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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Just another comment --

Recently after my accident with the table saw, I received a letter from the insurance company asking me to call them to provide more detail on my injury. This is the second time I've received such a call after an injury.

The essence of the letters/conversations - They were looking for information to see if they could recover some of the costs of my treatment (which luckily was minimal). They were looking for somebody to blame.

I have no beef with lawyers as a whole. Many do good work. And, I'm glad I have a good insurance plan to help pay for the few times in my life when I have injured myself. BUT lawyers involved with such ludicrous cases as the one here or insurance companies that look for scape goats are *!@#%#@ and @^*@*&#( and !@#(*^$)> !!!

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I agree with the comment above that this frivolous lawsuit will make it difficult to address real manufacturing defects/failures.

This story just astounds me. As a recent table saw statistic (moderate cut on my left hand), I know first hand (no pun intended) that table saw accidents can be frightening. But I never gave thought to suing Ridgid because of my injury. My injury was my fault, plain and simple. I'm guessing that of the tens of thousands of annual table saw injuries documented in ER's around the world, the vast majority are probably due to pilot error, and have nothing to do with the tool. All tools are inherently dangerous, much in the same way that your kitchen cutlery is dangerous. Simply, a tool used the wrong way, or used in a careless manner will hurt you. Even if you use them the right way, tools can still cause injury. I'm not saying that injuries are inevitable, but they are a part of the hobby/business of woodworking we enjoy and it take active measures to mitigate injury.

I can understand Gass making the above comment. It's his way of saying I told you so. Not professional, but it happens. However, if there's any truth to the comments above that he actually supported/subsidized the lawsuit against Ryobi, I would be astounded. Because of my aforementioned injury, I've been contemplating getting a SawStop. My decision would most definitely be affected by his involvement in the lawsuit.

Finally, I too expect that this decision will be overturned on appeal, and once again, the only winners will be the lawyers.

Re: Sharpening 101: A Lesson in Cutting the Cheese?

I think this clip is great. It simultaneously provides a great vehicle to teach, and it showcases the many sides of one of your talented (and funny) contributors. More "doctor" videos would be great. Keep the humoros takes in next time, after all, woodworking should be fun.

Re: Poll: The Next FWW Tool Test

I'm going to be the voice of dissension and say that I do appreciate the value of a good tool review. Several of the tools I've purchased have been as a result of what I've read in magazines and I can say that I've been very satisfied with my purchases as a result. However, I must emphasize that the review must be thorough, and incorporate not just a regurgitation of the specs, but also a detailed summary of the benefits/disadvantages of how the tool is used in day to day tasks. Your magazine has always prided itself on the "finer" aspects of woodworking. Make this your mantra with regard to the tool reviews as well.

Re: A Quick Dovetailed Box


Once again, you show why "you da man". Not only is your description easy to follow, but I'm equally impressed at how quickly you responded to my question.

Thanks for the quick lesson.


Re: Modifying a Dovetailed Drawer

Hi Dave,

Excellent video as always. Quick related question. Do you have another video or tutorial where you show how to make a quick dovetail joint?


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