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Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

I'm probably an artist first and someone who could only at best be called a woodworking hobbyist. Having said that, I'd be pretty upset to have someone copy my artwork and mass produce it for profit without having some say it the whole process. Someone doing a one-off for a friend probably wouldn't be such a big deal. Just as I wouldn't want to go to the store and see my "stolen" design plastered all over mass produced t-shirts, I'm sure the same would apply to someone who had someone who worked hard to come up with some type of original design for some furniture or such.

But then again, how different would a design have to be before it could be considered original? I've been in many stores that had what could be considered Greene and Greene "inspired" furniture but I bet no one is giving royalties to their family members, etc.

I'm not sure what would be the best way to address this issue. Maloof didn't make the first rocking chair but what he did make was sure a beautiful piece of unique art. Timquinn's comments about copying are right on too. An interesting discussion nonetheless!

Re: Benchtop Tablesaws: We Want Your Feedback

I bought a Bosch Table Saw Model 4100-09 about a year ago to build cabinets for my garage and other small projects around the house. I love this saw for its ease of use. Everything you need to set it up and change blades is right on the saw itself. My only gripe would be its inability to handle 4 x 8 sheets but if I really wanted a saw to do that, I should have gotten a cabinet saw. The gravity rise makes it easy to set up anywhere I have some open space and it takes up very little room when I put it away.

This saw retails around $600 but I was able to get it at a tool sale through my local Dixieline store for around $500 along with a power drill. I sold the drill for $100 so the saw was only $400. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

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