Yes I am only 19. Dont let that stumble you.
I am happily married and opperating a custom furniture business. I am entirely self taught. I am have been woodworking since the age of 16 and enjoy nothing more.
I have studied the federal styles in all there versions and take these elements as my bigest influences however my pieces often have a contemporary twist on them. I hope you enjoy viewing my pieces and posts.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 01/16/1992

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Birds eye Maple side table

This elegant side table was designed for a customer in Portsmouth NH. It has a hand dovetailed drawer and Ebony beading around the face.

Sapple and Cherry table

This table was made for a art show my wife and I are in tomorrow and if it does not sell it will sit in our in home showroom. The top is solid Sapple and the body is Cherry. It has very elegant...

Recent comments

Re: Cornerstone

I got started doing my first REAL work on boxes so I truely love them, appreciate them and make them for customers to this day. (got a loooong way to go to) This one really stands out! It invites you to feel it and stare at it. The wood combination is pleasent yet exciting! Enjoyed looking.

Re: side table

amazing use of Ebony. It isnt often we see a piece with Ebony as one of the MAIN woods used. This one features the top in Ebony. Love it! The plugs on the sides of the legs where you no doubt screwed or pinned the tenons looks really great as well!

Re: Queen Anne desk-on-stand

Excellent pieces. The grain on the front panel is truely perfect. Excellent use.

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