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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

First of all, this case was tried in Massachusetts. (Insert Smiley Face Here) That should be enough said.

I am not goung to try and obfuscate this issue with facts (nor correct spelling) like everyone else.

The Sawstop technology is not a "Flesh Detector". If it were, I would carry one with me when bar hopping. ('nuther smiley) It is an electrical circuit with a sensor that detects a sudden change in the circuit. Almost anything moist or metalic will set the thing off. I have spent many pleasant hours using a Sawstop Cabinet saw and have triggered the blade brake a couple of times, but never with flesh. (Well, there was the roast beef sub sandwich incident, but that was operator error). You have to be carefull what you stick into that blade; Pressure treated wood, green wood, really cheap KD framing lumber, dirty wood, wet wood, and bratwurst, all are no-no's. The stopping cartridges are single use and replacements cost somewhere around $90.00. Add the cost of the blade destroyed every time it goes off, as well.

This case should have been thrown out, Floor installers cannot use the Sawstop technology for the following reasons.

Floor installers need PORTABLE saws. Nobody, I repeat, Nobody builds a portable saw with a blade brake. Sawstop does build a "Contractor" style saw with a brake that is portable if you can bench press over 250 pounds and don't install any table extensions.

Floor installers need a saw they can use with rain blowing into the front of the garage where they are cutting. The Sawstop circuitry will go off if it hits moisture.

Floor installers need a saw that will cut right through nails, barbed wire, and bullets hidden in salvaged wood flooring. The blade brake will go off if it hits metal.

For some reason, floor installers need a saw that can be used while kneeling. (smiley)

I made my shop as safe as I could. I have red and blue flashing lights and an air horn attached to the light switch by the door. Each machine has locked double reduntant power switches as found on nuclear missle launchers which require two people simultaniously switching them on to actuate. Every blade of any type is made of nylon and has a rubber edge guard covering the business part that cannot be removed. All beings inside the shop are required to wear military grade self contained air filtration systems. I am no longer using dangerous electricity. All of my machines are driven by a donkey on a treadmill. All of the machines are limited to 20 rpm except for the bench chisels which have all had their blades cut off. Twice weekly, U.N. Safety inspectors come through to insure that I am not violating any safety procedures. Even with all this I still got hurt. Yesterday when I turned on the wall switch, the air horn startled me. I jumped, tripped over my own foot and cracked my head on the concrete floor. I have filed suit against the Ancient Romans. Their concrete invention is Dangerously Hard.

On another note, I can't believe the number of "blame America First" and "Big Bad Evil Business" oriented posters that have taken the oportunity to use this venue to spout off on minimally tangential talking points.

Re: Using the Shape Bender Plugin

Hi everyone.

The Bender plugin download is at the bottom of the first post at the top of page 1. It is an attached Zip file.

You have to register as a member of Sketchucation in order to see most of the attachments and pictures, and to download any files.

If you are not logged in, all you will see is a pink highlited message saying that you are not allowed to see the attachments in the posts.

Hope this helps.

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