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African Blackwood Liquor Cabinet

20 layers of lacquer make this liquor cabinet shine

Walnut Hendrick Lamp

Geometric and organic shapes blend in this lamp.

Reversible Coffee Table

Kinnane tweaks table design to make it reversible

February 2015

Fine Woodworking Magazine - February 2015 - Issue no. 245

Curved Multicultural Cabinet

Cabinet with contemporary, Korean, and Chinese design.

Gum Wood Sandpiper Carving

Hank Tyler's sandpiper carving

Seymour-Inspired Table

Table inspired by The Furniture Masterworks of John and Thomas Seymour.

Black Walnut Bedroom Set

Matching bedroom set made of black walnut, curly maple, and poplar

Goldsworthy-Inspired Liquor Cabinet

Sculptor Andy Goldsworthy's work inspires liquor cabinet.

Black-Cherry Sideboard

Sideboard to commemorates family’s matriarch

Bent Lamination Arm Chair

Sapele armchair uses bent laminations and angled joinery.

Japanese Tea Cabinet

Piece inspired by an old Japanese tea cabinet

January 2015

Fine Woodworking Magazine - January 2015 - Issue no. 244

Factory for Craft and Art

Old factory becomes workshop and community space

Municipal Marquetry

1885 firehouse becomes workshop and apartments

Furniture Mill

1835 mill becomes shop and home

Fresh Work in the Egg Shed

Former egg-sorting shed gets a new purpose

Froms Hens to Handmade Furniture

Hen house becomes shop and gallery

Furniture in a Firehouse

Neo-Gothic 1909 fire station becomes apartments and workshops

Reverence for Wood

A church turns into a shop with living quarters

Rustic Modern Chair

Chair with woven rush seat

This is the Place Chair

X marks the spot on this chair

If and When Chair

Chair offers varied seat position

Cafe au Lait Chair

Solid sapele seat mimics upholstery

Bird of Paradise Chair

Chair inspired by the Bird of Paradise plant

Federal Card Table

Lecomte's card table was inspired by Steve Latta's Federal Card Table that appeared in FWW #180

Latticework Walnut Box

This walnut box was designed to display the delicate Japanese kumiko latticework on the lid.

Tiger Maple Media Cabinet

This media cabinet was the culminating project of Dolan’s time studying under the Michael Fortune Fellowship

Spalted Maple Turning

This piece is from a series of turnings from a single piece of spalted maple

Sliding-Lid Box

The yellow birch used in this sliding-lid box was reclaimed after years spent underwater.

Birch Pantry Cabinet

This cabinet won the Best Finish and Peer award

Shaker Rocker Reproduction

This reproduction of an 1876 No. 7 Mt. Lebanon Shaker rocker won Best Traditional Piece.

Krenovian Cherry and Tiger Maple Table

Cherry and tiger maple table inspired by the work of James Krenov

Serpentine Bombe Chest

This chest is a reproduction of a Boston Museum of Fine Arts original.

Marquetry Dresser

The carcase is Baltic-birch plywood with walnut and ebony veneer

Curved Cabinet on Stand

This cabinet on stand was Birtles’s first foray into curved joinery

Compact Ash Dining Set

Ash dining set fits in with apartment living

Japanese Tansu-Inspired Cabinet

A take on traditional Japanese tansu cabinetry

Resawn Sideboard

Sideboard highlights the grain

Computerized Chair

This char was designed by computer and executed by CNC router

Green-and-Greene Inspired Hall Table

This Greene and Greene-inspired hall table is made of walnut, mahogany, and cherry, with lacewood drawer fronts

Veneered Walnut Coffee Table

This coffee table has a veneered walnut top with holly stringing

Low Rocking Chair

This low rocking chair was inspired by a mid-century chair

Philadelphia Tea Table

This solid mahogany table pays homage to a Garvan carver table

"Bird of Paradise" Turning

Metlitzky used more than 3,000 individual pieces of wood to make this turning

18th-Century New England Block Front Chest

Rhodes’s block-front chest received the Society of American Period Furniture Makers award

Curly Maple and Marquetry Serving Table

This curly maple serving table has ebony pulls and features abalone, mother of pearl, wenge, and walnut

Folding Chaise Lounge

Campbell designed this folding chaise lounge as a counterpoint to the classic Adirondack chair.

Floating Lantern Entry Table

Klager was inspired to build this entry table after watching floating luminarias.

Live Edge Table and Benches

This table’s trestle ends are sister pieces from a resawn stump

Ash and Tempured Glass Tables

Dietz designed these ash and tempered-glass tables for a small apartment

Frame-and-Panel Cabinet

This frame-and-panel cabinet won Roberts an award

Claro Walnut Bench

The claro walnut top on Wentzel’s bench captures the dual live edges in the center, allowing you to see the tree’s natural shape.

Marquetry Sapele Bed

This queen-size sapele bed was designed around a stained glass lamp shade.

Locally Harvested Dining Room Hutch

Rolland often designs furniture using a combination of sustainably harvested wood and natural stones sourced from the Pacific Northwest

Marquetry Wall Cabinet

Cabinet plays with different veneers and their grain direction

Chippendale Chair

Anderson made this Chippendale chair from a single piece of curly maple.

Turned Hollow Form

This hollow form was awarded Best Turning at the Artistry in Wood show.

Curved-Front Dresser

This dresser is made from madrone, rock maple, and Mexican cedar.

Maloof-Esque Bar Table

This Sam Maloof-esque bar table was constructed to allow a set of matching barstools to fit under it.

Maple Burl Vessel

This maple burl vessel was turned from a firewood log.

Seven-String Monterey Archtop Guitar

This seven-string guitar took the Best in Show Award at the Artistry in Wood show.

Springtime Inlaid Cabinet

This cabinet is made of Claro walnut, koa, ebony, mother of pearl, and abalone.

Shoe Storage Bench

This shoe storage bench won the Best Furniture Piece award at the Artistry in Wood show.

Walnut Three-Legged Chair and Wall-Hung Slab Table

This table is designed to serve as a writing surface, entry console, or bar.

Baltimore Card Table

This table is based on a Baltimore card table.

Hand Carved Leaf Table

This table represents natural growth with fluid lines and foliage sprouting from the legs.

Refined Japanese Bench

This bench was inspired by the clarity and refinement of Japanese design.

Derby Commode Chest-of-Drawers

This chest of drawers is modeled after Thomas Seymour's Derby Commode from 1809.

Playful Dresser

This playful dresser is made of cherry, curly maple, and walnut with turned ebony pulls.

Small Maple Desk

Childhood memory of stamp collecting inspires reliquary.

Tranquil Bowed Cabinet

Full-scale mockup leads to unique design.

Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Box

Inspiration for this walnut box, with Port Orford cedar lining, came from the Prairie School of architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Sipo and Maghogany Cabinet

Goldman designed this cabinet to match some nightstands she had built several years ago.

Sapele and Ebony Cabinet

Wade earned the Presidents Award for this cabinet at the 32nd Design in Wood exhibition.

Danish-Inspired Teak Chair

This chair was inspired by Danish designer Finn Juhl.

Krenov-Inspired Walnut Cabinet-on-Stand

Woodworker Ian Kirk saw the hourglass figure in the grain as a design opportunity for this walnut cabinet.

Art Deco-Inspired Writing Desk

Woodworker Jeremy Gallant made this Art Deco-inspired writing desk of quartersawn walnut veneer over 1⁄2-in. MDF.

White Oak Carved Vessel

Woodworker Andrew Colley built this vessel from white oak scraps.

Carpathian Elm Burl and Cherry Buffet

Woodworker David Marr designs as he builds.

Smoothing Plane

Furniture maker learns the craft of making hand planes.

Scrub Plane

This scrub plane is made of canarywood, walnut, purpleheart, zebrawood, and ebony.

Yacht-Inspired Smoothing Plane

This plane is made from a single piece of Pennsylvania cherry.

Burl and Red Oak Table

This one-of-a-kind plane has ebony infill and mother-of-pearl inlay.

Octagonal Beech Handles

These octagonal beech handles are made with leftover stock.

Benchtop Joiner's Chest

To make this chest, students must learn rabbets and dovetails, mortise-and-tenons, and tongue-and-groove joints, plus raising panels.

Storage Box for Dremel and Accessories

This box is quartersawn walnut with simple rabbeted corners and floating panels.

Gentleman's Tool Chest

This tool chest is modeled after an 18th-century “gentleman’s tool chest."

Austrailian Hardwood Plow Plane

This particular kind of plow plane is known as a bridle plow, because of the way the fence is attached to the arms.

Coachmaker's Plow Plane

This plane is a reproduction of the exceptionally rare “Falconer” coachmaker’s plow plane.

Dueling Block Planes

Brass and ebony block planes are used to shape canoe paddles.

Spiers-Style Infill Smoothing Plane

This unusual Spiers-style infill smoother is a restoration of an old, beat-up 7-1⁄2-in. smoothing plane.

Mesquite Burl Vessel

This mesquite burl vessel was made from a circular burl.

Winchester Tall Clock

This cherry reproduction of an 18th-century Winchester tall case clock features personal touches.

Walnut Bench

This walnut bench was inspired by a bench by Charles and Ray Eamesis.

Wenge Dining Table

Dining table features split legs joined by stretchers.

Mahogany Dining Chair

Mahogany chair is inspired by dentil details on Egyptian furniture.

Dogwood Marquetry Cabinet

This marquetry cabinet includes roughly 200 dogwood flowers made of holly and satinwood veneer and 150 leaves made of dyed poplar veneer.

White Oak Chest

White oak chest is adapted from an 1898 chest by the English Arts and Crafts furniture maker Sidney Barnsley.

Ruhlmann-Inspired Table

Ruhlmann-inspired table has distinctive Ruhlmann torpedo shape.

Burl and Red Oak Table

Branching leg design grows from woodworker's love of trees and vaulted ceilings.

Knock-Down Writing Desk

Inspiration for this writing desk came from 19th-century British campaign furniture.

Curved-Leg Hall Table

The design of this hall table was inspired by a bald eagle.

Steam-Bent Coffee Table

This coffee table was built with steam-bent strips of ash.

Chip-Carving Hayrake Table

This hayrake table is made of quartersawn white oak.

Half-Lap Joint Coffee Table

This coffee table has nearly 900 half-lap joints.

Marquetry Patter Jewelry Cabinet

Ladd designed and made the marquetry pattern on the doors of his jewelry cabinet using a CNC rig.

Offcut Scandinavian Cabinet

Recycle offcuts while creating furniture.

Marble-Topped Coffee Table

Woodworker: James BreauxBest ContemporaryFor 13 years, the Texas Furniture Makers Show has been promoting the talents of the state's woodworkers with an annual exhibit in Kerrville. The show last...

Cherry and Curly Maple Blanket Chest

This chest is made of cherry with a curly maple panel in the top.

Foral Hall Table

The five floral inserts on the top of this hall table are made of 1,380 small veneer segments from 11 different species.

Barrel Chair

This chair is based on Frank Lloyd Wright’s barrel chair from the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, N.Y.

Spice Box

This spice box has a string inlay.

Curly Maple and Mahogany Coffee Table

This coffee table has a curly maple top and laminated mahogany legs and rails.

Bridge-Inspired Chair

The construction of this hard-maple chair reflects Yoshimitsu Motoyama's admiration of the stylish strength of bridges.

Olive Silverware Chest

Mollie Ferguson created this silverware chest by slicing a plank of olive into veneers.

Postmodern Chest of Drawers

The broken arched pediment on this chest of drawers was inspired by Queen Anne furniture and was formed with bending plywood.

Circular Stand Hall Table

This walnut hall table is made from a salvaged city tree.

Table for Two

Made of jatoba, kwila, and apple plywood, the table allowed Laura Zahn to practice the techniques she was learning at the College of the Redwoods, such as veneering, bent lamination, and shaping legs.

Pierced Bowl

This kiln-dried poplar bowl is 11 in. dia. by 3 in. tall, and just 1⁄16 in. thick. It is finished with a spray sanding sealer.

Segmented Vessel

Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, Ken Cowell created this segmented vessel, developing his own voice in that style.

Curved Leg Table and Chair

The curved legs on this dining table and chair are made with bent-laminated hard maple.

Dressing Mirror

Keenan wanted to learn how to veneer curves, so he made this dressing mirror while a student at the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts.

Black Walnut Chair

As a student in the furniture department at the Rhode Island School of Design, Prioli was given five weeks to design and build a piece of furniture that included bent lamination or steam-bending.

Compact Desk

Inspired by a visit to his daughter’s small apartment, Johnson designed this desk to help keep things organized.

Mahogany and Redwood-Burl Mirror

Mike Ogden built this mahogany and redwood-burl mirror while a student.

Queen Anne Lowboy

Bundschuh studied Queen Anne design and combined different features to produce this cherry Queen Anne lowboy.

Walnut Coffee Table

This coffee table features back-to-back drawers and a secret drawer.

Nakashima-Inspired Sideboard

The inspiration for this sideboard is from George Nakashima's book, The Soul of a Tree.

Canarywood Clock Cabinet

This canarywood clock cabinet has asymmetrical doors and is dovetailed.

Gothic Cathedral Desk

Gothic cathedrals inspired this arched desk.

Madrone Bench

Wentzel built this madrone bench without glue or fasteners.

Mahogany Buffet

This buffet table is made from sustainably harvested mahogany.

New England Stool

This stool is based on an original 1940s New England stool.

Game Table

This bentwood table and chairs was designed as a game table that could also function as a cocktail table.

Philadelphia High Chest

The mahogany chest, with secondary wood of white pine, is based on one at the U.S. Department of State.

Green and Greene Men's Valet

The overall design of this men’s valet was inspired by the work of Charles and Henry Greene, although it is not a copy of any particular Greene and Greene piece.

Cantilevered Bar Stool

With its upswept seat cantilevered out over back legs that bend 90° to meet the front seat rail, this bar stool design is striking and simple.

"Mother and Her Cub" Tables

With the smaller table (20 in. dia. by 16 in. tall) nestled inside the larger coffee table (42 in. dia. by 14 in. tall), there is plenty of surface area to play games or eat with these "Mother and Her Cub" tables.

Ming Dynasty Wardrobe Cabinet

Neumon built this Ming Dynasty wardrobe cabinet in cherry over the course of 11 months, working in tandem with his friend Charles Palmer, who built an identical cabinet in walnut. The wardrobe contains 12 three-way miters and 32 two-way miters, which incorporate a total of 112 mortise-and-tenon joints.

Shiner Bed

Bored during a quiet moment at a craft show, Turner sketched out the design that would eventually become this queen-size bed.

Gaming Box

Peters, a student at the Vermont Woodworking School (VWS), won second place for his Gaming Box in the 18-plus student-apprentice category at the 2012 Vermont Fine Furniture and Wood Products Design Competition.

Walnut Carved Chest of Drawers

The walnut carving on this chest of drawers wraps around from the front to the sides, and fades off toward the back of the piece. On the drawer fronts, the carvings do double-duty as integral pulls.

Italian-Inspired Chairs

Kelley based the design of this chair on one his client liked. The original, made by an Italian manufacturer, was badly proportioned, so Kelley resized his version.

Mahogany Dresser Mirror

This dresser mirror in mahogany and curly maple is based on one by the Federal-era masters John and Thomas Seymour.

Curved Cabinet-on-Stand

Woodworker: Nicholas NelsonWinner of Best in Show, this curved cabinet was inspired by the coastal scenery of British Columbia. Nelson said he designed it to convey a sense of motion. The cabinet 13...

Walnut Tall-Case Clock

Woodworker: Joel FickeFicke built this walnut tall-case clock using only hand tools. It's a replica of a circa 1740 clock from the Jeffords Collection that sold for a record $1.68 million in 2004. "I...

Tea Table

Woodworker: Jeff AndersonThis tea table (12 in. deep by 24 in. wide by 14 in. tall) has a serving-tray top with storage below. Anderson designed it for his wife's former boss, a tea lover. The woods...

Asian-Style Boxes

Woodworker: David LaneLane built this pair of boxes (each 7-1⁄2 in. deep by 12 in. wide by 4-1⁄2 in. tall) from the same design, but varied the base, hardware, finish, and interior to give them...

Gathering Cocktail Table

Woodworker: Thomas SchlackSchlack's love of hollow-vessel turning and complex bending techniques sparked the idea for this cocktail table, which he calls "The Gathering." The center of the base is a...

Tall Easy Chair

Woodworker: Vincent ChiconeThe original of this reproduction tall easy chair (circa 1800–1810) sits in the library of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello estate. The chair caught Chicone's attention...

Thomas Jefferson Lap Desk

Woodworker: Lesley GoldGold made this lap desk (14-3⁄8 in. deep by 9-3⁄8 in. wide by 2-1⁄2 in. tall) in a master class at Philadelphia Furniture Workshop. It's a replica of the desk Thomas...

Clamshell-Action Cabinet

Woodworker: Aurelio BolognesiBolognesi has always admired the clever clamshell-action cabinets from the 1930s that pivot open to reveal storage inside a plain case. He decided to build one, but he...

Tranquil Dining Set

Woodworker: Jefferson ShallenbergerShallenberger has been known to build some astonishingly complex cabinets (jeffersondesigngroup.com). But when a customer requested a dining set that would be...

Shaker Legacy Chest

With a sewing desk in Christian Becksvoort's The Shaker Legacy as inspiration-and with some 20-in.-wide pine boards on hand-Diaz built a pair of chests for his two sons, ages 7 and 4. He left off the...

Bent Dovetail Cabinet

Woodworker: John Tetreault Tetreault, also the author of "Fine Furniture from Reclaimed Wood," has used his "bending dovetail" technique on a number of pieces, including this curvy wall cabinet...

Fort Bragg Table and Chairs

Woodworker: Jonathan Parris This oak table and chairs was modeled after a set designed by Carl Malmsten more than 50 years ago. Parris got interested in the Swedish furniture maker’s work when he...

Fort Bragg Wall Cabinet

Woodworker: Johnny Williams "The instructor’s rules said to keep it small, solid, simple, and sweet," Williams says, describing this wall cabinet (7-1/8-in. deep by 26-1/4-in. wide by 778in...

Fort Bragg Curved Box

Woodworker: Sarah Marriage The ocean waves that break a mile west of the school’s woodshop, coupled with the grain of the madrone, gave Marriage the idea for this box (14-in. deep by 10-in. wide by...

Fort Bragg Sideboard

Woodworker: Dan Wacker This sideboard (17-in. deep by 47-in. wide by 32-in. tall) is Wacker’s take on a classic serpentine-front cabinet. The left and right doors are concave on the bottom and...

Fort Bragg Box on Stand

Woodworker: Rave Clay "I have always had a love for windmills, the lone artifact in the low plains of Oklahoma," Clay says, citing the inspiration for this box on stand. The piece, 12-in. deep by...

Fort Bragg Display Case

Woodworker: Carlos Cux Cux was in his second semester at CR when he built this bowfront display case (7-1/2-in. deep by 19-1/2-in. wide by 26-in. tall). He’d learned how to do curved work, fit...

Fort Bragg Chair

Woodworker: Mollie Ferguson Ferguson calls this chair "dulcius ex asperis" (sweetness after difficulties). She says the project (37-in. deep by 25-in. wide by 39-1/2-in. tall), with its leather...

Glass Top Table

Woodworker: Mike Fucile This glass-top table won Best in Show honors in the Fine Handcrafted Furniture Competition at the Florida State Fair. Fucile, who has been woodworking for 30 years, says the...

Curved Bar Stool

Woodworker: Diego Miscoria Hoping to design a comfortable and beautiful bar stool without upholstery, Miscoria spent a lot of time on the backrest of this steam-bent ash stool (22-in. deep by 22in...

Black Walnut and Danish Cord Bench

Woodworker: Ryan Mails The design for this black walnut and Danish cord bench (15-1/2-in. wide by 48-in. long by 17-1/2-in. tall) began with the gull-wing profile of the ends. Mails says the rest of...

Eye-Fooling Cabinet

Woodworker: Silas Kopf When he started out as a woodworker in the mid-1970s, Silas Kopf didn’t know any experts in marquetry, so he taught himself the craft from a book. But he never stopped...

18th-Century Desk

Woodworker: Calvin HobbsEach year, Ben Hobbs and his three sons, Calvin, Matthew, and Ernie, get together to work in Ben’s shop in what they call “sons’ week.” Ben, the 2011 recipient of the...

18th-Century Desk

Woodworker: Matthew HobbsEach year, Ben Hobbs and his three sons, Calvin, Matthew, and Ernie, get together to work in Ben’s shop in what they call “sons’ week.” Ben, the 2011 recipient of the...

Tea Table

Woodworker: Rick TomkinsTomkins built this table (20-in. wide by 47-in. long by 15-in. tall) as a gift for his daughter. He says it’s more a tea table than a coffee table, as it was inspired by a...

Sculpted Chair

Woodworker: Victor DiNoviDiNovi likes to work spontaneously, more like a sculptor than a cabinetmaker. He rarely draws his pieces before building them. But he doesn’t take any risks with structural...

Shaker Table

Woodworker: David TuttleA big fan of Shaker furniture and of Garrett Hack, Tuttle based the design of this table on a Hack table featured in FWW #104 (“Building a Strong, Light Carcase”). Instead...

Esherick-Inspired Cabinet

Woodworker: John C. SterlingIn building his asymmetrical cabinet, Sterling left the natural edges on the planks he chose from the Esherick poplar as a way of honoring the tree. Sterling likes using...

Esherick-Inspired Floating Cabinet

Woodworker: James McNabbAs a graduate student in the wood program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, McNabb has been avidly exploring the possibilities of laser-cutting. He used the technique...

Esherick-Inspired Bench

Woodworker: Michael PuryearPuryear calls the Wharton Esherick Museum “one of my favorite places—I always tell people to go there.” When Puryear selected his portion of the Esherick poplar, the...

Esherick-Inspired Basket

Woodworker: Ken BellA retired music teacher and avid tree farmer, Bell has been making baskets for 22 years. He based the design of this peck basket (10-3⁄4-in. dia. by 10-1⁄2-in. tall) on...

Esherick-Inspired Bird Encased

Woodworker: Steve LoarLoar, a longtime teacher and turner who is the director of the Center for Turning and Furniture Design at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, was one of the last to select his...

18th-Century Desk

Woodworker: Ben Hobbs Each year, Ben Hobbs and his three sons, Calvin, Matthew, and Ernie, get together to work in Ben’s shop in what they call "sons’ week." Ben, the 2011 recipient of the...

Nail Decorated Coffee Table

Woodworker: Peter SandbackFor the last several years, Sandback has been decorating his minimalist furniture with elegant patterns composed of thousands of dots: actually aluminum-siding nails that he...

Mahogany Sideboard

Woodworker: Zach MalcolmMalcolm says this mahogany sideboard (24-in. deep by 72-in. wide by 36-in. tall) was the most involved furniture project he has tackled. He set out to use simple curves in the...

Engine-Inspired Hall Table

Woodworker: Raymond FinanWhen Finan set out to design a triangular table (19-3⁄8 in. deep by 21-1⁄4 in. wide by 26-1⁄4 in. tall), his first thought was to give it straight sides and square...

Japanese Torii Arch-Inspired Hall Table

Woodworker: Nick BoyntonBoynton has made several variations of this hall table (16-in. deep by 30-in. wide by 29-in. tall), including dining tables and coffee tables, based on a Japanese Torii arch...

Tansu Entertainment Cabinet

Woodworker: Joel ShepardThis tansu entertainment cabinet (26-in. deep by 72-in. wide by 96-in. tall) offered Seattle designer and builder Shepard the perfect way to indulge his “fascination with...

Carved Urn Stand

Woodworker: Greg BrownThis carved urn stand (11-1⁄2 in. dia. by 30-in. tall) was built to sit beside a Samuel McIntire parlor chair that Brown made a few years ago with a simple function: to hold a...

Tea Cabinet

Woodworker: Modeled after a Shaker sewing chest, this cabinet was made to hold a Japanese teapot and cups. The top is a cherry slab, sliced from the log where two branches flowed together; the dark...

Rohlfs-Inspired Chairs

Woodworker: Peter MarcucciA Charles Rohlfs 1898 desk chair inspired Marcucci to make these mahogany chairs. As he made each one, he changed the design of the back and other details. The first...

Japanese Garden-Inspired Turned Box

Woodworker: Dan SouthernA stone lantern encountered on a trip to a Japanese garden inspired this turned box (5-1⁄2 in. dia. by 7-1⁄2 in. tall). But the handle was born from another source: a...

Krenov-Inspired Cabinet on Stand

Woodworker: Kylee SebreeThis Krenov-inspired cabinet on stand (10-1⁄4 in. deep by 23-in. wide by 45-1⁄4 in. tall) was Sebree’s final project at the Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking in...

Cherry Pennsylvania Secretary

Woodworker: Larry GreweNeighbors Grewe and Corson talked about making this Pennsylvania secretary together for about four years before Corson, 90, convinced Grewe, in his early 70s, to go for it...

Turned Textured Vessel

Woodworker: Liam FlynnLiam Flynn, born into a family of woodworkers in the small town of Abbeyfeale, Ireland, was “banging around” in his father’s shop by the time he was 8. His father didnt...

Japanese Lattice Cabinet

Woodworker: John Reed Fox A few years after dropping out of college, John Reed Fox was working as an auto mechanic in Boston and spending his lunch hours browsing in a bookstore. That’s where he...

Marquetry Wardrobe

Woodworker: Thomas Starbuck Stockton Stockton worked with gallery owners Pat and Steve Kirkish of Healdsburg, Calif., to design this sapele, walnut, and white oak wardrobe for an attorney’s office...

Cantilevered Coffee Table

Woodworker: Dave Boykin Furniture designers Boykin and Pearce (the latter now retired) knew the book-matched walnut boards used for this cantilevered coffee table were special when they first laid...

Harlequin Liquor Cabinet

Woodworker: Gabriel Sutton Sutton’s goal in building this cherry and bubinga liquor cabinet was to display a harlequin pattern in a subtle way. The curved panels and legs are meant to contrast with...

Walnut and Maple Rocker

Woodworker: Robert Galusha This walnut and maple rocker, which won second place in the 2011 Texas Furniture Makers Show, is based on a dining chair that was a finalist in FWW’s maple buildoff...

Orchid Table

Woodworker: Jeremy Grubb This side table (20. in dia. by 25 in. tall) won the Judges Special Award, sponsored by FWW, at the Texas Furniture Makers Show in Kerrville, Texas, in December 2011. Grubb...

Cottonwood Vessels

Woodworker: Allen Jensen These cottonwood vessels came from a tree that grew near Jensen’s home. He’s been turning local cottonwood for about 15 years, first wrapping the blanks in plastic until...

Maloof-Inspired Chair

Woodworker: Ken Katz Inspired by the designs of Sam Maloof, Katz built this dining chair as part of a set of six chairs and a table. He made the chairs first, and says his goal was for diners to be...

Calligraphy Cabinet

Woodworker: Rachel Brydolf-Horwitz Brydolf-Horwitz calls this hanging wall cabinet her "calligraphy cabinet," because after all the design and construction was complete, she stepped back and realized...

Curved Bedside Cabinet

Curved Bedside Cabinet

Asain and Arts and Crafts Dining Set

Woodworker: Craig Thibodeau Thibodeau designed this dining set for a client who wanted a slightly Asian/Arts and Crafts feel. The top incorporates a special four-way book-match of Carpathian elm burl...

Whimsical Water Table

Woodworker: This sycamore table, made for a house by the ocean, embodies Jere Osgood’s love of the seashore. The S-curved outlines of its top and shelf evoke breaking waves, while the contours of...

Nanny Rocker

Woodworker: This Nanny Rocker comes with a gate that keeps an infant safe while being rocked. With the gate removed, two adults can sit side by side. Heil made the piece for his second grandchild...

Philadelphia High Chest

Woodworker: Tony KubalakKubalak says the carving on this Philadelphia high chest was the most “elaborate, ambitious, and voluminous” he has ever attempted, and he is proud of the results. The...

Entry Hall Mirror

Woodworker: Craig JohnsonThe yellow birch used for most of this entry-hall mirror (5-3/4-in. deep by 31-3⁄8-in. wide by 29-1/2-in. tall) was reclaimed from where it sank—probably in Lake...

Split and Sliced Hall Table

Woodworker: Tony ClarkThis hallway table was inspired by the fact that when a piece of wood is sliced thin, it will droop. The table (6-1/2-in. deep by 36-3/4-in. wide by 26-1/2-in. tall) is made of...

Pierced Ash Bowl

Woodworker: Michael AllisonLike many of Allison’s turnings, this pierced ash bowl (13-in. dia. by 5-in. tall) is made from green wood he found near his home. He achieves the luminescent color with...

Tansu Double Chest

Woodworker: Hofmann was drawn to the tansu form for the way it uses grain as a design element, and he arranged the wood in this double chest to suggest plaid, “with strong horizontals broken by...

Oak and Steel Humidor

Woodworker: In this white oak and handforged mild steel humidor, there are 48 raised panels in the sides, cut from oak and inserted into their half-lap framework from behind, secured with flexible...

Star Burst Coffee Table

Woodworker: Adrian FerrazzuttiThere was plenty of math involved in this coopered ash and wenge coffee table (35-in. dia. by 16-in. tall). The staves taper in width and in thickness, both above and...

Black Beauty Wenge Table

Woodworker: Kip GloverThis wenge and yellowheart table’s final form was the result of lots of careful planning and one lucky mishap. Glover started the project (his first as a student at College of...

Bombe Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Austin CampbellMost woodworkers see the bombé chest of drawers as the ultimate tour-de-force, so it’s particularly impressive that Campbell made this mahogany and white pine bombé as...

Zebrawood Coffee Table

Woodworker: Christopher AtwoodAtwood, 21, says he “doodled lots of shapes” before coming up with the minimalist geometry of this segmented zebrawood veneer coffee table (28-in. dia. by 18in...

Scalloped Door Cabinet

Woodworker: Nate BlaisdellGood ideas come from unexpected places. The unrefined shape of corrugated roofing inspired the scalloped doors on this quartersawn white oak cabinet (9-in. deep by 13in...

Walnut Sculpted Bowl

Woodworker: Bryan KlotzBecause he finds end grain to be the most striking part of any wood, Klotz, 29, tried to pack as much of it as possible into this maple and walnut sculpted bowl. He...

Hepplewhite Serpentine Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Eric OranskyOransky based this reproduction of a Hepplewhite serpentine chest of drawers on a piece made in the late 1700s in New England. He created a scaled drawing of the piece...

Beech Blossom Wall Lamp

Woodworker: Brett MacLearnsberryThis beech blossom wall lamp was MacLearnsberry’s introduction to—among other things—bent lamination. The 22-year-old wanted the shape to suggest that it had...

Art Nouveau Screen

Woodworker: Virginia BlanchardA big fan of Art Nouveau, Blanchard, 24, thought a screen would make a good piece for her first attempt at something Nouveau-inspired. “A decorative object executed in...

Black Limba Sideboard

Woodworker: Russell GaleGale, 27, built this sideboard because he wanted to make a large, veneered case piece with doors and drawers, plus he wanted to work out the miter detail where the legs join...

Monogrammed Windsor Chair

Woodworker: Mark BellonbyAfter four years learning the craft of Windsor-chair making, Bellonby took the traditional design and added his own touches when he built this chair for his daughter and...

Back-Lit Shaker Sideboard

Woodworker: Doug ClarnerClarner collaborated with artist Trenny Robb of Sutton, Vt., when designing this Shaker-style sideboard, which won the 2010 Vermont Fine Furniture and Wood Products Design...

Hand Carved Dressing Table and Treasure Box

Woodworker: Jason KlagerThis dressing table and treasure box work as a unit, with the box positioned and kept in place with eight rosewood dowels. The table (18-in. deep by 32-in. wide by 37in...

Tilt-Top Tea Table

Woodworker: Lewis CabeThis tilt-top tea table is Cabe’s first attempt at period furniture. He started the piece (33-in. dia. by 30-in. tall with the top horizontal) in a class on carving period...

Cleft Chest

Woodworker: Adrian McCurdy Adrian McCurdy makes furniture from riven wood. No commercial lumber, no jointer, no planer, no dust collector. And for the most critical parts of the process, he works in...

Granite Workbench

Woodworker: Thomas Borowicz A tool-and-die maker and industrial engineer, Borowicz is interested in precision, and his bench shows it. A granite plate (3-1/2-in. thick by 12-in. wide by 18-in. long...

Dovetail Workbench

Woodworker: Darnell Hagen When Hagen set out to build his dream bench, he knew he’d be using it for the next 40 years, so he went all out. The 15-9/16-in.-wide top and the panels used on the back...

Customized Essential Workbench

Woodworker: Greg Scala Scala knew that he needed a workbench that was dead-flat, sturdy, equipped with good vises, and built at the right height for his 5-ft.-9-in. frame. He also wanted a board...

Warner Olive Desk

Woodworker: Geoffrey WarnerGeoffrey Warner was inspired by George Nakashima’s use of live-edge slabs with simple, rectilinear bases. But Warner went in a different direction, designing curvy bases...

Warner Olive Coffee Table

Woodworker: Geoffrey WarnerGeoffrey Warner was inspired by George Nakashima’s use of live-edge slabs with simple, rectilinear bases. But Warner went in a different direction, designing curvy bases...

Classic-Inspired Contemporary Desk

Woodworker: Andrew RaibleRaible, a co-founder of Kids of Kathmandu, was inspired by classic school desks of the 19th century. His modern take (18-in. deep by 40-in. wide by 22-1/2-in. tall) turns the...

Gridwork Desk

Woodworker: Andrew RumplerRumpler used reclaimed mahogany pallets for the frame and gridwork of this desk, and he created the bold graphic pattern of the top with epoxy resin. His design inspiration...

Curved Children's Desk

Woodworker: Mark RighterWhen it comes to children, says Righter, curves are king because they are safe, fun, and playful. He also wanted to create the feeling of motion and found design inspiration...

Lacewood Zig-Zag Chair

Woodworker: Robert LussierThis lacewood chair (24-in. deep by 16-in. wide by 30-in. tall) is Lussier’s interpretation of Gerrit Rietveld’s 1934 Zig-Zag Chair. Lussier says the simple lines of the...

Philadelphia Highboy

Woodworker: Kenneth L. WilliamsonWhen asked how long it took to complete his Philadelphia highboy, Williamson said, “Several hundred hours and 35 years.” He started it four decades ago but kept...

Ingrown Cabinet-on-Stand

Woodworker: Ron NolteNolte designed this cabinet-on-stand (12-in. deep by 44-in. wide by 69-in. tall) around an ingrown branch he discovered when he resawed a board. He bookmatched that piece of...

Salvaged Australian Red Mahogany Credenza

Woodworker: Zachary HarmsWhen the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago was throwing away solid wood from an old exhibit, Harms jumped at the chance to salvage the lumber and use it in this credenza, 26-in. deep...

Twisted Slat Credenza

Twisted Slat Credenza

Shaker Loom

Woodworker: Robert RoemischWhile demonstrating 19th-century woodworking at the historic Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Kentucky, Roemisch wanted to build a project that wasn’t a typical Shaker...

Philadelphia-Inspired Heart-Back Chair

Woodworker: Kevin AinsworthAinsworth, a North Bennet Street School graduate, took his inspiration for this heart-back armchair from a Philadelphia original, circa 1780-1800. The original was...

Bureau with Beaded Scalloped Aprons

Woodworker: Peter ShepardWoodworker Peter Shephard built this bureau, a sibling to a number of other chests he's built, from a flitch of curly maple, lavishing time on the arrangement of the wood...

Butterfly Key Bench

Woodworker: Seth KiedaischWhen a client asked Kiedaisch to design a table with “those butterfly things and that ragged edge,” he decided to have some fun. Instead of the typical slab-top table...

Norwegian Model Church

Woodworker: Lloyd McCafferyThis tiny scale (1⁄8 in. = 1 ft.) model of the Borgund Stave Church in Norway is one of three boxwood and applewood architectural models built by McCaffery. This one is...

Newport Bureau

Woodworker: Pete MichelinieThis mahogany and poplar desk (20-1/2-in. deep by 36-1/2-in. wide by 32-3/4-in. tall) is a reproduction of a Newport block-front kneehole bureau attributed to Edmund...

Spanish Cedar Humidor

Woodworker: Ed PirnikWhile visiting family in Cuba, Pirnik bought some paintings at an art fair, and he also bought unassembled frames for them. Upon his return, he realized the frames were Spanish...

Floating Cherry Credenza

Woodworker: Matt ThibodeauThibodeau wanted this large curly cherry credenza (24 in. deep by 56 in. wide by 30 in. tall) to appear light, so he floated the case in the framework. Since the piece was...

Laminated Strips Table

Woodworker: John Robert PortmantWorking as an electrician in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Portman started to save the lath that was being thrown out when walls were demolished. When he...

Nature-Inspired Bench

Woodworker: William RobertsA landscape architect, Roberts takes design cues from nature. This bench, 18 in. deep by 72 in. wide by 18 in. tall, was inspired by a bird’s skeletondelicate...

"Books or Booze" Cabinet

Woodworker: David BergeronBergeron calls this piece “Books or Booze” because of its storage versatility. The cabinet (16 in. deep by 36 in. wide by 32 in. tall) is built from salvaged cypress...

Hepplewhite and Art Deco Table

Woodworker: Joe Trippi Trippi blended two different styles in this table. The form is strictly Hepplewhite, but the veneer species and patterns are based on Art Deco furniture. The table, 17 in. deep...

Krenov-Inspired Walnut Hutch

Woodworker: Matthew BunnellInspired by James Krenov’s Pagoda Cabinet, Bunnell built this hutch around a claro walnut board that he found in a local lumberyard. The board had just been sold back to...

Mahogany Tea Table

Woodworker: William KlugeThis mahogany tea table (19-1/2 in. deep by 33 in. wide by 26-3/4 in. tall) is a replica of a John Goddard original made in 1760. In 2005, the original was sold at a...

Floating Desk and Cabinet

Woodworker: Richard Kautto Defying gravity This American cherry and Swedish maple desk (17 in. deep by 48 in. wide by 44 in. tall) was Kautto’s pre-masterpiece project at Capellagården, a fine...

Trestle Craddle

Woodworker: Vic Hubbard Inspired by Tim Clark’s trestle cradle (Home Furniture #11), Hubbard built this cradle (22 in. deep by 42 in. wide by 43 in. tall) for a childhood friend and his wife, to...

Fibonacci Vessel

Woodworker: Michael Foster The inspirations for this walnut vessel were math and nature, or math in nature to be more accurate. Foster based the pattern on the giant Lobelia plant. The array of...

Shoji Screen

Woodworker: Ramon ValdezValdez designed this Shoji screen (1-3/4 in. deep by 65 in. wide by 73 in. tall) around a curly maple board he’d been hanging onto for years. To add interest to the maple...

Floating Maple and Mahogany Coffee Table

Woodworker: Michael Lobby Lobby built this coffee table as an assignment in the Distance Mastery Program at Gary Rogowski’s Northwest Woodworking Studio. Lobby wanted to design a strong table with...

Backgammon Board

Woodworker: Eric McRory McRory built this backgammon board to play the game with his “little brother” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. It was inspired by a design he saw in Fine...

Cherry and Curly Maple Rocker

Woodworker: Nick BoyntonBoynton says the biggest challenge in making this cherry and curly maple rocker (30 in. deep by 25 in. wide by 40 in. tall) was cutting the three compound-angle slots in the...

Curvy Layered Table

Woodworker: Matt HuttonPart of a series by Hutton exploring layers, multiples, and curves, this table is 25 in. deep by 19 in. wide by 19 in. tall. The core of the construction is the bricklaid...

Willard-Inspired Clock

Woodworker: David S. BeachWhen designing this curly maple tall clock (12 in. deep by 21 in. wide by 94 in. tall), Beach and his client took elements from clocks found in The Willard House and Clock...

Bowed Credenza

Woodworker: Enrico KonigWhen he started making furniture in the 1990s, Enrico König says he was “a bit of a solid-wood snob. I figured veneered work was inferior.” But when he had the idea for a...

Glass-Topped Coffee Table

Woodworker: Enrico KonigWhen he started making furniture in the 1990s, Enrico König says he was “a bit of a solid-wood snob. I figured veneered work was inferior.” But when he had the idea for a...

Curved Hall Table

Woodworker: Enrico KonigWhen he started making furniture in the 1990s, Enrico König says he was “a bit of a solid-wood snob. I figured veneered work was inferior.” But when he had the idea for a...

Japanese-Inspired Garden Table

Woodworker: Richard Chill CottJapanese gardens and tatami mats were the inspiration for Chill Cott’s mahogany table (60 in. square by 30 in. tall). The tabletop layout reflects the rules for...

Stamped Detail Mirror

Woodworker: Timothy ColemanColeman began creating stamped furniture years ago after moving his shop into a space formerly occupied by the Greenfield Steel Stamp Works. He found discarded steel stamps...

Walnut Curved-Top Blanket Chest

Woodworker: Jerry CousinsCousins had long wanted to build a curved-top chest with the lower panels inlaid with tulips, when he stumbled on the perfect piece of claro walnut for the top. He then knew...

Bent Lamination Chair

Woodworker: Annette Koehnen Koehnen built this European ash chair (28 in. wide by 17 in. deep by 40 in. tall) as part of a commission for a dining table and 12 chairs. The challenge was to design a...

Chippendale Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Michael DisanoDisano built this cherry and poplar chest of drawers from plans by Carlyle Lynch (1909-1989). Lynch, a woodworker and teacher of woodworking, was known for creating detailed...

Curved Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: John LeeThis chest of drawers, made of European white oak, is part of Lee’s series of sculptural furniture that combines dramatic curves and texturing. After he built the shaped...

Shaker-Inspired Contemporary Hall Table

Woodworker: Adam WebbWebb wanted to convey a feeling of lightness and warmth in this contemporary take on a Shaker hall table. The table is 14-1/2 in. deep by 59 in. wide by 34 in. tall. The cherry...

Art Nouveau Bed

Woodworker: C.L. PhillipsThis Art Nouveau bed (67 in. wide by 85 in. long by 56 in. tall) is based on a design from the period by A. Landry, but Phillips modified it by using lighter woods Swiss...

Solid-Birch Cabinet

Woodworker: Michael CharbonneauCharbonneau’s solid-birch cabinet is 18 in. deep by 32 in. wide by 36 in. tall. He says that the most timeconsuming aspects of building the piece were carving the...

Boxwood and Sycamore Cabinet on Stand

Woodworker: Barbara SheltonJames Krenov’s work was the inspiration for this boxwood and sycamore cabinet on a kwila stand (10-1/2 in. deep by 18-1/8 in. wide by 52-1/8 in. tall). The marquetry is...

Rosewood Writing Desk

Woodworker: Alton BowmanBowman sees the French period furniture he often restores as his teachers, because of the woodworking techniques he learns while refurbishing them. Many of the techniques...

Walnut and Acrylic Table

Woodworker: Phillip SellThis table (54 in. dia. by 17 in. tall) is Sell’s latest piece in a line of furniture that incorporates gridwork. Creating the grid on a round table was a laborintensive...

Figured Maple and Palm Game Table

Woodworker: Jim WallaceThis figured maple and red-and-black palm game table shows the evolution of Wallace’s tapestry series (seen in FWW #214). Wallace also designed and made the chess pieces, and...

Kwila and Afzella Correspondence Box

Woodworker: Clark KelloggUnusual inspiration prompted this kwila and afzelia correspondence box (8-1/4 in. deep by 11 in. wide by 4 in. tall). In the offbeat comedy film The Life Aquatic with Steve...

Scalloped Back Guitar

Woodworker: Bernie LehmannThis guitar (5 in. thick by 15 in. wide by 41 in. long) is the latest design by Lehmann, a luthier for nearly four decades. The back is built like a lute with nine arched...

Mahogany and Sapele Chest

Woodworker: Anna C. ThorntonThis mahogany chest (19 in. deep by 53-1/2 in. wide by 23 in. tall) is Thornton’s modern take on a Gothic classic. Staying true to chests of the period, she kept the...

Unfinished Ash Chair

Woodworker: Jamie Vander SalmThis unfinished ash chair, 33 in. deep by 22 in. wide by 40 in. tall, contains more than 600 copper rivets. For Vander Salm, steam-bending the green ash was easy; the...

CD Cabinet Featuring Insect Marquetry

Woodworker: Greg ZallWhile the overall form of this CD cabinet (25 in. deep by 16 in. wide by 54 in. tall) was designed by Bill Bondy and Cecily Ng of Starkweather Bondy Architecture in Oakland...

Curly Teak and Woven Bamboo Cabinet

Woodworker: Craig ThibodeauThibodeau designed this curly teak and woven bamboo cabinet to store documents. The subdued exterior hides a dozen small compartments, and the two doors (one hinged and one...

Mahogany Butler's Chest

Woodworker: Alan TurnerTurner, a lawyer by trade and founder of the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop (a woodworking teaching studio), designed this mahogany butler’s chest to be less top-heavy than...

Purpleheart and Basswood Vessel

Woodworker: Tim GormanGorman’s idea for this purpleheart and basswood vessel (10 in. dia. by 8 in. tall) came from a glass-blowing demonstration. He used chisels and files to create the spiral...

Chinese-Inspired Chest

Woodworker: David LaneInspired by the collection of 17th- and 18th-century Chinese furniture at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Lane built this chest of drawers to learn Chinese joinery, and he...

Sideboard of Kwila and Makore

Woodworker: Craig JohnsonJohnson designed this kwila and makore sideboard (18-5/8 in. deep by 39-1/4 in. wide by 39-5/8 in. tall) to challenge himself technically. The biggest challenges were the...

Birch Shaker Clock

Woodworker: Martin J. MilkovitsThe original of this Shaker clock was made by Elder Micajah Tucker (1764–1848) of the Canterbury Shakers, and is an unusually ornate design by Shaker standards...

Modern Desk of Sapele and Maple

Woodworker: Dick SchultzHeavily influenced by Scandinavian design, Cleghorn built this desk (40 in. deep by 64 in. wide by 30 in. tall) from a few thumbnail sketches—building, fitting, and tweaking...

Nesting Jewelry Boxes

Woodworker: Dick SchultzSchultz built these four jewelry boxes to nest inside one holding tray. The boxes and tray are wenge, and the anigre lids are designed with one marquetry pattern flowing...

"Boxus Anatomous" Sculpture

Woodworker: Ernest BryantA professional woodworker, Bryant built “Boxus Anatomous” for his own amusement. He uses his creation to show clients different woods (mahogany, maple, birch, basswood...

Scotch Cabinet of Yaka and Kwila

Woodworker: Andrew WallaceThe design of Wallace’s yaka and kwila “Scotch Cabinet,” 13 in. deep by 17 in. wide by 34 in. tall, is subtle but elegant, with no extraneous decoration. Wallace also...

Contemporary Kwila Chair

Woodworker: Michal OpalskiOpalski’s inspiration for this contemporary design came from Danish mid-century furniture and the work of Charles and Ray Eames, as well as furniture by the modern design...

Cherry and Carpathian Elm Sideboard

Woodworker: J. Michael O'DonnellWhen O’Donnell learned that the cherry wood harvested from his father’s Pennsylvania property was being used for garden stakes, he drove a rental van from Chicago...

Arts and Crafts Tool Chest

Woodworker: Trevor Hadden

Contemporary Writing Desk

Woodworker: Silas KopfMarquetry master Silas Kopf built a contemporary writing table with legs and aprons made with walnut from a tree that grew at Mt. Vernon. The tromp l’oeil 18th-century scene...

Walnut End Tables

Woodworker: Thomas HuckerThomas Hucker’s training as a furniture maker included stints with period furniture maker Leonard Hilgner and contemporary master Jere Osgood. For his end tables, Hucker...

Walnut Chest on Stand

Woodworker: Michael CullenMichael Cullen’s chest on stand, made with walnut from two trees at Mount Vernon, is carved with stylized stripes—reminiscent of a flag flapping in the windand...

Horse Chestnut Seed Pod Carved from Boxwood

Woodworker: Janel JacobsonJanel Jacobson, who specializes in small carvings of natural objects, carved seed pods and leaves from trees native to Virginia. The horse chestnut seed pod with the tiny...

Walnut Dining Table

Woodworker: Michael SewardInspired by the work of Sam Maloof and George Nakashima, Michael Seward designed and built this walnut table with bird’s-eye maple butterfly joints to reflect both...

English Brown Oak Bowl

Woodworker: Mark GowerMark Gower, a recipient of the annual John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship, built this English brown oak bowl for the Mineck foundation’s fund-raising auction. He roughed out...

Skeleton Clock of Maple, Ebony, Poplar, and Holly

Woodworker: Charles MaxwellOn Charles Maxwell’s Cape Cod honeymoon 27 years ago, he and his wife saw a skeleton clock, and he vowed to make her one. In 2007 after retiring from the U.S. Navy...

Victorian Dollhouse Sculpture

Woodworker: Benoit ChasséInspired by an old Victorian building in Montreal, Benoit Chassé originally built this piece (9-3/4 in. deep by 52-3/8 in. wide by 43 in. tall) to store 450 cassette tapes...

Chinese-Inspired Contemporary Desk

Woodworker: Sam NorrisNorris built this desk for the annual New Hampshire Furniture Masters auction. He set out to build a contemporary piece that reflected ancient Chinese design, also borrowing...

Recycled Cypress Table

Woodworker: Joe DohertyThis coffee table (18 in. wide by 60 in. long by 24 in. tall) was designed and built for the New Orleans-based Green Project, a not-for-profit organization that resells...

Iroko Dinning Table

Woodworker: Howard Werner

Sycamore Chair

Woodworker: Howard Werner

Unfinished White Oak Bench

Woodworker: Libby SchrumWhile experimenting with curves, Schrum took the design of this unfinished white oak outdoor bench from a rough sketch to a model, and finally to its finished form. The bench...

Circular Outdoor Bench of Mahogany

Woodworker: Hayami ArakawaThis mahogany outdoor bench (14 ft. dia. by 28 in. tall) was designed to encourage clear, open, intellectual conversation, and will be placed on the MIT campus. All the...

Cherry and Ash Sideboard

Woodworker: Bart NiswongerThough the piece is based loosely on Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann’s designs, Niswonger added a topographical element to this cherry and ash sideboard (17 in. deep by 55 in...

Chinese-Influenced Hall Table

Woodworker: Craig DuboseCommissioned by clients in St. Louis to build a Chinese-inspired hall table, DuBose didn’t see them face to face until he delivered this mahogany table. They worked out the...

Krenov-Style Cabinet

Woodworker: Michael SwiftMade while Swift was a student at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine, this cabinet on a stand (14-1/2 in. deep by 25-1/2 in. wide by 58 in. tall) is inspired by...

Chinese-Influenced Cabinet of Walnut and Maple

Woodworker: Alison Swann-IngramInfluenced by falling maple leaves and the Chinese empire, Swann-Ingram created the maple branches and seeds on this cabinet (18 in. deep by 24 in. wide by 28 in. tall...

Wenge and Marblewood Hall Table

Woodworker: Jim WallaceThis wenge and marblewood table is Wallace’s version of Charlie Durfee’s bowfront hall table (FWW #204). The table, 18 in. deep by 50 in. wide by 32 in. tall, was shown at...

Maple and Pine Lap Desk

Woodworker: Rodney DiazThis maple and pine lap desk is based on one in Christian Becksvoort’s The Shaker Legacy (The Taunton Press, 2000). Diaz adjusted the size (14-3/8 in. deep by 18-3/8 in. wide...

Tupelo Vessel with Hand Carved Accents

Woodworker: Will BellucciThis tupelo vessel is 8 in. tall and 9 in. in diameter. Bellucci turned the piece and then carved the rows of beads and petals around its perimeter. On each of his turnings...

Sideboard of Mahogany and Bird's-Eye Maple

Woodworker: Greg BrownBrown’s mahogany and bird’s-eye maple sideboard reflects a combination of Federal influences. The main form can be attributed to a Seymour-style dressing table, the...

Mirror with Mitered Dovetails

Woodworker: Josh Metcalf

Madrone Jewelry Cabinet

Woodworker: Ben Barrett

Oxeye Hall Table

Woodworker: Seth RollandThe sunburst of slender ash slats on Seth Rolland’s demilune table may be dazzling for its elegance, but it’s equally impressive as a technical feat: The entire array is...

Carpathian Elm Burl Chest

Woodworker: Jock GiffordGifford was in the midst of a successful career as an architect when he decided to take a sabbatical and study jewelrymaking at NBSS. Leaving the jewelry program each day, he...

Mahogany and Satinwood Cylinder-fall Secretary

Woodworker: William ThomasThomas had been working as a carpenter in the 1970s when his father gave him an NBSS catalog. “As soon as I heard about it, I jumped all over it.” The pace and ambition...

Gragg-style Chair

Woodworker: Tony HaydenHayden worked for years as a building contractor before going to NBSS in 1990. He’s been running a custom woodworking business since returning to his native California...

Maple and Rosewood Bench

Woodworker: Matt WajdaWajda’s father, a microbiologist, is a lifelong hobbyist woodworker. When Matt’s mother gave his father a gift of a two-week workshop at NBSS in 1997 and invited Matt to go...

Mahogany Pencil Chair

Woodworker: John P. McCormackMcCormack’s Pencil Chair represents the two sides of his training as a furniture maker—one of traditional craftsmanship and period furniture acquired at NBSS, and...

Delicate Dressing Mirror

Woodworker: Devin ReamReam says he spent “about 95% of my time in high school hanging out in the woodshop.” But after majoring in history in college, he found himself applying to...

Art Moderne Table

Woodworker: Peter Van BeckumVan Beckum, who grew up in a Wisconsin farming community and studied agronomy in college, traveled east in 1980 to look into Boston University’s Program in Artisanry...

Mahogany and Satinwood Cabinet

Woodworker: Donald J. SutkusBy the time he’d gotten two degrees in aerospace engineering and worked for Boeing for six years, Sutkus says, “I just didn’t feel like I was wearing the right...

Flowering Rush Cabinet of Curly Soft Maple

Woodworker: Paula GarbarinoGarbarino had been working in a cabinet shop for five years when she attended NBSS. “I finally decided I wanted to increase my skills,” she says, and the experience was...

Herter Brothers Reproduction Cabinet

Woodworker: Eric EnglanderWhen Englander arrived at NBSS, he says, “I had no tools, but I had a lot of furniture books.” He had studied scenic and lighting design for the theater and worked...

Shaker Desk of Vermont Cherry and Curly Maple

Woodworker: Bruce EatonEaton spent nearly a decade working as an environmental engineer and became increasingly miserable “watching other people make stuff.” A local woodworking class led him to...

Adirondack Chair with a Twist

Woodworker: Michael C. FortuneMichael Fortune says the most important criterion for an outdoor chair is that it be comfortable for relaxing, reading, and conversing in a garden setting. He's not big...

Outdoor Chair

Woodworker: Hank GilpinFor Hank Gilpin, wood choice and joinery are the two most important keys to making an outdoor chair last. His choice of teak, the miracle outdoor wood, doesn’t move, has no...

Mahogany Outdoor Bench

Woodworker: Matt KenneyInspired by Hank Gilpin's beautiful outdoor furniture, Matt Kenney's garden bench was challenge of balancing durability and comfort. The bench is made out of sipo, a tropical...

Cook Cabinet

Woodworker: Adrian Potter Every school child in Australia learns that in 1770 Captain James Cook discovered the island continent and claimed it for Britain. To commemorate that event, Australian...

Strummers Stool

Woodworker: Matthew LindsayWith design guidance from instructors Tim Rousseau and Adrian Ferrazzutti, Lindsay built this "Strummer’s Stool" (17 in. deep by 14 in. wide by 35 in. tall) during the...

Tusk Coffee Table

Woodworker: Gregg LiptonLipton originally designed this Macassar ebony and glass coffee table to go in a home furnished with Biedermeier pieces. The design works in contemporary and traditional...

Burl Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Libby SchrumInspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s cantilevered work, Schrum built this cherry and cherry burl jewelry box (6 in. deep by 17 in. wide by 7 in. tall). She finished the box with...

"Home from the Sea" Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: David BoyleSetting out to make something colorful and playful, Boyle built this chest of drawers, 29 in. deep by 56 in. wide by 35 in. tall. He started with hornbeam logs and resawed them...

Hepplewhite Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Nathan SchoeningInspired by Carlyle Lynch’s article in FWW #48, Schoening built this Hepplewhite chest of drawers (22 in. deep by 33-1/4 in. wide by 36 in. tall), taking a few liberties...

Curly-Maple Chair

Woodworker: Robert StecklerSteckler designed this chair, 22 in. deep by 24 in. wide by 46 in. tall, to be used at a desk. He chose curly maple for the framework and slats and maple burl for the seat...

Phantom Urn

Woodworker: James RomickRomick made this maple, walnut, wenge, and cherry vessel, the "Phantom Urn," as a gift for Howard McGillin for his record-setting 2,544th (and final) performance as the...

Macassar Ebony Table

Woodworker: William WellsFor Wells, who interned with Michael Fortune, this table (12 in. deep by 54 in. wide by 32 in. tall) was a lesson in grain direction and curves. Wells chose Macassar ebony...

Dovertailed Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Pat MegowanFor Megowan, the dovetails were the most challenging part of this jewelry box because of the gently curving profile. The madrone and bird’s-eye maple box, finished with...

Chest on Chest

Woodworker: Dan FaiaCommissioned to build a block-front chest-on-chest, Faia worked with his client to find the right piece to reproduce. They settled on this one for its unique design and...

Pennsylvania Spice Box

Woodworker: James PlatteterThree factors motivated Platteter to build this Pennsylvania spice box: the beauty of the original in The Pennsylvania Spice Box by Lee Ellen Griffith (Chester County...

Jewelry Cabinet

Woodworker: Brek JacobsonWhen commissioned to build a jewelry cabinet, Jacobson designed this veneered and solid-wood oval cabinet on a stand. He wanted a soft form to accentuate the feminine...

Cherry Walnut Bed

Woodworker: David StineStine fells and mills all the lumber he uses in his work, and as he watched this particular walnut board come off the mill, he knew immediately that it would be a headboard on...

Cherry Secretary

Woodworker: Andy FawcettFawcett harvested most of the cherry for this Pennsylvania secretary (20 in. deep by 38 in. wide by 90 in. tall) from his family farm. Although his father never saw the...

Veneered Box

Woodworker: Rutager WestInspired by Andrew Crawford’s books on box making, West wanted to make a veneered box with inlay. While making some profiled molding with a handplane, he got the idea for...

Shaker Basket

Woodworker: Dennis ChilcoteChilcote’s inspiration for this basket (4 in. dia. by 3-1/2 in. tall) comes from the simplicity and elegance of Shaker furniture and basketry. He learned how to harvest...

Basket Weave Table

Woodworker: Davrill NashNash builds understated forms embellished with carving, like the basket weave on this cherry hall table with a glass top (14 in. deep by 50 in. wide by 30 in. tall). The...

Tree Dining Chairs

Woodworker: Worth SquireWhen designing these chairs, Squire set out to stay true to the Chippendale form but also incorporate a tribute to trees. He harvested, milled, and dried the walnut himself...

Mahogany Bombe Chest

Woodworker: Tony KubalakKubalak is a master of authentic period reproductions, yet this mahogany bombé chest still held challenges for him, particularly the serpentine front and angled dovetails on...

Oak Desk

Woodworker: Chad HillHill built this desk (29-1/2 in. deep by 72 in. wide by 31-1/2 in. tall) as an anniversary gift for his wife. Design elements include high contrast, tapered legs, a bevel on the...

Glass Top Coffee Table

Woodworker: Jerry FrostInspired by the need for a square table, Frost adapted the rectangular design of Christian Becksvoort’s “Glass-Top Coffee Table” (FWW #92) when he built this version 30...

Art Deco Table

Woodworker: Byron J. BraytonThe majority of Brayton’s work is veneered because it provides him with unlimited design possibilities. This Art Deco-inspired table is completely veneered with Macassar...

Boulle Marquetry Table

Woodworker: Aaron RadelowWhile a student at the American School of French Marquetry in San Diego, Radelow discovered this table (approximately 14 in. deep by 19 in. wide by 25 in. tall) in a...

Sea Chest

Woodworker: D. Douglas Mooberry Doug Mooberry has loved American period furniture since he was a small boy. He remembers following his mother into antiques stores, opening drawers and exploring...

Poppies Cabinet

Woodworker: Greg ZallIn this maple and pearwood cabinet, Zall was inspired by Krenov’s perfect proportions and use of grain and color as part of the design. Zall also added a bit of his native...

Handmade Tools

Woodworker: Yeung ChanTo Chan, using handmade tools is an important aspect of woodworking and something that he has done from childhood. It is no wonder he excelled in Krenov’s program, where...

Demilune and Mirror

Woodworker: John CameronCameron found CR to be “an island of idealism, a place where the pursuit of the best was valued above all and in all.” But he also remembers Krenov saying...

"Yew and Me" Display Cabinets

Woodworker: Timothy ColemanFrom reading Krenov’s books and working with former student William Walker, Coleman was already well-versed in the CR way when he came to the school. There are many...

Red-Oak Lamp

Woodworker: David FinckFinck also watched closely as Krenov pursued his own work. “Jim’s ability to convey the emotional content of his approach to the craft to a group of students was...

Cherry and Bamboo Chair

Woodworker: Ross DayLike others, Day says Krenov opened his mind with his emphasis on technical excellence as well as “leaving your fingerprints” on your work. This chair (cherry with bamboo...

Mahogany, Oak, and Ebony Storage Bench

Woodworker: J-P VilkmanThis mahogany, oak, and ebony storage bench wears its Krenov influence in the flared legs, frame-and-panel construction, fine details, and carefully selected grain patterns. It...

Edward Barnsley-Inspired Desk

Woodworker: Mark EdmundsonAs a two-year student at the College of the Redwoods, Edmundson learned a lot from his fellow classmates and instructors, but the opportunity to watch Krenov work at his own...

Teak and Afzelia Chest

Woodworker: Greg SmithSmith has been an instructor at CR since 2002. At the same time, he continues to do commission work as well as his own designs, which can be seen frequently in galleries across...

Ebony Desk

Woodworker: Brian NewellNewell remembers admiring Krenov and at the same time being incapable of following direction. “Luckily,” Newell says, “he blessed my independence and encouraged my...

White Oak Table Set

Woodworker: William Walker“To read Jim’s books is a treat, but to work alongside him was very special,” Walker says. “He had great instincts in combination with plenty of energy.” Although...

Marquetry Sideboard

Woodworker: Julie GodfreyGodfrey, a woodworker and marquetry teacher, spent two years under Krenov’s guidance. In between, she studied marquetry with Silas Kopf. The second year at CR was her...

Tall Display Cabinet

Woodworker: Seth JanofskyThis tall display cabinet blends exacting craftsmanship, a Japanese-influenced aesthetic, and an understated yet striking choice of woods (cherry, oak, and pine). Those are...

Butterfly Vanity

Woodworker: Adrian FerrazzuttiAfter working in the student bench room for nearly 18 years, Krenov decided to move into a small back room at the school. Offering his bench to Ferrazzutti, he said...

Ryan Cabinet

Woodworker: Michael HurwitzHurwitz was commissioned to build a piece of furniture to display a collection of family photographs, he designed this cabinet, made of pau amarillo with kumikostyle...

Balboa Park Bench

Woodworker: Thomas Nordstrom This bench (28 in. deep by 84 in. wide by 50 in. tall) is part of a series of pieces incorporating architectural elements. It depicts different parts of Balboa Park, home...

Contemporary Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Del Cover Nordstrom combined a wenge top and base with a Gonçalo alves carcase in this contemporary chest of drawers (12 in. deep by 21 in. wide by 38 in. tall). While the design is...

Maple, Ebony, Bloodwood, and Cherry Segmented Vessel

Woodworker: Ken Cowell This segmented vessel is the largest piece Cowell has done. The 14-in.-dia. piece stands 17 in. tall, but more impressive than its size is the amount of pieces it took to make...

Crazy Horse Carving

Woodworker: Bill Churchill Churchill's inspiration for this carving came from an article about Crazy Horse, who had a vision of himself riding a fast horse and wearing a red-tailed hawk feather...

Burnt Orange Sideboard with Scoops

Woodworker: Kipley Meyer Meyer created the scooped-out pattern of this sideboard (16 in. deep by 48 in. wide by 38 in. tall) with a cove bit and a handheld router. The birch carcase is finished with...

Cherry Slant Top Writing Desk

Woodworker: Martin Milkovitz This cherry writing desk, 22 in. deep (when closed) by 43 in. wide by 46 in. tall, has 11 interior drawers and two exterior ones. It also has six secret compartments and...

Massachusetts Shelf Clock Reproductions

Woodworker: Fred TaylorTaylor made these mahogany reproductions of a Massachusetts shelf clock for three avid clock collectors: his mother, his brother, and himself. While keeping with the time...

Architecture-Inspired End Table

Woodworker: George GainesThe rich architecture of Chicago, especially the pointed gothic archways, served as Gaines’s design inspiration for this end table, 14-3/4 in. deep by 14-3/4 in. wide by...

Greene-and-Greene-inspired Built-in

Woodworker: Neil KnechtThis Greene-and-Greene-inspired piece may look like a freestanding cabinet, but it’s actually a built-in. Knecht needed the depth to store stereo components, so he recessed...

Mahogany and Holly Sideboard

Woodworker: James William Schuyler IIIWhen Schuyler made this mahogany and holly sideboard as a wedding gift, he sized it so that most types of liquor bottle would fit inside. He used floating tenons...

Vidar Malmsten Style Chairs

Woodworker: Clark KelloggThese white oak and Danish cord chairs (18 in. deep by 21 in. wide by 33 in. tall) are reproductions of Swedish furniture maker Vidar Malmsten’s design. Accustomed to...

Queen Anne Pennsylvania Secretary

Woodworker: Eddie Austin Austin built this Queen Anne Pennsylvania secretary as his senior project at the University of Rio Grande, in Ohio. The walnut and walnut burl veneer piece is 21 in. deep by...

Milk-Paint Rocker

Woodworker: Brian Boggs Remembering Sam Maloof: Sam connected so well with virtually everybody he encountered because he loved people and loved life. And that bubbled up in whatever he did, whether...

Rocking Chaise

Woodworker: Michael HurwitzThe first Sam Maloof piece I ever saw was in a show I went to in high school. Wendell Castle also had work in that show, and there was a period after that when I was...

Anderson Ranch Rocker

Woodworker: Robert EricksonSam Maloof developed a chairmaking style based on hand shaping, an approach that the big furniture companies couldn’t follow, and that created a niche for me and for many...

Maloof-Influenced Rocker

Woodworker: Thomas HuckerI first met Sam when he was teaching a two-week class at Penland [in North Carolina] in the summer of ’73. I was 17 and just beginning as a woodworker. Afterward I wrote...

Craftsman-Style Media Cabinet

Woodworker: Andrew DrakeDrake built this media cabinet (23 in. deep by 62 in. wide by 29 in. tall) to fit his classic Craftsman house. He calls it his “first real woodworking project.” The...

Rustic Twisted Rocker

Woodworker: John Steele DavisDavis started out building traditional furniture and Windsor chairs, but then began making his twist on the traditional using the gnarled wood of the Mississippi...

Meander Dining Table and Chairs

Woodworker: Jim ProbstThis walnut and butternut dining set is part of a series Probst calls his Meander collection, named for the S-curve that winds its way through each piece. Here it is seen in...

Mission-Style Cherry Desk

Woodworker: Michael J. HoltonAlthough Mission-style furniture is typically made from white oak, Holton convinced his client to use cherry on this desk to coordinate with her cherry kitchen. He also...

Natural-Edge Entry Shelf

Woodworker: Mitch RobersonRoberson immediately recognized the beauty and potential of this wormy, cracked piece of cherry, found in his grandfather’s barn, and decided to leave it in as natural a...

Cherry Tall Clock

Woodworker: Alfred C. Etzel Jr.Etzel modeled this cherry tall clock after one he saw when visiting the Roosevelt estate in Hyde Park, N.Y. After a long search, he found plans in the library of the...

Rustic Modern Credenza

Woodworker: Scott McGlassonMcGlasson designed this media cabinet (21 in. deep by 78 in. wide by 22 in. tall) to blend the clean lines of modern furniture with rustic details. He used locally grown...

Table Lamp

Woodworker: Douglas LacherIt took nearly 80 hours for Lacher to complete the shade of this table lamp (17-1/2 in. dia. by 22 in. tall) and about 30 hours to build the walnut base. The walnut frame...

Bubinga Folding Screen

Woodworker: V. PeriThe panels of this solid bubinga folding screen are curved horizontally so it is self-standing when fully open. There also is a slight curve from top to bottom. Peri built the...

Walnut Wall Cabinet

Woodworker: Karel AeltermanThis walnut wall cabinet (8 in. deep by 14 in. wide by 32 in. tall) has a concave front with overlapping doors. The doors are tapered and coopered, and Aelterman carried...

Georgian-Style Dressing Table

Woodworker: John IglehartIglehart built this dressing table (26 in. deep by 48 in. wide by 30 in. tall) for a client living in a Georgian-style former rectory. The finished piece had to match the...

Period-Inspired Sideboard

Woodworker: Charlie James Inspired by sideboards from the Winterthur Museum and Country Estate in Delaware and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, James spent more than four years (with some time off...

Shaker Style Child's Desk

Woodworker: Kelly J. DuntonDunton, an associate art director at Fine Woodworking and an avid woodworker, was influenced by the Shaker aesthetic for the design of this child's desk, 19-3/4 in. deep by...

Walnut Music Stand

Woodworker: Cecilia SchillerA professional carver, Schiller designed and built this walnut music stand for her daughter (a flute player who is studying music therapy) as a high school graduation...

Mahogany and Madrone Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Steve OrtonOrton made this chest of drawers (18 in. deep by 24 in. wide by 66 in. tall) for his sister-in-law. At first she wanted a traditional Shaker-style chest, but then they decided...

Urchin Table

Woodworker: Robert BrouInspired by nature, Brou creates functional furniture that is also very sculptural in form. He refers to this coffee table (36 in. deep by 47 in. wide by 18 in. tall) as the...

Wenge, Sapele, and Maple Desk

Woodworker: David RingheimRingheim's goal was to create an eye-catching desk that didn't overwhelm and was comfortable to use. He met the criteria with subtly contrasting woods, curved stretchers...

18th Century Federal Card Table

Woodworker: Ed StuckeyStuckey, a member of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers, built this Federal-style card table with inspiration from an article by Walter Raynes and Carl Clinton in...

Art Deco Display Cabinet

Woodworker: Mark BellonbyIt's no surprise that Bellonby, an architect by trade, infused this display cabinet (16 in. deep by 31 in. wide by 84 in. tall) with architectural elements, seen in the...

The Life and Furniture of Sam Maloof

The Life and Furniture of Sam Maloof

Olive Museum Cabinet

Woodworker: Roy Superior Whenever possible, Superior likes to incorporate humor into his work. The Olive Museum, a wall-hung cabinet (9-1/2 in. deep by 23 in. wide by 33 in. tall), is a parody of...

Camel-Back Steamer Trunks

Woodworker: Chuck Zeller Inspired by old camel-back steamer trunks, Zeller decided to learn steam-bending and re-create the luggage as furniture. This white-oak chest is 20 in deep by 36 in. wide by...

Cherry Corner Cabinet

Woodworker: Ted Saxerud Saxerud made a deal with his wife: If he could buy a tablesaw he'd build her a dining table. Once he built the table and she knew what beautiful things he was capable of...

Salvage Bowl

Woodworker: Rick Cannon Cannon made this bowl in less than four hours from some rough boards rescued from a landfill. The darker wood is walnut, but the lighter wood is a mystery. His inspiration for...

Tambour Table

Woodworker: Todd PlummerThis coffee table features a canvas-backed tambour that slides around the circumference of the piece. Sliding the tambour reveals compartments at the ends of the table and a...

White Oak, Maple, and Basswood Settee

Woodworker: Greg Pennington When building this white oak, maple, and basswood settee, Pennington shaped all 45 spindles by hand with a drawknife and spokeshave. The undercarriage was turned on the...

Ash Bar Stool

Woodworker: Frank DeJong DeJong spent nearly 150 hours making this ash bar stool (21-3/4 in. deep by 17 in. wide by 38 in. tall). It was a lesson in sketching, refining a design, and angled joinery...

Granadillo, Hemlock, and Snakewood Wall Clock

Woodworker: Russell F. Gale, Jr.When building this wall clock, Gale incorporated the techniques of veneering, bent-lamination, and steam-bending learned during his second semester at the College of...

Greene and Greene Sideboard

Woodworker: John Olenik Heavily influenced by the furniture of Greene and Greene, Olenik designed and built this sideboard (24 in. deep by 60 in. wide by 39 in. tall) as a gift for his daughter. The...

Krenov-Inspired Sideboard

Woodworker: Sam Norris Norris blended the influence of James Krenov with his own sense of scale to create this sideboard. The Swiss pear, big-leaf maple, and Deodar cedar sideboard is 14 in. deep by...

Cylinder-Top Desk

Woodworker: Dave Benetello Benetello based this cylinder-top desk (21 in. deep by 34 in. wide by 47 in. tall) on one in Thomas Sheraton's The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing Book. The...

Bamboo Bench

Woodworker: Phillip Sell Sell drew on his interest in Charles Rennie Mackintosh's gridwork and the illusions of M. C. Escher's drawings for the design of this bamboo bench, 18-3/4 in. deep by 6034...

Linda Table

Woodworker: Danny Kamerath Kamerath designed this table (10-½ in. deep by 13 in. wide by 35 in. tall) around a small piece of figured satinwood that he used for the top, and two small boards of...

Occidental Armoire

Woodworker: Matthew Danser While touring in Japan with his now-defunct band, Danser found inspiration for this cherry armoire (23 in. deep by 33 in. wide by 61 in. tall) in the traditional...

Walnut Writing Desk

Woodworker: Frank Strazza Influenced by Federal-style furniture, Strazza designed this solid figured walnut writing desk for the Texas Furniture Makers Show. The secondary woods are maple, holly, and...

Marquetry Bedside Tables

Woodworker: Chantal Bonnant Bonnant relied on the rule of thirds to come up with the dimensions and patterns of these mirror-image, mostly maple bedside tables. She resawed all the maple carcase...

Lebus-Inspired Sideboard

Woodworker: Nancy R. Hiller Hiller decided to reproduce this sideboard because she was attracted to its unusual proportions and the combination of metal and glass with wood. The original was made by...

Mahogany Desk

Woodworker: Tony O'MalleyIn order to accentuate the sculpted trapezoid shape on the drawer fronts of this mahogany desk, O'Malley tapered the outside edges of the frames around them. The drawer...

Wall Cabinet with Interlocking Coopered Doors

Woodworker: Jeff O'BrienO'Brien built this cabinet while a student in the Mastery Program at the Northwest Woodworking Studio in Portland, Ore. He designed the interlocking, coopered doors so they...

Free-Form Lectern

Woodworker: Mitch MandelMandel's wife, a sixth-grade teacher, needed a lectern for her classroom, so he challenged himself to design and construct one that was simple, elegant, nontraditional, and...

Hawk's Foot

Woodworker: Jere WilliamsYears ago, a student of Williams did a mixed-media piece based on a hawk's foot she found nailed to the wall of her grandfather's barn. Recalling that piece recently...

Mahogany Tilt-Top Tea Table

Woodworker: David S. BeachBeach decided to reproduce this mahogany tilt-top tea table after a field trip to the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts in Winston-Salem, N.C., with the Society of...

Ash and Mahogany Trestle Table

Woodworker: Jeremy N. GibbsGibbs put a twist on this ash and mahogany trestle table, turning the end posts 45º so the through-mortise goes from point to point and a notched wedge incorporates the...

Maple Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Robbi StaplesStaples stumbled upon this drawer configuration and its flowing knob alignment while experimenting with a basic drafting program. The bird's-eye maple and ebony sideboard...

Abraham Edwards Replication Clocks

Woodworker: Jeffrey M. DrazenDrazen spent 400 hours spread out over three years making these clocks for his two sons. Modeled after an original made in the mid-1700s by Abraham Edwards of Ashby...

Cedar Tree Dragon

Woodworker: Stanley RillWhen this atlas cedar tree began to drop limbs regularly and was due to be taken down, the homeowner hired Rill, a self-taught wood carver, to create the dragon (4 ft. dia. by...

Cocobolo-Veneered Box

Woodworker: David LewisLewis began making this box (10 in. deep by 14 in. wide by 6 in. tall) for his daughter's 18th birthday. He used shop-sawn cocobolo veneer over solid cherry sides. The top and...

Light and Graceful Comb-Back Windsor Chair

Woodworker: Bill PerryPerry set out to make a comb-back Windsor chair that was as light and graceful as possible while still maintaining its strength. The chair has a poplar seat, maple legs and...

Shaker Cupboard

Woodworker: Rodney DiazInspiration for this Shaker cupboard (7-7/8 in. deep by 12-3/8 in. wide by 24-3/4 in. tall) came from an original Diaz saw in an exhibit, "Out of This World: Shaker Design...

Maple Vases

Woodworker: Winfield CransCrans turned this pair of vases (9 in. dia. by 11 in. tall) from his own maple tree, which had blown down during a storm. He could tell from the color in the cut ends that...

South African-Inspired Dining Chair

Woodworker: Ron MascitelliInspired by a trip to South Africa, Mascitelli designed this dining chair (17 in. deep by 18-1/2 in. wide by 40 in. tall) with the graceful lines of an impala in mind. The...

Mahogany Sideboard

Woodworker: Raymond FinanFinan combined solid mahogany with fiddleback and quarter-sawn mahogany veneer in this sideboard (17 in. deep by 49 in. wide by 35 in. tall). He also employed a combination...

"Breathing" Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: J. Peter SchlebeckerSchlebecker's inspiration for this basswood and mahogany chest of drawers (20 in. deep by 17 in. wide by 50 in. tall) came from his early vocal training and the...

Colorful Corner Cabinet

Woodworker: Tom Cowan Cowan collaborated with artist Kelly Torreano to create this corner cabinet, blending his woodworking skill with her passion for gardening and painting. Although he has been...

Mini Tool Chest

Woodworker: William Robertson Built at 1/12th scale, this miniature toolbox and its contents, as seen on the back cover of Fine Woodworking #202, are an adaptation of the Hewlett chest, a...

Cherry Tool Chest

Woodworker: Tom MonahanMonahan used quarter- and riftsawn cherry for his tool chest. A frame-and-panel front slides up and out, then into the carcase to reveal the drawers. Monahan appreciated the...

Curved-Front Tool Cabinet

Woodworker: Mason McBrienAlthough students are required to stick to a standardized design for this curved-front cabinet, they do get to choose the wood and the finish, and vary the interior slightly...

Shopmade Lathe

Woodworker: Joseph LombardoLombardo used a flea-market find (a lathe with a good motor) as the guts for this lathe. Investing about $200 and 75 hours of elbow grease, he cleaned up the rusty steel...

Etched Ripsaw

Woodworker: Andrew LunnLunn's goal as a toolmaker is exceptional function, but personality and visual appeal matter, too. This 26-in. ripsaw, with 5½ tpi, carries Lunn's original etching design from...

Mini Turning Tools

Woodworker: Doug GordonTo make most of these mini turning tools (ranging in length from 6 in. to 8¾ in.), Gordon brazed high-speed steel onto the ends of Allen keys. The skew chisel (center left...

Bloodwood Shoulder Plane

Woodworker: Tim PerkesAs a beginning woodworker, Perkes has a dual motivation for making his own tools: He can get new tools with a limited budget, and he can hone his woodworking skills at the same...

Shopmade Bandsaw

Woodworker: Nick BoyntonThis shopmade bandsaw has seen Boynton through hundreds of woodworking projects. The plywood-and-maple framework and table are torsion-box construction. Boynton says he took...

Shopmade Spokeshaves

Woodworker: James MursellWhen Mursell began teaching Windsor chair-making, he gave his students traditionally shaped spokeshaves with handles. But they tended to hold the handles with their fists and...

Elm-Handled Hand Tool

Woodworker: Joe FisherBy taking a countersink made for a power drill and adding an elm handle, Fisher created a hand tool. After drilling the hole for the countersink, he turned the tenon for the...

Nook-and-Cranny Plane

Nook-and-Cranny Plane

Rosewood, Brass, and Steel Shoulder Plane

Woodworker: Keith TurnerAfter Turner used his first infill planes while taking a course in England with David Charlesworth, there was no turning back. Upon returning home, he studied their...

Portable Book Rack

Woodworker: Gregory PaoliniGregory Paolini modeled his book rack after the #74 Gustav Stickley book rack -- with its short design, V-shaped shelves, and D-shaped handholds. Paolini modified the...

Prairie Settle

Woodworker: Kevin Rodel Kevin Rodel's prairie settle is a perfect example of the low horizontal lines that characterize Prairie-style furniture. The broad low back is well suited for informal...

Sleigh Bed

Woodworker: Charles ShackletonWith its X-shaped back slats and hand-carved curls on the legs, this bed belongs to a family of furniture that Charles Shackleton designed as an homage to the forkback...

Modern Chair

Woodworker: Adrian Ferrazzutti At first glance, Adrian Ferrazzutti’s wenge-and-bloodwood chair is sleek, elegant, and simple in design. Yet the chair’s construction was anything but effortless. A...

Quick and Sturdy Bookcase

Woodworker: Martin J. Milkovits Milkovits designed this butternut-and-maple bookcase to be strong enough to hold a heavy load of books but small enough to fit in any room. The tapered sliding...

Hand-Cut, Dovetail Coffee Table

Woodworker: Kevin Kauffunger When designing his coffee table, Kevin Kauffunger was guided more by what he wanted to learn than by what he already knew. At 30, with experience in carpentry...

Arts and Crafts Wall Shelf

Woodworker: Nancy R. Hiller Nancy Hiller incorporated a number of details and techniques into this simple wall cabinet that make it special: mitered joints for the columns, decorative inlay, and a...

Elegant Veneered Boxes

Woodworker: Seth Janofsky Seth Janofsky's veneered box is relatively simple in design, but the figured maple parquet veneer makes it especially striking. Janofsky originally made these boxes like...

Golden Scallop Table

Woodworker: R. Thomas Tedrowe, Jr.During Tedrowe's 30+ years as a professional furniture maker, his work has become known for incorporating woods of contrasting colors and the use of geometrical...

An Elegant and Comfortable Curved-Back Chair

Woodworker: Todd GravesIn designing this chair, Graves used bent laminations joined at compound angles in order to form a back that is comfortable, yet elegant. The contrast of woods...

Cuatro Amigos Table

Woodworker: Aaron C. FedarkoFedarko designed the "Cuatro Amigos" table as a dining/card table for two to four people. The table-top lipping frame consists of 387 rectangular pieces of handcut...

Keepsake Box

Woodworker: Doug Stowe Stowe has written a whole book on different ways to make boxes, but this style is one of his favorites. It includes a floating-panel top, miter joints reinforced by splines...

Queen Anne Lowboy in Mahogany

Woodworker: Philip C. Lowe Lowe crafted this mahogany lowboy for an article in Fine Woodworking (FWW #200). It's not an exact reproduction, but it captures the spirit of the early pieces. It combines...

Maple Demilune Table

Woodworker: Chad Hill Hill has been a woodworker for only two years. A fine arts major in college, he began a woodworking apprenticeship with cabinetmakers Mike Stockenberg and Mike Reiff and has...

Floating-Top Hall Table

Woodworker: Mike Harris Harris took the opportunity to make this hall table, a design he’d wanted to tackle for some time. Because he had never done inlay before, he said that was the most...

Bent Maple Chair

Woodworker: Robert Galusha This chair was designed to be visually delicate yet have considerable strength. Galusha used a combination of steam-bending and laminating to achieve the fluid curves of...

Asian Inspired Side Table

Woodworker: Sarha Holt When designing this side table for a client’s lounge, Holt tied together a number of elements. The newly updated room contained antiques, reflected in the slipper feet, and...

Segmented Vessels

Woodworker: Martha Collins Living and working on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, Collins is surrounded by the beauty of nature, and it shows in her work. Before turning to the lathe...

Hope Chest with Willow Inlay Motif

Woodworker: V. Peri Peri was commissioned to make a hope chest to hold keepsakes for a client’s four children. On each of the interior compartments he inlaid the first initial of each child, using...

Arts and Crafts Wine Cabinet

Woodworker: Steve Younglove This wine cabinet is the result of Younglove’s fondness for Arts and Crafts furniture and his need for a place to store the wines he and his wife buy on their trips to...

Boulle Marquetry Cabinet

Woodworker: John Kettman For this sideboard Kettman used the Boulle technique of cutting marquetry, which creates two sets of veneers at once, a positive and a negative. The result is two pieces of...

"Hollow Form"

Woodworker: Jim Berger Inspired by the work of fellow turners Stephen Hatcher and Dennis Liggett, Berger made this maple burl hollow form, 8 in. dia. by 7-3/4 in. tall.  After sketching the design...

Ruhlmann Inspired Chess Table

Woodworker: Craig Thibodeau Thibodeau, who won Best of Show last year, gained inspiration for this Macassar ebony and holly chess table from Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann’s Art Deco furniture. The playing...

Rosewood and Sitka Spruce Guitar

Woodworker: Nathan R. Anderson For this dreadnought guitar, Anderson’s fourth, he decided to stay with a very traditional design and focus on the quality of the woodworking and the sound of the...

Walnut Rocker/Cradle

Woodworker: Scott Morrison Influenced by Windsor rockers of the 1700s and the work of Sam Maloof, Morrison built this walnut rocker/cradle as a design and construction challenge. Because the base and...

Double Oxbow Salem Secretary

Woodworker: J. Albert Hudson Hudson was so inspired by the double oxbow Salem secretary in Home Furniture #7 that he vowed to reproduce it. Twelve years later, at the age of 88, he did just that...

Butternut Low Table

Woodworker: Fred Hathaway Fred Hathaway salvaged the butternut used for this low table from a dying tree. After hearing of his neighbor's plans to use a felled tree for firewood, Hathaway quickly...

Redwood Bowl

Woodworker: Andrew and Nick Flocchini The redwood used in this turned bowl was taken from an early 20th century fence post on Andrew and Nick Flocchini's farm. They used wedge pieces to shape the...

Cherry Dictionary Stand

Woodworker: James A. Harper, Jr. James A. Harper Jr. was inspired to build this stand as a very late wedding gift, after a friend received a two-volume dictionary as a first anniversary gift from...

White Ash Bench

Woodworker: Jim Hoyne A former physician, Jim Hoyne decided to pursue a second career as a furniture maker and enrolled in Gary Rogowski's distance mastery program. He built this bench during his...

White Oak Blanket Chest

Woodworker: Jim Hoyne Jim Hoyne crafted this blanket chest to commemorate his daughter's college graduation. To create the piece, he used quartersawn white oak and incorporated maple inlay. Hoyne...

Dining Room Console

Woodworker: Bryan Smyda Bryan Smyda built this piece on commission for a client who wanted him to "let his imagination flow" and build a unique piece for her dining room. He designed a dining table...

Honey Locust Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Todd DeRosa This marquetry box was software consultant Todd DeRosa's first major woodworking project. He started out making a simple Christmas present for his 8-year-old daughter, but...

Hepplewhite Card Table

Woodworker: Peter Nicholson Peter Nicholson got the inspiration and plans for this card table from Traditional Furniture Projects (The Taunton Press, 1991). He made the table as a present for his...

Cherry Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: George Stephens George Stephens says this simple chest of drawers elicits more compliments than any other piece he's made. He saw the original 1740 Charleston half chest at the Museum of...

Nine-Drawer Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Gregg Roth Gregg Roth and his father harvested the lumber he used for this cherry and red oak jewelry box project from land that they own. He milled and dried it and built the case as a...

Newport-Style Corner Chair

Woodworker: Roland Benjamin After 65 years as an amateur woodworker, Roland Benjamin couldn't resist the challenge of building a "sculpture in wood," this corner chair after one designed by John...

Block-Front Chest

Woodworker: Roland Benjamin Patterned after the block-front style of chest developed in Newport, R.I., this version was inspired by a photo in Nutting's Furniture Treasury. The original was made in...

Oak and Walnut Modern Chair

Woodworker: Dean McWilliams Inspired by the lines of a molded plastic chair, Dean McWilliams designed this one with steam-bent laminations for the legs, arms, and back. The white oak was steam bent...

Shaker Style Bathroom Vanity

Woodworker: Rock Boehm This bathroom vanity was commissioned by clients who prefer the Shaker style. Rick Boehm designed and constructed the pine cabinet, which took about 160 hours. The carvings...

Mahogany Cradle

Woodworker: Kevin W. Drummond Inspired by his grandfather, Chester Smith Sr., Kevin Drummond built this cradle for his daughter, Amelia, who was born in 2004. The stand was his very first turning...

"Charlotte" Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Nancy Brady Nancy Brady was pregnant when she made this appropriately shaped chest of drawers for her final project at École National du Meuble (school of furniture design) in Montral...

Slat-and-Rivet Dining Table

Woodworker: Petter Southall With its arched base made entirely of thin oak slats clinched by copper rivets, Petter Southall’s dining table interweaves fine cabinetmaking, traditional boatbuilding...

Alder Kitchen Cabinet

Woodworker: Josh Finn While his blanket chest lends a traditional face to alder, Josh Finn also uses the hardwood in more contemporary applications such as this kitchen cabinet. He was able to...

Alder Blanket Chest

Woodworker: Josh Finn Josh Finn's traditional blanket chest captures the conservative characteristics of alder, a wood known for its warm color and subtle grain. The finish is a three-part oil...

Claro Walnut Bench

Woodworker: Don Gray Don Gray crafted this shoe-changing bench from solid claro walnut. The swirly grain was challenging, but he managed to rough out the curved parts with handplanes, refining the...

Claro Walnut Secretary

Woodworker: Ted Blachly Ted Blachly designed this unadorned secretary to showcase the unique figure and color of claro walnut. Because of the wood's rich grain, he chose and placed the...

Madrone Buffet

Woodworker: Judith Ames The inspiration for this buffet came from the wood. Judith Ames wanted to highlight the even pink color and figure of the madrone. She combated any possible instability by...

Madrone Chair

Woodworker: Anders Whealdon A collaboration between designer Ejler Hjorth-Westh and woodworker Anders Whealdon resulted in this handsome chair. Whealdon searched for a wood that would complement...

Myrtle Table

Woodworker: Aaron Levine Aaron Levine used very plain bay laurel, also called myrtle, for the legs and stretchers of this table. However, he used a very colorful, highly figured piece for the top...

Tabletop Apothecary

Tabletop Apothecary

Tanoak Chair

Woodworker: Dan Stalzer Dan Stalzer, a woodworker who teaches chairmaking in Fort Bragg, Calif., prefers to work primarily with tanoak because of its strength, durability, and light color. He...

Tanoak Tansu

Woodworker: Kerry Marshall To craft this small chest, Kerry Marshall selected tanoak, a fine-grained wood noted for its exceptional hardness and brittleness. His perseverance produced a tansu...

Low Console Entertainment Table

Woodworker: Steve Casey Steve Casey built this console for a self-contained home-theater system and made sure to include plenty of media-friendly features. Tall drawers offer ample storage for...

Cricket Table

Woodworker: Chris Gochnour Inspired by cricket tables common in England during the 18th century, Chris Gochnour added an extra measure of charm and utility to this side table by adding drop leaves...

Lighted Lacewood Cabinet

Woodworker: Mark Cwik Mark Cwik added a unique touch to his lacewood cabinet by incorporating plastic-resin panels in the doors. The panels' pattern was created using natural materials, such as...

Maple and Wenge Bench

Woodworker: Stewart Wurtz Wurtz built this bench for the entryway of a contemporary house. To give the bench a modern feel, Wurtz kept a simple form and used contrasting woods, big-leaf figured maple...

Continuous-Arm Chair

Woodworker: Thomas Moser Inspired by his love of Shaker furniture, Thomas Moser started his one-man shop in 1971. Today, Thomas Moser Cabinetmakers has nearly 100 skilled woodworkers. The...

Carved Cradle

Woodworker: Jim Schmidt This mahogany cradle was a gift for Schmidt’s first grandchild. Drawing from his experience as a packaging designer, Schmidt used a Cut-All tool to do the scrollwork. The...

Ministein Piano,

Woodworker: Phillip Robert Cadman Cadman’s passion is making 1/12-scale exact furniture replicas, and he never makes the same piece twice. The keys and foot pedals of his grand piano...

Bow-Sided Buffet

Woodworker: Brian Bortz This bow-sided buffet was inspired by the Art Deco era. Bortz used pommele eucalyptus, Macassar ebony, and cherry to create the contrast in color and grain. The finish is...

Pommele Sapele Demilune Table

Woodworker: Michael Torison Torison made this demilune table while attending the two-year program at North Bennet Street School in Boston. He said the most difficult parts of the construction were...

Cherry Sideboard

Woodworker: Timothy Clark Clark built this cherry sideboard to match an existing dining room set. To accommodate a small dining room, he squeezed the depth to 18 in. rather than the standard 22 in...

Tit for Tat Tables

Woodworker: Kimberly Winkle These tables (16 in. dia. by 22 in. tall), called “Tit for Tat,” are made of poplar, and mahogany offcuts from a guitar manufacturer. Winkle used spindle-turning and...

Contemporary Sideboard

Woodworker: Michael Bell Bell makes warm, solid-wood contemporary furniture using traditional construction methods. He collaborated with Susan Zelouf on the design of this sideboard, part of a large...

Madrone Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Desmond Nault For his first project at the College of the Redwoods, Nault made this madrone jewelry box on a jatoba stand. The two biggest challenges, he said, were cutting the...

Walnut and Zebrawood Chair

Woodworker: Peter G. Thompson Drawing from his experience working for the Federal Atlantic Salmon Restoration program, Thompson recalled the lines of a fish’s tail fin to create the line of the...

Contemporary Writing Desk

Woodworker: Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford Hendel-Blackford was commissioned to build a contemporary writing desk to fit in a traditional setting. The client, a priest in Scotland, wanted a place to sit and...

Smoot Table

Woodworker: John P. McCormack McCormack designed this piece around a granite drilling core from the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge in Boston. McCormack used 60 sheets of 80-grit sandpaper to polish the...

Pencil Chair

Woodworker: John P. McCormack McCormack built this chair as his thesis project at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). The design highlights two sides of his training: traditional furniture...

"Public" Bench

Woodworker: John P. McCormack As a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, McCormack helped students at two Providence schools design and build this bench. Students worried the piece might get...

Pillow Bench

Woodworker: John P. McCormack Students at Lick-Wilmerding High School designed and built this bench with McCormack’s assistance using lumber salvaged from the school’s old campus. The top is...

Wave Chest

Woodworker: John P. McCormackMcCormack designed this chest to display a sea-form glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly. The chest’s rippled surfaces and milk-paint colors play on the ocean theme but...

Spectrum: The Necessaries Chest

Woodworker: Mark Whitley Whitley riffed off the concept of a Shaker apothecary cabinet to create this chest of drawers. Each drawer is hand dovetailed and Whitley dyed the inside of each a graduated...

Cogswell Bombé Chest Reproduction

Woodworker: John P. McCormack McCormack built this piece as a student at the North Bennet Street School. He based it on a John-Cogswell-attributed chest in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston collection...

Padauk and Ash Bench

Woodworker: Steve Barolow Barlow used this padauk and ash bench to move away from rectilinear furniture and explore soft curves. The seat and legs were rough-cut on the bandsaw, and then refined with...

English Marquetry 8-Day Clock

Woodworker: W. Patrick Edwards Remarkably, this long case clock, based on an original by Thomas Tompion (ca. 1675-1678), was built without a single power tool. Edwards used a combination of hand and...

Humidor/Game Box

Woodworker: Steve Noffsinger Noffsinger designed this humidor/game box so the lid of the cigar drawer stays in the main box as the drawer opens, allowing the cigars to be inserted and removed without...

Arts and Crafts Inspired Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: E. Stewart Crick Crick drew from various Arts and Crafts influences to design this chest of drawers, combining elements of Stickley, Greene and Greene, and Mackintosh. The quartersawn...

Small Bouzouki

Woodworker: Christ Kacoyannakis An amateur luthier, Kacoyannakis made this small version of a bouzouki (a traditional Greek instrument) for his 5-year-old daughter. The woods are cocobolo, curly...

Gratz Highboy Reproduction

Woodworker: Joel Ficke This highboy was Ficke’s first attempt at reproducing early American furniture, and he built it under the instruction of Gene Landon. The original, known as the Gratz...

16-Piece Turned Kitchen Set

Woodworker: Mike Mahoney Mahoney made this 16-piece poplar set to create something that could be passed down as a family heirloom but still function in an everyday kitchen. With nearly 15 years of...

Model Dories and Display Case

Woodworker: Frank Murphy Murphy’s father taught him to make models of Lightning-class sailboats and ’30s speedboats, but it was The Dory Model Book by Harold “Dynamite” Payson that inspired...

Hand-Carved Hall Table

Woodworker: Daniel Omondi Odhuno This mahogany and walnut hall table combines Odhuno’s love for carving with his desire to make practical furniture for everyday use. His carvings are heavily...

Blackwood Chair

Woodworker: Jason Waldron Design inspiration for this Australian blackwood chair came from early Australian colonial furniture and the work of Italian designer and architect Gio Ponti. Waldron...

Art Deco China Cabinet

Woodworker: Steve Holman Holman designed this china cabinet to match an existing Art Deco sideboard that was built between 1920 and 1940, he estimates. From the sideboard, he lifted the shapes of the...

Biedermeier-Style Cabinet

Woodworker: Joel Shepard Shepard built this Biedermeier-style cabinet for best-selling thriller novelist John Saul. The traditional cabinet doubles as a modern computer desk with eight hidden...

Ash and Bubinga Dining Table

Woodworker: Glen G. Guarino Guarino built this table under deadline. His client gave him six weeks to construct the piece in time for Thanksgiving dinner. The tear-drop shaped legs in ash were...

Marriage of Triangles Hall Table and Mirror

Woodworker: Glen G. Guarino Guarino designed this table/mirror set as one piece. He used a coopering technique for the table legs. The central round element at the top of the legs was created by...

Many Bent Leg End Table

Woodworker: Glen G. Guarino Guarino crafted this table from an ash tree that fell down near a school where he taught. He embellished it with strips of zebrawood. Photo: Richard Russo

Harmony End Table

Woodworker: Glen G. Guarino Guarino crafted this end table from shedua and curly maple. He built the legs using traditional coopering methods except for the center section, where he had to get...

Traditional Mirror Frame

Woodworker: Glen G. Guarino Guarino wrote an article for FineWoodworking.com that details how to make this mirror. The top molding in this mahogany frame gives the piece its traditional look. The...

Asian Interpretation Hall Table

Woodworker: Glen G. Guarino Asian designs inspired this hall table in shedua. Guarino used the joinery as the main ornamentation. He honed the parts predominantly by hand using handplanes and a...

Chess Table

Woodworker: Bert Wortel Turnings, carvings, and inlay adorn this small chess table. Wortel crafted the board with solid wood with squares of holly and Peruvian walnut. He turned and carved...

Copper Cabinet-on-Stand

Woodworker: Michael J. Boillot Boillot crafted this cabinet on stand as part of a free-form design class at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine. Since he works as a jeweler, the copper...

Japanese Garden Bench

Woodworker: Russell Jensen Jensen built the bench for an article in FWW #198 and incorporated elements from Gary Rogowski’s Asian-style bed from Home Furniture #8. Mortise and tenon joints and...

Eliel Saarinen-Style Chair

Woodworker: Vejdi Avsar Vejdi built this piece based on an Eliel Saarinen-designed chair in Home Furniture #6. The original gets its stripes from black paint, but Vejdi wanted to use inlay. Later, he...

Tambour-Door Sideboard

Woodworker: Chris Rand At 50, Rand decided to begin a new career as a custom-furniture maker and enrolled in the Furniture Design and Craftsmanship program at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University...

Apple-Blossom Cabinet

Woodworker: Tim Swanberg Swanberg made this claro walnut cabinet for an avid guitarist. The open shelves are designed to store sheet music. To break up the cubbyhole effect, Swanberg staggered the...

Dragonfly Wall Cabinet

Woodworker: Mark Paulin Paulin made this dragonfly wall cabinet over the course of four years. He used chisels to carve the dragonflies, and then layered three different colors of Humbrol paint on...

Custom Desk: Arts and Crafts Meets Bhutanese Architecture

Woodworker: Michael Lobby Arts and Crafts design and Bhutanese architecture fueled Lobby’s inspiration when he created this desk. He wanted the design to be uncomplicated yet highly functional as a...

A Study in Grain Direction

Woodworker: Mike Greenberg Greenberg used this box to explore grain direction and design. He resawed cherry and bird’s-eye maple boards to achieve a continuous grain wrap around the box and a...

Mahogany Bombé Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Frank Woolley Woolley estimates he invested more than 1,500 hours making this bombé chest of drawers. About 570 hours went into the actual construction and 180 hours into the finishing...

Split-Wood Door

Woodworker: Charlie Mott When introduced to split-wood products, Mott was taken by the striking texture of the lumber but disappointed by the tool marks left from prying the wood apart. He now splits...

Art Deco Inspired Cocktail Table

Woodworker: Jessica Beauchemin Setting out to make a contemporary piece of furniture inspired by a classic style, Beauchemin decided on a “cocktail table,” a typical piece of furniture from the...

"Black on Black Dragon" Vase

Woodworker: Ed Zbik Zbik calls this ebonized walnut vase “Black on Black Dragon.” The stylized dragon, known as Avanyu, is a common motif in North American Indian cultures, symbolizing rain or...

Step Tansu in Cherry and Maple

Woodworker: Matthew Stark Stark began woodworking at age 17, and 12 years later considers this Japanese step tansu to be a highlight of his career so far. Although he has built similar pieces while...

McIntire Reproduction Chair

Woodworker: Philip C. Lowe Over the years, Lowe has had the opportunity to restore a number of original works by renowned Federalist architect and carver Samuel McIntire—waxing, polishing, and...

Holmes-Edwards Library Bookcase

Woodworker: Jeff Williams Jeff Williams spent almost spent a year and a quarter building this Holmes-Edwards library bookcase, logging 2,400 hours. The massive piece is based on a bookcase built...

Bubinga and Curly Maple Desk with a Walnut Chair

Woodworker: Noah Reiten Because a large desk can overpower a room, Reiten designed this one to have a lighter feel. He raised the drawer bank and added negative space above it, giving the legs a more...

Rosewood, Pear, and Imbuya Cabinet-on-Stand

Woodworker: Jason Klager This rosewood, pear, and imbuya cabinet-on-stand has a slightly concave front and a convex back and sides, with curved glass and pear panels. The doweled cabinet opens on...

Macassar Ebony Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Mark Bratton Bratton built this jewelry box as a Christmas gift for his wife. He designed the box around a small piece of Macassar ebony (3 in. sq. by 14 in. long) that had been kicking...

Cherry Shaker Cupboard

Woodworker: Andrew Maisel This tall Shaker cupboard was inspired by a Shaker piece built in Massachusetts around 1840. Maisel made it entirely from solid wood, using cherry for the exterior and birch...

John Townsend Reproduction Lowboy

Woodworker: William N. Moore Moore created this lowboy from the John Townsend original in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Because he is a hobbyist woodworker, he says he has the...

Walnut Vessel

Woodworker: John Glendinning Glendinning made this walnut vessel from a tree destined for the firewood pile, milling the lumber himself on a chainsaw mill. He steam-bent the segments, and then...

Ruhlmann-Inspired Sideboard

Woodworker: Kent TownsendTownsend estimates it took 500 hours to make this Ruhlmann-inspired sideboard. He set out to make a difficult piece because he enjoys complicated work; it forces a high level...

Veneered Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Don GreenGreen designed this chest of drawers to have a modern look, but his construction methods were traditional. He hand-cut all the dovetails and used mortise-and-tenon and halflap...

Modern Hope Chest

Woodworker: Trish McCulloch McCulloch calls this piece a “modern hope chest” because it combines the traditional form with modern design, materials, and techniques. The interior walnut chest is a...

Ribbon Service Buffet

Woodworker: Paul Schürch With decades of marquetry under his belt, Schürch said that this buffet was a piece of cake, including creating the bow-front shape. The big challenge was working with the...

Harvey Ellis Bookcase

Woodworker: Kevin Rodel This bookcase is an early Rodel piece. He kept the design close to the original by Gustav Stickley that was designed by Harvey Ellis. The bookcase includes three adjustable...

Hill House Inspired Table

Woodworker: Kevin Rodel This small side table is an adaptation of a Charles Rennie Mackintosh design from the Hill House in Scotland. In general, Rodel says he’s attracted to the grids and cutouts...

Round Tabouret

Woodworker: Kevin Rodel This round table is the first Arts and Crafts piece that Rodel ever built. A Harvey Ellis tabouret inspired this design in cherry. The top features an inlay of maple, oak and...

Wedding Chest

Woodworker: John P. McCormack McCormack crafted this chest when his friends Cathie and Sam got married. In lieu of traditional wedding gifts, the couple asked that guests help fund twocommissions...

Mackintosh High-Back Chair Reproduction

Woodworker: Kevin Rodel This high-back chair is an exact copy of one designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1900 for the Ingram Street tearooms in Glasgow. The ebonized-cherry reproduction features...

Pennsylvania Spice Box with Line-and-Berry Inlay

Woodworker: Steve Latta Latta built this inlaid spice cabinet to commemorate his 10th wedding anniversary. Since Latta and his wife are Quakers living in Chester County, Pa. he picked a design that...

Chai Table

Woodworker: Kevin Rodel Rodel didn’t want to make yet another coffee table so this one is called a chai table after the Indian-style spice tea. The slat-topped table is his homage to John Scott...

Ikebana Table

Woodworker: Kevin Rodel Rodel crafted this glass-topped hall table from ebonized cherry, cypress, and glass. The Japan-inspired piece pushes the limits of what is considered Arts and Crafts, but the...

Crotch-Mahogany Queen Anne High Boy

Woodworker: Billy B. McLaughlinMcLaughlin's inspiration for this piece came from a plain-front Queen Anne highboy he saw in a client's house. He decided to reproduce the piece, modifying it with a...

Rodel Inspired Cherry Table

Woodworker: Phillip RechtThe client who commissioned this cherry table wanted a design that would be "more formal than a table and less formal than a desk." Toward that end, Recht borrowed design...

Marquetry Demilune Table

Woodworker: Jeff TinkerTinker's inspiration for this demilune table (13-1/4 in. deep by 36-1/2 in. wide by 29 in. tall) came from Steve Latta ("Federal Card Table," FWW #180). Tinker concentrated the...

Walnut and Ebonized Ash Dresser

Woodworker: R.J. SpomerThis dresser is from a bedroom set Spomer made on commission. The walnut for the carcase was salvaged from a nearby storm-damaged tree and the sweetgum drawer fronts also are...

Marquetry Chest on Stand

Woodworker: Chuck SharbaughSharbaugh is not afraid to turn to unorthodox sources for inspiration. He used shapes from a local steel structure near a harbor in this piece (20-1/2 in. deep by 46 in...

Silver Chest

Woodworker: Allen Arnold Arnold modeled this silver chest after an original he admired in Colonial Williamsburg. Made for his wife, the mahogany chest stands 15 in. deep by 21 in. wide by 42 in...

Wenge Table with Silver Inlay

Woodworker: Sergej Kirilov Kirilov designed this solid wenge table with a clever lock. In order to open the two double drawers, the decorated center pull has to be rotated to the correct position...

Segmented and Coopered Vessel

Woodworker: William Miller Miller’s vessel, influenced by ancient Grecian urns, is segmented and coopered. The basswood segments are beveled on the edges and separated by 1/8-in. walnut spacers...

Veneered Display Stand

Woodworker: Gokhan Doguer This veneered display stand has five-sided legs, and it tapers to the top, creating tricky angled joinery. Doguer says the most challenging part of the piece was the...

Ash Explosion Table

Woodworker: Seth Rolland This table is the result of Rolland’s experiments with steam-bending. He cut the wood partway and then steam-bent it open, holding the pieces apart with dowels. The white...

Mahogany Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: John Richards Richards constructed this large chest of drawers from mahogany using half-blind dovetails, sliding dovetails, and mortise-and-tenon joinery. The chest, finished with shellac...

Welsh Carved Love Spoons

Woodworker: David Western In keeping with a 17th-century Welsh custom, Western hand-carves these one-of-a-kind love spoons as gifts for memorable occasions when a “deep degree of caring and...

Woodworker's Attache

Woodworker: Tyler Chartier While enrolled in the School of Fine Woodworking at Red Rocks Community College in Colorado, Chartier needed to bring the requisite hand tools to class. Not wanting to lug...

Studley-Inspired Tool Chest

Woodworker: Steve EftimiadesThe obvious influence for this tool chest is the H.O. Studley tool chest (FWW #71), but Eftimiades credits Michael Dunbar for instilling in him an appreciation for hand...

Canarywood Smoothing Plane

Woodworker: Bob VergetteVergette made this canarywood smoothing plane (9 in. long) specifically to handplane the concave curves of a bed he was commissioned to build. He likes the idea of making the...

Turning Tools

Woodworker: Nick Bogen Bogen has been turning wood for five years, and has never purchased a turning tool. Instead, he forges his own steel using a triple tempering method developed for knives by Ed...

Violin-Maker's Planes

Woodworker: Christopher Martyn Martyn constructs these miniature planes for use in making violins. Most of the soles are slightly curved in both directions. The planes vary slightly in size, but are...

Katalox Low-Angle Block Plane

Woodworker: Joseph E. WhitmanThis low-angle block plane was Whitman’s first attempt at plane making. His inspiration came from Tools & Shops 2006 (FWW #181; “Build a Plane from a Kit”). In...

“Mocotaugan” Carving Knives

Woodworker: Jonathan Thornton Inspired by the tool-making traditions of northeastern Native Americans and the people of the South Pacific, Thornton makes these crooked knife tools, called...

Cocobolo, Ebony, and Ivory Squares

Woodworker: John Fischer These squares (5 in. and 6 in.) are made of cocobolo, ebony, ivory from old piano keys, brass, and steel. To ensure 90°, Fischer squeezed the blade and body in a...

Lonnie Bird Inspired Tool Chest

Woodworker: Gregg Novosad Novosad estimates it took 310 hours to complete this “furniture-style tool chest,” which was based on Lonnie Bird’s drop-lid secretary design. He finished the...

Tool Chest on Stand

Woodworker: Wayne Beaty Beaty says he couldn't decide on a design for his tool chest until he saw a picture of Bill Crozier's in Fine Woodworking #132. He added his name on the lid for future...

"Lochgelly Planes"

Woodworker: George Anderson Anderson made these hand planes from old English castings he came across a few years ago. He also used Brazilian rosewood and named them after the small Scottish town...

Bubinga, Mahogany and Glass Coffee Table

Woodworker: Wil Wolski Wolski, a student of Rosewood Studio's 9-month Craftsman Course, was inspired by modern era furniture and an exploration of curved planar elements mixed with traditional forms...

Black Walnut and Ash Hall Table

Woodworker: Wil Wolski Wolski, a student of Rosewood Studio's 9-month Craftsman Course, says "this piece was inspired by the natural arc created by a tree branch and the desire to capture it with...

Townsend-Style Pembroke Table

Woodworker: Chuck PhillipsAs a first-year student at The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts, Phillips was inspired by a visit to the John Townsend exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He...

Fretwork Cabinet

Woodworker: Joe Zaccarelli Zaccarelli, a Springfield High School student, spent 250 hours creating this 2-door cabinet. His parents helped by giving him a Hegner scrollsaw for theintricate...

Children's Play Table

Woodworker: Evan Bottomley Bottomley, a student at Springfield High, was inspired to create this whimsical table by his niece's and nephew's fascination with bugs. The Japanese beetles symbolize...

Baseball Chair

Woodworker: Justin Williams Although Williams plays football and wrestles at Springfield High School -- baseball will always be his passion. This chair contains 5 official Rawlings baseballs and a...

African Ribbon Mahogany Settee

Woodworker: Kevin Crowe Crowe, a Springfield High School student, spent 200 hours creating this settee that his mom taught to upholster. Crowe used African ribbon mahogany, walnut Minwax stain, and...

Mahogany German Kas

Woodworker: Shannon Kane Kane, of Springfield High School, challenged her skills by reproducing this mahogany and poplar armoire that she spotted in a Sotheby's catalog. She used a semi-gloss Deft...

Modern Bench with a Danish-Cord Seat

Woodworker: Mark Edmundson Edmundson designed this bench while studying in the College of the Redwoods fine furniture program. A chair by Swedish furniture designer Carl Malmsten inspired the shape...

Bubinga and Pear Entry Table

Woodworker: German F. Plessl The design for this bubinga and pear entry table came from Plessl’s desire to create a natural “tree-branch form” that also incorporates classical and modern...

Hemlock Veneered Whiskey Cabinet

Woodworker: Laël Ki Gordon Gordon, an Inside Passage School student, took advantage of the naturally prismatic quality of hemlock for this veneered whiskey cabinet. He created a subtle pattern...

Mahogany-and-Oak Portable Writing Desk

Woodworker: Ric Washburn Washburn, a student from The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, reproduced this mahogany-and-oak portable writing desk from a photograph in Lon Schleining’s book...

Mahogany and Lacewood Bed

Woodworker: Amanda Broemel Living in a home where nearly every piece of furniture was designed and built by her father, Broemel, formerly of Springfield, Pa., turned to him for design input. The...

Sheraton-Inspired Arm Chair

Woodworker: Daniel H. Phillips Phillips, a North Bennett Street School student, adapted a drawing from Thomas Sheraton’s The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer’s Drawing-Book for the design of this...

Modern Teak Sideboard

Woodworker: Ian Vincent Godfrey Godfrey, an Inside Passage School student, is drawn to the clean lines of Danish modern design and traditional construction techniques and hand tools. He created this...

Ash and African Ribbon Mahogany Car

Woodworker: Jeremy and Jason Lynch The Lynch brothers (Jason, front seat; Jeremy, back) spent the summer of 2006 looking for a challenging project for the school year. The Springfield High School...

Ocean Bench

Woodworker: Greg Klassen Inspired by the movement of the Pacific Ocean, Klassen, a College of the Redwoods student wanted this bench to convey the eternal motion of a wave. The madrone seat is...

Chair with a Danish-Cord Seat

Woodworker: Scott King This chair is King’s first attempt at chair making. The Inside Passage School student was inspired by two accomplished chair makers: EjlerHjorth-Westh for the frame and...

Cherry-and-Poplar Sideboard

Woodworker: Chris Bartels Bartels, of Springfield High School, reproduced this cherry-and-poplar sideboard for his mother, fine-tuning the design to her specifications. The finish is a 50/50 mix of...

Tiger Maple Federal-Style Game Table

Woodworker: Brianna Rhodes Rhodes, just 15 years old, has been woodworking in the Leipsic 4-H club since she was 7. Her father, a cabinetmaker by trade, has been a big influence. This tiger maple...

Louis Irion Reproduction Secretary

Woodworker: Chris Hedges This Philadelphia secretary swept the AWFS Fresh Wood student competition in July 2007, taking first place in the reproduction category, best in show, and the peoples...

Mahogany and Butternut Bowl

Woodworker: Steve Wachtel Wachtel, 17, turned this bowl as part of a class at Jefferson Township High School in New Jersey. The bowl, a lamination of mahogany and butternut, took him about 4 hours to...

Maple and Walnut Side Table

Woodworker: Shawn Wright Wright crafted this small maple and walnut table out of necessity. The 15-year-old’s bedroom was recently remodeled but it was missing a place where he could set down his...

Tansu-Inspired Cabinet on Stand

Woodworker: German F. Plessl The cabinet was Plessl's first project in the College of the Redwoods fine furniture program, in California. He made the school's trademark cabinet-on-stand, but gave it...

Laminated Grandfather Clock

Woodworker: Kevin A. Tuffo Tuffo made this 7-ft.-tall clock as a gift for his parents and to test techniques learned in the furniture-making program at Haywood Community College, in North...

Dancing Leg Hall Table

Woodworker: Jason Ramey Ramey, a student at the Herron School of Art and Design, in Indianapolis, eschewed the tradition of straight-leg design and tried to create movement with a top cantilevered...

Chair 1

Woodworker: Willes Dale Stauffer Stauffer’s sculptural chair won first place in the contemporary woodworking - furniture category at the 2007 Design in Wood competition organized by the San Diego...

Inlay Humidor

Woodworker: Richard M. Kerrell Kerrell's humidor won first place in the contemporary woodworking - accessories category at the 2007 Design in Wood competition organized by the San Diego Fine...

Brazilian Rose - Demilune Table

Woodworker: Russell Garcia-Lechelt Garcia-Lechelt's demilune table won first place in the Traditional Woodworking furniture category at the 2007 Design in Wood competition organized by the San Diego...

Playful Energy - Impala Sculpture

Woodworker: Bill Churchill Churchill's sculpture won first place in the animal wood carving category at the 2007 Design in Wood competition organized by the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association. A...

Tambour Coffee Table

Woodworker: Todd Plummer This innovative coffee table won an Excellence in Design award from Woodcraft Magazine at the 2007 Design in Wood exhibition organized by the San Diego Fine Woodworkers...

Steps in Time

Woodworker: Adrian Sandu Sandu’s piece won first place in the clock category at the 2007 Design in Wood exhibition organized by the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association. Sandu knew he wanted to...

Vessel 701

Woodworker: Ken Cowell Vessel 701 won first place in the laminated/segmented wood turning category at the 2007 Design in Wood exhibition organized by the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association...

Gardenia Sideboard

Woodworker: Craig Thibodeau Thibodeau’s sideboard won the Best of Show, awarded by Fine Woodworking magazine for the 2007 Design in Wood exhibition organized by the San Diego Fine Woodworkers...


Woodworker: Gary Clark Clark’s chair won third place in the art furniture category and first place for excellence in finishing at the 2007 Design in Wood exhibition organized by the San Diego Fine...

Veneered Blanket Chest

Woodworker: Andrew Ward The geometric shapes in this veneered blanket chest were inspired by the mountains that surround Ward’s Colorado home. The peaks and alleys are English walnut, the...

Black Walnut “Jax” Table

Woodworker: Duff Thury This black walnut “Jax” table (inspired by the children’s game) is Thury’s version of the modern trestle table. Thury developed a technique to invisibly reinforce the...

“The Phoenix” Dowry Chest

Woodworker: Gregory Stoddard Stoddard refers to this chest as “The Phoenix.” About 30 years ago, an antiques dealer photographed a number of sale pieces. One was a 400-year-old dowry chest with...

Eleven-Drawer Arts and Crafts Dresser

Woodworker: Hikmet C. Sakman Sakman’s interpretation of this Arts and Crafts dresser includes graceful elements that break up the typically rectilinear style, such as a tapered carcase and curved...

Southeast Asian Inspired Hall Table

Woodworker: Scott Gutierrez The design for this padauk and wenge hall table came as Gutierrez thought about the architecture (particularly the bridges) and countryside of Vietnam and Thailand, which...

"Eames" Table

Woodworker: Seth Deysach This table was built to sit next to an original Eames lounge chair. Janet Rooney, of j rooney design, created the design to complement the mid-20th-century style of the...

Newport Mahogany Tall Clock

Woodworker: John McAlister McAlister, the 2001 recipient of the Society of American Furniture Makers’ Cartouche Award for lifetime achievement, made this mahogany and poplar Newport clock for his...

Wine Barrel Chair

Woodworker: Living and working in wine country, it's only natural that Marshall would incorporate that tradition into his work. This chair is made from a reclaimed oak wine barrel. After five years...

Madrone and Claro Walnut Curved-Top Box

Woodworker: Doug King King made this madrone and claro walnut curved-top box for his mother, and the feet were inspired by period antiques in her house. In keeping with the rest of the box, the...

Red Lily

Woodworker: Janel Jacobson Jacobson finds the inspiration for her tiny sculptures in the natural world surrounding her home. She roughed out the shape with a microgrinder and used files and small...

Chair for a Small Important Person

Woodworker: Garry Bennett Oakland, Calif. furniture maker Garry Knox Bennett designed and built this chair for a 2005 exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass. Bennett was among a group...

FDR Chair

Woodworker: Garry Bennett The spirals and curves on this lounge chair are regular design elements found in the huge body of work from Oakland, Calif., furniture maker Garry Knox Bennett. The...

Chair - 905

Woodworker: Garry Bennett More sculpture than furniture, Oakland, Calif., furniture maker Garry Knox Bennett married a manufactured bentwood dining chair and a classic hand saw in the creation of...

'Nail' Cabinet

Woodworker: Garry Bennett The infamous "Nail" Cabinet by Oakland, Calif. furniture maker Garry Knox Bennett became a landmark in furniture history when it was featured on the back cover ofFine...

Curved-Back Adirondack Chair

Woodworker: Tom Begnal Fine Woodworking associate editor Tom Begnal led the effort to come up with this classic Adirondack chair design. It is based on many of the features and patterns found on...

Rockabye Song Bird (Collaboration with Hans Weissflog)

Woodworker: Jacques Vesery Vesery has done collaborations with a range of turners around the world. This piece was turned by Hans Weissflog, of Germany. Vesery received it by mail and added the...

Of Sea and Sky

Woodworker: Jacques Vesery Many of Vesery’s extraordinarily detailed pieces are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. He makes them small in part so people will pick them up and have a...

Friends of a Feather

Woodworker: Jacques Vesery Feathers figure prominently in Vesery’s current work. On the eggs, which were turned from boxwood, he did the rough shaping of the feathers with a rotary grinding tool...

Bald Eagle Scrimshaw

Woodworker: Jacques Vesery After time in the Navy, Vesery spent several years as a scrimshaw artist. This bald eagle was etched on a whale’s tooth and colored with inks. Photo: Jacques Vesery

Rocking Adirondack

Woodworker: Mathew Nauman This chair was part of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s second exhibition on the Adirondack theme. Professor Christopher Weiland and director Steve Loar invited...

Wheelbarrow-Inspired Adirondack

Woodworker: Isaac Hillson This chair was part of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s second exhibition on the Adirondack theme. Professor Christopher Weiland and director Steve Loar invited...

Ergonomic Adirondack

Woodworker: Mark Weaber This chair was part of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s second exhibition on the Adirondack theme. Professor Christopher Weiland and director Steve Loar invited students...

Streamlined Adirondack

Woodworker: Ron Moretti This chair was part of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s second exhibition on the Adirondack theme. Professor Christopher Weiland and director Steve Loar invited students...

Asymmetrical Adirondack

Woodworker: This chair was part of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s second exhibition on the Adirondack theme. Professor Christopher Weiland and director Steve Loar invited students and alumni...

Sundial-Inspired Adirondack

Woodworker: Nicole Tartoni This chair was part of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s second exhibition on the Adirondack theme. Professor Christopher Weiland and director Steve Loar invited...

White Oak and Juniper Box

Woodworker: Dennis Mullen Mullen made this white oak and juniper box for his goddaughter. The carved lid reflects her love of the ocean. To make the twisted dovetail carcase, Mullen cut flat 84...

Lonnie Bird’s Pennsylvania Secretary

Woodworker: Bob Steve Steve built this secretary from Lonnie Bird’s “18th-century Pennsylvania Secretary” plans (FWW #154-156). He finished the cherry piece with cherry stain and waterbased...

Quilted Maple and Cocobolo Coffee Table

Woodworker: Jeffrey Hills Hills designed and built this coffee table for clients who wanted a table with “lightness of presence.” The piece is made of quilted maple and cocobolo, and finished...

White Oak Desk

Woodworker: Steven Kessler To make this desk, Kessler modified plans for a Roycroft lady’s writing desk. He finished the quartersawn white oak with Jeff Jewitt’s Arts and Crafts finishing...

Diamond Cabinet

Woodworker: Ron Gresham Gresham created this veneered cabinet from narra, a Southeast Asian wood. The veneered basketweave pattern in the drawer bottoms was inspired by the hand-woven baskets of the...

Golden Lace Turning

Woodworker: Brian McEvoy McEvoy, a full-time professional turner since 1995, started out as a hobbyist in the mid ’80s. Now he creates general-use items as well as one-of-a-kind pieces for...

Chill Cott's Beach House Table

Woodworker: Richard Chill Cott This quartersawn walnut and zebrawood table was inspired by the architectural framework of a beach house Chill Cott designed. The center shelf represents a...

Lidded Rice Bowl

Woodworker: Butch Smuts Wood turner Butch Smuts of Johannesburg, South Africa, crafted this bowl as part of an American Association of Woodturners project. He was given a rough-turned bowl and was...

Puzzling Illusion Rice Bowl

Woodworker: Art Liestman Computer Science professor Art Liestman turned this rice bowl as part of an American Association of Woodturners project. He was given a rough-turned bowl and was asked to...

Radda's Japanese Bowl

Woodworker: Tania Radda This bowl highlights Radda’s typical muse, plants. In this case, her inspiration was the rice plant. Although she had never seen one up close, “I wanted to connect the...

African Fern Bowl

Woodworker: Ron Fleming Ron Fleming crafted this rice bowl as part of an American Association of Woodturners project. He was given a rough-turned 3 in. by 5 in. bowl blank and asked to complete it...

Maori Rice Bowl

Woodworker: Graeme Priddle Priddle, a wood turner based in New Zealand, took a Japanese-style bowl and gave it a Maori twist. He had multiple inspirations for the black curves, including traditional...

Grafert Rice Bowl

Woodworker: Irene Grafert Danish turner Irene Grafert let the simplicity of Japanese and Scandinavian designs influence this rice bowl. Grafert got a 3 in. by 5 in. rough-turned bowl blank as part of...

Cherry Crib

Woodworker: Jeremy Weese Weese crafted this crib a few months before his first child was born. The engineer and "shop-dweller by night" used AutoCad to check the proportions and joinery before...

Jarrah Folding Deck Chair

Woodworker: Gale Satterlee Gale Satterlee made this deck chair in Australian jarrah as part of an outdoor furniture line. The piece is held together with 54 mortise-and-tenons, brass hardware, black...

Sculpted Server

Woodworker: Ray Kelso Kelso came up with the idea for the sculpted, flared look of this curly maple and walnut server as a way to lend visual interest to pieces that often are visually and...

“Whirlpool” Turned Vase

Woodworker: Brian McEvoy McEvoy, a full-time professional turner since 1995, started out as a hobbyist in the mid 80’s. Now he creates general-use items as well as one-of-a-kind pieces for...

Chinese-Style Table in Cherry

Woodworker: Anthony Ferrigno Ferrigno built this Chinese-influenced cherry table for a fund-raising auction. His design inspiration came from the Asian Art Collection at the Peabody Essex Museum in...

Arts and Crafts Upholstered Bench

Woodworker: Bud Johnson This bench was made at a client’s request to match an existing hutch. In all, Johnson built a dining table, four chairs, and two benches. The wood is quartersawn and...

Old Bakery Carver Chairs

Woodworker: Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford Hendel-Blackford designed these high-back chairs with comfort as a priority. He also wanted them to be visually striking and have a sculpted, organic feelIn...

Fan-Inspired Music Stand

Woodworker: Michael C. Fortune This design in Macassar ebony and curly maple was inspired by an antique Japanese folding fan. Fortune taper-laminated the legs and vacuum-formed the top. The legs are...

Kimono Hall Table

Woodworker: Michael C. Fortune An antique kimono inspired this design in Macassar ebony and curly maple. After assembly, the top was compound cut on the tablesaw, with a blade tilt of 2° and a...

Birds in Flight Coffee Table

Woodworker: Michael C. Fortune Birds in flight inspired this glass and East Indian rosewood design. Fortune used tapered laminations for the curved components of the table. After glue-up, he cut each...

Federal Nightstand

Woodworker: John GushChicago-area woodworker John Gush built this Federal-style nightstand based on a Thomas Seymour worktable on display in the Winterthur Museum. He modified the dimensions to work...

Extended Federal Dining Table

Woodworker: John Gush Chicago-area woodworker John Gush built this extended dining table, which occupies his dining room alongside several other reproductions of "bespoke period furniture in the...

Porringer-Top Tea Table

Woodworker: Dan Faia Dan Faia built this Queen Anne porringer-style table (FWW, June 2007) based on a design he saw in an antiques catalog. The original was built in Wethersfield, Conn. between 1740...

Wenge and Papyrus Screen

Woodworker: Joe Tracy Joe Tracy designed this mini-screen for a counter pass-through between a kitchen and a dining room. He picked papyrus panels for their color and texture. Because the...

Shoji Door Screen

Woodworker: Craig Vandall Stevens Craig Vandall Stevens used one large plank of clear Eastern white pine for these gridwork shoji doors. He chose white pine because it's light in color and weight...

"Blossoms in Pear" Panel Screen

Woodworker: Craig Vandall Stevens Craig Vandall Stevens is an excellent chip carver and this solid panel screen gives him a broad canvas. The panels look solid but are very light, just 1/4 in. thick...

Letter-Tenon Table

Woodworker: Kintaro Yazawa Kintaro Yazawa employed his impressive decorative joinery techniques to build this trestle-style table. Exposed through-tenon joints are the primary joint. Howeverhe...

Box with Paper-Thickness Joints

Woodworker: Kintaro Yazawa This box features one of Kintaro Yazawa’s inventive joints: a micro-variation of the finger joint, which he calls the "paper-thickness joint." Even more impressive is...

Scissor-Joint Sewing Box

Woodworker: Kintaro Yazawa This sewing box features one-of-a-kind scissor joints. They are basically dovetail joints with the ends of the pins altered. If you took the joint apart, you would see that...

Hawk’s-Nail Blanket Chest

Woodworker: Kintaro Yazawa This blanket chest is a Kintaro Yazawa original, as is the joinery. The exposed hawk’s-nail joint, as he calls it, is essentially a dovetail joint but the ends of the...

Rectangular Lantern

Woodworker: Rob Brown Rob Brown uses a basic rectangular pattern to make a variety of lamps. The wooden grid, or kumikos, can be customized. Then he picks different colors of handmade Japanese paper...

Curve-Front Lantern

Woodworker: Rob Brown Rob Brown designed this curved-front lantern to highlight the beauty of the handmade Japanese paper. The simple design radiates light 180 degrees. He made the frame from curly...

Step Tansu

Woodworker: Rob Brown Rob Brown built this piece because he liked the history of the form. Step tansu were traditionally used in Japan to give owners access to their upper level. Because Japanese...

White Elm Shoji Screen

Woodworker: Rob Brown Brown often uses Japanese paper to add texture, color, and individuality to his pieces. He took this shoji screen a step further by adding a silhouette of a tree. Brown applied...

“Palindrome” Slate Table

Woodworker: Henry Fox This table, called “Palindrome,” is made from two pieces of natural cleft slate, Swiss pear, and sandblasted aluminum. The table is finished with varnish. Photos: Bill...

Claro Walnut Low Table

Woodworker: Ted Blachly Blachly used the understated form of this low trestle table to emphasize the figure in the claro walnut top. He finished the top with varnish. The base is ebonized cherry with...

"Reading in Autumn" Table with a Drawer

Woodworker: Jeffrey Cooper This table is made from lacewood and cherry and is finished with an oil/varnish mix. Cooper incorporated a relief carving and a poem by the 13th-century Chinese master Shen...

Fall-Front Secretary

Woodworker: Timothy Coleman Inspired by the way a fall-front secretary works and how useful a simple arrangement of cubbies and drawers can be, Coleman made this secretary from curly English...

“Tale of Attitude” Pheasant Sculpture

Woodworker: Ken Newman An avid outdoorsman, Newman tried to convey the essence and attitude of a pheasant in its natural environment while sculpting a weathered pine branch he found on a hiking trip...

Japanese-Inspired Media Center

Woodworker: Charlie Goedeke When designing this media center, Goedeke and his wife Judith wanted to blend traditional Japanese design into a contemporary look. The piece is constructed of figured...

Chippendale Side Chair Reproduction

Woodworker: Tony Kubalak The quality, variety, and number of carved elements make this reproduction of a Chippendale side chair the most ambitious project Kubalak has done to date. The knee carving...

Carved Low-Post Bed

Woodworker: David S. Beach Beach reproduced this mahogany bed as a commission. The original was made by the client’s grandfather, who trained as a cabinetmaker in Germany and then emigrated to the...

Claro Walnut and Madrone Box

Woodworker: Richard Kautto Kautto, a student at Capellagården (the Swedish craft school founded by Carl Malmsten) made this box when he attended the College of the Redwoods as part of an exchange...

Shaker Trestle Table and Benches

Woodworker: Mark Lackley Lackley designed this tiger-maple table (36 in. deep by 84 in. wide by 30 in. tall) and benches (14 in. deep by 84 in. wide by 17 in. tall) to accommodate a family with four...

"Coral" Bowl from Spalted Sugar Maple

Woodworker: Ed Kelle This bowl, made from spalted sugar maple, has 10 hours’ worth of texturing on the outside and rim and is colored with thin washes of oil paint. Kelle wanted the inside of the...

Laminated Reading Chair

Woodworker: Don Gray Gray spent 250 hours designing and mocking up this laminated mahogany chair, and another 200 hours building it. He was inspired by the natural form of forked tree branches and...

Hepplewhite Sideboard Table

Woodworker: Chris Burtis While attending the North Bennet Street School in Boston, Burtis chose to make a project that incorporated techniques he wanted to learn--string inlaying, veneering, banding...

Autumn Dining Chairs

Woodworker: Michael C. Fortune Fortune designed these chairs as part of a dining suite for the Governor General of Canada. The suite sits indoors next to a garden so he gave it a marquetry leaf...

Upholstered Living Room Chairs

Woodworker: Michael C. Fortune Fortune designed this chair with comfort in mind. The "stance" is receptive and welcoming. Vacuum-laminated birch veneer forms the upholstery's core and the metal work...

Fan Coffee Table

Woodworker: Michael C. Fortune Fortune originally designed this table to occupy the inside corner of a right-angled sectional sofa. He now makes it in different woods and dimensions. This piece...

Number One Chair

Woodworker: Michael C. Fortune The Number One Chair is a signature Fortune piece. The shape was originally inspired by a rusty piece of garden furniture and includes elements of work by Frank Lloyd...

Outdoor Steamer Trunk

Woodworker: Gale Satterlee Satterlee built a line of outdoor furniture inspired by the movie Titanic, which included this matching steamer trunk made one from jarrah. Numerous mechanical joints hold...

Twisted Windsor Rocker

Woodworker: John Steele Davis Davis built his first Windsor chair in 1996 with the help of Michael Dunbar's book Make a Windsor Chair. After a back injury, Davis sought ways to make construction...

Bird's-Eye Maple and Cherry Sleigh Bed

Woodworker: Gaile Fleming Fleming crafted this custom sleigh bed for a client who had asked for it to be made from solid bird's-eye maple. Unable to find 8/4 material required, he convinced her to go...

"Lit Carriole"

Woodworker: Christopher Michaud Quebec resident Christopher Michaud always wanted a sleigh bed, or "lit-carriole," so he crafted this one in maple. The lit-carriole style was popular in 19th...

Amboyna and Kingwood Coffee Table

Woodworker: Sergej Kirilov A fourth-generation Dutch furniture-maker and restorer, Kirilov is no stranger to tradition. But this coffee table shows that he's comfortable with contemporary forms...

Dual-Function Step Stool

Woodworker: Alan Turner Turner made this piece for a family seeking a step stool. The dual-function is handy, but Turner added craftsmanship and style so there's no confusing it with something from a...


Woodworker: Brian Nelson Like most woodworkers, Nelson has built his share of boxes. "This is an attempt to have some fun, and do it a little differently for a change," he wrote. He built the...

Alligator Coffee Table

Woodworker: Rick Elich Elich crafted this sculptured coffee table as a wedding gift for his son, Jared, and Jared's bride, Rita. Elich used red oak and aniline dye to color the wood. The finish is...

Maple and Cherry Pedestal Desk

Woodworker: Joseph E. Whitman Whitman knew he spotted a deal when he saw 50 board feet of ugly-on-the-outside curly maple at a local home improvement store. Staffers did realize the value and sold it...

Asian-Inspired Stool

Woodworker: Alan Turner Turner said he's fascinated by curves and angles so this cherry and hard maple piece uses both. The splayed legs are angled to add stability. The curve of the seat adds...

Maple and Walnut Hall Table

Woodworker: David Tschirley Tschirley built this hall table for an auction at his son's Montessori school. He aimed to create a light and graceful feeling without using curves. The key design element...

Leppo-Inspired Workbench

Woodworker: Christopher Karpenko Christopher Karpenko spent over a year and a half and more than 425 hours crafting this workbench based on Jon Leppo's Rock Solid Workbench article (FWW #162). "I...

Newport-Style Kneehole Desk

Woodworker: Alan Turner This Newport-style kneehole desk is modeled after an original attributed to Edmund Townsend (circa 1760s) which is in the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. As on...

Sheraton-Style Secretary

Woodworker: Richard Oedel This Sheraton-style secretary was crafted by North Bennet Street alumnus Richard Oedel and displayed in an exhibit at the Boston Athenaeum. It features curved glass...

Arts and Crafts Dining Chair

Woodworker: Kevin Rodel Kevin Rodel first designed this chair in 1993 for a competition sponsored by the Maine Arts Commission. His aim was to build a sturdy and comfortable chair that was clearly...

William and Mary Alphabet Cabinet

Woodworker: Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez Gomez-Ibanez built this alphabet cabinet in the William and Mary idiom. He decorated the exterior of the case in a way that related to the plants painted within...

Vargueño Alphabet Cabinet

Woodworker: Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez The vargueño is a 17th century Spanish writing desk made to be portable. The interior might be elaborate, but the exterior could be as plain as a packing crate...

Greek Revival Side Chairs

Woodworker: Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez In the early decades of the 19th century, many chairs were made in the Greek Revival style--based in part on the ancient Greek klismos chair with its radically...

Banister-Back Chairs

Woodworker: Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez These chairs, based on a style that was in vogue around 1700, display deep and aggressive carvings and turnings. The arm chair (24 in deep by 23 in. wide by 48 in...

Portsmouth Bedside Cabinets

Woodworker: Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez Built for a bedroom containing a pair of beautiful Federal-era Portsmouth bureaus, these bedside cabinets are scaled-down (and narrowed) versions of the originals...

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Bench

Woodworker: Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez Gomez-Ibanez made this bench from one huge slab of mahogany, cutting of the ends and folding them down to become the legs. He made it as gallery seating for the...

Sewing Table

Woodworker: Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez The strangeness of this furniture form appealed to Gomez-Ibanez, as well as the fact that it is virtually extinct. On the original sewing tables, a bag meant for...

William and Mary Highboy

Woodworker: Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez Gomez-Ibanez made this William and Mary highboy at North Bennet Street School. His approach to making period-inspired furniture is not to make an exact reproduction...

Cherry Entertainment Console

Woodworker: Kevin Amey Amey built this entertainment console to hold a large television, stereo equipment, CDs, tapes, and DVDs. The pocket doors in the middle can be opened and tucked out of the way...

Icebox-Inspired Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Chris Mann Mann made this jewelry box during a 12-week program at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine and named it "Icebox" after its design inspiration midcentury...

Peruvian Walnut and Maple Segmented Vessel

Woodworker: Peter Schultheiss Schultheiss, a retired math teacher and a member of the Long Island Wood Turners Association, learned about segmented turning by studying a Dale Nish book while...

Bubinga, Maple, and Wenge Segmented Vase

Woodworker: Peter Schultheiss Schultheiss, a retired math teacher and a member of the Long Island Wood Turners Association, learned about segmented turning by studying a Dale Nish book while...

Gilded Cabinet

Woodworker: Jeffrey Patrick This cherry-and-ash cabinet was designed in collaboration with Sandra Ramsey Assoc. The clients presented a poor photocopy of a case that had a silver, corduroylike...

Queen Anne Lowboy in Mesquite

Woodworker: Jim Waner Waner makes furniture from logs salvaged after east Texas tornadoes or otherwise destined for the fireplace. This Queen Anne lowboy was made from a large mesquite stump that he...

A Simple Chair

Woodworker: Mark Koons It took nearly 2,000 hours over 10 years to fully develop the design and build this chair. Koons scaled and proportioned the chair to accommodate a wide range of body types and...

Purpleheart Hall Table

Woodworker: Glen G. Guarino When building this highly sculptural hall table, Guarino found himself sharpening his tools nearly every 15 minutes. The crux of the matter was the wood itself...

Five-Leg Bamboo-Inspired Stool

Woodworker: Greg Smith Long interested in Chinese furniture, Smith had noticed that when wood is turned to resemble bamboo, it typically is done in a very symmetrical way. He thought it would be...

Blooming Carved Sculpture

Woodworker: Mark Doolittle Doolittle designed this piece to reflect his interests in marine biology and nature. Starting with a single 2-in.-thick slab of amboyna burl, he used rotary and hand tools...

Tiled Hall Table and Mirror

Woodworker: Jim & Laura McCaul The McCauls live in a lake house in the woods, and the natural surroundings influence their furniture collaborations. This hall table (18 in. deep by 60 in. wide by 36...

Queen Anne Bureau Cabinet

Woodworker: John Kettman Kettman reproduced this Queen Anne bureau cabinet from photographs of the 1710 original. In an effort to authentically replicate the piece, he employed the tools and...

Contemplation Bench

Woodworker: Marc Spagnuolo This bench was an experiment in power-carving. Using a grinder outfitted with an Arbortech blade, Spagnuolo carved curves into the legs and the top. The legs were attached...

Asian-Inspired Hall Table

Woodworker: Marc Spagnuolo This table was originally designed for a class Spagnuolo taught at a woodworking school. He designed into it advanced techniques to challenge the students...

Inlaid Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Marc Spagnuolo The doors of this jewelry box are hung on knife hinges and swing open to reveal four dovetailed drawers. The brass drawer hardware sits in a circular recess, which allows...

Solid Foundation Bench

Woodworker: Joseph Murphy This hefty bench is one of a pair commissioned for the main entryway of a local school. The design, built in FSC-certified cherry, is meant to evoke the solid foundation...

Walnut Music Cabinet

Woodworker: Philip R. Karsell Karsell's piano teacher commissioned this walnut music cabinet as a wedding gift for her brother and his fiancée. Karsell thoughtfully honed the design with input from...

Ebony Baton and Case

Woodworker: Jon Bates Jon Bates lead a team of seven to craft this extraordinary baton and case for world-famous violinist Itzhak Perlman. A woodworker and doctor/hospital CEO by trade, Bates first...

Bentwood Rocking Chair

Woodworker: Bruce K. Brown Brown's Bentwood Rocker is the culmination of three years of trial-and-error to perfect a comfortable design and that rocks well. The curvy lines of his father's insignia...

Freestanding Tool Cabinet

Woodworker: Andy Rae Gracing the cover of Jim Tolpin's The Toolbox Book (1995, Taunton Press), Rae's freestanding tool cabinet has served him in the shop for more than 20 years, doling out handsaws...

Berkana Stool

Woodworker: Andy Rae Rae chose to use a particularly beautiful and heavily-burled board of hard maple for the seat of his rustic-style stool, turning it on the lathe and dishing the center deeply for...

18th-Century-Inspired Linen Press

Woodworker: Andy Rae After researching several 18th-century linen presses, including one notable cabinet that resides in the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts in Winston-Salem, N.C., Rae...

Walnut Island

Woodworker: Andy Rae Working with fellow furniture maker Jan Derr, Rae designed this freestanding island for a furniture-loving couple with a houseful of Arts-and-Crafts furniture. The challenge was...

Nine-Drawer Chest

Woodworker: Andy Rae Andy Rae designed this chest of drawers with inspiration from a classic design by Fine Woodworking contributing editor Christian Becksvoort. The case corners are...

Improved Adirondack

Woodworker: Andy Rae In his effort to improve upon an age-old design, Rae turned the front legs 90 degrees from the norm to give the chair more volume. This also allowed him to use a tapered, sliding...

Sea and Sky Altar Coffer

Woodworker: J.M. Syron J.M. Syron and Bonnie Bishoff drew on details of Chinese furniture for their altar coffer's raised ends and exuberantly scrolled skirt and corbels. A Chinese tapestry inspired...

Chinese-Inspired Cicada Cabinet

Woodworker: Brian Newell Brian Newell, an American who lives outside Tokyo, was so inspired by China that he traveled there after the museum workshop. His Cicada Cabinet in zitan and oxwood found its...

Chinese Cracked-Ice Display Cabinet

Chinese “Cracked-Ice” Display Cabinet

Country Hutch

Woodworker: Martin J. Milkovits As a busy furniture-maker, Milkovits rarely gets time to build anything for himself but did make room in his schedule for this country-style hutch. He designed it to...

Greene and Greene-Style Buffet

Woodworker: Thomas Starbuck Stockton Thomas Starbuck Stockton crafted this Greene-and-Greene-inspired buffet from a large slab of claro walnut that a friend gave him. The buffet's exterior came from...

Greene-and-Greene-Style Bench

Woodworker: Thomas Starbuck Stockton This original work is not based on an actual Greene-and-Greene piece, but an interpretation of their designs. Stockton used mahogany with ebony accents, along...

Kasten-Style Media Cabinet

Woodworker: Thomas Starbuck Stockton Stockton's top objective for this cabinet was fitting the greatest number CDs into the smallest space. The exterior design was then loosely based on the...

Federal-Style Buffet

Woodworker: Thomas Starbuck Stockton This custom buffet in Honduras and African mahogany uses veneer with beautiful but not overpowering figure. Stockton crafted the piece for clients who saw his...

Sapling-Legged Table

Woodworker: Sean Connin Connin built this table while participating in the New Hampshire Institute of Furniture Making's Studio-Based Learning Program. He says the design was a collaborative effort...

Decorative Pedestal Table

Woodworker: Anthony Hayzen Hayzen's pedestal table serves as a canvas for his decorative veneer work. The six-sided pedestal is made of poplar, while the tabletop and base are made of mediumdensity...

Goddard-Townsend-Style Fall-Front Secretary

Woodworker: Carl Glassman While building this reproduction Goddard-Townsend fall-front secretary, Glassman, an 83-year-old retired surgeon, received both inspiration and guidance from John McAlister...

Exposed-Joinery Pool Table

Woodworker: Birdie Miller Miller unveiled this pool table at the 2006 Philadelphia Furniture & Furnishings Show to showcase his design and building skills. He also had another reason: He likes to...

Charleston Chest of Drawers Reproduction

Woodworker: Terry R. Candee Candee's chest of drawers is a reproduction of a 1775 piece he saw in The Furniture of Charleston, 1680-1820, by Bradford L. Rauschenberg and John Bivins Jr. The chest is...

Canoe-Inspired Laminated Chair

Woodworker: Fred Wilson Wilson's experience as a canoe builder influenced the design of this walnut-and-ash chair. He wanted to make a lightweight, comfortable "wooden cushion" that would conform to...

Nautical Curved Bench

Woodworker: Douglas W. Jones The 2006 winner in the Custom/Studio Furniture category of the Vermont Fine Furniture and Wood Products Design Competition, this bench was designed for a large, circular...

Williamsburg-Inspired Chest on Chest

Woodworker: Andrew J. Ritchie This chest on chest was Ritchie's second try at veneered furniture. Although the form is based on an original seen at Colonial Williamsburg, the chest elegantly...

Petworth House Reproduction Carving

Woodworker: T.R. Fisher Fisher is a retired cabinetmaker who has had a longtime interest in carving. That interest has developed into well-honed skills, as evidenced by this whimsical carving of...

Carved Spatulas

Woodworker: David Hurwitz Hurwitz began carving kitchen utensils about 13 years ago as a way to use the scraps accumulating in his shop. Seeing them as an exploration in form, he considers each one a...

Stationery Box

Woodworker: Bob Cameron Cameron built two boxes for a doctor and a nurse who took care of his mother while she was at the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary. This stationery box, made of American...

Keepsake Box

Woodworker: Bob Cameron Cameron built two boxes for a doctor and a nurse who took care of his mother while she was at the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary. This keepsake box, made of English...

Honduras Mahogany Sideboard

Woodworker: Pat Megowan While building this sideboard during a 12-week intensive course at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine, Megowan grew so frustrated that he twice thought about...

Zen Coffee Table

Woodworker: Gregg Lipton Although much of Lipton's furniture brings a modernizing scalpel to period styles, he had rarely embraced pure geometric modernism full-on before designing this table. He was...

Bench for Three

Woodworker: Gregg Lipton Lipton is happiest when he hits upon a design so elemental that there's nothing left to take away, and his Bench for Three succeeds in this minimalist quest. The top and legs...

Roxy Coffee Table

Woodworker: Gregg Lipton Built around 1990, when he was working mostly in solid wood, Lipton's Roxy coffee table in East Indian rosewood has coopered ends and pear wood details. He designed it for a...

Gazelle Table and Chairs

Woodworker: Gregg Lipton Lipton's Gazelle table (dimensions listed above) employs an apron integral with the top and a curvaceous leg that runs right to the top of the table. For Lipton, the leg, a...

Schleining-Inspired Workbench

Woodworker: Daryl Sullivan When designing his workbench, Sullivan found inspiration in The Workbench by Lon Schleining (The Taunton Press, 2004). Sullivan culled various details from benches in that...

Yankee Plow Plane

Woodworker: Daniel Lacroix Lacroix built this reproduction "Yankee" plow plane after seeing an 18th-century version made by Thomas Nixon of Framingham, Mass. (The original is owned by the Framingham...

Cocobolo Coffin Smoother

Woodworker: Dan Barrett Barrett made this cocobolo coffin smoother to be awarded as first prize in the Ontario Provincial Carpentry Apprenticeship Contest, which recognizes the top carpenters...

Whimsical Chamfer Plane

Woodworker: Michael Flaherty This whimsical chamfer plane was made for a tool collector’s wife, who’s into sports cars and fine jewelry. So Flaherty incorporated jade (wheel rims), moonstone...

Panel Gauge

Woodworker: Michael Wollowski Wollowski used an early version of this panel gauge, which is basically an oversize marking gauge, while building a blanket chest. But he had difficulty controlling the...

Walnut and Blackjack Oak Scrapers

Woodworker: Matt Morian Morian says the shape of the handle and the heavy weight of these scrapers make for great-performing tools. The body of each scraper is walnut crotch and incorporates three...

Transitional Plane

Woodworker: Joe Wingert When Wingert, a collector of antique Stanley tools, got his hands on this old transitional plane, all of the wood parts were shot. Fortunately, the metal parts were...

Swanhead Bowsaw

Woodworker: T.R. Fisher Since his retirement from cabinetmaking, Fisher has developed a keen interest in both wood carving and antique hand tools. While reading The Art of Fine Tools by Sandor...

Snail-Shaped Handplane

Woodworker: Kenneth George While making the parts for his handplane, George noticed that it was beginning to resemble a snail. So he went with the flow and shaped the handle and knob to look like a...

Race Car Handplane

Woodworker: Perry Craber One of Craber’s passions is making and using wooden handplanes. For this plane, he used highly figured bubinga left over from another piece he had made, combining it with...


Woodworker: James Mursell Having owned and broken two store-bought travishers—a tool with long thin handles used to shape Windsor chair seats—Mursell decided to make his own version thats...

Wooden Jointer Plane

Woodworker: Merv Krivoshein Krivoshein’s wooden jointer plane has a hickory body with accents made from moose antlers. An item in no short supply in the Canadian Rockies, the material takes a...

Wooden Level

Woodworker: Barry Weaver Weaver, a retired furniture maker, is an admitted tool junkie, having spent years collecting tools and attending tool auctions. Now Weaver has found great joy in making his...

Low-Angle Block Plane

Woodworker: Robert Soule This low-angle block plane is Soule’s second, improved version of the tool. He made this plane a bit narrower than the first version so that it would fit easily into one...

Restored Bandsaw

Woodworker: Chris Vesper Vesper purchased this bandsaw in 1998 and took a year to transform it from "an inoperable wreck" to the centerpiece of his workshop. The bandsaw, which he believes was made...

Shoji-Inspired Bed

Woodworker: Matthew Stark California furniture-maker Matthew Stark crafted this bubinga and quilted-maple bed for a client seeking a king-sized piece with a Japanese flair. Shoji screens gave Stark...

Cherry Crib

Woodworker: Scott Pollio Scott Pollio took an interest milling his own lumber several years ago and decided to take advantage of a stand of cherry trees on his grandfather's property. Learning his...

Built-in Home Office

Woodworker: Asa Christiana To be fair, Fine Woodworking editor Asa Christiana said he had a lot of help on this project, which was built to correspond with an article in the magazine. Mike Pekovich...

Asian-Style Nightstand

Woodworker: Asa Christiana This is reproduction of a design by furniture maker Douglas Green (www.greendesigns.com). Christiana made two of them to accompany a platform bed he built, also based on a...

Boggs Ladder-Back Chair

Woodworker: Asa Christiana Christiana made this piece while taking a chair-making class with the inestimable Brian Boggs. Weaving wet hickory bark onto the seat rails was especially fun, he said...

Asian-Style Bed

Woodworker: Asa Christiana Fine Woodworking editor Asa Christiana saw this bed in Douglas Green's catalog (www.greendesigns.com) and took a stab at building one like it. He had to guess at the...

Rustic Coffee Table with Stones

Woodworker: Doug Stowe Thanks to a center-gap design, Stowe was able to dovetail the ends of these legs without danger of flexing the base. With the gap, the expansion of seasonal wood movement is...

‘We Traveled the Rivers’ Reading Table

Woodworker: Doug Stowe Doug Stowe built this reading table on commission for a traveling exhibit on Arkansas literary history. The piece features Arkansas Ozark sugar maple, loose rocks Stowe...

Center-Gap Dining Table

Woodworker: Doug Stowe Seasonal wood movement often prevents table edges from staying flush with the ends of breadboards, but Doug Stowe's center-gap design keeps expansion and contraction under...

End Table


Versatile Huntboard

Woodworker: Garrett Hack Garrett Hack crafted this cherry huntboard, a country cousin to the more formal sideboard, for the New Hampshire Furniture Masters' annual auction. The three drawers take...

Rippled Sycamore Side Tables

Woodworker: Richard Williams Once he had made his ebony campaign table, Williams thought that he would like to try a variation on the design by adding uprights on either side. These tables in...

Campaign Desk

Woodworker: Richard Williams Williams designed this desk loosely in the style of portable military pieces known as campaign furniture. True to its type, the desk is made to be moved. The top, with...

Olive Ash Side Cabinet

Woodworker: Richard Williams Williams likes to build in solid wood as well as veneer, and the client for this cabinet requested that it be built entirely in solid. Because it was to be such a simple...

Macassar Ebony Writing Desk

Woodworker: Richard Williams When he had the opportunity to exhibit some of his work at a prominent gallery in central London, Williams designed a series of pieces that he hoped would demonstrate the...

Masur Birch and Wenge Entertainment Cabinet

Woodworker: Richard Williams Built to house a television, an audio system, and a large collection of CDs, this cabinet, one of a pair, reflects Williams's affection for both Art Deco, the 20th...

Ebony Wine Tables

Woodworker: Richard Williams Williams' skill as a designer was already evident in these slender-legged tables, which were the first pieces he designed and made after leaving the furnituremaking...

Winged Couch

Woodworker: Trish Norton Norton's winged couch reflects her style of sculpture, which often incorporates curves and the winged form. This piece was inspired by the sandhill crane, which has a wide...

Greene-and-Greene-inspired Desk

Woodworker: William Laberge This writing desk was inspired by one built by the Greene brothers for the Robert R. Blacker House in Pasadena, California. It is made of cherry, with walnut and ebony...

Philadelphia Cherry Tall Clock

Woodworker: Richard Gies Gies had been honing his furniture-making skills for 25 years before tackling this tall case clock. To make the piece, a classic example of an 18thcentury...

Korean-inspired Ash Table

Woodworker: Michael Park Park built this ash table as a project while a student in the woodworking and furniture program at Rochester Institute of Technology. The graceful curves and airy feel were...

Butterfly Vase

Woodworker: Ed Zbik Zbik assembled and turned this segmented vase out of curly maple, bloodwood, zircote, holly, lacewood, satinwood, and ebony. Called "Butterfly Vase," the piece is finished with...

Comb-back Windsor Chair

Woodworker: Fred Shindle This comb-back Windsor is based on the speaker's chair built for The Carpenters' Company, a trade guild, and used at the meeting of the First Continental Congress in 1774 at...

Mackintosh-inspired Desk

Woodworker: Alan Dana Hall This Mackintosh-inspired Arts and Crafts desk is based on an original built in Scotland by Wylie & Lockhead (ca. 1900). The problem was getting a good-quality photograph of...

Wheat Grass Cabinet

Woodworker: Celine Schmidt The focal point of this cabinet-on-stand is the inlaid wheat leaves, which are set in the foreground of a repeating prairie sky created with straight-grained tulip poplar...

French Tea Tables

Woodworker: Kenneth Stover These tea tables have a dominant Louis XIV lineage, but Stover adapted the inlay in the tops directly from a music stand (circa 1770-75) attributed to noted 18thcentury...

Maple and Walnut Table

Woodworker: Randy Leavitt Leavitt designed this maple and walnut table to be the centerpiece of his client's great room, which overlooks the Connecticut River. Built in homage to the trees that frame...

Textured End Table

Woodworker: Kiki Warnock Furniture maker Kiki Warnock says smooth straight surfaces are important for furniture to function properly, but that “it removes us from some of the natural qualities of...

Modigliani Chair

Woodworker: Kiki Warnock This chair was loosely inspired by the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, known for the elongated and exaggerated figures in his paintings. Warnock's alluring piece in...

Wishbone Bureau

Woodworker: Greg Young Greg Young melded several designs in this black walnut bureau, which alongside a sleigh bed and a roll-top desk comprise a bedroom suite for his youngest daughter. It's based...

Shaker Wall Clocks

Woodworker: Kenneth Zack Chris Becksvoort's article on Shaker Wall Clocks (FWW #157) inspired Kenneth Zack to build not one but four clocks, for himself and each of his three children. Zack enlarged...

Tall Jewelry Cabinet

Woodworker: Michael Singer Singer built this tall jewelry cabinet for a 15th wedding anniversary. Its long delicate legs give the cabinet a graceful lift, and the doors open to reveal a stack of 15...

Prayer Stand

Woodworker: Sammer Elias Elias designed this walnut and paduak prayer stand for a Greek Orthodox client with an aim to make it "somewhat traditional, somewhat mystical." It features a tusk and...

Carved Chair

Woodworker: Marty Schlosser Schlosser designed this chair to match a dining set he already crafted for his daughter and son-in-law, Tom. The crest-rail of this cherry piece features a carvingof...

Blackwood Desk and Chair

Woodworker: Tony Kenway In all his furniture Kenway saws out the curved parts rather than steam-bending or laminating them. This often requires very thick stock. Sawing out the top and bottom rails...

Changing Tides Tables

Woodworker: Tony Kenway Although Kenway's pieces remain firmly functional, the trend in his designs is toward more and more sculptural shapes. These tables, made for a room with a view of a...

Silver Ash Dining Suite

Woodworker: Tony Kenway The silver ash trees for this dining suite were felled on a macadamia farm near Kenway's shop. Kenway air-dried the lumber for a number of years and then cut out the...

Cunji Table

Woodworker: Tony Kenway Kenway's affection for the sea is reflected in this hall table, which was inspired by the shape of a marine animal called cunjevoi. When he designs such sculptural pieces...

Moonbeam Cabinet

Woodworker: Tony Kenway This cabinet was built to house a television and a stereo system. Kenway made canvas-backed tambour doors to hide the electronic components. The whole piece is made of...

Eyeful Table

Woodworker: Tony Kenway Kenway calls this table, which was inspired by a John Makepeace design, one of the most challenging things he's ever built. To work out the complex shaping and joinery of the...

Rosewood Armchairs

Woodworker: Tony Kenway New South Wales rosewood is a rainforest tree that can live for over 1,000 years. Kenway bought the wood for these chairs in slab form. They had been cut from a log that was...

Thorsen Sideboard

Woodworker: Darrell Peart This piece is a "near reproduction" of the Thorsen Sideboard made by the Hall brothers and designed by Greene and Greene in 1909. The bolection inlay, proud of the surface...

Gamble House Chairs

Woodworker: Darrell Peart This is a loose interpretation of the Gamble House (1908) living room chair. Photo: Darrell Peart

Aurora Media Cabinet

Woodworker: Darrell Peart Peart's substantial Arts and Crafts media cabinet includes pocket doors with adjustable shelves and drawers that can hold either DVDs or CDs. "Straps" on the base and the...

Aurora Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Darrell Peart Greene and Greene style is the main influence for this chest of drawers, but Darrell Peart added pulls that allude to Krenov as well. Like Peart's other "Aurora" designs...

Art Nouveau Cocktail Cabinet

Woodworker: Eric-Martin Masse Masse created this cocktail cabinet as a final project before graduating in 2005 from L'École du Meuble de Montréal. The North American Moon Moth and Art Nouveau style...

Three-Drawer Hall Table

Woodworker: Ben Moroze Ben Moroze needed a three-drawer hall table with simple lines and came up with this design. Moroze gave the table legs a gradual inverse-pyramid taper and used a beautiful...

Maloof-inspired Table

Woodworker: Michael Harris Sam Maloof designs inspired the organic lines of this table crafted by Michael Harris. Harris built the piece without mechanical fasteners and his daughter now uses it as...

Cherry Hall Table

Woodworker: Rich Kraft Rich Kraft built this adirondack cherry piece as a wedding present for a young friend who worked for him as a teenager. Kraft said the former employee deserved a special...

Asian-style Display Cabinet

Woodworker: Douglass Keigley Douglass Keigley studied design elements on a trip to Asia and combined them in this lighted display cabinet. The open cloud-lift shows Chinese influence, while the...

Sculpted Blackwood Rocker

Woodworker: Tony Kenway Kenway, an avid Austrialian surfer and diver, credits the sea for influencing the soft polish of his chairs. Their fluid curves and lack of hard edges evoke a surftossed...

Philadelphia Side Chair

Woodworker: Eugene E. Landon Eugene Landon, one of the most prolific builders of authentic reproduction furniture, recreated this Philadelphia side chair representing the high point of Colonial Queen...

Arts and Crafts Side Table

Woodworker: Kelly J. Dunton The inspiration for this table dates back a century to designs by Gustav Stickley. He defined his furniture philosophy as being "where the beauty lies in simplicity of the...

Rose Cabinet

Woodworker: Len Dougherty Red roses in marquetry decorate the side of this cabinet veneered in bird's-eye maple. Len Dougherty creates definition in the rose petals and on the leaves by pressing one...

Veneered Chairs

Woodworker: Len Dougherty Len Dougherty's armchair and side chair highlight the unique veneer shading techniques he's built up since learning from marquetry expert Silas Kopf. To add dimension to...

Dogwood Cabinet with a Clock

Woodworker: Len Dougherty Len Dougherty recreated the majestic grandfather clock as a cabinet in his own personal style. The cabinet is rooted to the ground and grows up to a rounded canopylike...

Butterfly Table

Woodworker: Len Dougherty This fully veneered table with marquetry butterflies on top practically grows out of the ground with dark branches holding the tabletop canopy aloft. Photo: Len Dougherty

Iris Cabinet

Woodworker: Len Dougherty This early work by Len Dougherty sports an Asian flair that he moved away from in finding his own personal style as an artist. The fully veneered cabinet also highlights an...

Morning Glory Cabinet

Woodworker: Len Dougherty As a life-long drawer and painter, Len Dougherty has no trouble capturing life-like images in the marquetry on his furniture. "I think an art background really helps with...

Youth Bed

Woodworker: Craig Jentz Made as part of a bedroom set, this youth bed was designed to capture the energy and playfulness of Jentz's boys. The headboard and footboard have compound curves, achieved in...

Spinning Wheel

Woodworker: Andrew J. Ritchie Ritchie built this spinning wheel as a tribute to his late mother, who had always wanted a traditional spinning wheel. He spared no expense when it came to the wood for...

Recluse Table

Woodworker: Peter Loh While on a camping trip, Loh thought he had been bitten by a recluse spider. Curious about the arachnid and its bite, Loh researched the recluse when he got home. The bite...

Maple Cabinet

Woodworker: Wade F. Curran Curran designed the doors in this maple cabinet to remind himself of an autumn day, with blazing yellow aspen leaves cascading past his window. The cabinet was built to...

Wall Clock

Woodworker: Alex Cameron Cameron based the design of this clock on an original he saw in the venerable book The Victorian Cabinet-Maker's Assistant (plate VIII, Fig. 4), published in 1853. He started...

Desk and Chair

Woodworker: Brad Greenwood When Greenwood builds his rustic-style furniture, he doesn't try to cover any scars of handwork, nor make a habit of straightening or refining wavy edges. He lets the wood...

Triple-Bow Settee

Woodworker: Peter Wallace This triple-bow settee was built from a single piece of highly figured tiger maple -- the best figure Wallace's lumber dealer had seen in a decade. The settee features...

Pussy Willow Chest

Woodworker: Rob Brown As one who has always been drawn to nature, Brown often finds inspiration for his furniture while hiking. The marquetry on this chest of drawers is based on the branches of a...

White Oak and Stained Glass Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Jim Jasperson This gentleman's dresser began in Jasperson's backyard, with wood taken from a white oak that used to live there. The asymmetry in the piece breaks up the expansive faade...

Duncan Phyfe-style table

Woodworker: Stephen Bailey Bailey made this table from scraps accumulated during previous projects. Although the table clearly has Duncan Phyfe roots, the scalloped apron -- a coopered assembly of...

Blanket Chest with Drawer

Woodworker: Julia C. McLain McLain's cedar-lined, white-oak blanket chest is a close replica of the "Norman Tooth Chest," which she saw in Wallace Nutting's Furniture Treasury, Vol. 2. Fortunately...

Trio of Turned Vessels

Woodworker: Glenn Marceil These three vessels display Marceil's creativity in turning. He assembled the sleek 'Bowl with Sprinkles' from 344 pieces using five different types of wood. The...

Quarter-Note Music Stand

Woodworker: Robert Bley Robert Bley needed a music stand when he started playing the guitar. Since the average metal stand would clash with his fine wood furniture, Bley decided to build his own and...

Hope Chest

Woodworker: Roger J. Williams As a high school project, Williams crafted this cherry hope chest with teacher assistance. Williams used design elements he'd studied in class and lined the chest with...

French-Canadian Buffet

Woodworker: David Sentesy David Sentesy's butternut sideboard is a careful reproduction of an early 18th-century French-Canadian low buffet with diamond-point carved panels. The piece is finished...

Polish-Canadian Szafa

Woodworker: David Sentesy Sentesy's reproduction of a Polish-Canadian szafa, or wardrobe, took about 80 hours to complete. The original was made by J. Kosloski in the mid-19th century. The piece...

Temple Doors

Woodworker: Carl Swensson Carl Swensson got a unique honor when he was commissioned to craft these Alaskan Yellow Cedar doors for a Buddhist temple in Kofu, Japan. Non-native craftsmen rarely get the...

Small Folding Screen

Woodworker: Carl Swensson Carl Swensson's first attempt at screen making yielded this shoji-inspired piece included in Home Furniture, #5. The original design melds concepts from a Japanese book...

Large Folding Screen

Woodworker: Carl Swensson Carl Swensson designed this Japanese-style folding screen as an abstract representation of stars in the sky. Swensson created this piece before he ever traveled to Japan so...

Cherry Wall Cabinet

Woodworker: Matthew Teague This simple yet elegant wall cabinet makes good use of basic joinery, including a dovetailed carcase, sliding dovetails for the shelf support, and a frame-and-panel door...

Chippendale Pembroke Table

Woodworker: Tom Witzig Tables in Albert Stack's The New Fine Points of Furniture and in a Master Class article by Eugene Landon ( Fine Woodworking #151 ) inspired Tom Witzig to create his own...

Queen Anne Lowboy

Woodworker: Tom Witzig A lowboy on the cover of Jeffrey Greene's book American Furniture of the 18th Century inspired this Queen Anne-style table by Tom Witzig. Witzig added personal touches...

Mahogany Sofa Table

Woodworker: Michael Brown This eye-catching sofa table rounds out Michael Brown's mahogany living room set. Choosing the curvy pattern and testing its construction took hours, but the payout was...

Kitchen Island

Woodworker: Michael Brown Michael Brown's curvy kitchen island has rounded edges to add girth and decorative steel rails that bow out to give the spice racks room. The piece took about 80 hours to...

Curved Bench

Woodworker: Gerald Curry In order to give himself the leeway to develop a sense of his own style, Curry has built almost exclusively on speculation since forswearing reproductions in 2000. This bench...

Mirror with Drawers

Woodworker: Gerald Curry Curry's mirror, with its pilasters and pediment, is a spoof, he says, of a Georgian mirror. He updates the form not only with lighthearted shapes and bright paint, but by...

Splayed Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Gerald Curry The splayed form of Curry's chest of drawers reflects his affection for Chinese case pieces with canted sides. But the chest itself, he says, "is constructed as a classic New...

Askew Hanging Shelves

Woodworker: Gerald Curry Curry's venture into asymmetry-impelled by a gallery requesting "avant garde" work for a show-is still rooted in traditional technique. The case is dovetailed at the corners...

Demilune Tables

Woodworker: Gerald Curry Some of Curry's contemporary designs are inspired by favorite period pieces-in this case, the classic late 18th, early 19th-century demi-lune table. Curry created a handsome...

Curved-Front Writing Table

Woodworker: Gerald Curry A variation on his sideboard, Curry's desk has drop pulls attached with interlocking bronze cotter-pins-one goes through the drawer front and one into the pull-a simple...

Concave Front Sideboard

Woodworker: Gerald Curry When Curry began designing contemporary furniture, he didn't leave old processes behind. In all his pieces, he says, "the construction is 18th century-hand-cut dovetails...

Queen Anne Highboy

Woodworker: Gerald Curry The Massachusetts highboy upon which Curry based this reproduction is in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The identity of its maker is known-it was built by Ebenezer...

Chippendale Tea Table

Woodworker: Gerald Curry Curry based this piece on several tea tables made by the Townsend/Goddard craftsmen of Newport, Rhode Island. He points out that unlike a lot of period furniture he has...

Philadelphia Queen Anne Arm Chair

Woodworker: Gerald Curry This arm chair is from a set of 10 chairs Curry built in 1980. Curry developed his skills as a carver simply by copying carvings he considered beautiful. "Copying carving is...

Goodman Chair

Woodworker: Jere Williams Jere Williams' background in sculpture inspired the organic, flowing lines of this modernsist chair. Assembled with floating mortise-and-tenon joinery, the piece was mostly...

Snoeyenbos Chair

Woodworker: Jere Williams Jere Williams' background in sculpture inspired the organic, flowing lines of this modernsist chair. Williams used his trademark approach to make the piece, first assembling...

Beasley Chair

Woodworker: Jere Williams Jere Williams' background in sculpture inspired the organic, flowing lines of this modernsist chair. Made of bubinga with an upholstered leather seat, it gets it flowing...

Shultz Stool

Woodworker: Jere Williams Jere Williams' background in sculpture inspired the organic, flowing lines of this bar stool. It is made of canary wood with a leather upholstered seat. Most of the...

Sculpted Table

Woodworker: Jere Williams Jere Williams' background in sculpture inspired the organic, flowing lines of this modernsist table. The shaping technique, however, was not easy to perfect. He tried...

Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Emily Palm Emily Palm, owner of Blue Heron Woodworks in Petoskey, Michigan, uses fabrics in conjunction with wooden dividers to line this hardwood box. Lining a box with fabric protects...

Jewelry Boxes

Woodworker: David L. Shaw These jewelry boxes by Dave Shaw are decorated with a variety decorative veneers. Shaw finishes his boxes mainly with hand-rubbed shellac. They are lined withsuede...

Jewelry Boxes

Woodworker: Doug Stowe This assortment of jewelry and keepsake boxes by Doug Stowe is made from walnut, maple, and local Arkansas woods. They are finished a combination of Deft Danish Oil and...

Chippendale Mirror

Woodworker: Steve Latta During the late 18th century, elaborately framed mirrors, known as looking glasses, served as testimonials to the wealth of their owners. A looking glass similar to theone...

Craftsman-Style Kitchen Cabinets

Woodworker: Scott Gibson When building these kitchen cabinets, writer and woodworker Scott Gibson focused his design efforts on the elements that people will see, including face frames, doors...

Queen Anne Side Table

Woodworker: Eric Grant Grant's Queen Anne side table is an original design. The table features elegant cabriole legs with trifid feet, and a curved-ray shell in the front apron as the focal point...

Dutch Cabinet on Stand

Woodworker: Roy Howard This piece was inspired by a Dutch cabinet-on-stand (circa 1650) that resides in the state bedchamber at Ham House in Richmond, England. Howard built the cabinet out of New...

Trestle Coffee Table

Woodworker: Don Kondra This coffee table was created from a single slab of eucalyptus, straight from Australia, courtesy of a client. "This was the perfect project," says Kondra. "The client had the...

Segmented Game Table and Chairs

Woodworker: Malcolm Tibbetts For this chess ensemble (chairs, table, and chess pieces), Tibbetts cut almost 4,000 pieces of wood (such as myrtlewood, ebony, and curly maple). Yet the project took...

Demilune Table

Woodworker: Laura Smith Though diminutive in size Smith's demilune table delivers a visual punch. The octagonal mahogany legs are tapered on all sides and have feet of turned maple. The curved apron...

Arts and Crafts Cabinet

Woodworker: Debey Zito Zito, a woodworker for more than 20 years, prefers simplicity in her furniture forms. The subtle curves in her cabinet's door rails and bottom apron, as well as the soft taper...


Woodworker: Scott King The Kings made this piece for a client who wanted a room divider that reminded her of some of the plants and fruits of her native Barbados. Scott created the main frame out of...

Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Vern Bonham Bonham thinks of his boxes as small jewels. Though petite, this box took him about 10 days to construct. It is made of box-elder burl with a strip of black-dyed boxwood. The...

Two-Piece Wall Cabinet

Woodworker: Kevin McMahon McMahon named this two-piece hanging wall cabinet after a woman's bathing-suit design, called a "tankini," which combines a tank top with a bikini bottom. The cabinet is...

Hickory Chairs

Woodworker: Sam Norris Norris built these hickory chairs in his second year in the Fine Woodworking Program at the College of the Redwoods in California. Initially, he planned to make just the...

Arts and Crafts Blanket Chest

Woodworker: Jeff Dilks This Arts and Crafts style blanket chest made by Jeff Dilks is quartersawn white oak with panels of European beech, similar to American beech. Photo: Mark Schofield

Butternut Chest of Drawers

Woodworker: Garrett Hack Restrained butternut is a good partner for the vivid holly and ebony adornments on this chest built by Garrett Hack. While rarely used, butternut features wide boards, even...

Flame Birch Table

Woodworker: Garrett Hack A little Shaker, a lot of shimmer, the flame-birch carcase and top of this piece built by Hack dance in the light when viewed from different angles. Photo: Bill Truslow

Hepplewhite Sideboard

Woodworker: Al Pillsbury “This was a fun piece to make,” says Pillsbury of his reproduction Hepplewhite sideboard, because it allowed him to expand his repertoire of woodworking skills. The...

Lidded Box

Woodworker: Anatole Burkin This small box took Burkin 30 hours to create, with a big chunk of the time spent tweaking the design, The box is made of sapele, curly maple, and spalted maple; the...

Entertainment Center

Woodworker: Anatole Burkin This entertainment center, built almost two decades ago, was Anatole Burkin's first big furniture project. He still likes the design, especially the pulls, but if he had...

Harvest Table and Chairs

Woodworker: Matthew Teague Nashville-based woodworker Matthew Teague built this harvest table based on the classic Shaker drop-leaf table featured in Fine Woodworking #159 by Christian Becksvoort...

Side Chair

Woodworker: Gary Nakamoto Sawn curves, bent plywood and cylinders come together in this side chair to produce a gracefully curved shape. Nakamoto used a bending form created by furniture makers...


Woodworker: Wayne Marcoux This sideboard by Wayne Marcoux is made from curly maple and features contrasting bloodwood detail around the edges of dyed panels. Photo: Larry Crowe

Colonial-style Cupboard

Woodworker: Michael Dunbar Dunbar’s 18th-century Colonial-style cupboard has a dovetailed box as its foundation. The piece is made from pine and features an ogee cornice and frame-and-panel doors...


Woodworker: Ethan Hutchinson This cherry bench took approximately 40 hours to complete and features contrasting ebony plugs. The bench design is inspired by Queen Anne furniture and the furniture of...

Plywood Cabinet

Woodworker: Mark Edmundson Edmundson crafted this cabinet by sandwiching plywood on both sides of an MDF core. The doors feature frame-and-panel construction and a matched grain that Edmundson can...

Shaker-style Clock

Woodworker: Christian Becksvoort In building this Shaker-style clock, Becksvoort starts with the clock movement and then builds the clock around it. Rather than the white pine normally used for...

Shaker-style Cradle

Woodworker: Steve Brown Brown’s Shaker-inspired cradle is crafted using compound-angle dovetails. This feature gives the cradle its angled sides and makes the interior more accessible. Photo: Lance...

Krenov-style Cabinet-on-Table

Woodworker: Michael Moss Moss built this cabinet-on-table in the style of James Krenov. Made of cherry, the piece features walnut-burl veneer door fronts and ebony door and drawer pulls. The finish...

Display Cabinet

Woodworker: Phil Sollman Sollman designed and built this display cabinet for a client. The cabinet’s plywood substrate was vacuum-bag laminated with 1/8-in.-thick shopmade, bookmatched tigermaple...

Gallery Bench

Woodworker: Guy Lewis Constructed out of walnut and maple, this bench took Lewis approximately 120 hours to complete. It is finished with oil and wax. Photo: Guy Lewis

Rustic Liquor Cabinet

Woodworker: Randy Holden Holden may go through a forest of sticks before he finds just the right one to use in his pieces. In the construction of this liquor cabinet, he was able to find the right...

Rustic Sofa

Woodworker: Holden’s furniture can be feral or tame. Rustic can mean unrestrained as in this Gothic rock maple sofa. The sticks used for the back define the piece, giving it the appearance of a...

Rustic Stool

Woodworker: Randy Holden Holden enjoys the peaceful nature of his work and sometimes gathers sticks and crafts furniture while camping. This stool of sticks, found in his workshop, is a...

Rustic Chair

Woodworker: Randy Holden Though they may look frail, Randy Holden’s chairs are built to last. The round mortise-and-tenon joints are coped to connect seamlessly. Holden stores his sticks for at...


Woodworker: Seth Janofsky Janofsky crafted this sideboard as his homage to oak. He paired white oak frames with English white oak panels, preferring fine tonal play to more dramatic contrasts...

Leatherbound Box

Woodworker: Peter Spadone Spadone crafted this leatherbound box to hold arrowheads. This explains the box’s wide and flat structure. The box features vellum that is stretched over ebony which gives...

Sycamore Box

Woodworker: Michael Hurwitz Michael Hurwitz’s sycamore box features a coopered lid and is constructed with box joints. The piece also comes with the stand. Photo: Jonathan Binzen

French Country-style Bench

Woodworker: Spencer Horn Unpretentious French country furniture provided the inspiration for Spencer Horn’s bench. The solid poplar back rails of the bench are curved in plan as well as elevation...


Woodworker: Milton Salas This four-drawer chest by Salas is a variation of a two-drawer bedside table he previously designed. The sides of this small chest angle outward slightly, giving the piece a...


Woodworker: Timothy Coleman Made of thick veneer and solid parts from the same planks, this cherry and morado cabinet lies between traditional veneered and solid-wood pieces. Coleman cuts solid wood...

Pennsylvania Dutch-style Blanket Chest

Woodworker: Unknown The Pennsylvania Germans carried on a folk tradition of making pine chests decorated with the floral and figural motifs of traditional German manuscripts. These chests, perhaps...

Dining Set

Woodworker: E.E. “Skip” Benson Rigid geometry underlies Benson’s chairs and table in white oak, but it’s softened with curved and flared elements. Designed for a family whose kitchen looks...

Shaker-style Linen Press

Woodworker: Peter Turner Originally linen presses were used for storing clothing or valuable linen. In this modern adaptation, the form was pressed into service as a dining-room hutch. Turners...

Windsor Chair

Woodworker: Mario Rodriguez When Mario Rodriguez made this Windsor-style chair for his son, he knew that kids don’t baby their furniture. If his son’s hands are full, he’ll often maneuver the...

Dining Set

Woodworker: Patricia Harrison Harrison’s mission when desiging and crafting this dining set was to provide well-designed furniture for those who can’t afford the high prices of most craft...

Chinese-style Tables

Woodworker: Randolph DeMercado Holding to Chinese tradition, DeMercado’s tables are unobtrusive and rely on their simplicity rather than elaborate ornamentation. DeMercado heightened the...

Dictionary Stand

Woodworker: Les Cizek Cizek made this, his first stand, as a student at the College of the Redwoods in northern California. The top has a gentle curve of figured cherry veneer, with storage under the...

Computer Desk

Woodworker: Philip Ponvert Ponvert’s first computer desk is a basic form. All the components as well as paper storage are off to the side, so the top is kept clutter-free. The generously sized...

Steel-Topped Table

Woodworker: William Walker Walker’s steel and maple table, whose parts are made entirely by machine, goes from raw materials to UPS in a day. In designing this table for mass production, Walker...

End Table

Woodworker: William Walker William Walker’s design aesthetic shows through custom pieces like this cherry end table. In place of traditional aprons, which would be tucked under the top, Walker...

Table Lamp

Woodworker: David Fay When designing this lamp Fay started with rough sketches that were then taken to a graphic designer who rendered them on a computer. This computer-aided design enables Fay to...

Dining Table

Woodworker: Michael Hurwitz For a commissioned work, Hurwitz came up with this slat-top table reminiscent in design of a woven tablecloth. The table is constructed of strips of elm and walnut veneer...

Dining Table

Woodworker: Michael Hurwitz For a commissioned work, Hurwitz came up with this slat-top table reminiscent in design of a woven tablecloth. The table is constructed of strips of elm and walnut veneer...

Display Shelf

Woodworker: Gregory Hay Hay chose black woods for his display shelf to give its open structure visual weight. The sandblasting technique used for the relief carving on the front legs left a whitish...


Woodworker: Gregory Skidmore Skidmore designed and crafted this hutch for his daughter. The smaller dimensions of the upper case reduce the overall bulk of the hutch and also provide a counter...

Breakfast Table

Woodworker: Henry Fox The tapered legs on this ash breakfast table notch around the wedge-shaped top. This increases stability as well as seating room. The two back legs smoothly pull out on...


Woodworker: Thomas Hugh Stangeland The patterns of panes and frames on the top of this table echo Stangeland’s former career as a windowmaker. The marriage of oak and ebony in the desk present...

Sculpted Lamp

Woodworker: Susan Hersey Hersey wraps twigs and branches with paper to make her unique form of “sculptural lighting” designed for atmosphere rather than utility. This lamp is made from layers of...

Japanese-style Sconce

Woodworker: David Finck Japanese paper with ginkgo leaves gives this birch sconce by David Finck a soft, peaceful glow. Photo: Zachary Gaulkin

Walnut Bed

Woodworker: Philip Ponvert The bed, part of a suite, was commissioned by clients who were initially intrigued with a small chest of drawers done by Ponvert. Rather than bombard a customer with the...

Dining Set

Woodworker: William Walker You wouldn’t know to look at it, but Walker designed this table several years after the chairs. The pieces are tied together by many similarities, the most obvious being...

Rocking Chair

Woodworker: Carl Swensson Swensson first made models of this rocker’s parts to help him work out methods of efficient manufacture along with aesthetic and structured details. His plan to build the...


Woodworker: Richard Gies Interested in furnishing their 1830 Quaker farmhouse with circa 1780-1850 pieces, Gies and his wife borrowed elements from three period pieces to design and build this...

Asian-style Chest

Woodworker: Marcus Collier The circa 1850 reproduction Tansu chest is a loose intrepretation of a piece Collier saw in the book Traditional Japanese Furniture (Kodansha International, 1986). Made of...

Fan Lamp

Woodworker: John Lang Simplicity shines in this lamp by John Lang. The lamp has an ash veneer shade stitched together at the top and bottom, like a Japanese fan. The strips expand and contract freely...

Arch-Leg Table

This ash

Curved Leg Hall Table

Woodworker: Wayne MarcouxThis is the first in a series of curve legged tables designed by New Hampshire furniture maker Wayne Marcoux. The legs are constructed as bent laminations, and the...

Carved Black Box

Woodworker: Michael Cullen The potential of freehand carving is clear in Cullen's powerfully evocative little box. He is intrigued by this simple, elegant almond shape, with which you can create a...

Tea with the Mad Hatter

Woodworker: Michael Cullen Cullen has collaborated on a number of pieces with the metalworker Laurie Marson. Their table for one was inspired by the tea-swilling Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland...

'Little Prince' Cabinet

Woodworker: Michael Cullen Cullen's whimsical side comes out in pieces like this cabinet, which was inspired by a favorite book from his boyhood, Antoine de Saint Exupéry's The Little Prince. The...

'Trestle' Benches

Woodworker: Michael Cullen In the earthquake of 1989, an old railroad trestle collapsed in Ferndale, California. Cullen bought some of the wood and made these benches. In pieces like these, he...

Walnut Table

Woodworker: Michael Cullen Building pieces like this walnut table is a process of subtraction rather than construction. Such elemental work is enjoyably physical, Cullen says, and has a whole...

Harvest Chest

Woodworker: Michael Cullen Chests and boxes are good candidates for the type of allover carving Cullen favors. He likes the broad, uninterrupted surfaces they offer and the ability to make a...

Snowflake Chest

Woodworker: Michael Cullen Cullen's exuberant pattern carving on this chest is of stylized snowflakes -- like a snapshot of a snowfall. Cullen's earliest carvings were made with a router, but he...

Moon Desk

Woodworker: Michael Cullen Designed for a show of practical furniture at a Boston gallery, this piece is telephone/memo desk. Cullen's wife, Barbara, an artist and art therapist, created the moon...

Bridge Table

Woodworker: Wayne Marcoux New Hampshire furniture maker Wayne Marcoux's inspiration for this sofa table was the arched base of a bridge. The legs are tapered bent laminations that join with a lap...

Floating Entertainment Cabinet

Woodworker: Steve Casey Southern California Steve Casey was a professional custom cabinetmaker specializing in home theater systems for 25 years before setting out to build this contemporary piece...

Post-and-Rung Chair

Post-and-rung chair in white oak by Michael Pekovich.

Black Table

Bench by Michael Cullen.

Hand-Carved Chest

Chest by Michael Cullen features hand-carved, milk-painted wood, a wenge base, and an unfinished Port Orford cedar bottom.

Yellow Chest

Yellow chest by Michael Cullen features hand-carved painted wood.

Hand Carved Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers in solid cherry by Michael Cullen.

Classic Fireplace Mantel

This fireplace mantel by Mario Rodriguez is a modern adaptation of classical elements.

Pencil-Post Bed

Pencil-post bed in tiger maple by Lonnie Bird.

Lidded Box

Lidded box by Richard Raffan.

Tall Case Clock

Tall lcase clock in curly maple by Bill Coyle.

Drum-shaped Table

Drum-shaped table in. mahogany, sycamore, and aluminum by Chris Davidson.

Corner Cabinet

Corner cabinet in pine by Ken Wirtz.

Chaise Bench

Chaise bench made of mahogany laminated strips by Tim Bickert

Painted Chest

Painted chest in poplar by Frank B. Rhodes, Jr.

Wine Cabinet

Wine cabinet in cherry and cherry veneer by David Hurwitz.

Tansu Buffet

Tansu buffet in bubinga by Bruce Miller.

Audio Cabinet

Audio cabinet in maple by Kenneth Frederick.

Concertina Case

Concertina case in black walnut, plane, and ebony by John Bullar.

Entry Table

Entry table in cherry by Andrew Pitts.

Tall Chest

William and Mary tall chest in maple by Martin J. Milkovits

Newport Tall Clock

Woodworker: Randall O'Donnell This reproduction Newport block-front tall case clock built by Indiana-based furniture maker Randall O'Donnell, features handmade brass movement and hardware, a...

Georgian Mantel

Georgian mantel.

Federal Mantel

Woodworker: Mario Rodriguez Typical of mantels found in 19th-century farmhouses, this mantel's flat relief and plain treatment, based on the styles of classical architecture, perfectly frame the...

Victorian Fireplace Mantel

Woodworker: Mario Rodriguez For this mantel, each ornamental element was constructed independently. the pilasters, brackets, and moldings were then mounted to the foundation so the completed mantel...

Colonial Fireplace Mantel

Colonial fireplace mantel by Mario Rodriguez.

Greene and Greene Fireplace Mantel

Greene and Greene mantel by Mario Rodriguez.

Art Deco Fireplace Mantel

Woodworker: Mario Rodriguez The face of this mantel is made up entirely of triangular sections laid horizonatlly and wraapping neatly around the corners. Resting on top of unadorned plinths, each...

Modern Fireplace Mantel

Woodworker: Mario Rodriguez Triangular in cross section, this mantel looks a bit like a range hood over the fireplace. Down lights in the underside of the box cast an artful glow where a mantel shelf...

Arts and Crafts Desk

Woodworker: Charles Francis Annesley VoyseyThis desk was designed in 1896 by Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941), an English designer associated with the early Arts and Crafts movement in...

Manxman Piano

Woodworker: M.H. Baillie ScottEnglish designer M.H. Baillie Scott (1865-1945) designed this piano in 1896. The case is thought to have been produced six years later by the Guild of Handicraft or the...

Cherry Built-In

A bookcase for a flat-panel television.

Adjustable Armchair

Woodworker: Josef HoffmanAustrian designer and architect Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956) designed this adjustable armchair around 1908. It is a quintessential example of the Arts and Crafts period. It...

Under-the-Stair Built-In

Woodworker: Steve Casey Making use of the negative space below a staircase, Casey designed this built-in enterainment center to house a state-of-the-art television and its related components. It is...

Entertainment Console

Woodworker: Steve Casey This modern credenza was designed around the large plasma screen television that hovers above it. Drawers and cabinets are used to store media, and open-faced cubbiesexpose...

Entertainment Center Bookcase

Woodworker: Steve Casey This large built-in bookcase was created for a home to house books and collectables, as well as a shallow flat-panel television. The lower section features drawers for media...

Walnut Sculpted Rocker

Woodworker: Bill LindauNorth Carolina woodworker Bill Lindau designed and built this sculpted rocking chair in a style he calls "contemporary Maloof." He modeled its shaply curves after the inconic...

Cherry Sculpted Rocker

Woodworker: Bill LindauNorth Carolina woodworker Bill Lindau designed and built this sculpted rocking chair in a style he calls "contemporary Maloof." He modeled its shaply curves after the inconic...

Chippendale Side Table

Woodworker: Freddy Roman Roman built this side table based on a Chippendale design. It features a number of hand-carved elements, including a taurus molding around three sides of the table top, a...

Prototype Arm Chair

Woodworker: Matt Berger The design for this chair was inspired by a 17th-century Ming Dynasty horseshoe armchair on display at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. Dozens of sketches...


Alan DeVilbiss

Coopered Blanket Chest

Woodworker: John White Photographed 15 years after it was constructed, this eastern white pine blanket chest was finished with two coats of Danish oil and now glows with a pumpkin-color patina. The...

Jewelry Box

Woodworker: John White White constructed this jewelry box as a prop for a faux-finishing article published in Fine Woodworking. Made of pine, it features a frame-and-panel lid and handmade wood...

Linen Press

Woodworker: John White This Linen press made of pine, poplar, and maple-veneer plywood, is based on a classic piece made at a Kentucky Shaker community. The upper case with doors is constructed of...

Aurora Table Desk

Woodworker: Darrell Peart Seattle's Aurora Bridge and an eight-legged table designed by the brothers Greene inspired the design of this Arts and Crafts desk, which features paired legs connected by...

Salad Bowls

Woodworker: Matt BergerThese matching salad bowls were turned from fresh-cut logs recovered from a fallen tulip poplar tree. Each was finished on the lathe with a food-safe walnut oil.

Tool Chest

Woodworker: Matt BergerThis dovetailed tool chest was constructed using the plans and procedures detailed by Chris Gochnour in Fine Woodworking #169. The box is made of alder, a species that...

Shaker-style Rocking Chair

Woodworker: Matt Berger Inspired by the classic No. 6 rocking chair produced by the Shakers and an article from Fine Woodworking #177, Berger took some liberties with the design, foregoing the...

Checkered Bowl

Woodworker: Irving FischmanThis piece is a replica of the segmented turned bowl that appeared on the cover of the premier issue of Fine Woodworking magazine. Made by Irving Fischman, the walnut and...

Tool Chest

Tool chest by Tony Konovaloff in walnut and alder. This huge chest can hold a multitude of tools.

Jewelry Box

This pine jewelry box by Jim Cummins was made with only a table saw. His steam bending technioque for the curved sides uses only a tea kettle.


Cherry loveseat by Gary Rogowski. Interlocking tenons were used to give the piece a strong frame.

Baby Sleigh

Christian Becksvoort baby sleigh made with solid ash, ash strips, brass and cast-brass. Sleighs such as these were popular well into the 20th-century.

Showcase Cabinet

Gans’ maple showcase sits on top of a 38-in high torsion box base.


Page Sullivan’s cherry and spalted maple cabinet is designed after an old-fashioned jukebox.


Greg Zall’s cabinet made from Douglas fir and doussie - lined with aromatic cedar.

Scalloped Cabinet

Coleman used two different techniques and two different woods to achieve the cohesive look of this cabinet. The top is made from maple and hand carved, while the lower portion is made from white oak and laminated.

Jewelry Box

Finck’s jewelry box features an asymmetrical door, a carved pearwood handle, and a set of drawers that feature a continuous grain of bird’s-eye maple running through them.

Writing Box

Nicholas Goulden’s writing box made from English hornbeam and white oak with leather writing surface.

Chair Devils

These “chair devils” are made from high-speed steel , brass screws, and either cherry or blackwood infill. They are finished with tung oil and wax.

Krenov-style Cabinet

Under the tutelage of James Krenov, Radenkov made this cabinet on stand with elm veneer. The piece features a marquetry design in dogwood.

Teak Cabinet-on-Stand

James Krenov’s teak and oak cabinet, circa 1989.

Sliding-Tile Puzzle

This sliding tile puzzle, by Stirling, is made of teak, mahogany and rosewood.


Coffin’s white oak puzzle is made from 48 identical pyramids and can be assembled 11 different ways.

Sleigh Bed

Made from mahogany and rosewood, Turner’s sleigh bed echos those made in 19th-century France. With custom details such as hand-carved flowers and tambour curves, Turner’s bed is altered to suit the needs of his client.

Bed Frame

The bed frame is made from pickled white iak and topped with a sand-blasted and clear-finished headboard and footboard. The piece was a collaborative effort between painter Kathy Halton and furniture maker Bob Ingram.

Ebony Box

Ebony box with brass accents by Phil Weber. The box stands only 12 inches high.

Cribbage Board

Made from a variety of wood and wood veneers Pontecorvo’s cribbage board is an excellent first piece for those interested in learning the inlay process.

Chest of Drawers

Chippendale-style chest of drawers by Mac Campbell. The chest is accented with reeded quarter columns, cock beading, carved feet and brass pulls. The construction of the reeded columns for this mahogany chest are outlined in FW#93, pp. 81-83.

Trompe l’Oeil Tool Chest

Trompe l’oeil tool chest made by Stephen Alexander while attending the North Street Bennet School in Boston, Ma.


Rivard made this mallet of bulletwood. It is finished with linseed oil.

Coffee Table

Rudolph’s pine and glass coffee table entitled “E Ticket” depicts a city’s evolution from the 20th to 21st century. The table is one of five in a series.

Rocking Chair

Perrin’s maple rocker entitled “Empire Chair,” has been featured in several magazines and newspaper articles.

Convertible Desk

With a flip of its lid this hall table can be converted to a functional spinet desk. Monteith took his inspiration from the desks of the 1830s and turning them into usable pieces for today.

Convertible Table

Inspired by a 200 year-old Dutch table, Monteith fashioned a contemporary version of a convertible table. The table can go from a simple hall table to a card table with the use of a sliding rail system designed by Monteith.

Turned Vessel

Using a fiber-optic light source to guide him, Fennell is able to turn this masur-birch vessel to 1/16-in thick. Once complete the fiber-optic cord can illuminate the piece like a lantern.


Warren May’s dulcimer made from paulownia.


Briefcase made from paulownia by John Kennedy, Berea, KY.

Japanese Lidded Box

Lidded box in made from paulownia by Japanese craftsman Isaburo Wada.

Kerf-Bent Mirror

A solid mirror frame gets its shaped from a planned series of kerf-bent cuts. After bending, Picou fills the kerfs with epoxy to get the effect pictured here.

Butterfly-Leaf Table

Schürch made his butterfly-leaf table from teak. When closed, the hinged leaf is stored under the top pivots eliminating the need to handle bulky, heavy leaves.

Shaker-style Blanket Chest

The cedar chest crafted by Carter features hand-cut dovetails.

Shaker-Style Chest of Drawers

Christian Becksvoort designed and built this Shaker-style chest with an eye toward wood movement over time.

18th-Century French-style Dining Table

18th-century French dining table by Rob Anderson. The table is made from koa, MDF veneered with pommele sapele, satinwood and purpleheart, and features gilt bronze on the knees and ankles formally known as Ormolu. Ormolu was popular in 18th-century French furnitures as both a decorative and protective element.

Blanket Chest

Using his method of curved carcase construction, Byers was able to make this piece entitled “Temptation Chest.” Looking more like a coffee table, one only has to lift the top to realize its actually a blanket chest. It is made from ebonized oak.

Curved Chests of Drawers

Byer’s chests of drawers get their curved shape from bending plywood dressed up with wood slats. This piece (one of two) is finished with milk paint.

Magazine Rack

Vaughan’s magazine rack gets its visual interest from fantail flutes down with a router. The flutes highlight the grain in the English cherry. The piece is finished with Danish oil and cellulose lacquer. See the article in FW#95, pp. 54-57.

Klismos-style Side Chair

Using measurements from the Grew-Sheridan method of chair sizing, Doyle crafted an updated version of the 2000 year-old Greek Klismos chair. The chair is made of birch and has a leather-covered cushion that is supported by sewing machine belts.


Jensen made this Japanese oak armchair during a woodworking class with the Grew-Sheridans. Inspired by asian furniture making, Jensen wanted the seat cushion to seem to float above the seat rails. To accomplish this he swept the rails in an upward direction.

Craftsman-style Dining Chair

Kendrick followed the Grew-Sheridan method to give his Craftsman-inspired chair a perfect fit. The chair is made from white oak with a leather upholstered seat.

Lidded Box

To get the rounded corners of this cedar box, George Blomberg employs steaming and bending for three of them. The fourth corner is rabbeted and pinned.

Chess Set with Table

Carter designed and built the chess table. He turned and carved the pieces himself.

Tool Chest

This tool chest by Dorsch features a variety of woods and a variety of hand-cut dovetails. The upper shelves house his collection of antique planes; while the graduated drawers below store a multitude of tools. See article in FW#96, pp. 63-65.

Blanket Chest

This walnut and white oak blanket chest by George Monroe was featured at a woodworking show highlightlng woods of the Pacific Coast.

Chippendale-style Chair

Mizell added a Texas flair to this Chippendale-style chair. It features the lone star carved on the back splat, a crest-rail armadillo and a silhouette of the Alamo at the base of the splat.

Roll-top Desk

Roll-top desk in mesquite by Jim Butcher.

Prairie-style Couch

Designed by Scott Dickerson, built by Dennis Saindon and upholstered by Newt Tyler, this prairie-style couch took over 37 weeks to build and used more than 630 board feet of oak. All the elements of the couch are based up an architectural style that was first developed by Louis Sullivan, but made internationally famous by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Kenney’s locomotive is a replica of the 1863 Thatcher Perkins locomotive. The piece is done in 1/24 in. scale and uses a variety of woods in its construction. Only satin varnish is used for the finish.

Stamp Box

Reed makes these walnut and cherry stamp boxes in batches. The stamps are housed in a circular liner. Reed uses a registration pin to line up the lid and the stamp-exit slot.

Comb-back Windsor Chair

A comb-back Windsor chair by Mario Rodriguez. Rodriguez uses only hand tools to craft the pine seat. The chair is finished with milk paint.

Tall Clock

This cherry tall clock by Robert Newton encompasses a variety of styles from Shaker to Mackintosh. Newtown intended his interpretation to be a mixture of old and new.


Lincoln Clapp’s secretary in cherry. His piece is a mixture of traditional and moderns designs.

Four-Poster Bed

Former President and woodworker, Jimmy Carter, crafted this four-poster bed from cherry with tapered, faceted posts.


Made completely of apple, Payeur’s bookstand was made to allow a knitter to read while knitting. Payeur cut all the apple wood himself.

Side Chair

Ted Ney’s Gloucester side chair in bird’s-eye and hard maple. The chair is finished with clear and black lacquer.

Coffee Table

Wenge coffee table with hand-rubbed oil finish.

Captain’s Bed

Captain’s bed made from mahogany and brass. All of the brass hardware used was shop made. The bed also features a suspended hidden drawer system.

Expandable Dining Table

Lash made this mahogany Queen Anne-style dining table with a special expansion mechanism that allows the table to expand from 5 feet to 14 feet. The additional legs needed to support the table are hidden in the expansion mechanism when not in use.

Tabletop Mirror

Gleason’s smaller version of the classic cheval mirror in fiddleback koa and ebony. The piece is finished with lacquer.

Windsor-style Bed

This Windsor-style bed is made of cherry and features the technique of bent lamination.

Pine Bookcase

Simple pine bookcase with biscuit joiner by John Kelsey.

Dining Table

Made in England, this walnut and burr walnut dining table features a bronze and steel winding mechanism that opens the table when turned, allowing wedge-shaped leaves to be inserted. The table is valued at $46,000 (1993).

Rocking Chair

Maple rocking chair entitled “Rhythm & Snooze” by Cato Furniture of Bristol, England. It is valued at over $1800.

Dunlap-style Secretary

Commissioned by U.S. Senator Judd Gregg (R.N.H), Smith made this Dunlap-style replica with curly maple and finished it with a hand-brushed varnish.

Coffee Table

Coffee table by Tage Frid made with rosewood veneer. The curved shapes are carried through the top and the legs giving the table a classic look. The piece is finished with Danish oil.

Stereo Cabinet

William Turner's stereo cabinet in walnut with tambour doors.


Maple credenza with sliding tambour doors by Richard Wedler.

Turned Vessels

Turned vessels by Bob Hawks.

Tool Chest

This machinist-style tool chest can be made in a weekend. The chest is a basically a dovetail box done with a jig and bit. The tool chest is made of oak and poplar and features felt-lined drawers.

Harvest Dining Table

Campbell’s harvest dining table is made from curly maple. Though its drawers provide additional storage, they can also weaken the table. Campbell added a strongback to give the table strength.

Noah’s Ark

After three years of work Hoffman finished this interpretation of Noah’s Ark. The ark was made with five layers of oak veneer that when open reveal 60 pairs of hand-carved and painted basswood animals. The piece is completed with the addition of a unicorn - without a mate - and Noah and his family.

Garden Bench

Plantation teak and bronze foot caps will keep this garden bench weather-proof for years to come. To further protect it, it is finished with clear penetrating oil and water sealer.

Hall Table

Crafted with a myriad of different materials, the “uncovered” tabletop is set with epoxy resin then the entire table is covered with lacquer and wax.

Arts and Crafts-style Chest

Arts and Crafts-style chest in black walnut and pear by Malcolm Vaughan.

“Cracked” Cabinet

A master of marquetry techniques, Kopf recreates a bone dry landscape for this cabinet. The background is made from satinwood veneer; while the cracks are made with black aniline-dyed basswood. The base and arches are Ebon-X. The epicenter where the densest cracks occur is home to a digital clock.

Argus Cabinet

Repetitive-motif marquetry was the technique used by Kopf to achieve the look of this cabinet. Using a chevalet, Kopf cuts a number of stacked pieces of an individual species of veneer all at the same time. They are then used with other cut pieces to achieve a multiple image.

Queen Anne-style Highboy

Queen Anne highboy by Norm Vandal. The piece is made from tiger maple and features cabriole legs, classic moldings, chased brass backplates and cock beads around the drawer openings.

Shaker-style Sideboard

Tiger maple and cherry Shaker-inspired sideboard by Garrett Hack. Hack also used wedged rosewood knobs to complete the piece.

Shaker-style Clock

Shaker-style clock in cherry and pine by Phil Lowe.

Morris Chair and Ottoman

Lehnert’s Morris chair was made in the traditional Craftsman-style using quartersawn white oak then finishing with an ammonia fuming process. The construction and finishing are outlined in FW#101, pp. 39-42.

Miniature Chess Set

Michael Mode’s miniature chess set made from Indian rosewood, ebony and holly. The pieces no higher than the size of a dime are made from ebony and tagua nut. Felt-line rosewood tweezers were made so players could move the pieces without scattering them all over the board.

Shaker-style Workbench

Made from cherry and cherry plywood Bunn’s Shaker-style workbench offers a large, stable work surface and plenty of storage. The main support system is a series of four “bents” the same system used in post-and-beam construction. See article in FW#102, pp. 89-93.

Turned Bottles

Kip Christiansen’s turned perfume bottles (shown slightly oversize) were made from African blackwood, holly and ivory wood.

Windsor-style Table

Made in the traditional Windsor style, Jim Hartlage used maple and pine, and finished the piece with milk paint with an oil topcoat.

Hall Chest

Hall chest in pau ferro by Timothy Philbrick.


Sideboard of claro walnut by Timothy Philbrick.

End Table

This novelty end table by Charles Miller is made from Douglas fir. The fish is carved from sugar pine and is attached to the table in lieu of a third leg. The edge of the table has been flattened to its full thickness and let into the side of the fish. It is then pocket-screwed from below and glued. The fin above gives added stability.

Coat Rack

Though Miller’s coat rack looks frail its “ribs” are actually mortised straight through providing enough strength for a winter coat. The rack is made from Douglas fir and the heads and tails are sugar pine.

Hand-Carved Bed

Miller’s “eel” bed is made with Douglas fir. The slats are sculpted to reflect the eels movement as it swims through the water. Both eel carvings are done using sugar pine.

Shaker-style Oval Boxes

Wilson crafts his oval boxes using traditional Shaker techniques. These boxes are made from maple and pine and finished with clear lacquer.

Japanese-style Tea Table

Vogt made this table for a craft show celebrating Japanese pottery. He designed the table 17 in. high for floor-seated tea drinkers. The table further reflects the Oriental lifestyle with its use of simple components and traditional joinery. See article in FW#102, pp. 44-47.

Baby's Changing Table

Tico Vogt’s side table in elm.

Victorian-style Washstand

Nina crafted this Victorian-style washstand as an exact replica of the original that he owns. The piece is made of white oak and the carvings are done using a bushing-guided router and slotted acrylic templates.

Computer Desk

Tuttle designed this plywood computer desk to be broken down for transport or storage. The desk has its own power switch and is wired for a variety of computer equipment.

Hall Table

This “floating table” was constructed with willow legs and is finished with acrylic.

Built-in Cabinet

Based on the decor of his client’s home Mikkelsen designed and built this unit to have a painted finish. Choosing poplar, and birch plywood Mikkelsen added geometric details that stand out when painted with high-gloss white paint. See the article in FW#103, pp. 62-66 for construction and painting details.

Tilt-Top Pedestal Dining Table

Tilt-Top dining table in cherry with ebony stringing. Martin used a dovetail joinery system for the pedestal, which gives the table added strength and legroom. The table has an oil finish.

Hammock Stand

Del Cover crafted this Vicking-like piece for a client. He used teak, ash, walnut, bubinga and paloverde in its construction. Cover used bolt-together scarf joints in the carcase so the 450 lb dragon can be broken down for moving. The stand is finished with spar varnish.

Jewelry Box

Nagyszalanczy crafted this serpentine-front jewery box from bird’s-eye maple. It features rosewood trim and pulls and is finished with lacquer.

Jewelry Box

Woodworker: Paul Burri Vertical and horizontal lines define this jewelry box by Paul Burri. The geometric shapes of the Honduras mahogany upper box and the lower zebrawood case are exaggerated by the...

Queen Anne-style Table

Treanor’s drop-leaf Queen Anne-style breakfast table in cherry. Several joinery styles were used such as pinned tenons, knuckle joints and half-blind dovetails.

Tall Chest of Drawers

Shaker-inspired cherry chest of drawers by Christian Becksvoort.

Wine Cabinet

Shipstad used a variety of lesser known woods in the construction of this wine cabinet. The panels are sucupira veneer of apple plywood. The rest of the cabinet features Kamarere, chakte koc. and bayo.

Craftsman-style Coffee Table

Craftsman-style coffee table by Lars Mikkelson. The table is made with white oak and finished with Antique Minwax.


Maple and yellow satinwood credenza by Patrick Warner. The piece features floating dovetail wedges, a half-lapped open frame back, tapered muntins and recessed triangular handholds. It was left unfinished.

Twister Cabinet

Mark Edmundson created this clever Twister cabinet from wenge and spalted maple.

Shaker-style Rocking Chair

Conover’s maple rocker with woven seat and back is built in the Shaker tradition

Tool Chest

Steve Johnson’s mobile tool chest is made from solid walnut. Designed similar to an automotive tool chest, the piece weighs 215 lbs - without tools.

Tool Chest

Tim Kimack’s veneered, inlaid and hand-made tool chest


Harold Purcell’s custom designed toolbox is a functional and visual treat. It features a maple base and three stackable cherry and mahongay boxes that can be moved as necessary.


Toolbox by furniture maker Greg Radley. The piece is made from solid ash, and solid mahogany veneered with curly Euopean ash. The inner partitions are all mahogany.


The use of figured wood highlights these two pieces by Tischler. On the left his tall cabinet-on-chest is made from ash and features holly inlay and curly oak drawers. The bureau is made from cherry with falme-birch drawers and a black base.


The use of figured wood highlights these two pieces by Tischler. On the left his tall cabinet-on-chest is made from ash and features holly inlay and curly oak drawers. The bureau is made from cherry with falme-birch drawers and a black base.

Sheraton-style Field Bed

Sheraton-inspired field-style bed in cherry by Doug Moosberry and Steve Latta. The bed features turned posts and mortise-and-tenon joinery.

Corner Cabinet

Lowe’s Chippendale-style corner cabinet does double duty as an entertaiment center. Made with a trapezoidal back Lowe was able to gain enough interior space to house a TV. See his construction methods in FW#106, pp. 82-85.

Greene-and-Greene-style Writing Desk

Stangeland’s desk is made from English brown oak, Macassar ebony, Gaboon ebony and figured maple. It is finished with lacquer.

Greene-and-Greene-style Dining Chair

Greene-and-Greene reproduction dining chair made by Thomas Hugh Stangeland. The chair is made from mahogany, Ebon-x, and upholstered with leather. The chair is a straight reproduction of a 1908 Greene and Greene design.

Stickley-style Desk

White oak Stickley-inspired fall-front desk finished using fumed ammonia, hand-rubbed oil and wax.


This Kentucky-style dulcimer was made with sassafras and constructed by Jon Arno.

Step Stool

Sassafras stepstool by Kelly Mehler.

Trestle Table

Konovaloff designed and built this trestle table to withstand the rigors of both indoor and outdoor use. It is constructed using red cedar and hand-chopped mortises.

Southwestern-style Credenza

This credenza matches an executive desk made by Trujillo for the govenor’s office in New Mexico. made from solid cherry and walnut, the piece reflects the flora of New Mexico.

Executive Desk

This desk graces the office of the govenor of New Mexico. Trujillo made the piece from solid cherry and walnut. Its carvings represent the distinct culture of New Mexico.

Gilded Table

This Rococo-inspired table took carver Steve Pancoast and gilder Nancy Thorn over 2000 hours to complete. Carved first in basswood the piece is then water-gilt, a tedius process, with over 6500 sq. in. of 23K gold leaf.

Jewelry Box

Abijah Reed’s jewelry box in cherry features a framed, vaulted lid, curved sides, and a velveteen-lined tray with curved-top dividers.

Three-Slat Chair

Three-slat chair in cherry by Christian Becksvoort. The shaped seat and back provide comfort. The laminated back legs can withstand abuse. The chair is finished with tung oil.

Tile-Top Coffee Table

Southwestern-style coffee table in Douglas fir. The top of the table is made with the handmade petroglyph tiles of artist Suki Strong.

Bowback Windsor Chair

Bowback Windsor chair in maple, pine and hickory, and finished with milk paint.

Storage Cabinet

This storage chest is made with book-matched pieces of walnut and crotch walnut. It is accessorized with ebony pulls and finished with an oil-based varnish and wax.

Queen Anne-style Highboy

Chester County highboy in tiger maple made by Irion Company Furniture Makers.

Open-Pedestal Table

Walnut open-pedestal table with elliptical top. The piece is finished with linseed oil, polyurethane and mineral spirits.

William and Mary-style Bureau

Treanor’s William and Mary-style bureau is made of ash. The piece is accented with cove and arch moldings, and brass hardware. It is finished with paint.

Pembroke Table

Pembroke table in mahogany with shellac finish. The table features tapered legs and swinging leaf supports.

Rustic Armchair

Rustic armchair made from maple saplings and Shaker tape by Paul Ruhlmann.


Plain and figured maple sideboard by Hank Gilpin, Ken Scherdell and Sylven Medyesy.


John White crafted this workbench in Douglas fir. The bench uses 6 pipe clamps in a variety of configurations to give the bench its versatility.

Entertainment Cabinet

Peter Turner’s entertainment center in quartersawn maple. Turner keeps this large piece of furniture delicate in appearance by using curved legs and cove moldings.


Curved mahogany veneer credenza by Darryl Keil.

Lidded Box

Japanese-style lidded box by Gary Rogowski. The box is made from alder and features an ebony handled, brass pinned lap joints, rounded sides, and a bottom lined with Japanese rice paper. The instructions are found in FW#139, pp. 60-63.

Rococo-style Tall Clock

Barnett - 1699 Reproduction tall clock made of solid walnut, walnut burl and crotch veneers. It has a shellac and lacquer finish.

Queen Anne-style Side Chair

Queen Anne-style mahogany chair by Keith Allen.

Side Chair

Nakashima-style side chair by Keith Allen. The chair is made from bird’s-eye maple and cherry.

Side Chair

Eultgen’s side chair in curly maple with white linen upholstery. A fleur-de-lis pattern appears on the crest rail, inlaid with Carpathian elm burl and ebony.

Emperor’s Bed

A team of six Chinese woodworkers crafted this Emperor’s bed as a gift to a Connecticut man for his financial guidance to the Chinese government. The bed, made of mahogany, took three months to complete and features traditional carvings throughout.

Jewelry Box

Dave Freedman’s jewelry box uses a variety of woods in its construction. It features mitered corners, dovetail joints, chamfered edges and marquetry design. Its hinge assembly is outline in FW#140, pp. 83-85.

Newport-style Secretary

Newport-style secretary by Irion Co. Furniture Makers

Arts and Crafts-style Wall Cabinet

Craftsman-style wall cabinet in butternut by Ian Ingersoll. The cabinet features a glazed door and a tilt-out drawer.

Trestle Table

Cherry trestle table with breadboard ends and chamfered edges. The table, by Charles Durfee, is finished with oil.

Angel Carving

These basswood angels were carved by master-carver Fred Wilbur. They are finished with an oil and varnish mixture, and the trumpets are gilded.

Hall Table

Hall table by Hank Gilpin. The arc of the drawer front and table top are done by using a compass plane.

Side Chair

Hickman’s side chair is crafted in walnut with a tung-oil finish and ulpholstered with linen seat covers.

Dining Table

This dining table by Hank Gilpin gets its arcs and curves from the use of a compass plane.


This curvaceous stool, by Hank Gilpin, gets its shape with the use of a compass plane.

Wycombe Windsor Chair

Wycombe Windsor chair in beech. The Wycombe-style is characterized by the wheel in the back splat as well as the fantail supporting angled spindles.

Thonet Side Chair

Thonet chair, circa 1860 made of steam-bent beech.

Frame-and-Panel Bed

David Fay’s frame-and-panel bed features compound angles and faceted legs. The bed uses cherry, pear and granadillo in its construction, and is finished with oil. See article in FW#134, pp. 74-79 for Fay’s instructions.

Side Chair

Scott designed and made this chair from strips of English hornbeam. The strips, orginally intended to be used for tennis racquets, were destined for the scap pile before Scott rescued them.

Wall Cabinet

Wall cabinet in white oak by Chris Cain.

Blanket Chest

Blanket chest of cherry and anigre veneer by Richard Dunham.

Hall Table

Hall table in cherry and spalted maple by Deneb Puchalski.

Turned Bowl

Blickenstaff’s turned bowl in Norfolk Island pine (star pine). The luminous quality is achieved by turning the wood while still wet, soaking the turned bowl in Danish oil for a month, then drying it for three weeks before wet-sanding it.

Chest of Drawers

Gindling’s chest of drawers from urban walnut and sycamore, and finished with polyurethane.

Teak Cabinet-on-Stand

Teak cabinet with cherry lining, spalted maple drawer and door fronts, and olive drawers.


A sliding tray with fold-down drawer front hides a laptop computer in a cherry living room table.

Tripod Table

Biedermeier-style tripod table by Kate Hawes.

Block-Front Bureau

Boston block-front bureau by John Bueti.

Newport-style Knee-Hole Desk

Newport-style knee-hole desk by William Locke.

Piecrust Table

Piecrust table by Robert Richards.

Connecticut-style Lowboy

Connecticut-style lowboy by Peter Tischler.

Shaker-style Vanity Cabinet

Walnut vanity cabinet in the Shaker-style by Ian Ingersoll. The cabinet is finished with three coats of potassium permanganate.


Erpelding’s commissioned workbench offers limitless versatility. The worktop is raised and lowered via a crank system that is made up of threaded rods in the legs connected to a chain underneath the benchtop.

Creole-style Armoire

Arceneaux Creole-style reproduction of a petite armoire is crafted of cypress and finished with Danish oil and wax.

Chest of Drawers

This nine-drawer chest was easily constructed using a series of carefully laid out drawings and cut lists.

Shaker Drop-Leaf Desk

Single drop-leaf desk in cherry, circa 1850-1900, Canterbury, New Hampshire. On display at the Hancock Shaker Museum in Pittsfield, Ma.

Shaker Cupboard

Cherry cupboard, Canterbury, New Hampshire, circa 1850-1900. On display at the Hancock Shaker Museum in Pittsfield, Ma.

Arts and Crafts-style Mantel

This Arts and Crafts-inspired overmantel is made from white oak and plywood. Its aged appearance is done with the use of glazing stain that is topped with either shellac or wax. See article in FW#130, pp. 71-75.

Storage Chest

Storage chest in plywood by Gary Rogowski.

Bedside Table

Grivas’ bedside table in mahogany. The table features octagonal legs and a beaded, beveled top.


Kean crafted this reproduction Stanley No. 1 entirely from wood. Parts that were normally made of metal were constructed of Turkish boxwood. The castings are made of butternut.

Walking Stick

Newman’s walking stick of maple - used by President Clinton after the President’s knee surgery in 1997.

Dining Table

This Stickley-style dining table gets its light appearance by using only curly maple. The table is finished with oil, wax and polyurethane.

Garden Bench

Spanish cedar, copper rivets, and marine epoxy are used to ensure that this garden bench will stand up to all types of weather. Snediker outlines his construction process in FW#130, pp. 52-56.

Regency-style Dining Table

Packard’s dining table is mahogany with satinwood, holly, and ebony banding and a rubbed-out lacquer finish.


A reproduction of the orignal armonica made by Benjamin Franklin. Sound is made by rubbing a moistened finger along the edge of the spinning glasses. The only deviation is Lash’s use of electricity to work the instrument rather than the traditional foot pedal. The piece is made of white oak, spruce, fir, mahogany and mahogany veneer.

Writing Cabinet

Beechwood writing cabinet by Reinhold Johann.

Shaker-style Wall Shelf

This Shaker-inspired wall shelf features sliding dovetail joints and tapered shelves.

Blanket Chest

This cherry and maple blanket chest utilizes frame-and-panel contruction to highlight the contrast of the two woods. The corner frames are elongated into stiles to give the chest some height. The piece is finished with shellac on the panels and a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine on the frames.

Egyptian-style Desk

Believe it or not this is the toned-down version of the desk that Matthew Smith and Robert Lawson originally designed. The piece took over 600 hours to complete and was done via the collaborative effort of Paul Rolfe - carver, Vincent Pukzynski - finisher, Earl Hines - lapidary, and Angela Bradfield - interier designer.

Coffee Table

Turner’s design inspiration for this coffee table was Shaker simplicity. Though not constructed in the traditional Shaker-style, Turner’s modifications do not detract from its origins. The table is made in cherry with a Livros oil finish.

Welsh Side Chair

Welsh side chair in white oak by John Brown. Brown is known for crafting his chairs primarily with hand tools. They are characterized by their clean lines and original design.

Greene-and-Greene-style Sideboard

Rogowski’s Greene-and-Greene-style sideboard in mahogany. Ebony and yellowheart carved inlay give the piece its visual interest. Traditional frame-and-panel construction was used, as well as breadboard ends, dovetail, and mortise-and-tenon joinery. The process is outlined in three FW magazines #125, 126 and 127.

Coffee Table

Owen’s cherry and slate coffee stable is a study in curves and balance. In order to achieve its flowing curves MDF was bent, lipped in solid wood and veneered. A hidden weight balances the table. The table’s missing leg is meant to mimic the missing corner of the inlaid slate.

Side Table

Rosette carvings begun on a lathe decorate this side table by Shackleton.

Folding Rule Cabinet

Made from solid cherry, this cabinet was made to hold Mason’s collection of antique tools. Brass inlay is featured on the top and bottom of the doors and the numerals are relief-carved by hand.

V-Shelf Bookcase

Turner’s V-shelf bookcase in cherry. This piece is assembled using biscuit joinery. It is finished with oil.

Arts and Crafts-style Table

Arts and Crafts-style dining table in white oak. The table’s golden-brown color was achieved by fuming it with ammonia.

Center Table

This center table took Hieke approximately 350 hours to complete. The piece features hand-cut rose-pattern inlay in birch and holly veneer. Poplar was used for the leaves. The table’s legs are salvaged piano legs from the Steinway factory where Hieke worked for 36 years. No stain was used on the piece, only veneer dipped in hot sand was used to darken the wood.

Windsor Stools

A collection of Windsor stools made by Harriet Hodges. She uses a variety of green hardwoods such as walnut, maple, and beech to make her stool. She outlines her design and construction process in FW#125, pp. 58-61.

Turned Bowl

Made from an engineered wood called Parallam, this bowl was a learning experience for Mosser. Controlling its tendency for chipping proved difficult but satisfying, and produced a turned piece both decorative and visually appealing.

Hall Table

Mosser crafted this table from Parallam, engineered lumber made from thin strands of softwood veneer glued up into billets. Used mostly in residential construction, Mosser tamed its softwood properties to craft this sturdy piece.

Hall Table

The table legs are the main feature of this piece. They were made with a technique called bundle lamination.

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh bed in cherry by Chris Becksvoort. Turned rosettes and side molding provide visual interest for this classic piece.

Pennsylvania-style Spice Boxes

These Pennsylvania-style spice boxes feature the use of figured walnut highlighted with brass hardware. The pieces are put together with traditional hand-cut dovetail joinery. See article in FW#124, pp. 37-41.

Bedside Table

Charles Shackleton accents this table with hand-carved curls.

Hope Chest

Made for his daughter, Muse hand-carved this hope chest from American basswood. The piece took him over two years to complete.

File Cabinet

Roland Johnson’s file cabinet in red and white oak. He stained the cabinet to give it a uniform appearance.

Drafting Table

Knockdown drafting table made from plywood and common hardware by Cameron Russell.

Knockdown Dining Table

A knockdown dining table in maple and pine by Tim Gilchrist.

Mantel Clock

This Arts & Crafts-inspired mantel clock is made from pear. The clock uses simple joinery that make it easy to build.

Shaker-style Tall Clock

This Shaker-style tall clock is made from pine and finished with Covered Bridge red paint. Its construction features many traditional methods

Chest of Drawers

Shaker-style chest of drawers in cherry, by Christian Becksvoort.

Stickley-style Dining Chairs

Alexander’s Stickley-inspired dining chairs in white oak. Each chair is finished with tung oil, linseed oil, and polyurethane.

Shaker Chairs

This group of Shaker chairs illustrates the variety of weaving patterns than can be accomplished with a few simple tools. The chairs in the back of the picture are from the Hancock Shaker Village in Ma.

Birch Cupboard

Flame-grained sweet birch cupboard made from the Irion Company in Christiana, Pa. The piece is finished with aniline dye and glazing stain.

Foot Stool

Charles Shackleton uses diamond beading to accent this footstool.

Cherry Armoire

African cherry veneer armoire by Gregg Domek.


Daniel makes these unusual puzzles with the help of his computer. Once a chosen mathematical equation is processed, the computer gives Daniel all the tools he needs (including cut sheets) to build the puzzle. This one is made from ash and cherry.


This three-dimensional cocobolo puzzle has its design based entirely on a mathematical equation.

Antiqued Hall Table

Though it looks as if the ravages of time have aged this table, the truth is this finish was achieved in two days with paint.

Arts and Crafts-style End Table

Arts and Crafts-inspired end table by Stephen Lamont.

Roll-top Desk

This modern roll-top desk is made of cherry and white birch. The tambour and writing surface are linked; pull out the writing surface and the tambour retracts. The desk is finished with Watco oil mixed with urethane.

Curved Armchair

This contemporary armchair is made from yellow birch and features a synthetic leather upholstered seat. The chair is finished with aniline dye and lacquer.

Lacewood Hall Table

Lacewood hall table finished with an oil/varnish mix and wax.

Craftsman-style Wall Cabinet

Thinly milled quartersawn white oak was used to make this wall cabinet. No piece was thicker than half an inch. The cabinet, built in the Craftsman-style is finished with a mixture of boiled linseed oil, turpentine, besswax and japan drier.

Music Stand

Chris Becksvoort’s music stand in cherry. The stand is finished with tung oil.

Windsor Chair

Classic Windsor-style chair with antique painted finish.

End Table

Glass-topped end table by Geer. Maple and cocobolo were also used to construct the piece. It is finished with oil.

File Chest

This painted file chest in poplar, birch plywood, steel and brass would be a welcome addition to any office. The finish is milk pain, ebony stain, gel varnish and water-based polyurethane.

Apothecary Table

Updated version of the Shaker apothecary table in maple, bird’s-eye maple veneer, and poplar. Handmade cocobolo pulls complete the piece. It is finished with shellac and varnish.


Art Deco-inspired sideboard in plantation-grown ebony by Timothy Philbrick.

Demilune Table

Philbrick’s demilune table in curly maple. The table features turned rings on the legs made specifically to support the apron.

Small Table

Small side table in ebony and satinwood by Timothy Philbrick

Side Table

Side table in apple by Timothy Philbrick


Upholstered Grecian-style sofa by Timothy Philbrick.

Campaign Chest

A modern take on a piece originally designed for military use. This campaign chest functions as a desk rather than the luggage/furniture conbination of its predecessors. The piece is made from maple and teak veneer along with plywood, white oak and brass. The finish is oil and shellac.

Greene-and-Greene-style Bed

Cherry and red oak bed based on a Greene-and-Greene design. The headboard and footboard feature a cloud lift and linenfold design accent.

Federal-style Tea Table

Rodriguez takes the reader step-by-step crafting a Federal-style tilt-top tea table in mahogany.

Game Table

Pear and walnut game table with ebony beading. The table’s curved apron conceal a small drawer in the front. The table is finished with lacquer and wax.

Upholstered Dining Chairs

Arts and Crafts-inspired dining chairs in maple, bird’s-eye maple, bubinga and cotton fabric. They are finished with a sprayed-on catalyzed clear vinyl.

Asian-style Low Table

This table, based on Asian design, is meant to display photographs and sculpture. It is made from walnut and oak and finished with a water-based polyurethane.

Hepplewhite-style Server

Hepplewhite-style server in cherry. The inlay designs on the front are done in satinwood. The piece is finished with orange shellac.

Mission-style Hall Table

LeBlanc’s hall table is an updated version of Mission-style furniture. The piece features exposed joinery and handmade pulls, and is made of mahogany. It is finished with aniline dye, wiping stain and precatalyzed lacquer.

Cattail Bed

Marquetry and inlay, two of Schurch’s favorite design elements, are highlighted here in this cattail bed inspired by natures. He used a variety of woods and stones in its construction. The bed is finished with tung oil and conversion varnish.

Windsor High Chair

This Windsor-style high chair features a continuous arm that slides over a tabletop. A strap can be used around the spindles to keep the child safely in the chair. It is made from maple, pine and red oak and finished with linseed oil.

Writing Cabinet

A writing cabinet in walnut and pau ferro inspired by Japanese design. The writing surface is a hidden pull-out located underneath the sliding doors. The cabinet is finished with oil.

Arts and Crafts-style Armchair

Spruill’s Arts and Crafts-style armchair is made from mahogany with maple inlay. The seat is upholstered using canvas webbing, foam, polyester fill and Indian cotton. The finish is stain and Danish oil.

Pipe Box

Bird’s 18th-century pipe box is made from curly maple and poplar. it is finished with aniline dye and shellac.

Art Deco-style Coffee Table

Thompson’s elliptical coffee table is made from Pommel sapele and fiddleback makore veneers along with sapele, ebony and cherry. It is finished with clear varnish (top and drawer) and black lacquer (base).

Victorian-style Washstand

This Victorian-style washstand is made from cherry and maple. Simple embellishments include the inlay on the knobs and drawer fronts along with front legs in the shape of bass and treble clefs. The piece is finished with diluted cherry stain, tung oil and wax.


Tischler’s dresser features a myriad of design elements - graduated drawers, book-matched drawer fronts, chamfered edges, string inlay, and hand-carved pulls. It uses a variety of woods, such as Brazilian mahogany, Honduras rosewood, Macassar ebony, holly, cedar, maple and poplar. The finish is Waterlox varnish.

Curved End Table

This curved leg coffee table is made from curly cherry veneer, walnut, plywood and glass. The table is finished with a mix of Watco oil, varnish and mineral spirits.

Curved Coffee Table

This curved leg coffee table is made from curly cherry veneer, walnut, plywood and glass. The table is finished with a mix of Watco oil, varnish and mineral spirits.

Birdcage Windsor Side Chair

This Windsor adaption features a false miter joing between the crest rail and post, a seat with a gutter, and a painting technique that mimics bamboo. The chair is made of maple, eastern white pine, and red oak. The finish is milk paint covered with penetrating oil.

Federal-style Card Table

This Federal-style card table is an interpretation of the New York and Baltimore styles. The top features pie-shaped crotch mahogany veneer with acorn-style inlay. Over 200 hours was put into the creation of the table. It has a french polish finish.


Kopil designed this curved armchair as one of a set of chairs to match a dining table of his own design. The chair is made from cherry, ebonized cherry and upholstered in woven wool. The wood is finished with aniline dye and precatalyzed lacquer.

Dining Table

Kopil’s own dining table design in cherry and ebonized cherry. The table is finished with aniline dye and precatalyzed lacquer.

Federal-style Knife Case

18th-century reproduction knife cases from mahogany and white pine, veneered with swirl and crotch mahogany.

Japanese-style Credenza

This Japanese-style credenza uses a variety of mediums in its construction. The case is made from birch plywood on which a linen decoupage was glued. The paduak trim on the front doors was made to resemble a shoji screen. The design on the front of the credenza was painted in gold leaf, and slate was used for the top. The finish is aniline dye and lacquer.

Dining Table

Turino’s veneered dining table features curly maple veneer, solid pearwood and ebony inlay.

Regency-style Armchair

Erpelding’s updated version of the English Regency-style chair in maple and ebony inlay.

Crescent Desk

Erpelding’s crescent desk borrows design elements of Regency-style commodes, popular in 18th-century furniture making. His updated version uses maple, ebony and ebonized inlay. The stringing patterns, though contemporary, are typical of the period.

Pier Table

Erpelding’s modernized version of the Hepplewhite pier table in cherry, ebony and ebonized inlay.

Corner Cabinet

Erpelding was inspired by Chinese and Egyptian design, as well as the work of James Krenov when crafting this corner cabinet. The piece is made from cherry, bleached anigre and ebonized veneer.

18th-Century-style Side Table

Erpelding’s cherry and ebony side table incorporated multiple design elements of 18th-century furniture. The diamond pattern on the sides and top are his interpretation of Chippendale fretwork.

Center Table

Englander’s center table is an exact reproduction of the original Biedermeier table originally built in 1820. The only “upgrade” is a square tenon joint system rather than the traditional dowels used. The table is made of curly cherry veneer, sugar pine, ebony and sterling silver. The finish is super blonde shellac.

Side Table

Tuscan design was the inspiration for this side table. Made of anigre veneer on a plywood core, the table features curly maple legs and lipping, and anodized aluminum accents. The piece is finished with lacquer.

Morris Chair

Sigman’s reproduction Morris chair is an example of Stickley’s belief that art should be found in everyday objects. The chair is made from quartersawn white oak and leather, and finished with oil and lacquer.

Coffee Table

Gumprecht’s coffee table is made of ash and walnut, and the rims are mahogany. The table is finished with a wipe-on polyurethane.

Doussie Bed

Dale Helms designed this doussie bed to hold a futon or twin mattress. The gouged edges at the headboard required extensive hand planing and sanding. Maple slats support the mattress. The bed is finished with oil and varnish.

Writing Desk

Woodworker: Jeff Kellar Wenge writing desk by Jeff Kellar, who was a full-time furniture maker in the 1970s and 1980s but now spends most of his time making sculpture. Photos: Jonathan Binzen

Checkerboard Side Chair

Kellar’s checkerboard chair in wenge and white oak.

Sanding Fid

Heiple’s sanding fid is a multi-use tool for the shop. His fids are made from cherry with a variety of tapers and sanding covers.

Arts and Crafts-style Bookcase

Arts and Crafts-style bookcase in quartersawn white oak by Gary Rogowski.

Bow-arm Side Chair

The quartersawn white oak used for McLeod’s chair began its career holding wine rather than people. McLeod salvaged the staves from the Italian Swiss Colony winery and has been using them for his chairs ever since.

Stamped Side Table

The intricate design on the top of Coleman’s table is hand-stamped. All of his table feature this unique time-honored technique. The maple table shown here has its pattern filled with colored lacquer so it will stand out.

Asian-style Sideboard

Asian-inspired sideboard in white oak by Seth Janofsky.

Side Chair Combination

Daniel Fobes’ chair entitled “sideshow.” The chair is made from plantation mahogany and has a milk paint finish.

Windsor-style Settee

Windsor-style settee in maple. It is finished with aniline dye and shellac.

Curved-Leg Table

Curved-leg table with “floating” top made from curly maple. Kondra finishes the piece with a mixture of tung oil, spar varnish, paint thinner and Japan drier. He offers his instruction in FW#135, pp. 66-71.

Chippendale-style Stool

Mahogany and silk damask Chippendale-style stool by Randall O’Donnell. The piece features hand-carved ball and claw feet.

Dining Chair

Walnut and leather dining chair by Jere Osgood.


Steinway commissioned this piano from Schriber. It is made of pear and curly maple. The piano is part of Steinway’s Art Case Series.


McRoberts crafted this bookcase from madrone and madrone burl. The inlay is pulverized pipestone and epoxy. The piece is finished with varnish, tung oil, and linseed oil.


Cherry cabinet with redgum door fronts by Larry Rohan.

Lamp Stand

Mike Dunbar’s Hepplewhite-style lamp stand in cherry and curly maple.

Side Table

Sadler’s table design is based on a mosaic pattern. The main structure of the table is made of walnut. The “mosaic” look is done with a variety of woods.

Philadelphia-style Highboy

Madorma crafted this Philadelphia-style highboy from cherry. Its aged appearance is enhanced by aniline dy, gel stain and antiqued brass pulls.

Shaker-style Tall Chest

Based on the drawings of Thomas Moser, Dumke made this Shaker tall chest of cherry and poplar. it has a tung oil finish.

Display Stand

DeGirolamo petite display stand from hard maple, quilted maple and Peruvian walnut.


This toolbox by James Keiffer is made from maple, mahogany and pine. It is an original design.

Corner Table

Corner table in maple and bird’s-eye maple. Anderson finished the piece with a water-based polyurethane.

Spinning Wheel

Spinning wheel made of walnut by Alan Charney.


Mahogany desk by Lewis Prescott. The piece is finished with lacquer.

Hepplewhite-style Sideboard

Hepplewhite-style sideboard made from cherry, maple, ebony and East Indian rosewood. The finish is a hand-rubbed mixture of linseed oil and mineral spirits.

Chippendale-style Side Table

This 18th-century reproduction side table is made from walnut. It is based on an original by Thomas Elfe.

Pedestal Bowl

Cherry pedestal bowl by Courtland P. Smith, Jr.

Dining Chairs

Rift-sawn white oak dining chairs by Jacob Marks.

Coffee Table

Bubinga and ebony coffee table by Espinosa. The table can be shipped in parts and assembled upon delivery.


Blackburn’s table is made from a variety of hardwoods, such as ipe and verawood, and finished with lacquer.

Library Stool

Library stool in curly maple by Jere Osgood.

Stand Mirror

Contemporary mirror by Ted Blachy in rosewood with brass detail.

Federal-style Sideboard

Loran Smith crafted this Federal-style sideboard from mahogany. The piece features makore banding and maple stringing.

Arts and Crafts-style Coffee Table

Arts and Crafts-inspired coffee table in cherry and walnut. The finish is varnish.

Demilune Table

Demilune table from David Lamb made of mahogany with stone top, feet and apron detail.

Center Table

Center table made with crotch and mottled mahogany veneers with cocobolo raised beading.

Curved Leg Hall Table

Sofa-hall table in cherry with bloodwood detail by Wayne Marcoux.

Demilune Commode

Moore’s demilune commode in fiddleback mahogany with ebony accents.


Teague's cherry settee is made from cherry and features walnut accents and a seat woven from reeds in a herringbone pattern. The finish is an oil/varnish mix.

Jewelry Box

This jewelry box created by Paul Schurch is created from native olive and decorated with marquetry.

Turned Vessels

Turned vessels from green wood by Howard Lewin.

Tall Vessel

Tall vessel turned from green wood by Howard Lewin.

Live-Edge Bowl

Turned green wood bowl by Howard Lewin.

Turned Bowl

Turned bowl from green wood by Howard Lewin.

Dining Table

Western curly maple dining table with purpleheart inlay. The pattern of the inlay is made using a router with a gear attached to its base enabling it to circle the table creating the spirograph.

Motorcycle Carving

Miniature Scorpion motorcycle carving by Joseph Ramsey.

Windsor Chair

Buchanan uses a single piece of eastern white pine to hand-shope the seat for this Windsor chair.

Goddard-Townsend-style Secretary

This mahogany Goddard-Townsend-style secretary is one of nine created by first-time woodworkers under the instruction of Allan Breed. Breed was contacted to teach the group after he was profiled in an issue of Home Furniture magazine.

Jefferson Writing Desk

Reproduction Jefferson writing desk made from plywood-core mahogany veneer. Satinwood is used for the inlay.

Jewelry Cabinet

This hanging jewelry cabinet by Douglas Johnson is crafted from walnut and bird’s-eye maple with a satin lacquer finish.

Bedside Table

This bedside table, crafted by Richard Helgeson, is made from quileted maple, beech and aluminum.

Cathedral Cabinet

Henry’s “Pepin the Short” cabinet is made from quartersawn white oak and features a gothic arch and linenfold panels.

Lidded Case

Henry’s bleached basswood case is carved to resemble the collar worn by Elizabeth I.

Tall Clock

Henry’s “Cromwell” clock in eucalyptus.

"William" Chest of Drawers

"William" chest of drawers by Paul Henry.

"Mary" Chest of Drawers

William and Mary-style chest of drawers by Paul Henry.

Prairie-style Desk

Rodel’s desk was inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. The piece is made from quartersawn white oak and features a leather writing surface.

Music Stands

Each music stand is made from a single quartersawn board. The stand on the right is walnut and white oak is used for the stand on the left. Each piece is finished with a rubbed oil-polyurethane.

Linen Press

Putnam’s 18th-century reproduction linen press is made from mahogany, quartersawn white oak, ebony and satinwood. The cornice features an inly of the palmetto tree and crescent moon - both signatures of the flag of South Carolina.

Carved Boots and Gloves

Williams has carved everything from ships to hutches to the occasional movie prop. Many have been fooled by the realism of his work.

Liquor Cabinet

Radelow’s liquor cabinet features bone and ivory inlay and accents and has a french polish finish. The primary wood used is amboyna.

Piecrust Table

Stanley’s 18th-century based piecrust table is made from mahogany. TThe table has a french-polish finish.


Shepard crafted this sideboard from bubinga and used ebony for the accents. The piece is finished with tung oil and shellac.

Spice Cabinet

Bellano’s spice cabinet is made from mahogany. He cut all the dovetails by hand and finished the piece with cherry stain.

Instrument Cabinet

This Art Deco-style cabinet is made from jarrah, European pear, holly stringing, faux tortoiseshell, bone, fossilized ivory and bronze. Amaral worked 750 hours on the piece.


Simonds used a variety of woods, and the designs of Diane Lawrence to craft this sideboard. The main wood used in the carcase is Goncalo alves.

Stereo Cabinet

Stereo cabinet made from live-edge cherry boards. Reverse book-matching creates voids in the joints adding interest and ventilation. It is finished with Danish oil and wax.

Jewelry Box

Jewelry box in bird’s-eye maple, bubinga and wenge. The finish is an oil-polyurethane mix.

Bar Stool

Bar stool made from cherry, curly maple and walnut. The stool is finished with hand-rubbed oil and varnish.

Dining Table

Round cherry dining table using bent lamination techniques.

Turned Bowl

Turned see-through bowl made from ash and bird’s-eye maple.

Chippendale-style Highboy

Beach’s Chippendale-style highboy in black walnut. The piece has a shellac and wax finish.

Turned Vase

Ash vase with cut-outs done with a miniature sabersaw and Micromark router.

Tote and Tools

All the items pictured here were made by Gladney using cherry, cocobolo and maple. All pieces are finished with oil and wax.

Smoothing Planes

The two smoothing planes shown are made from cocobolo, curly maple, brass, iron and steel. The wood infills and handles are finished with oil.


Buckner’s bowsaws are based on an English design and made from curly maple, kingwood, pear and oak. The two pieces are finished with shellac.

Double-Bevel Plane

Based on an 1854 original this double-bevel plane is made from rosewood, ivory, brass, and steel. Leamy’s reproduction is finished with varnish.

Panel-Raising Plane

Based on an 18th-century original, Gochnour’s panel-raising plane is made of cherry, lignum vitae and steel. It has a padded shellac finish.

Panel Gauge

Morian made this panel gauge from curly maple with pink ivory knobs. The gauge is finished with oil and wax.

Miter Plane

Anderson’s miter plane is made from walnut burl, brass and steel.

Mosely-style Plow Plane

Hamler’s plow plane is an exact replica of the John Mosely plow plane. The piece is made from pre-ban ivory and stainless steel. It is decorated with scrimshaw.

Purpleheart Workbench

Pierce’s 450 lb. workbench is made from purpleheart. The bench is finished with Watco oil and wax.


Bowsaw crafted by Yagee in curly maple and walnut. The piece is finished with hand-rubbed tung oil.


Beyer’s toolbox features over 35 hardwoods from Africa, Asia and South America. The piece is finished with Sam Maloof’s poly/oil recipe.


Yelgin crafted these handplanes from a ironwood, rosewood, brass, bronze and stainless steel. The wood on the three planes is finished with oil.

Smoothing Plane

This smoothing plane is made from cocobolo, brass, and stainless steel. Thomas finished the plane with oil and wax.

Shaker-Style Tool Cabinet

Becksvoort’s cherry tool cabinet measures 88-in. wide when fully opened.


Dunbar’s workbench is made from birch and hard maple and finished with linseed oil thinned with turpentine.

Arts and Crafts-style Blanket Chest

This Arts and Crafts-inspired blanket chest is made from quartersawn white oak, European beech and ebony. The interior is lined with eastern red cedar. The piece is finished wtih shellac and wax.

Windsor Chair

Robinson’s sack-back Windsor chair is made of cherry, oak and hickory. It is finished with Danish oil and wax.

Chest of Drawers

Arnold’s chest of drawers in made from cherry, figured maple, and poplar. It features maple cockbeading around the drawer fronts and is finished with seedlac shellac.

Jewelry Box

Nixon crafted this jewelry box from Indian rosewood and bird’s-eye maple. The box is finished with gel varnish and paste wax.

Arts and Crafts-style Sofa

Rob Hare created this Stickley inspired couch in two-and-a-half weeks out of claro walnut and hand-forged steel.

Shaker-style Tall Clock

Ballentine’s Shaker-style tall clock is made from cherry. The piece is finished with multiple coats of oil, gel stain, wood finish and paste wax.

Greene-and-Greene-style Writing Desk

Burton made this Greene-and-Greene desk from cherry, curly cherry, soft maple and ebony. The desk is finished with oil.

Classic Floor Lamp

Conover crafted this lamp using such techniques as faceplate and spindle-turning. The lamp is made from mahogany and finished with dewaxed shellac.

Shaker-style Cabinet

Gibson’s cabinet is made from cherry and finished with Watco oil and shellac.

Bedside Table

Roger Holmes’ bedside table features a curved drawer front, mitered cornice and top, and a plinth to raise it off the ground.

Maloof Rocking Chair

Maloof rocking chair displayed at Smithsonian American Art Museum (2001-2002)

Asian-style Hall Table

Miller’s table was one of the pieces featured at the 2001 Design in Wood competition.

Turned Vessel

Leary’s piece entitled “Pierced Bottle” was featured at the 2001 Design in Wood competition.

Jewelry Box

Palmer’s jewelry box was featured at FWW Design in Wood competition (2001).

Spinning Cabinet

Schurch’s unique spinning cabinet features an intricate marquetry design done with eight differenct hardwoods.

Sheraton-style Card Table

Richard Oedel created this Sheraton-style table from mahogany. It also features fiddleback makore, crotch birch, holly, and ebony veneers.

Sheraton-style Drum Table

Buentello’s drum table of mahogany, poplar, and rosewood is based on an original drawing by Lance Patterson. The finish is French-polished shellac.

Maple Cabinet

Corp makes his one-of-a-kind pieces using traditional hand tools. This bird’s-eye maple cabinet has an oil finish.

Art Nouveau-style Buffet

Heitzman’s figured mahogany buffet features hand-cast hardware and curved veneered door and drawer fronts. The buffet is finished with hand-rubbed polyurethane.

Pencil-Post Bed

Waters’ Shaker-inspired pencil-post bed is made from curly cherry and features a disc made from curly ambrosia maple. The finish is natural-colored Watco oil.

Hall Table

Rolland’s tabletop is made froma tapered-lamination process that uses walnut, cherry, maple and curly maple. This piece is finished with hand-rubbed lacquer.

Desk and Chair

Chamblin’s bent-lamination desk and chair are made from ash and narra. Both pieces are finished with shellac and wax. The chair features a seat woven from Danish cord.


MacFarlane’s cabinet is made from pommele sapele, quilted maple, ebony and ebonized mahogany. It is finished with gel varnish and wax.

Jewelry Chest

This jewelry chest was made from zebrawood and lapacho. The chest features coopered, hyperbolic doors and is finished with sprayed polyurethane.

Goddard-Townsend-style Secretary

Bett’s crafted this reproduction Goddard-Townsend block-front secretary from Honduras mahogany and maple. The piece, three years in the making, is finished with shellac and wax.

Western Lamp

Grainger’s floor lamp is made from Honduras mahogany. The shade features hand-carving and stained glass. The lamp is finished with dye stain, glaze, shellac and wax.

Shaker-style Blanket Chest

Traditional Shaker blanket chest in cherry by Charles Durfee.

Trestle Cradle

Seward’s trestle-style cradle is made from curly maple and cherry heartwood. It is finished with oil and wax.

Chest of Drawers

Mehler’s cherry chest of drawers was made from a single log.

Chest of Drawers

Hack’s butternut chest features French feet with ebony pads, cockbeads around the drawer edges, a whale’s tail carving on the bottom apron, and ebony and holly quarter-round columns that highlight the case edges.

Ship Model

McCaffery’s miniature reproduction of the yacht, the Coronet, is made from poplar, cherry, and apple wood. The piece was built to a scale of 3/8 in. = 1 ft.

Federal-style Side Table

Stevenson’s Federal-style table features exquisite inlay.

Philadelphia-style Highboy

Bork’s Philadelphia highboy is an exact reproduction down to handplaning the boards and hand-cutting the dovetails. The piece is made from walnut and curly walnut. The finish is shellac and tung oil.


Willer’s cradle is a reproduction of an 18th-century-style Maryland cradle. The piece is crafted from walnut and finished with aniline dye, Danish oil, and wax.

Craftsman-style Armoire

Special commission armoire made from white oak.

18th-Century-style Tea Table

Goyer’s 18th-century, reproduction tea table is made from walnut. The piece is finished with shellac, and oil-varnish mix, and wax.

Chippendale-style Dining Chairs

These Chippendale-style chairs, made by Rinehart, are made from mahogany and finished with a diluted dye stain, Waterlox, wiping varnish and an asphaltum glaze.

China Table

Reproduction of 1770s china table on display in Williamsburg, Va. The table is made from Caribbean mahogany and finished with shellac. The carved fretwork was done by David Salisbury.

Newport-style Tall Clock

Parcell’s Newport-style tall clock reproduction is built from Honduras mahogany and yellow pine. The piece is finished with aniline dye and nitrocellulose lacquer.

Windsor Chair

Dunbar’s reproduction fan-back Windsor chair is made from hard maple, eastern white pine, red oak, and mahogany. The chair is finished with milk paint and Danish oil.

Chippendale-style Chest of Drawers

Patton’s Chippendale-style reproduction chest of drawers is made from Honduras and Cuban mahogany. The piece is finished with dewaxed garnet shellac.

Welsh Chair

Weber’s Welsh chair with writing extension is made from elm, hickory, oak, cherry, and pine. The chair is finished with marine spar varnish, tung oil and gum turpentine.

Chippendale-style Side Table

Headley’s reproduction side table is made from cherry. The table is finished with shellac.

Marking Gauge

Nesset’s Kebiki marking gauge in white oak with oil finish.

Post-and-Rung Stool

Boggs’ post-and-rung stool in hickory with hickory bark weaved seat.

China Cabinet

China cabinet made from Honduras mahogany with an oil finish.

Jewelry Box

Jewelry box in curly Swiss pear, lined with applewood and fitted with walnut pull.


Bloch’s lamps are turned from a solid piece of quaking apsen. The lamp is finished with a polymerizing hand-rubbed oil.

Federal-style Dining Chairs

Federal-style shield-back dining chair reproductions in Cuban Mahogany.

End Tables

Knowles’ curved end tables are made from jatoba, African satinwood and rosewood.

Queen Anne-style Secretary

Secretary, made by Joseph Willard, in walnut and walnut burl.

Hall Table

Sheridan’s hall entry table is made from rosewood and cast-iron. The cast-iron base is vintage 1940s and is painted gloss black. The tabletop is lacquer, rottenstone-polished to a mirror finish.

Hunt Board

Willer’s hunt board is made of air-dried, field-grown walnut. The walnut was dyed, filled, and finished with Danish oil and varnish.


Humidor by Turner in curly maple and bird’s-eye maple. It is finished with stain, oil, and gel varnish.


Chest-on-chest reproduction in tiger maple. Mayberry’s piece features complex crown molding and large ogee feet.

Queen Anne-style Lowboy

Queen Anne-style lowboy made from curly maple, ebony plugs and finished with tung oil.

Coffee Table

Contemporary coffee table in bubinga by Pete Sangree.


Wiedman hand-carved this commissioned mahogany and cherry mirror frame.

Piecrust Table

Philadelphia-style reproduction tip-and-turn piecrust table in mahogany.

Japanese-style Sideboard

Mowry’s Asian-inpsired sideboard is made from quartersawn white oak, maple, teak and teak veneer. This piece is finished with oil.

Chisel Plane

Norm Pollack crafted this beech and steel chisel plane in one day.

Sheraton-style Side Table

Latta’s Sheraton-style table is crafted from walnut, figured walnut and poplar. The piece features a traditional dovetailed front drawer with brass hardware. It is finished with shellac.

Stereo Cabinet

DuPlessis’ stereo cabinet features English yew, zebrawood, cherry, walnut and maple. The doors have Japanese rice paper inserts.

Executive Desk

Holton’s executive desk is made from walnut, western birch and ebonized birch. The desk is finished with catalyzed lacquer.

Gallery Bench

Nesset’s gallery bench was commissioned by the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, Wis. The bench is entitled “I am Nature.”

Tripod Dining Chair

Buxton’s tripod dining chair is made from jarrah. It is finished with a wipe-on varnish.

Pedestal Box

Pedestal box made from mahogany and spalted maple. The box is finished with varnish, tung oil, and gum turpentine.

Ruhlmann-style Cabinet

Babot’s Ruhlmann-style cabinet is made of curly koa, jarrah, cypress, cedar of Lebanon and maple. The brass pulls were designed by Babot. The piece is finished with shellac and wax.


DeHoog’s cabinet is made of white oak and Douglas fir. The piece is finished with a water-based polyurethane.

Hall Table

Knowle’s Louis XV-inspired table is made from mahogany, pommele sapele and ebonized maple. The piece is finished with a catalyzed lacquer.

Arts and Crafts-style Lamp

Der’s combination of lamp and cabinet is made from cherry and curly maple. The piece features a reverse book-match on the doors and is finished with oil and wax.


Skipper’s mandolin is made from spruce, maple, and ebony. It features red and paua abalone and gold mother-of-pearl. The piece is finished with nitrocellulose lacquer.

Side Table

This table is made of walnut and red oak and is finished with oil and wax.

Wine Rack

Boillot’s countertop wine rack is constructed from bird’s-eye maple and wenge. The piece is finished with Watco oil and varnish.

Arts and Crafts-style Bookcase

This Arts and Crafts style bookcase is made from Honduras mahogany. The piece features glass doors and through-tenons. It is finished with hand-rubbed oil.

Queen Anne-style Chest-on-Chest

This reproduction chest-on-chest is made from Honduras mahogany, maple, and tulip poplar. It features crotch mahogany veneer drawer fronts with holly inlay and a carved phoenix on its peak. It is finished with French-polished shellac.

Elliptical Table

Bianchi built this sunburst elliptical table of maple and walnut. The piece is finished with precatalyzed lacquer.

Center Table

Rosewood veneered table with lacquer finish by Allen Bixby.

Georgian-style Side Table

Clarke built this Georgian-style side table from Honduras mahogany and figured Cuban mahogany veneer. The table has a curved drawer front, tapered legs and is finished with French-polish.

Art Nouveau-style Dining Chair

This Art Nouveau “Thistle Chair’s” elaborate back splat was crafted using CAD drawings scanned into a CNC laser.

Demilune Table

Orton designed and built this demilune table from solid cherry. The piece has rosewood inlay and is finished with tung oil, lacquer and black wax.

Jewelry Cabinet

Harvey’s koa and ebony jewelry cabinet features a fireproof safe in the lower cabinet. The tapered piece is finished with polyurethane varnish.

Bedside Cabinet

Nelson’s commissioned bedside cabinet is made from quartersawn padauk, holly and ebony. It is finished with pickled shellac and Waterlox.

Windsor Chair

Reitenauer’s Windsor-style chair is made from poplar, maple and red oak. The chair is finished with milk pain and boiled linseed oil.

Shaker-style Chest of Drawers

Marwin crafted this chest of drawers from bird’s-eye maple and black walnut. The Shaker-inspired piece is finished with Danish oil and carnauba wax.

Gallery Bench

This cherry gallery bench features a continuous apron and center legs connected with a bridle joint. The piece is finished with a gel varnish.

Entertainment Cabinet

Cox designed the cabinet, Crag Vincent built it and Larry Levleit finished it. It is made of birch, redwood and bamboo and finished with an eight-step lacquer process.

Asian-style Cupboard

Daggett’s Asian-inspired cupboard is built from spalted beech, maple, walnut and ebony. The piece features Japanese rice paper inserts in the doors. It is finished with oil.

Scotch Chest

Scotch chest made from New Zealand rimu, kwila, and macrocarpa. It is finished with shellac, Danish oil and wax.

Hall Table

Hunnable designed and crafted this hall table from Honduras mahogany and English sycamore. The table is finished with catalyzed varnish.

Music Stand

Crigler crafted this music stand from maple, mahogany, walnut, hickory, and rosewood. It is finished with polyurethane.

Federal-style Chest of Drawers

Kristine built this Federal-style chest of drawers from alder. It features black oak banding and walnut stringing. The piece is finished with lacquer.

Federal-style Card Table

Houck’s Federal-style reproduction card table is made from mahogany, holly, ebony and pine. The table has a padded shellac finish.

Foot Stool

Foot stool in mahogany by Mario Rodriguez.

Bible Box

This 18th-century bible box reproduction is made from tulip poplar and features hand-made hardware.


This country-style ladies desk is made from figured mahogany with a blistered-maple interior.

Demilune Table

Demilune table featuring the techniques of inlay, stringing, and banding.

Chippendale-style Tea Table

Brendel’s Chippendale-style tea table is built from Honduras mahogany. The piece is finished with a flat-sheen catalyzed lacquer.

Globe Stand

Green’s globe stand is made from quilted maple and padauk. The piece is finished with 10 coats of clear lacquer.

Windsor Chair

Windsor writing chair made from oak, basswood, cherry, and pine; fininshed with milk paint, oil and wax.

Shaker-style Chest

Twomey’s walnut chest features 52 hand-cut dovetails. The chest is finished with an oil and lacquer finish.

Victorian-style Sideboard

Shaffer crafted this reproduction English sideboard from Central American mahogany. The piece features elaborate hand-carvings. It is finished with stain and clear lacquer.

Queen Anne-style Highboy

Inspired by the cover photo of FWW #117, Veriabo crafted this 18th-century highboy out of cherry. The piece features brass hardware, hand carvings, and is finished with a clear Deft lacquer.

Cathedral Clock

Addis’ scrollsaw cathedral clock is made from cherry. The clock features over 1,511 cutouts, a quartz movement, and a clear Deft lacquer finish.