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Wooden Jack-O-Lanten

It may not be "fine" woodworking but it sure is fun. A block of basswood sat in a corner for years waiting for a purpose. Found one this Halloween. Made these for the kids. I am not skilled in...

Butcher Block

A butcher block I made for a friend. Will be used as an extension of a kitchen island. Hard maple.

Chest of Drawers

Five Drawer DresserA dresser to match the low post bed (a previous post). More cherry with oil and wax. The drawer fronts are all from one long, wide board. The drawer heights are 8.5, 7.5, 6.5, and...

Low Post Bed

A bed I made for my daughter. Cherry with oil and wax finish. The posts were cutoffs from another project which needed a home. It is somewhat a truncated version of a pencil post bed. The cutoffs...

Sacred and Undeniable

that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness

Frame and Panel Desk

A desk I made to work at home. I admit it is inspired by the eight leg writing desk by Thomas Moser. I needed a smaller version and decided to build my own. I "designed" it on CAD to make sure...

Post and Beam Blanket Box

I recently completed a blanket box for my daughter. This is actually the third I have made; one for each kid. It is my own “design,” if there is such a thing as designing a box. I refer...

Recent comments

Re: Butcher Block

The top is kind of a long story but I will try to be brief.

I produced the top from 3 patterns. Each pattern can alternate ends by flipping so effectively 6 patterns to arrange in the matrix. Each pattern is produced with 6 different width boards; the same 6 widths arranged differently within the 3 patterns.

Thickness and rip 3 pieces of each width, 24” long. Edge glue to produce the 3 different patterns. Crosscut slices of each pattern. Arrange slices in a not-so-random order in a matrix. And glue.

The glue up was a beast. I did half the slices first and then another glue up for a second half. Then glued the two halves together. If I was to do it again I would probably attempt all slices at one time.

And by the way, major amounts of hand planning after glue up.

I used Titebond III glue.

Re: Chest of Drawers

Joinery... The sides are connected to a structural top and structural bottom with half-blind dovetails. The assembled case then sits on the base. The base has dovetail corners - you might be able to see that in the picture if you zoom in. The finished top is fastened to the structural top with screws. The back is frame and panel and sits in rabbets cut into the sides.

Re: Frame and Panel Desk

The CAD system used to design the desk is 3D and not a sharable format. FWW has several desk designs available.

Re: Post and Beam Blanket Box

zbop, thanks. If you are interested in the panel bit it is a Whiteside product.

james, the finish is simiple oil and wax. Blotching, no. May just be how the wood fibers caught light in the picture.

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