Larkspur, CO, US

When I was fourteen years old I fell in love with woodworking. My dad, a bricklayer, had already stirred my interest in woodworking through some pieces he had made for my sister. In the industrial arts program at High School my love for woodworking began to flourish. I made a little stool, a
letterbox, and started to create things that were useful and beautiful with my hands. I still love doing it today.

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a Tavola - a dining table

This dining table was a collaboration with the renowned bronze sculptor, Richard Panktratz. It was a great experience since we both tend to think somewhat out of the box, and like the idea of fluid...

The Least of These

Normal 0 Normal 0 The desktop is made of scrub oak veneer (about 3/16 thick) top and bottom laminated to a birch and fir veneer core. The seams of the veneer layers are, as you can see, not...

Took A Hit

Normal 0 The initial idea for this piece was that it be very weird and contemporary.  And though it had purpose and function as a dresser, it had no meaning or heart. After a couple years of...

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