Bill Czappa, Burbank, CA, US

I have been an artist since I was 14 years old making art from wood and found objects. At 19 I built a small cabine cruiser and lived on it in Marina Del Rey for 6 years. My newest work incorperates lots of wood working of all sorts.
My most ambitious piece is, The Spruce Goose ll. It is an abstract rendition of Howard Hughes plane that actually starts up and sounds like a real airplane. It can be seen on Utube ( I also love to use wood working tools in my work.

Gender: Male

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Starry Starry Night 2

This is the second one of these I made the first one sold within a month. Made of nails and tacks. The colored tacks had to be hand painted. Nailed into two layers of plywood, 1 3/4 and the other 12...

Sculpture done with nails and tacks.

I decided to do another larger nail sculpture. This is of Van Goghs Starry Night and is 22" x 30" The frame is mahogany and the nails are pounded into two layers of plywood. I did drill pilot holes...

The Hammer Family

Just had to make another one of these. Only took 50 hours to do. Lost count of the number of nails and tacks. Mahogony frame and vintage hammers. 23"x23"x3

Chocking the Chicken

This is a sculpture that I just had to do. Every artist puts on the wall what he thinks is improtant, so I thought I would just put this up and ask the question, Why would Anyone Make this? Made from...

Smothing wood

Thought it would be fun to use cement trowls as if they were smothing and shaping wood. Redwood and trowels.

Undying Love

This is an art work about people who can't give up on someone who left them. It says, "Your undying love is killing the ducks."     


Lucy has been the longest running TV show so I thought why not have her tighed to a chair having to watch her own show?Oak hardwood floor Pine two by fours and hand made oak TV set. The Hollywood...

Monument to the End of Time

Since according to the Myan Calander the end of the world is coming I thought I would do a sculpture about that event before it happens.

Czappa's Studio

That's my shop

Stone Hinge

Here is what you can do with old furniture parts. Build your own monument.


This is an artwork using an old hand drill. It is incased in layers of plywood with mahogony venier on top and mahogony for the base. It is about the economy and people not having enough work or...

Pencil Holder

Just thought I would make a pencil holder out of a paper coffee cup. The base is Ash and the cup and base are covered in polymer resin so it will last awhile. I let the resin drip down the side to...

Elmers Glue

This is a piece made of scraps form another piece I made. It's a play on words, Elmers Glue as if it belonged to him.

The Plain Truth

This is a art work I made. It's a play on words and about politics really. The wood plains are whittling away the message on the board, "The Plain Truth."

POLITAX (Politacks politics)

This is an artwork I just made using thousands of tacks. It is called Politax and is a play on words. I was going to originial do "Politacks" then a freind said, why not make it Politax and so I did...

The Cordless Drill, artwork

This is a humorious piece and a play on words, "The Cordless Drill" as we already had drills that were cordless for hundreds of years. The title is made in the brass printers plate with holes drilled...

What to do with brocken tools

This is what you can do with your old borken tools make art with them. The frame is made of redwood two by fours, ones that show the inner and outer growth rings. It is about learning your craft well...

American Gothic, Hammer and nails

This is made with thousands of nails and tacks. It is my version of the art work, "American Gothic" with the farmer, his wife and pitch fork. The hammers are the male and female. The frame is made of...

What to do with hammers

This is an artwork I did called "A pigs Interest" about the banking industry. The Hammers look as if they are in motion and about to break the piggy bank. I used regular pine plywood carved into the...

Bookcase artwork, "Alledged Allegations."

This is a book case I built for an art piece about our legal system, called, "Alleged Allegations." It is made of plywood with oak veneer with a decrative edge applied. The legal books are bolted...

The Spruce Goose ll

This is an abstract working model of Howard Hughs's Spruce Goose made of thirteen ply plywood. I was given a palate of this wood and was buring it for fire wood before I realized I could...

School of Hard Knots

This is the "School of Hard Knots." I used the knots from several pieces of pine board to make the students. It is made of 1/4" walnut, oak and ash venners over plywood. The angeled bell toware was...

The Carpenter

This is a sculpture about my father who taught me woodworking when I was just a kid. Many of the tools on this piece were his. His outfit is made of 13 ply hardwood plywood cut up to make the parkay...

The Toaster

I thought it would be fun to make a toaster out of plywood. It does not make actual toast. Pine plywood with walnut handle and legs.

Recent comments

Re: Sculpture done with nails and tacks.

I have not weighed it yet but would say around 40 lbs.

Re: Pencil Holder

TTo CW ownes, The cup is just glued to the base with the resone. Thanks Bill

Re: Restrained

Thank you all very much and I am glade you get the message as well. Thanks Bill

Re: American Gothic, Hammer and nails

The black behind the nails is just plywood stained with the darkest stain I could find. There are two layers of plywood.


Very nice, love to see woodworking art.

Re: American Gothic, Hammer and nails

McCanon, glade you like it. This is my second one, the first was with just one hammer. I might do one with five hammers someday. I haven't weighed it yet but probably is around 50 lbs or so. Thanks Bill

Re: School of Hard Knots

Ok C Max, here are two quick ones for you. Glad you like it.

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