are now available so online members can view them on the iPad:

You can also find our complete collection of eBooks here:

This includes our popular SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers that's ONLY available as an eBook:

Thanks for the feedback, Gina,

Re: Video: How to Flatten Wide Boards

Thanks cahudson42.

And for all you folks, if you happen upon any great woodworking YouTube videos, be sure to let us know (fw-web AT

Thanks, Gina

Re: The Perfect Winter Woodworking Project: Snowshoes!

I know... it's raining in CT today. But you never know what the wacky weather holds these days. Maybe we'll get another big dump of the white stuff before spring arrives.

Re: Free Plan: Shaker Wall Clock

Hi Folks,

Some people contacted customer service to say they're having trouble downloading this plan. I personally am able to download it without issue, but Customer Service shared these troubleshooting tips for people experiencing issues:

They believe it is either a Google Chrome issue or an Adobe Reader issue. If you are using Google Chrome, try right clicking to open it.

Otherwise, download Adobe Reader and restart. At go to Downloads, then choose Adobe Reader and install. Restart. Then, try downloading the plan again and right click to open or save if necessary.

Questions? Please follow up with customer service: Email or Phone: 800-477-8727 9am-5pm ET Mon-Fri

Thanks, Gina,

Re: Search Trouble on

Hokie1969: You raise a bunch of good points—I don’t have solutions to all the issues right now, but it’s good info for our team to consider. In this case, the article is not currently online. :( For articles older than about 2005, we sometimes don’t have the “departments” (e.g. Master Class, Back Covers, etc) online. I’ll check on the rights to this article. If we can republish it online, we’ll do it.

As much as possible, we try to find those references to page numbers and make sure that there is a link so you can easily find the reference online. But obviously things fall through the cracks—especially for older, archive content when we were publishing en masse.

If/when you run into issues like this don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know and we can try to remedy the situation and help you find the missing article.

You can reach us in a variety of ways: contacting customer service support (at) or 800-477-8727 9am-5pm ET Mon-Fri, contacting our editorial desk: fw (at) or 800-309-8955, or emailing our web staff: fw-web (at)

Thanks for the feedback. -Gina

Re: Search Trouble on

tampa4wood, When I search for "Del Cover" it’s the first result:

Though I understand this is confusing since it’s now in the gallery whereas it originally appeared on the back cover of the magazine.

Thanks for the feedback. Gina

Re: Search Trouble on

Hi Beggetta,

Just catching up on this feedback here... I think you’re talking about our “list pages” where we list the various articles on different sections of the site right? Like this link or this link

As I understand, this is a known bug, though I’ll make sure our developers are aware of the issue.

This quirk is frustrating for me to. My workaround is to open articles in a new browser window (right click on the mouse--> open in a new window).

When we revamp and relaunch our site, we’ll definitely correct this issue. -Gina

"baggetta writes: My complaint with the search is simple. I get a search term which show, say, 5 pages. I check the first page list. On the second page list I find an article to read. When I'm done I back off with my browser arrow which you would think returns you to the second page where I left off. No. I'm returned to the first page list."

Re: Tablesaw Safety Goes Under the Microscope--Again

To follow up on saschafer's point, you can search the CPSC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System yourself here:

You need to enter a code for certain types of injuries (find them here: (looks like tablesaw injuries are 0841)

Then you can query things like body part (finger), diagnosis (amputation), and such.


Re: Search Trouble on

Thanks for the feedback folks. Will review comments soon and share any immediate tips/thoughts. Otherwise, we're meeting with our tech group next week to talk about your feedback and higher-level fixes to the search issue.

Thanks, Gina

Re: Garrett Hack Visits German Tool-Maker

Espresso machine at the school... I like the sound of that.

If anyone's interested in more German woodworking resources, check out these sites...

A German woodworking magazine:

And a site by German DIY guy Guido Henn:
he has some free videos here:

Re: You Want What? Contest

In-flight goat-roasting cabinet??? Do you have photos? -Gina

Re: Fine Woodworking on Martha Stewart

adamwk, isn't that how most RSS feeds work?

Re: Search Trouble on

Good questions/points Steve. If you have time, as you run into search anomalies, please let us know about articles that aren’t showing up so we can learn more about these issues. Thanks for the troubleshooting assistance. -g

Re: Search Trouble on

Hi Steve,

Glad the online index has improved (phew, one thing somewhat fixed).

RE: Dazzling inlay: I do get that article as the first result when I look via search on our site:

Does the first result you see also take you here:

The confusing thing... (and sorry, this is probably way more info than you'd ever want) is that we do update the title tags on articles because sadly, magazine titles are not always very good for Search Engine Optimization. No one besides a FW reader whow saw the article would think to use the words "dazzing" and "kick" when searching via google for an inlay article. To help those people we did add terms saying "How to Add Decorative Inlay to Furniture Legs."

Unfortunately, this hack to improve SEO, makes it more difficult for magazine readers to find what they're looking for.

But, the bottom line is that I hear your concerns and know we should do better. These examples, however are very helpful to better understand the issues involved.

Your suggestion about abstracts too is a good one too.

I'll bring these things up with our team to see if there are any short term fixes.

Re: Search Trouble on

Hi Buche,

Yes, I agree it’s frustrating that our blog and gallery posts come up so highly in search, yet some of our highest-quality content (our 30 year-archive of expert-written woodworking articles!) gets buried. Our tech people tell me this is something we should be able to improve a bit given our current tools with Google custom search.

In the interim however, if there are specific instances where we can improve things, let me know. RE: The Hack article: It comes in number one now if you just type in “huntboard.” But I’ll see if we can improve its rankings for ‘Garrett Hack Huntboard’ since I’m sure that’s how many may search for that article.

Your suggestion about the index is good. I wish there was a way we could blend (and improve upon) our index of magazine articles: and our online search tool which includes links to actual copies of archive articles. Your suggestion about improving it with images would also be good. This type of upgrade would be time consuming but I’ll definitely bring it up with our team.

Thanks for the feedback, Gina

Re: Search Trouble on

Good point Reuban. I’m not an expert on this (though will forward your concern to someone who is), but let me take a stab at your questions...

Here are details on finding your account number on a physical copy of the magazine:
You can also find it online via this form:

But, you make a good point in that the FW search tool is separate from our customer service tool that holds customer account info (a link to the Customer Service info at the bottom of every page on our site)[BDODOFLWKRQMACC&lstFilter_a=-1

Does this help you with your question? I will find out if there is a way that general FW search could search the customer service FAQ database as well since you raise a good point that people seraching on FW aren’t only looking for articles, they coudl be looking for customer service type info.

For reference though, you can always contact our CS people via email or Phone: 800-477-8727 9am-5pm ET Mon-Fri. They’re real people here in Newtown, CT and they’re very helpful!

Re: Carved, "Methodist Flames" 3"thick x 4'-0" wide x 14'-0" long

Great photos Dennis. Thanks for posting all the process shots! -Gina

Re: You Want What? Contest

CLA2Home, could you post a photo of the completed project in the gallery? Then post a link here so we can check it out? Glad to hear that it meets the client's needs!

mhein68, are you going to make it? If you do, please post a photo of the completed project in the gallery and share a link here.

Re: FWW Holiday Tree

Sorry pboeckh, plastic tree indeed.

Re: Elliptical Corner Table

Congrats on being our first entry! Please tell us more about your piece. Thanks, Gina,

Re: Help Us Keep an Eye Out for Spam!

Thanks for the suggestion Benjamen. We should have CAPTCHA stuff up in the next few weeks. The only thing is doesn't that only help when you're trying to prevent machines, not real people from posting?

Unfortunately, I believe that some of the spamming posts that I've seen late is actually coming from a real person.

Re: Help Us Keep an Eye Out for Spam!

Thanks for the suggestion. I forwarded it on to our development team. -Gina,

Re: Knots Down Temporarily Friday Morning

Hi mrossk,

Yes, apologies. The forum should be up and running again though there seems to be an issue with images.

I reported the bug to our developers. Hopefully it can be resolved soon and apologies for the inconvenience.


Re: Shellac, the last "brittle" finish?

I’m no shellac expert, but just to stir things up a little bit, (hope you don’t mind Rollie, :) ) have you folks seen Vijay Velji’s shellac DVD? According to a reviewer, in his DVD, Velji says that shellac actually has good resistance to alcohol if the shellac flakes are fresh. In the video, he even spills some scotch on a finish. After leaving it sit, the scotch doesn’t leave any damage.

What do you folks think of this? Do you buy it? Anyone had similar experiences? Or experiences where a drink DID ruin a shellac finish?

Re: Getting Your Story Out There: Libraries, Histories and Shop Tours

Congrats on three years of blogging Dan.

You've mentioned in the past that you use your blog to chronicle and keep record what you do. That's really interesting and practical advice.

Also a good idea that you're recycling your communication with blog posts... I definitely feel like I write some of the same things in email over and over ago myself! -Gina

Re: Shaker Lap Desk in SketchUp

Update: Just reuploaded the .skp plan. Dave Richards worked his magic on David Heim's original file, making a couple tweaks.

Re: FWW Gallery Contributor is "Best in Show" - Again

Wow, period reproductions, art deco, Maloof-inspired... he does it all. -Gina

Re: Design. Click. Build. Has a New Home!

Sorry Riffler. The archive is not available any longer. -Gina,

Re: Special Announcement - My Book on SketchUp

Hi Papynouche:

When in doubt, for technical questions re: this book contact our customer service department: Email or Phone: 800-477-8727 9am-5pm ET Mon-Fri

Thanks, Gina,

Re: This is what happens when Roy Underhill meets a SawStop

Maybe it's just me... but I'd put some eye protection on if I was trying this at home (and had extra $$$ to burn on blades and cartridges).

Even though it's a safety device, metal meeting metal still seems freaky to me. I stood way far away from the saw when we tried the hot-dog trick at the end of this video:

Re: Using Google Alerts to stay in the know

We use this all the time here at FW. If you follow us on Twitter ( it's where I get the scoop on the newsy woodworking links I post. Any of you out there use it to stay on top of the online news on you and your business?

Re: Dave's Basement Shop

Very nice--very organized clamps! Tell us about your workbench. Where'd you get the design/concept. -gina

Re: Japanese Tools: How They're Made

StuinTokyo went with Garrett on this trip. He may have additional video from the visit. He may also be able to get additional details on these tool makers. Stay tuned. -Gina,

Re: How Do You Explain Your Prices?

In case you haven't seen it, Chris Becksvoort has a nice explanation on his site about what sets his work apart:

Anyone out there have a similar explaination on their site or in pamphlets that they hand out to really spells out some of the points that we're talking about here?

Just curious... -Gina

Re: How Do You Explain Your Prices?

Thanks for the feedback, thought-provoking insight on the state of the marketplace.

And re: my art comment, I guess I was thinking about it in terms of studio furniture makers and makers who specialize in more "decorative" works like Tom Schrunk. Good point that not all furniture or makers really fit in that category.

Re: Rough Cut PBS Station Locator

Hi all, thanks for weighing in. I updated the list with your feedback. I'll keep an eye on this post and update it with any additional information from the community. Thanks for helping to build this list. Gina,

Re: Special Announcement - My Book on SketchUp

Hi Frank T, Thanks for the info about the missing file. Sorry about the inconvenience. The files are correct in our online store now.

Anyone who purchased the book will get an email with any missing information.

If anyone has additional questions or concerns, follow up with our customer service department: Email or Phone: 800-477-8727 9am-5pm ET Mon-Fri.

There are real and very nice people there who will be happy to help you.

Thanks, Gina,

Re: Shop Made Hand Planes

Nice Brian. Thanks for posting these and your videos. -Gina

Re: Is Copying Furniture Legal?

Don, maybe you could tell us how you feel about the ethical side. For reference, several years back, there was a good debate on the topic in Knots:

Here are links to a couple similar discussions:

Re: Does Cardboard Have a Place in Fine Furniture?

Woah, marchmat, we've got an Ikea hacker in our midst!

Thanks for sharing. Stay tuned, we hope to have more content in the coming months about people working on similar projects using unorthodox materials. It'll be on our new StartWoodworking site and in a new intiative for FineWoodworking.

But never fear traditional people, we won't forget our roots! -Gina,

Re: Does Cardboard Have a Place in Fine Furniture?

Bud Davis, Coffins! Who knew.

Re: Elements of a Good Trade Show Booth

Good point Dan. Maybe "Trade Show" is the wrong terminology for the bulk of woodworkers. But, I'd guess that a lot of these pointers would still apply to places like the Fine Furnishing Shows ( or more local art fairs and shows.

Good suggestions powderjoines about how to ferrett out buyers from people who just want to talk technique and compare notes.

Where have you folks exhibited and where have you had success?

Re: Traditional Solid Mahogany Bookcase

Doug, just saw a picture of one of your custom chairs, pretty cool:

Re: Going Pro: a Common Dream but a Difficult Reality

Glad to hear it was useful. I'll forward your suggestion on. -Gina

Re: Free Plan: Tablesaw/Router Combo

Dear UkuleleCrazy, Stay tuned... John White's new router table/outfeed table will be online (and in homes) by about Sept. 30. I hear that it features dust collection too. -Gina,

Re: Hendrik Varju on Going Pro

Good luck, keep us posted. -g

Re: Day 7 Building a Workbench: Finishing Up

I know... sounds like an intense challenge eh? After a full day of work, Bill came hope to type up all his blog posts. He even blogged one night after a birthday dinner! Now that's dedication (and stamina!). I'm just glad no muscles were pulled/backs thrown out hauling around all that lumber! -gina, FW

Re: Poll: Are You A Pro Woodworker?

Comment via Twitter @WoodBoatEndvr: No such thing as a pro woodworker! Just the guys who have persevered through ALOT of mistakes. And now they know better. :)

Re: The Status of the Custom Market: Are We Seeing a Resurgence?

Neil, how have you seen things change during your years as a pro? Has demand dropped off with the tough economy? Is it showing signs of improvement? I hear different reports from different woodworkers.

Re: Have Your Blanket Chest Featured in an Upcoming Book

Hi RDM, This book is nearing completion. Stay tuned for the exact release date. Thanks for the interest, Gina,

Re: Hendrik Varju on Going Pro

Have you "Gone Pro" Jeff B.? Or just considering it? Any advice that you would offer? -g

Re: Total garage shop makeover

You make a good point jdelmon. I'd love to see more of these type of shops as well. People with shops-in-the-making (including you!) should post pictures in our shop gallery:

We haven't seen many new posts in our shop gallery lately and maybe it's because people are bashful to highlight work areas that haven't reached "dream shop status" yet.

We all love stories about people making do... below are links to some of my favorites. I do hope that others will post photos of their "average" shops.

RV workshop:

Studio apt. shop:

36-sq-ft shop:

Outdoor workshop:

"Dungeon" workshop:

To conclude, thanks for the suggestion, I'll forward it to the magazine editor. And as a reminder, we welcome article ideas and submissions from woodworkers like you. For more info on submitting your ideas, go to:

Re: 3 drawer cherry worktable

Beautiful. Nice clean lines.

Re: FW Teams Up with

Thanks for chiming in Peter. In the coming weeks we'll be posting more about what this partnership means for visitors.

Peter, how long have you been a CM member? Any thoughts on how it's been helpful for you?

Re: Start Woodworking: How to make a Wooden Spice Jar Rack

Great tutorial and plan! Too bad I don't have my spices in matching containers... maybe one day.

Re: What I Know Now: Letters to My Beginning Woodworker Self

Sawnjuh, If it's of any help, we have also have a list of woodworking schools here:

But the San Diego Fine Wwkers Assn is probably a good starting point. They're very well organized!

Re: Off Topic Question: What do you listen to?

Thanks for the feedback folks. Country and Bluegrass boxes added. Can't believe I left out bluegrass... I know it is a Rollie Johnson shop favorite! Sports radio is there @wood1000. Do a CTRL+F if you’re having trouble finding the checkbox. I also added Wood Talk Online and Matt Vanderlist's Spoken Wood Podcast.

Last, to @MDandF’s point, I added a box about podcasts in general. Thanks again for weighing in.

Re: Off Topic Question: What do you listen to?

LOL NoChecks. Guess on a Friday afternoon after a long week the mind can wonder.. . But, it’s Monday morning now, time to get back to business—your subscription dollars at work producing woodworking content. :)

Re: Quick-Acting Vise Reinvented: New Design by Len Hovarter

Slowlearner... Good suggestion... we're always looking for good workbench ideas. I'll keep this in mind as we plan future workbench projects. Gina

Re: Easy to build large workbench

Do you have pix of the actual bench in your shop? Thanks, Gina

Re: There's More Than One Way To Skin A Cat: Dealing with Conflicting Woodworking Advice

Agreed that conflicting woodworking advice can be overwhelming when you’re starting out. Advice is more of a hindrance than a help sometimes. For example, I took a box home from a woodworking class soon after I started here. My instructor said all I needed to do was sand it up and apply an easy finish. I brought it back to work here at FW and got some unsolicited advice (giver to remain nameless :) ) that the "fine" way to prep the surface would be to use a card scraper. Ugh.

After card-scraping lessons with John White and little success scraping my box, I ran out of enthusiasm for the project. It’s mainly because I was lazy that I didn’t finish--but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the right way/wrong way to do something. In my mind, it’s most important to keep up the momentum/enthusiasm early on in whatever way works best for you—even if it involves “gasp” sandpaper.

Re: A workbench anybody can build

Jeff... you should post pix of your "bench" here:

What design are you considering for your next bench? It's never too early to start planning for an upgrade. :)


Yes, definitely looks like a store! Where'd you get the shelving, carosel, etc?

Re: Woodcarving flower Lilium


Re: Bedside Lamps

Great lamps Gary. And your Web site is certainly not lame. LOL. ( Do you have any drawings for this that you'd like to share? If so, I can post them so people can check them out. -Gina,

Re: A Modest Shop

Awesome shop and hand-tool collection Nicholas. Thanks for posting all the pix. Yes, love the mural.

Re: WoodShop

Yes, please at least post some additional photos of your shop here.

Re: Purpleheart work bench and Mahagony tool cabinet

Wow, you obviously put a lot of effort into those projects. But woah... open toes in the woodshop! :)

Re: When one's shop is better than what one deserves...

Hi Matthew, Can you post some more photos for us to see here? Thanks, Gina,

Re: Shop Tours with Fine Woodworking Staffers

woodsyguy81: Stay tuned... you may see posts from the garden at John's house here: they've got a lot of veggies growing.

Re: Philip C. Lowe bookcases

Thanks for posting. Glad it inspired you! -Gina, FineWoodworking

Re: Matt's Monster Workbench

seventhson, Thanks for posting the pictures. Question: how long did it take you to install the vise? As I remember it... that bicycle chain took a little while to install during filming! :)

Re: Free Plan: Shaker Wall Clock

I emailed copies of the plan to dustee and Pierre Groulx. If others run into trouble downloading this plan, contact our customer service department and they can help:

Email or Phone: 800-477-8727 9am-5pm ET Mon-Fri

@Bidgybudget: Yes, please post photos of the clocks that you made in our gallery.

Thanks, Gina,

Re: A Call for Bloggers!

Good point rupps. Yes, we will have some paid bloggers on the new site--exact number, TBD.

Re: Shop Tours with Fine Woodworking Staffers

MacMarty, You're right that fire safety is a BIG concern in the woodshop. Here are some links with general information on preventing shop fires:

Fire Safety in the Shop:

10 Ways to Avoid Shop Fires:

Archive article on fire safety:

Re: Shibumi Table

You should post more photos! Thanks, Gina

Re: Baptismal Table

Thanks for posting. Nice to see what you've been working on since winning our Build-Off competition two years ago!

Re: Coffee table

Can you post some more pictures? Thanks, Gina

Re: drafting table

Do you have more photos? Thanks, Gina


Do you have more pictures? Close ups? Thanks, Gina

Re: mission coffee table

Nice, do you have any more pictures of this? Close ups? Thanks, Gina

Re: Play Fine Woodworking's Game: Against the Grain

Thanks for the suggestion Cadabara. -Gina

Re: 19th Century German Lathe in Minnesota

Holy moly. That's huge! How'd he fit it on the boat? Did they use it for furniture making? -Gina

Re: Serpentine Bow Front Writing Desk

Very nice... do you have any shots of the whole piece from a little bit of a distance? thanks, Gina

Re: Tigerround

Can you upload more pictures? Thanks, Gina

Re: Woodcraft signs on to sponsor Tommy MacDonald's WGBH woodworking show

Good point exeter: "How about reaching ALL of us via the internet" We did ask about that. Here's what Laurie Donnelly said about the online presence: "There will be a show related website where you can watch the shows, see short vodcasts, get resource information, and get access to plans that we've done." So, hopefully everyone in the world with an Web connection can access this stuff. I updated the post above with this additional information. -Gina,

Re: My retirement dream shop

Do you have any exterior photos of the shop? Layout drawings? Thanks for sharing! -Gina,

Re: Coffee Table for Friend

The fish motif! Reminds me of work by two artists here at the Taunton Press.

An end table by Chuck Miller (a Fine Homebuilding editor)

And a desk by Mike Pekovich (the Fine Woodworking art director)

Re: How to Use Bamboo for Fine Furniture

kawayan: Do people in your program use bamboo for furniture and cabinetry? If so, how? Any tips on using it?

I touristed in Malaysia recently and saw some houses at a museum that were completely made from bamboo--but they were in a really natural, rustic-style state... the flooring seemed just like round bamboo poles strung together... nothing like the engineered bamboo floor that I have in my house.

Re: A Brand New Bench Video!

don't quote me on this... but we're shooting for a September publish date. More to come... -Gina,

Re: How to Use Bamboo for Fine Furniture

Yes sharonlev, the expense is something to think about. And, before giving it a "green" seal of approval, you have to think about transport/fossil fuel usage as well. The bamboo flooring at my house definitely didn't come from New England where I live. But, I do like the way it looks...

Re: GarageWoodworks Shop Tour

Hey, what's the magazine/project article at 2:27 in your video? FW right? ;) -Gina,

Re: Sad Sign of the Times: Brookfield (CT) Craft Center Closes

:( Very sad... I took a woodworking class there a while back. The folks there were also kind enough to let me shoot some video on their lovely school for a video production class that I was taking.

Re: Q&A with Woodworking Experts

Hi FIMWDWKR, Yes, the main reason we got the contributing editors to Connecticut was to talk about how to improve Fine Woodworking. We had some good discussions while they were here. If you have feedback, by all means, let us know at:

Thanks, Gina,

Re: Q&A with Woodworking Experts

@4017foxhill--Gary Rogowski arrived a little early to shoot some video and we got his secret card scraper sharpening recipe... stay tuned for the video on We'll promote it in an eLetter once it's ready. -Gina

Re: Chair Table

Awesome... a Cha-ble. They've got one of these at the Yale Furniture Study--though it's not nearly so fancy.

Re: How to Make Outdoor Furniture

Or... if you don't want to take the FINE route... "PVC is the key to making patio chairs" according to a headline this weekend... :)

Re: Montreal "Bunker" Workshop

I know... :( bug in the system. You must select a state to publish the entry. Gotta get that fixed... Gina,

Re: Box of Scrap

Nice... not bad for a fine homebuilder anyway. ;)

Re: New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

I just skimmed Patrick's copy of the article... I was surprised to see that reported accidents actually went up significantly from 1990 to 2007. Looks like there was a precipitous jump between 1997 and 1998 and accidents remained at a higher level until 2007. It makes me wonder if the increase is related to an increasing number of DIY-ers??? It reminds me of a 2007 New York Times article on the topic: "Easy, Mr. Fix-It"

Re: Q&A with Period Furniture Maker Philip C. Lowe

Hi Gezdog, Thanks for the feedback... sorry, no way to turn ads off for members on this one... This is a free video for anyone... but, if you watch the members only video series with Lowe ( it's behind the pay wall and there aren't any ads there. -Gina

Re: Kitchen Cabinets from old barn scrapts

A chicken coop too? You'll have to post photos. I'm sure it's not FINE woodworking, but there are some chicken enthusiasts here on our staff... you'd be surprised at how many Fine Woodworking and Fine Homebuilding editors are raising their own...

Re: Built-in Buildoff Update

Hi kenalley, Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the concept... Interesting about the audio... I listened just now and could hear just fine. Anyone else notice audio trouble?

But overall, this was an attempt at a quick, low-maintenance production. Since we had these two experts here at Taunton, we wanted to take advantage to do a fast Q&A session. But feedback from you folks will help us determine what we want to do with this technology in the future.

Thanks, Gina,

Re: FW vs. FH Buildoff: And, We're Off!

Hi gumppy... you can watch a replay here:

Re: 3 exotic woods: English elm, Claro walnut, and English brown oak

Congrats Matt on your first self-produced video.

To folks out there... this is one of what we're calling "Rough Cut" videos where an editor takes a camera to the shop or on the road just to give folks a peek of what we're working on without the hassle of breaking out all the lights and then sending the tape down to our video department to fine tune the audio, color, compression for Web streaming, etc. -Gina

Re: 10 Ways to Avoid Shop Fires

Good point Meesto. "I appreciate my godfather's story being used as an example to others, but feel it is important to stress that the tips mentioned here would not have prevented heavy snow from pulling the power line from his building and starting the fire."

Yes, there is no attempt here to make any judgment on the Brooks fire.

Thanks for the feedback on insurance. It's something that we haven't done any reporting/research on here at FW.

Re: Fire Claims an Artist's Shop

Hi All, As promised, here's more safety info. Bruce Ryden's article is free for non members here:

Re: How to Fix Woodworking Mistakes

I think he did his best with grain at the moment--especially since it was just a prop after all--speed was our biggest concern.

But it looked pretty good when I saw it myself. In the photos it may seem more visible because of the lights and the close-up camera... Thanks for the feedback. Gina

Re: iPad and Woodworking?

Good suggestion... SketchUp app for the iPhone/iPad... Maybe our SketchUp gurus know whether there is already something available...

Just to add my $0.02 to this debate... My only big concern is the screen... portability is great but it's also easier to lose or break. I have an iPhone but wrapped in a hideous OtterBox: ASAP. I’ve heard horror stories about people breaking their touch screens soon after they purchased the device. I hope they develop nice rubber bumpers for this new iPad as well so I could klutz-proof it.

Re: Fire Claims an Artist's Shop

Ouch countrychairman. It does sound harsh. We didn't put this up to solicit donations, rather to inform the community about this well-known woodworker's loss. There is no attempt, of course, to compare tragedies to tragedies. I added a link to a fire safety article (I’ll try to get a free version up later for non members too), but the event also serves as a reminder of fire dangers in the woodshop. Just last year we learned that furniture maker Mark Levin lost his shop to fire as well, in addition to nine finished pieces:

Re: Krenov Saw Horses: The Twins


Re: iPad and Woodworking?

stevehva: Good clarification. Yes, if you have wi-fi, you're good to go. But, if you want to get web access while you're out and about, you should get a data plan. I updated my post to be more clear.

Good point about Flash and HTML5. I think that Brightcove, our video service provider can also let us embed video with HTML... more to come. A couple more months though until it'll inconvenience iPad users.

Re: Kotatsu

Wow, you're a really nice dad. Now what's she going to do with it? I can attest it gets really cold in winter in Japan without that lovely central heating!

Re: The Kids Have Spoken: I Have a Cool Job

I like this one... "I can't believe it takes you 6 months to do an article."

I like this one too... "Thank you for coming to our class. By the way, I saw you at Target."

Re: How to Cut Dovetail Keys on the Router Table

Sorry, broken link. Here's the link you're looking for:

Re: Hand-tool lovers converge on Williamsburg

Cool Asa. I recognized the Campeachy chair A Louisiana furiture, Greg Arceneaux, told me about the Jefferson connection... check out my shaky video of it here if you dare, time code: 2:14:

Interesting to hear that it came up in Williamsburg too. Arceneaux told me that Jefferson ordered a dozen of them back in the day but the ship sunk so Jefferson was only able to receive two...

Anywa, enjoy the rest of the show.

Re: VIDEO REPLAY: Tenon Shootout: Hand vs. Power Tools

Hi folks, Thanks for the feedback on how you cut your tenons. The shootout is definitely not comprehensive--just two favorite staff techniques. But, you be the judge. Watch the live event and let us know how you think the techniques stack up. In the meantime, I started a poll.

Vote now to help us find the most popular way to cut a tenon:

Re: Finally, a Project I Really Want to Build

Sounds fun. Good luck with the project! -Gina

Re: Free Handplane Book Download for Online Members

Hi folks,

I posted this more than a month ago.

The Hack book was the free giveaway for members for the Month of November. Now it's a free plan that members can download.

Sorry for the confusion.


Re: Happy Holidays from Millers Falls

Hilarious... reminds me of a retro cookbook that I got a while back... called "Cakes Men Like."

Re: The Forum Fix

While you wait... check out this post and make a comment:

It's a chance to win one of six prizes from Laguna, Lie-Nielsen, Leigh Jigs, and Oneida.

Also be sure to vote in our thoroughly UN scientific tool wish list polls.

Sorry to hear about the withdrawl dgreen...

Re: UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

Hi folks, I'll post the winners of the prizes tomorrow. Thanks all for your feedback! -Gina

Re: Innovative Way to Carry Lumber in a Car

Are you kidding saschafer... that's no good.

And yeesh you get around, South Africa last year, Chiapas last week! Sounds like fun.

Re: The Forum Fix

Great suggestion... after all we are getting a little addicted to LIVE VIDEO! See the highlights from our first event:

I'll suggest it to the crew. ;)

Re: A Dedicated Sharpening Bench- Part 3 : Hand-Cut Joinery

What's spelching? Tearout?

Re: A Thank You To Taunton Press and Fine Woodworking

You're too kind Dan. And right back at you... I'm thankful for our enthusiastic woodworking audience.

Re: UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

Yikes! That's quite a list... how much do you think you'll get? Hope that Santa (or your holiday figure of choice) grants these requests! :)

Re: Winners Announced at the 10th Annual Texas Furniture Makers Show

Congrats to the winners. I could definitely use a credenza like Mr. O'Brien's in my house.

Kudos to Clark Kellogg too. ( He won one of our FW contests and was among the first to start posting in our member gallery:

Re: Workbench with marquetry

Holy moly. Looks to pretty to work on. Chisel-shaped drawer handles too huh?

Re: Jewelry "Books"

Note: This post was fixed so it's viewable in IE. When you go to make a post, be careful not to simply copy and paste from MS Word into the text section of your gallery entry. This carries ROGUE CODE into the gallery post.

If you're going to cut and paste, make sure to run your copy through a program like notepad on a PC to strip out any bad formatting. Thanks, Gina

Re: Cool homemade carving machine

Hi Matt, someone on Facebook commented: "That is awesome! I wonder if the creator has plans for that....."

Did the person who made this email you? Maybe you can ask. :)

Re: Free Handplane Book Download for Online Members

You need to click on the image that says "Download Now." Then, you need to log in and you'll be able to download the book. If you're not a member, you can buy the book via this link:

Because of our Holiday Sale, you can even get 25% off.

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Hi Folks, Thanks for the comments and for updating your avatars. We'll announce the winner during the day Monday, Nov. 16. Thanks, Gina,

Re: Hand v. Power Tool Showdown: Watch it Live Online Nov. 12

Hi folks, there will be replays once the live event ends today. -Gina,

Re: This secret cost me $20,000, but I'll let you have it for free.

Nice post Adam. Thanks for striking up this conversation. Gina, FWW

Re: FREE PLAN: Rip Fence Extension: A Safer Way to Cut Plywood

Good suggestions

Re: Hand v. Power Tool Showdown: Watch it Live Online Nov. 12

routerrat: Tune in on Tuesday and see how they compare and regardless--this IS the first effort of this kind for FW.

Re: Hand v. Power Tool Showdown: Watch it Live Online Nov. 12

oldewood: You can get the highlights in an article in an upcoming issue of the magazine. We'll also put together a video highlight reel. We may rebroadcast the whole thing later as well. Stay tuned and kudos for your work ethic! -Gina

Re: Crash Course in Fine Homebuilding: Build a Classic Colonial Shed

Looks like your SketchUp plans will be available Oct. 24 Dave:

Was it very different building a shed in SketchUp vs. a piece of furniture?

Re: Hand v. Power Tool Showdown: Watch it Live Online Nov. 12

Good point Randy Klein... Yes Eastern Standard Time. Thanks.

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Great avatars folks. Just a reminder. To be considered in the giveaway, your profile picture CANNOT use one of the stock images FWW provides. You must upload one of your own creation. Thanks and love the creative pix. Gina,

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Thumbs up on the backstory Beckum. And hats off--I know that you've had an avatar/profile pix for a while now.

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Just kicking the commenting off here--since I work for FW, I'm obviously not in the running for the Bench Cookies. Had a little fun this a.m. redoing my profile pix in photoshop. Love the filter --> brush strokes tool. Sorry, my avatar is a little "school picture" ish... but it's a start. :)

Re: Seymour Federal Dressing Chest with Mirror

Bob... if you send me a picture of the piece, I can help you try to upload it. Sorry, our system is a little finicky. :(

You know my email...


Re: Homeless Woodcarver with a Fondness for Presidents

I second what sparky said...

Re: The Soul of a Wooden Shoe

Good to hear they're just sculptures. :) Reminds me of an old article in the New York Times. A woman in Japan died from tripping while wearing super tall shoes. It led some shoe manufacturers to put warning labels on the shoes:

''Because the heels of the shoes are high, please be careful when you run or go up and down the stairs. Be especially careful when you drink because you can be wobbly. We, the producers, will be very happy if you keep these points in mind when you enjoy the trendy fashion.''

Re: James Krenov: 1920 - 2009

Correction: Updated Krenov's age... 88 not 89. He was born October 30, 1920. Thanks to Jon Binzen for doing a better job of adding up the years. Sorry for the error.

Re: Still don't have a workbench? This one is easy

True... it takes up a bit of space. For more on woodworking in small (odd) spaces, check out these links:

Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

I remember a simlar discussion a little while back. It's not about using FW designs specifically but it strikes a similar chord. Read John Grew Sheridan's letter to the editor from #193:

Also, check out the companion discussion in Knots:


Re: Solutions for splinters

Gross pix Tom.

My mom always used to use a sanitized sewing needle when she needed to dig an embedded splinter out.

Re: Setting up shop: Which machine first? And why.

There's a new poll about this on the Tom's Workbench blog. Looks like the "Tablesaw" vote is currently ahead:

Re: Slant Arm Slat Morris Chair


Re: Switchback Bookcase Wins Our Challenge

Andybarss: If the grand prize winner is ineligible for any reason then the next runner up wins. Just like the Miss America pageant. There is not a "re-do." We do not have time to, say, do background checks on all our entrants verify their eligibility-- to make sure they are over 18, don’t live in places where the competition is void like Quebec or Puerto Rico, etc.

The winner, then, must sign an affidavit before receiving any prize.

In this situation we spotted the problem the day of the announcement so we were able to announce the correct winner right away, avoiding a retraction after the fact.

Re: Vote for the Winner of the Creative Bookcases Gallery Challenge

Just got an email comment from a reader.
"All the bookcases show masterful work, they are different and show a great deal of thought however not anyone of them are of any practical value. They all are great conversation pieces but that's about all I can say for them."

Re: Sights, Sounds, and More Tool News From Las Vegas

Toolhunter: Which company are you talking about?

Re: 2009 belt sander racing season wraps up with championship at AWFS

I spy Asa Christiana on YouTube:

I was scoping out some of the latest belt sander videos on YouTube and saw a clip of Mr. Rhode's race... There was Asa (guy with the black shirt, camera, and headset) front and center filming.

Re: The Nest

Very nice, very distinctive!

Re: Heart Shaped Bandsaw Box

Woah! cool.

Re: Heart Shaped Bandsaw Box

Thanks for sharing... I see you're from Hibbing. Isn't that where Bob Dylan is from? -Gina

Re: Free project plans in Google Sketchup

I'm sure the Design.Click.Build guys would be proud. Thanks for sharing... Gina

Re: Tool Chest Contest Winner is Selected

Hi All,

"I think it's about time that readers got to vote," wrote ianmilliss. Well, we agree. You all will get the chance to vote in our next gallery challenge on creative bookcases: Read all about it here:

So, for the next challenge, I hope that you folks will post photos of your own work (by July 27), comment on your favorite pieces, and then vote on the finalists to choose the winner.

About this winner, the judges were blown away by the piece… you make valid points about function, but Novosad’s explanation of why he built such an ornate piece was pretty interesting… he wanted to make a period piece, but it just didn’t match the furniture in the rest of his house, so putting it in the shop was the best way to satisfy the itch.

We put practical shop projects in the magazine on a regular basis. But sometimes, isn’t over-the-top what it’s all about? A shrine-like home for beloved hand tools? That’s why people are agog over the Studley tool chest right? As Bstev noted, "It also has unneeded decoration and exotic materials and probably took way to long to build. But it is beautiful nonetheless."

Anyway, as we mentioned at the top of this post, with so many stellar pieces, it’s always hard to pick a winner. But, next time it’s on you folks, so I do hope that you’ll comment, vote, and post photos of your own.


Re: Making a Recorder Instrument

Great post Tim. Brings back fond elementary school memories... Ever made one of these out of wood?

Anyone else made one? We don't have anything like it in the musical instrument section of our gallery:

Re: Built-in Staircase

Where are the pix of the pigeons!?

Re: Creative Bookcases: Official Rules

Woah! From the comments, I can tell this is going to be a raucous competition! But, that's why we decided to make you all the judges since there are obviously some opinions out there.

Sadly, Pete Rodrigues didn't even enter eye-catching piece in the competition! His piece is just part of our online gallery: We just used his photo as a "creative bookcase" to kick off this competition. (I believe it was published in a past issue of the magazine)

But, I'm anxious to see photos of all your work and I imagine that the comments will keep flowing in and we'll see who the winner is in a month or so. - Gina,

Re: Scimitar Shelves

very practical!

Re: Craftworker's Tool Chest

Thanks for sharing the pix. -Gina

Re: A Sturdy Foot Stool

S_Woods, that's great to hear. You should post a picture or two of the ones you made here in the gallery. Thanks, Gina,

Re: New Exhibit Features Never-Seen-Before Works by Sam Maloof

Thanks for pointing that out orko. The link is updated. Gina,

Re: The Faces of Woodworking

Hilarious. This is one of my favorite posts. I love the Gilpin scowl.

Re: Innovative Workstation for African Carpenters

See the workstation in use at the end of this video:

Re: How many hammers does it take to drive a nail?

Hmnn... good question. It looks plausible enough to me. But never doubt the power of video editing software... What do other people think? -Gina,

Re: Fill a Nook!

Nice sketchup pix. When will you get to install it? Update this post when you do. The contest ends: June 26, 2009. Thanks, Gina,

Re: Clark Kellogg Wins Gallery Challenge

Mahoganaholic and JazKat, Thanks for the feedback. Point taken. If you folks had been at the judges table, maybe this would have gone a different way. But, I personally think that sinker cypress is pretty cool... these are logs that have been sitting at the bottom of rivers and bayous for eons. Instead of letting them sit there for perpetuity, Clarkatron’s log was salvaged from the deep to make furniture. It definitely fits the concept of “Waste Knot” in my mind. We get to give out the prize, but that doesn’t mean that you folks can’t heap on the accolades. That’s why we give shout-outs to so many pieces... it’s hard to choose. So please chime in, which piece is your favorite? For more on salvage lumber like this, check out this short article from FWW 173:

Also, Louisiana furniture maker Greg Arceneaux talks about sinker wood in this video: Also, Matt Berger writes about underwater logging in this blog post: -Gina,

Re: Who Begot Who? Comparing Planes from Lie-Nielsen, Wood River and Stanley

Hi tkarlmann,

Stay tuned, a review of the Wood River planes by Chris Gochnour will be online soon. By Thursday I believe.


Re: Where'd the Woodworkers Go?

tazzer, I forgot about golf! I added it to the list.

Re: Hope Chest

Great chest, but this doesn't look like tool storage. Could you repost in the general gallery: ?

This collection is for tool chest and cabinets.

Thanks, Gina

Re: Portable Toolchest

Thanks for all the detailed pix! -Gina

Re: Pagoda Boxes

Are these for tool storage? If not, I'd recommend re-posting them in the general galllery: not in this pool of tool chests and cabinets.

Nice looking boxes though. -Gina,

Re: Woven Wood

Do you have any pictures inside the cabinet? -Gina

Re: Workbench

What's it like working on and working with bamboo? I assume it's pretty rugged? -Gina

Re: The Ultimate Outdoor Finish

Great project Mark. Your club is lucky to have a woodworker around! -Gina

Re: Calling all benchtop warriors

Phew! I think the multiple-vote problem is fixed. So please, vote away and please post comments with your feedback on benchtop tools. -Gina,

Re: Calling all benchtop warriors

Hi GT64... good point about the multiple selection problem. We're trying out some new software but will try to get a fix shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience, Gina

Re: Garden tote is easy and useful

Fantastic Mayor Glen, when you're done please post pictures of them in our gallery:

Also, let me know you want to blog about it or post pictures about the process in the Woodworking Life blog. email We're always looking for new content! Gina

Re: Friday Afternoon: Will Announce Shaker Challenge Winner

Sorry for the delay! The winner is posted here:

Re: Oak Trestle Candleholders

Dear Mr. Moon, I've heard reports that his plan could not be found in Issue 45 of Today's Woodworker Magazine.

Any other ideas on where someone might find this plan?

Thanks for any help! Gina

Re: My first ever woodworking project

Great stories...

Re: A Tablesaw Accident: No Power Required

Ouch! :( Love the illustration though... :)

Re: Dining table / benches & work bench

Is that John White's New Fangled Workbench? -Gina

Re: Walnut Buffet Serving Table

Tell us more about the project? How is it recycled? Was the wood anything but a tree in its past life? - Gina

Re: Garden Shed

Great shed! Do you have interior pictures and a close up of the corner "joinery"? What sort of gardening do you do? Can you fit much inside it? - Gina

Re: Chair by the fire

Very nice. Do you have any close ups?

Re: Garden tote is easy and useful

Hi Joe,

I'm so sorry to hear about your trouble. It's weird, when I log out, I can still see the pictures. Is anyone else experincing this sort of trouble?

Thanks, Gina

Re: The Game of Nine Pin

Wow, that's quite a story. I assume that you had to glue together the pallet slats to create the turning blanks?

Re: Bow Arm Outdoor Lounge Chair

Cool... so you got the lumber from a company that specializes in salvage lumber?

Re: Like jigs? Like box joints? You're gonna love this...

The plans are available here:

Re: Video Series Recognized by Webby Awards

Thanks Bog, glad to hear it was useful for the class too! Do you have pictures of the cabinet you made? I'd love to see it, please post them in the gallery:

Re: Blanket Chest


Re: Fine Woodworking comes to Twitter

Dear Mr. Goodwin,

Good question. Sorry I need to add this info to the video pages. It's just been so busy, I haven't had time. Here's the info you're looking for:

"All that is needed is two cleats attached to underside of the top. I would put one just to the inside of each of the top members on the trestles. They should be snug up against those cross members. I’ll do that one day, but in all honesty, my top doesn’t move, and there’s nothing holding it in place.--MK"

Re: Free Plan: Shaker-Inspired Wall Shelf

Here's the link:

Due to a technical problem, the link wasn't visible on the instruction page. Sorry for the inconvenience. Gina,

Re: Free Plan: A Simple Desk Organizer

Here's the pdf plan link. Sorry there was a technical glitch on the page you were looking at:

Re: Mahogany Hall or Sofa table

Yeah, I don't know why it did that, but I fixed it... if you still want to see the extra large image (but without the weird text running over it), put this url in your browser window:


Re: Axes in SketchUp

Hi Pickles, Good feedback that we can use more info on “Getting Started in SketchUp”... we’ll see what we can do to organize the information better. As you can see, there is a ton of high-quality, reliable information right here in this blog.

Dave and Tim have been blogging here about the software for almost two years (Design.Click.Build. started April 9, 2007--anniversary on Thursday!)

For key SketchUp lessons, check out this recent round up by Tim Killen:

Or, if you can’t readily find a topic, check out some of our older, archived posts here:

Thanks, Gina,

Re: Hall table with ebony knobs

Hi Chris, is this you?

Thanks for posting some more of your work in our gallery!

Re: 19 Shaker Boxes

Yikes! That's a lot of boxes. Do you have any more pictures? How'd you all decide to embark on the project.


Re: Search: New and Improved!

Sorry to hear about your continuing search frustration... but, good feedback on the thumbs down. We will try to get that in for the next iteration of our site.

Re: Essential workbench has lived up to its name

Breaton, you should post pictures of your workbench in the gallery. -Gina,

Re: 2900 lb free standing stairs

Woah! nice stairs. I get a bit of vertigo looking at that last picture.

If you have other house projects, you should post them on our sister site,

They also have a before-and-after home remodel challenge going on:

The winner gets a DeWalt drill kit.

Re: PCs With Wood Roots

Okay, I can probably go on like this forever--posting links to cool wooden/electronic stuff.

I just was forwareded another one:

It's a slideshow of 15 wooden computers. -Gina

Re: 1 p.m. ET Announcement: Box Challenge Winner

Hi Vetlover,

We don't have a top five or top ten list... it was hard enough just picking one, let alone ranking a whole collection! But we did post pix and comments about notable boxes:

I hope that others will comment on that post to highlight other favorites.


Re: Crystal Bridges walnut bench

Beautiful! Thanks for posting.


Re: Treasure Box

Nice, I definitely see the Doug Stowe influence!

Re: A box for a fisherman stuck at his desk

What's it look like on the inside? What sort of joinery did you use? Did you just carve it all out of one solid piece?

Thanks! Gina,

Re: PCs With Wood Roots

I just noticed this bubinga joystick for Playstation 3 in our gallery:

The maker blogged about it here:

Re: Walnut burl box

ArronNZ, post some more pictures! What does it look like inside?


Re: Proposal Box

Hi All,

Thanks for alerting us to this problem. We're looking into it.

And to confirm, Fine Woodworking judges will determine the winnner of the contest.
(Read the contest rules here: )

Also, tuuk is right, this entry doesn't seem to be posted in the contest gallery. Mr. Hall, please repost using this url:

Thanks, Gina,

Re: Resurrecting Jack

Hi Leescabinets1,

I'll forward your comment to Andy Rae.

Christian Becksvoort responded to a similar Letter to the Editor in the magazine a couple years ago. Read more on How to lay down a plane here:

Sorry to hijack your discussion Tom!


Re: The Chairmaker's Workshop

Not a comment on the book, but this reminds me that I read up on a cool trip that Langsner took last year. He taught a greenwood chairmaking class in Japan. I read about it on a blogger’s site: Masashi’s Woodworking Diary:

Langsner also wrote about it here:

Sounds fun...


Re: Threat to American walnut

Hi TonyCz,

If people have additional questions, I'd contact the folks at Colorado State University. Their info is in the pdf link above and they have more background on all this:

Whitney Cranshaw (Whitney.Cranshaw@ColoState.EDU) or Ned Tisserat (Ned.Tisserat@ColoState.EDU), Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management, Colorado State University.

Thanks for your interest,


Re: Free Plan: Humidor

Sorry to hear about your trouble.

Are you looking for the link to read about Mike Flaim's Massive Roubo workbench:


Re: PCs With Wood Roots

Fantastic! I know that Matt Berger, of Getting Started in Woodworking fame, ( was going to make a wooden iPod case this weekend... I wonder how far he got...

Anyone else out there embedding technology in hardwood?


Re: Woodworker's Guide to Sharpening

Hi Randy,

Give me more background on your comment. Are you interested in posting a piece of advertising. If so, you can do it for free in our classifieds section:

Otherwise, about this post, it's just a note to let ppl know about books on the market. We don't have time to review all the books that cross our desks, but are trying to put up short blog posts with a bit of info about them. This way, woodworkers can post their reviews as comments if they wish.

For example, check out this post on The Woodwright's Guide... this is exactly why we publish these types of posts:

And it's not really advertising for self promotion since this book was published a competitor, Fox Chapel, not our parent company the Taunton Press.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback...


Re: Build Outside The Box: Official Contest Rules

jlroch: These are the rules: "The Contest is open to legal residents of the United States and Canada (except Quebec), who are at least 18 years old. Contest void in Quebec, Puerto Rico and anywhere else where prohibited."

Re: Build Outside The Box: Official Contest Rules

Hi QC Wood, that's fine to enter more than one box. Yes, that's fine to submit more than one photo of each box.

I think the max file size is 4 MB. It should say on the photo upload form.


Re: Build Outside The Box: Official Contest Rules

boxguy, I'd try again, I don't see anything in our system. Sorry for the inconvenience. Gina,

Re: Cat Condo's ,Jewelry Box,Low Console Home Theater

cooter12919, Thanks for posting the pictures of your box.

Could please create separate records for the cat condo and entertainment center.

Use this link so they don't go in the boxmaking contest:

Thanks! Gina

Re: Build Outside The Box: Official Contest Rules

It's my understanding that more than one is fine.

Also, if you've already posted a box in our gallery, it's okay to post it again for this challenge. We don't want to penalize people who already uploaded their work to our gallery.


Re: A box for a fisherman stuck at his desk

What's it made out of?

Re: Cradle and Gents Valet

Mr. Wolloff,

Thanks for posting the pictures of your gentelman's valet boxes.

Could create a separate record for the cradle pictures.

Use this link so the cradle doesn't go in the boxmaking contest:

Thanks! Gina

Re: Jewelry Box

Sorry about that, I meant to call you qcwood... -Gina

Re: Jewelry Box

Joe Cool, You should enter this box in our new box making contest. Just reenter the photos/text you just submitted through this link:

It's okay to post twice, this will give you a chance to win a brand-new tablesaw.


Re: Small Box

Joe Cool, You should enter this box in our new box making contest. Just reenter the photos/text you just submitted through this link:

It's okay to post twice, this will give you a chance to win a brand-new tablesaw.


Re: Peter Turner's sloping sided blanket chest from issue #203. With a few modifications, I used African Cherry and Hickory.

I feel like this article just came out. When did you start building it? What are your plans for it now? Will it stay at your house our are you giving it away.

Thanks for sharing, Gina, Fine

Re: Huntboard (based on Garrett Hack's)

Fantastic. Nice pix too. Thanks for uploading. -Gina

Re: Chippendale Chair

Fantastic! How long have you been making period reproductions? Where'd you learn how to carve?

Re: Valentine's Day Gifts

You're right Ace_HoleInOne, this is an oldie (two years anyway!) We looked around but didn't readily find other valentine's posts in the woodworking blogosphere... anyone else find any? Share a link!


Re: Free Plan: Shaker Tall Clock

Try this:


Re: A Tale of Two Tablesaw Sleds

Sorry about that. We're still working out the bugs on this new blogging platform. Until we fix the problem, I'd recommend copying the text of this post, and pasting it into a program like MS Word. Then printing. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Re: Video Gallery: Drawers that Breathe

Hi Folks,

If you want some more practical info, read how Schlebecker crafted the legs in a companion blog post:


Re: Woodworking, Doughnuts, and Bacon

Matt, you must visit this site:

hee, hee... Gina

Re: jewelry box

Beautiful! -Gina,

Re: Shaker occassional table

Very nice. -Gina

Re: Arts and Crafts style Round Table - Stickley #603

Thanks for posting those links Larry. Many variations on a theme! -Gina,

Re: Japanese paper is a eureka moment

Hi W3KJ, Did you see Rob Brown's article on the topic?

It was published in FWW #191. Your suggestion about doing a video on the technique is a good one.

Thanks, Gina

Re: door for my bathroom

Looks like you put a lot of effort into the project! Gina

Re: Epoxy floor tip: If you don't add grit, you just might slip


Re: Lisa's jewelry box

Beautiful box. Love the lid and the tiny splines in the insert... Gina

Re: Dragonfly box


Re: Arts and crafts Bookcase

Wow, you made five of these? Greg Paolini would be proud! -Gina

Re: mahogany box

Love the box. Tell us how you made it. Do you have any pictures of the interior? -Gina

Re: Kathy's Chair

Beautiful chair, thanks for posting. -Gina

Re: Lift-Lid Box

Thanks Serge. It's all Tom Begnal, he's a great teacher and I finished the project with all my fingers in tact. -Gina

Re: Elm Side Table

Hi Kevin, Sorry, I have to make a shameless plug for one of our videos. You mention Horizon Wood Products and one of our editors, Anissa Kapsales, took a video tour of the place.

Check out the videos:


Re: Zin Zen Wine Bar

Beautiful, I'd love to have one of those in my house. -Gina

Re: Modern Bench

Thanks for posting! Great to see what readers do with projects in the magazine.


Re: CD Cabinet

Hilarious! Great story. -Gina,

Re: Koa roll top desk

Thanks for sharing pix of your work. Love your whale tale video ( Gina,

Re: Elegant Tapered & Splayed Legs Table

Thanks for posting pix of your work. Your bilingual blog is great too... -Gina,

Re: Federal desk

Love the sketch. :)

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