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Re: 3-way Miter Joint, Chinese Style

Thanks for this drawing, I realy appreciate
When spring will come in Montréal (wy workshop is not heated and the cold winter days are for my real job : writing... in french) it'll be the first test I will do.
Strange coincidence... For Xmas, my wife has recieved a book of photographies of chineese interiors and in a lot of those pictures I noticed tables and different pieces of furniture that I would like to reproduce. This fabulous miter joint will find it's utility in this future exercice.
Thanks again... and sorry for othographic mistakes, I'am used to write in "La langue de Molière" !!!

Re: Partners in Craft: Harold Wood and John O'Brien

Realy inspirational.
Conjunction of knowledge, hability and historical references... A real work of art.

Re: Partners in Craft: Harold Wood and John O'Brien

It is realy inspirationnal to see such a high quality workmanship, where history, knowledge and hability focus on one single audacious project.

It's like a Christmas gift !

Re: Cabinet in Chinese Elm

Great look, great work ! Thanks for showing.


Interesting ! I did the same thing as you did : I built the bench after reading de same article. I used red cedar and the look is great, but I have the same concern as you in matter of comfort. Is it the angle of the rear legs, the lack of depth of the seat ? I am not too sure. I will test those issues next spring (my shop is not heated and I live around Montréal in Canada. Yesterday it was -15 C)

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