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Secret box made from resawn slices of beautifully grained Shedua with sliding 'coopered lid'

Dovetailed box made from resawn slices of beautifully grained Shedua with sliding 'coopered lid'.  The resawn slices allow the grain to wrap around the sides and top.  The design is a...

Recent comments

Re: Built-in Buildoff Update

Anybody else wonder what happened to this build-off, did it finish. I thought it was going to highlight an article in one of the magazines?????????????????????

Re: A Fern Stand: Demonstrating My Drawing Process

Dave - great technique video. Having just purchased a digital plan and seeing benefits, I am interested in using SU for future projects. Can plugins be used with the freeware SU?

Re: Miniature Horse Barn

There has to be one happy horsewoman attached to that barn.:)

Re: Video Series Recognized by Webby Awards

Although I am late on arrival to this string of comments, Rousseau's video workshop raised the bar for FW online content. Tim is an incredible resource for FW, the video production is top of the line as well. I look forward to video workshops much as I do the arrival of the printed magazine. Last weekend Gary' R.'s v-workshop on sharpening chisels looped continously while I 'resharpened' perfectly sharpened chisels. The excersize took my skills up a notch and afterwards handcut dovetails were more precise. Just kept thinking, "a sharp tool is an easy tool to use".

Looking forward to more video workshops (for those of us who cannot grab a few weeks to visit Rockport).

Re: My Neander Haven

Should be titled "If your going to do something, do it Right!" What an accomplishment. Did I miss something, a build on SMS? Cabinets wrapping around corner make the most of a possibly little-used corner, I am looking at a corner in my shop right now. Gary's work is an inspiration.

Re: Tool Chest

Just had to login, your should win the most functional design. I have built three tool chests but I still lack a functional 'mobile' tool chest like yours. Perhaps FW could feature the design in an article. Is it too late to post some interior shots?

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