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Re: Workbench Tool Caddy


Re: How Does a Fine Woodworker Change a Lightbulb?

I saw this and it was like a lighbulb went off in my head...........

Re: Shopmade 12" Disk Sander

I am impressed-homegrown ingenuity. I happen to have a 1/3 hp motor laying around that would work just fine. Thanks.

Re: Tablesaw Tenoning Jig

With respect to OF-the idea you pose is probably correct however the dimensions of that jig are such that the blade cannot reach the bar. In the picture it shows nearly all of the blade is exposed and it is just half way up to the point of the clamp. That's my input.

Re: Surprise landing: Stanley's new Sweetheart chisels have arrived

james3one wrote an interesting comment. what is the answer? right at the moment I haven't seen where exactly these are available-perhaps I wasn't paying attention. for everyones sake I hope they get a decent review regardless of where made-however china is china, I am losing my patience with the number of products made there. I have made a conscious effort to avoid buying tools "made in china"

Re: Radial arm saw

I also like your Radial Arm saw bench. I know the big deal now is to get rid of miter saws and radial arm saws and get sliding saws but I bought an old Dewalt RA saw last year from a guy who had inherited some equipment from his dad. This is a 60 year-old saw that I love and it is an 8 1/2 inch vs. 10 so a bit smaller which I really enjoy. Anyway, really like your bench and the way the saw is built into it- and the fact you used all recycled wood really adds to the project.

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