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Alder solid-body, carved-top electric guitar

Next round of guitars.  This one has a solid alder body with alder top. Neck is maple with maple  fingerboard.  Body finished with polyurethane and polished with wax. Neck is finished with tongue...

Mahogany chamber-bodied carved-top electric guitar

Next round of guitars.  This one has a chambered mahogany body with bookmatched mahogany top.  Neck is mahogany with rosewood fingerboard.  Body finished with polyurethane and polished with wax...

Workbench - Monster, bombproof, not so (well kind of)

Legs and lower stringers are 6x6 alder, upper stringers 3x6 alder (all reclaimed).  Top is 4x24x96 maple with a Lee Valley face vise with hickory jaws.  All joined with single and double slip...

Padauk & Poplar guitar

My second attempt at a solid body electric. Poplar body with carved padauk top.  Hard maple neck extra wide with asymmetric back.  This was a custom job for my fat fingers and it fits well. Think...

Alder electric guitar

This was my fist attempt at a guitar from scratch. Body is solid alder with a carved top finished with many coats of wipe-on poly.  Neck is hard maple, carved with an asymetrical back and finished...

Recent comments

Re: Easy handles for a sliding doors

This is a great technique. Also works well for bee hive box handles. Have the dado already set for cutting the finger joints. Just drop the side onto the dado and presto, inset handles.

Re: UPDATE: The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller

Enjoyed reading about Jeff's workbench. Have picked out the lumber and started to glue up he legs.

Re: Alder electric guitar

The templates came from guitarbuildingtemplates.com. Hardware from Stewart MacDonald. I started a thread on tdpri.com - http://www.tdpri.com/forum/other-guitars-other-instruments/352357-wolfgang-build-take-1-a.html
showing progress for this guitar (and some digression.) That's a great site for similar threads. From TDPRI you can search a user named "Guitarnut" with a thread titled "wolfgang build" - that inspired me to start.
I'm building #2 - http://www.tdpri.com/forum/other-guitars-other-instruments/360160-wolfgang-build-take-2-a.html.
I'd be happy to help or follow along and answer questions if I can. Please don't hesitate to message. Thanks for looking.

Re: UPDATE Caption contest: Win a CommandMax Sprayer

...and the Papa belt sander, and the Mama belt sander, and the baby belt sander all lived happily ever after. The End. Goodnight little belt sander.

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