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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I dont have enough information as to make an informed opinion on the merits of this case. However, in general I do think that manufacturers have a responsibility to take prudent steps to make their products reasonably safe. I think most would agree with that. The issue is really, what is reasonably prudent? I think many people in the "personal responsibility" camp just feel it unreasonable to expect all manufacturers to adopt the sawstop technology. Its too new, too high tech, or unfamiliar. That will change with a little time. I think the technology will eventually make its way into all saws, including hand saws, band saws, etc. It will go the way of the airbag, GFCI outlets, etc. because of the societal cost of not adopting it. There are plenty of laws to help protect the "stupid" people because none of us are experts at everything we might try or do, and even when proficient, accidents happen. Motorcycle helmet and seatbelt laws are examples. To those who have lost fingers and "taken full responsibility" I applaud your honesty, but I still wish for you that you had owned a sawstop. I hope that sooner rather than later, our kids will have one.

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