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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

This is america , there are three ways to get rich in this country , earnit, steal it , or sue it , unfortunately the last 2 being the easiest , are the most popular , frivaless law suits are and have been going on hear since the creation of this country , I've been a Cabinetmaker/furnituremaker for a little over thirty years , and I still have all my fingers and toes , when someone is injured on a tablesaw or anyother peice of equipment , 98% of the time it's because they were not operating the eguipment in a safe manner or following safty guidelines , and to be quite honest , in my opinion , many so called safty features are more dangerous then if they weren't there at all like blade guards , needed on some things like mitersaws , but on a table saw it's more in the way then safe , even the drop down ones that attach to the side of the saw in my opinion are more dangerous then if they weren't there at all , and it would not be nessesary to put any stopping device on the blade if you used the 2 push stick method of feeding the stock through the saw blade keeping your hands and fingers well away from the blade , and most of the saw accedents I've seen was because the person was crosscutting on the tablesaw without a crosscut box , in my opinion the safety features on most equipment is to allow for the stupidity of the operator , and once again you choices will be squashed and you won't have a choice on how best to safely operate a peice of equipment , it will be dictated to you , just like the rest of our civil liberties that are being squashed under the foot and disguise of public safty by the fed gov , remember when you had a choice of weather or not to were a seat belt or own car insurance or get on an airplane without a strip search , or when you could smoke just about anywhere , eventually at the rate things are progressing in this country , we will be a dictatorship , told what where and when we can do anything and then they will tell us how it's to be done , including having flesh detection technology on a freakin tablesaw , I don't know about you all , but I'm sick of my civil liberties falling by the wayside and being told what I can and cannot do , and have little to no say in the matter , and it wouldn't surprize me if it were found that the guy who invented the technology hadn't prompted this guy to sue the saw manufacturer , not like it hasn't been done before just look at the insurance industry , and the sad thing is we're letting it happen , if people don't start standing up and crying fowl we'll be in a dictatorship faster then you think .

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