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Re: UPDATE: A Lesson Plan for Wood Turning by James Rodgers

More to learn, yum

Re: STL 53: Bitchin' Block Rabbet Planes

Matt, the proper answer to what NOT to do when making boxes my be "Not making them."

Re: UPDATE: Win an all-access pass to Fine Woodworking Live 2013!

This sounds like a great deal. Getting a free pass would certainly be budget friendly.

Re: Shop Talk Live 27: Million Dollar Woodworker

Some shop aprons have various arrangements to take the weight of the apron off your neck, crossed shoulder straps, a strap that goes from the neck strap to the waste strap and the like. The aprons that actually hang on your neck are tiresome if there is much in them. These others do a good job of keeping the weight off your neck.

The one I currently use is from Duluth Trading company. It has some vented material in the bottom of the 3 frontmost pockets to lets sawdust and small shavings fall thru rather than filling up the pocket.

I tend to carry a 6" Combination square, 4" T square, 12' Tape measure, a multi-tipped screwdriver I made from a Rockler Kit, a razor knife, 6" ruler, pencil, remote switch for my dust collector, and occasionally some parts for my current project, or the chuck key for the drill press if I am working at the Drill Press.

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

Thank you for a reasoned approach to woodworking. As a hobbits with little time, I can be traditional and never get anything finished, all machines which I think limits the forms somewhat, or "hybrid" which allows me to get projects completed but give them that "special touch" that makes them unique.

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