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Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

As a person who is new to woodworking (a little over a year), I tend to look for inspiration, ideas and techniques from the FWW articles. As a someone who wants to excel and make a statement in woodworking, I would feel as if I have cheated all the woodworkers who have sweated away years for their craft if I ever copied and sold a fellow woodworkers design and creation. To build upon another woodworkers design would be acceptable to sell as long as you gave credit and allowed fellow wood workers to build on your design and sell it.

I literally read Sam Maloof's book this evening (found it at the local library) and was amazed by his approach to fellow woodworkers. In the book, he explained that it would be wrong of him as a woodworker not to share his techniques with his fellow woodworkers as woodworking is a sort of a brotherhood in craft. I truely agree with sharing ideas and techniques but not stealing from each other.

I hope to one day challenge myself by building a Maloof style rocker. For me as a newby woodworker, that would be the ultimate accomplishment and skill check that I could ever image. To be able to sit and rock in a well balanced, rocker would be a tribute to Sam Maloof and his many years of excellence.

I understand that the economy and money are tight right now but we shoudln't bring ourselves down to cheating and stealing from each other.

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