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The Woodworking Shows, Northeast.

Vendors, instructors, and waves of woodworkers gather in Springfield, Mass.

Hybrid Tool Chest, Part I

Managing my way through a beginner's toolbox project.

A Woodworking Public Service Announcement from Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman warns the community about the perils of mixing fine alcohol with your favorite activities.

Lithium Ion Battery Technology Under Fire

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. lays claim to the revolutionary battery technology and sets its sights on competitors.

This Built America: The Great Alaskan Bowl Company

Handmade wooden bowls crafted in the heart of America's last frontier.

Mirka Random Orbital Sander Recall

Electrical short poses potential fire hazard for tool owners.

Salt and Vinegar: Nature's Rust Remover

Some common household and shop items can turn your rusty planes into everyday users.

Oneida Air Systems Awards Woodworking Students

Two students receive the OAS Future Craftsmen Scholarship.

Turning for Wounded Warriors

Woodworkers help heal local veterans through the art of turning.

A New Take On Handmade

An Ethiopian man builds beyond disabilities.

Span Trees: A German Craft Tradition

A German woodworker's amazing use of a chisel at the lathe and bench.

The Nordy's Awards

Rockler presents its annual woodworking video contest.

Deinonychus Skull Carving

Woodworking and paleontology meet in this hand-carved scale dinosaur skull.

A Beginner's Mitered Box

A novice's attempt at design and execution.

Magnetic Assisted Geometry Furniture

Magnets offer potential leaps in flat-pack furniture design.

The Unfinished Cathedral

An architect's passion and talent expressed through woodworking.

The Eastern Black Walnut and Thousand Cankers Disease

A tiny bug can cause huge problems.

Amazing Bed in a Box

Knockdown bed brings comfort to the campsite.

Recent comments

Re: Hybrid Tool Chest, Part I


I used a bandsaw to cut the angled "feet" and hogged out most of the waste just shy of my scribe line. From there I used my rehabbed Stanley 220 block plane to clean up the large flat area, a spokeshave to flatten the angled section, and a 1" chisel to clean up the corners.

This was probably an over-complicated way of doing all this and although my results were good, they're definitely not perfect. I'm trying to use this project to clock as many hours, with as many tools as I can. It was my first time using a spokeshave and my first time doing stopped dados on the tablesaw. Both turned out well, but I am certain I will be better next time around.

Re: This Built America: The Great Alaskan Bowl Company

@swagmann: As the video was wholly produced by AOL's "This Built America" series and hosted via their website, Fine Woodworking can't edit out the sponsoring company's advertisements.

Re: Salt and Vinegar: Nature's Rust Remover

@MechanicalMusicMan, @RBK155, and @PCHcruisin: I certainly cannot argue with Evaporust's effectiveness. It is an awesome chemical that I've used numerous times on automotive and small engine components with great success. The salt and vinegar method is presented as an alternative to that for those who won't use the Evaporust very often, those who need more than one gallon (where it becomes pricey), or those don't want to have chemicals to dispose of.

@Aledrinker: Interesting. I will have to add some old springs to my next batch and see how they react.

@old_saw: Awesome information. It sounds like you've perfected your technique. The salt in this case, isn't much to worry about as it will be washed off rather quickly, versus a car which (if you're like me) spends whole New England winters without a wash. It really is just an additive to increase the acidity of the mixture.

Thanks everyone for your comments and for reading.

Re: Span Trees: A German Craft Tradition


After doing some research, these are traditionally made using linden or lime, which are very similar to basswood. They are both very easy to work and have been used in European carving and instrument making for centuries.

Re: Amazing Bed in a Box

Thank you everyone who shared their interest in this amazing piece of ingenuity.

To answer Mikes8500: Every part, excluding the mattress stows in the box or is part of it.

Unfortunately, Mr. MacPherson is not looking to sell plans or furnish us here at Fine Woodworking with them, but he states that anyone wishing to recreate or re-engineer this bed may do so.

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