Jon Doucette, Arvada, CO, US

I have been working wood starting with my dad's old tools since the early 80’s. I took wood-shop class from 7th grade on. I made and repaired snowshoes in high-school and college. I became fascinated with windsor chairs and took a couple classes at the Dunbar Institute. I especially appreciate early colonial craftsmanship and really appreciate the rich history of American furniture making. I am drawn to the Shaker form maybe because is seems timeless and accessible but deceptively simple and elegant in design. I love the fact that a well executed Shaker-style design can accentuate figured wood and let the wood speak for itself. I love the look of birdseye maple but grow tired of working with it especially because of its tendency to chip. I like to design my own furniture but I am impatient with drafting and haven’t taken the time needed to learn any computer aided drafting. I still use the T-square I had in high-school drafting class. I love sharp tools and I hate sanding. I can’t wait to put the first coat of finish on a piece and especially can’t wait for the last. I am addicted to chisels. I dream of one-day making furniture for a living but I am trapped by my comfortable income and afraid of the risk. I want my son to take my tools some day but so far I think my daughter is more interested. I appreciate the talent granted to us closet artists and craftsmen by God and I am grateful to have Fine Wood Working magazine available to share my passion.

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Harry Potter Wands

  I turned these 15 1/4” long magic wands of Harry Potter influence for my eight-year-old daughter who is just finishing the 7th book.  The top wand is made from highly figured...

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Re: Harry Potter Wands

Thank you. The later also impresses me.

Re: New Wave writing desk


Re: Creating a Project Plan in SketchUp

Dave: How do I get started with using this software for the first time? I am a little intimidated. Do I need to purchase the full blown version?

Re: Spalted, Quilted, Curly, Burly Maple

I don't know if I could have cut the corners off either. I know that feeling of finding a highly figured masterpiece sample of wood, especially maple. I have been tempted to hang entire boards on the wall. I think it teaches humility to find such beauty in something that some people might just toss in the fire. To feel unworthy to even cut the corners says a lot to me and I can relate. I didn't understand what you did at first but I see now how beautifully subtle the work you did. Wow, quite the potential to bust the knuckles. Good job!

Re: Harry Potter Wands

Great idea! I wasn't that creative. I would love to see what you turned.

Re: Warped and dyed birch bowl

Really cool vessel. I am ver impressed with the delicate lines and the perfect coloration. Very nice work!

Re: Purpleheart vessel

Impressive work indeed. I love the form and execution.

Re: Harry Potter Wands

Don't tell my daughter. Actually my son got one of them without reading his fair share yet. I stayed up late to get his done before he woke up in the morning. Turning has never been my favorite but after turning a lot of chair parts, quite a few shaker pegs and drawer pulls. I have gotten a little better at spindle turning. Using the skew without catching was the big challenge. It was far better tunring these little wands just for the smile I received. Woodworking can be very gratifying that way. I am always impressed with the fine people that I share my passion with. Thanks for your heartfelt comment.

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