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Re: Shop Talk Live 25: Time for a New Monster Workbench?

Hey guys.. great to hear Mike and Matt back on the podcast this week ...music to my woodworking ears ...regarding dust collection and filtration ...what I did was build a small wart off the back of my shop outside and put the dust collector there... I don't worry about the fine filtration because it's not happening in my shop ..it's happening outside.... I did turn my single stage collector into a two stage collector with a cyclone trash can lid... I leave that in the shop and empty it when needed .... Any thoughts?

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

I think the easiest solution is to have "cartage" included in your teaching agreement .... session guitarists in nashville do it all the time...make it as big as you want ..bring everything!!!!including the Cowbell....you always need more cowbell!!! lol

Re: Alder wood Kitchen shelf

Haven't worked with alder yet ... Anything you'd like to share about your experience working with this wood?

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