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Re: Can Brian Boggs change the world for pro furnituremakers?


Are you now acting as a designer and less as a maker?

I understand that it can be difficult to do both design and building. However, do you feel that this takes you away from the core of your initial business as a chair maker and could possibly "dilute" your brand since you are less a maker and more a designer.

I like the idea you have proposed but I just can't really see it fitting into the American idea of how we buy things. Unless the stuff you make is cheap, it seems we are still all trying to reach the same audience. Those that have the money, know and understand quality, and have the ability and desire to engage people who make things for a living.

I guess that the collective is now more of a manufacturing site and place for a collection of ideas from other makers. Do the folks that work there act on their own as sub contractors to the collective. Or do you have employees who get a regular paycheck?


Re: Sad Sign of the Times: Brookfield (CT) Craft Center Closes

I think Wester hit the target.

There is a change in the current generation of folks growing up. They have no real experience with craft or any desire to seek it out. I think it goes hand in hand with the way we choose to educate our young people.

School age children are taught about the importance of intelectual knowlwdge and its value in society. Craft knowlwdge or kinesthetic learning is all but lost in school curriculum.

How many times have you heard "You must have a college education in order to make it in the world"? We as a society don't value labor or hard work any more. We have simply lost the abilities to provide for ourselves making us more dependent on others goods and services.

There will always be folks around who "make" things. But they are becoming more and more of a rare breed. I am afraid that the only place to find such individuals in the future will be in museuems.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

If the saw stop was available for purchase at the time he bought the ryobi, I fail to see how the tool company could be at fault. Why didn't Mr. Orsorio buy a saw stop to begin with?

This judgement will hopefully be reversed by appeal.


Re: Top 7 Woodworking Pet Peeves

Use lemon juice to get rid of the stain on your hands.

Won't feel so nice in the cuts but hey, clean hands make the man.


Re: Why Yes, I am a Dandy Woodworker

Lighten up.

It's a joke.


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