Ottawa, ON, CA

As a graduate of the Algonquin College Cabinetmaking and Furniture Technician course, Spartan Rubacha wasted no time in founding the Flook D. Doo business. After setting up shop in Poland, Ontario, he began creating furniture and children's toys, amongst other projects, with artistic flare.

His pieces are beautiful AND functional, while maintaining a minimalist approach, relying on the natural grain of the wood for inspiration and visual impact. Greatly inspired by the work of James Krenov, Flook D. Doo Furniture is described as modern renaissance art, and aspires to lead the woodworking world into a new era of rustic, yet refined furniture that not only looks striking, but sounds like solid work when items are placed atop the surface.

Flook D. Doo works together with their clients to accomplish a design that the customer will appreciate for years to come, as well as designing pieces independently that appeal to a wide range of tastes. They work in hard and soft woods, often combining different species for visual effect.

Poland, Ontario is located in the Lanark Highlands, approximately 1 hour from Ottawa.

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Big Leaf Corner Shelf

The Big Leaf Corner Shelf is made from a quarter section of a B.C. Big Leaf Maple. The backing is Butternut edged with Peruvian Walnut and it's all finished with a number of coats of polyurethane.

Harmon Tables

This classy set of matching Harmon end tables are a tastful addition to any living space. The Black Walnut and White Birch are the perfect contrast for such an original design. The only problem with...

Klein Cabinet

The Klein Cabinet seamlessly blends three distinct species of wood into one cohesive unit; an extremely handsome cabinet that will stand out amongst the rest of your non-flook d. doo furniture. The...

Tinker Table

The grain of the Zebrano wood (aka Zebra Wood) on this Tinker Table seems to dance as the light hits it from different angles.  Pictures will never do it justice.  The legs have subtle...

Kindall Cabinet

You might say that the heart wood of the birch doors on this Kindall cabinet stole MY heart.  The body of this tall, slender cabinet was build from some beautiful planks of walnut, and the...

Ames Cabinet

This Ames cabinet has a body of African Mahogany, carefully chosen for it's wild and flowing grain, while it's door, drawer, and shelf were crafted from a nice slice of Canary Wood. nbspNeither...

Beaumont Chest

The Cherry wood in this Beaumont Chest was stolen (for the price I paid) from a local woodworker in the area. What once leaned in the breeze from the Scotch Line now holds up my Hard Maple drawers...

Recent comments

Re: Harmon Tables

Thanks Sevenfi! If you like this, you should check out my website: www.flookddoo.com

Re: Klein Cabinet

In this case it's very flattering to be compared to a machine. Thank you again, and feel free to check out my website for more hand-cut dovetails...


Re: Klein Cabinet

I just wanted to add that I'm very careful to take my time with my dovetails. I use a great amount of care when laying them out, then continue to lay them out as I cut them to ensure a good fit. In my opinion, well executed dovetails is one of the best measures of a good cabinetmaker. I'd like to thank you again for reminding me that I should be calling attention to the fact that my dovetails are hand-cut. As a woodworker I tend to assume that everyone cuts them by hand, so as a result, I've added captions to my dovetail pics stating them as such.

Thank you once more for your comment,

Spartan R.

Re: Klein Cabinet

Wow, what a nice compliment. Those ARE hand cut dovetails. Thanks for the comment.

Re: Herring Case

Wow, this is beautiful. Are the "vertical" drawers just deep, or is there something else going on inside?

Re: Beaumont Chest

Thanks for your interest, and keep checking in to flookddoo.com, there's more to come!

Re: Beaumont Chest

Thanks bassrock,

The Scotch Line is the road that connects Perth, ON to Westport, ON., where the woodworker lives from whom I bought the cherry.


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