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Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

I have something similar, what I think missing is a router plane, a gouge and a small plow plane (record 43).

Re: Help us design a workbench for power-tool lovers

I made a free standing workbench with open tooltray, it is there for when I cut with my jigsaw or circular saw. After my first misses I favor a sacrificial mdf top over thin hardboard on top of a torsion box. I have shelves for the essential power tools, where the shop vac hose should migrate to the ceiling.

Re: Is the Radial Arm Saw on its Last Legs?

The Festool plunge saw on a MFT table with guiding rail (or any equivalent setup) is functionally close to the RAS, and looks safer. A router is needed for dadoes, but ripping is less a problem. They also stand at different extremes of dust collection. But extinct, there is no reason to throw them away, but there is no compelling reason to buy a new one.

Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

I think that in the long run Saw Stop is heading for trouble as I see kickback as the deadly aspect of a table saw. With Saw Stop you can save your fingers but not your liver. Giving users a false sense of safety can lead to an increase of deadly accidents.

Re: Miracle Shield Blocks Kickback

The '2ft. push tools' seem mandatory to avoid that your hands are cut off. But I can live without hands, not without a liver.

Re: A Dedicated Sharpening Bench - final -

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed the whole series.

Is it because I am not a boat builder, that I fear water problems around the granite insert and the wood on top of the water stones drawer?

Re: Dovetailed drawers are overrated

When I checked some drawers on old furniture (70+ and +++ years) half of it was dovetailed the other half was nailed. Be it cheap models in painted hardwood or more expensive carved wood.

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