Ken Taylor, Colborne, ON, CA

In my father's garage hung a handsaw. At age five it was almost as long as I was tall. It's back strong and true, the teeth sharp and set, a full carved rosewood handle, secured with five chromium-plated screws, one a medallion. The mighty Disston sang as I ran it back and forth through the pine plank. The soft vibrations travelling through my arms to my chest as the teeth cut their kerf. A wonderful scent permeated the air while sawdust floated slowly down landing in a warm pool of sunlight on the rough garage floor. Life unfolding as it should. This is the moment I became a woodworker. Wood beckons to us. Wood is resilient, flexible and forgiving, inviting and warm, bearing magnificent beauty, embodying traits that we appreciate. Wood is alive. I practice the craft in my own workshop now, my hands coaxing out wood's beauty, ushering from lumber to life. Working wood takes me back, the boy contentedly sawing.., things unfolding as they should.

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Cremation Urn

Built this urn for my friend's father who passed recently. I used maple for the sides. They had some very nice figure. Hand cut dovetails. The lid is spalted maple surrounded with walnut and maple...

Wall hung High Tables

A friend of mine owns a restaurant and needed some extra seating but was shy on room. This was the solution I came up with hanging the tables on the wall. Adds a little pizaz to the place too. Made...

Red Oak Bar now

Custom built bar. All trims custom made. Armrail custom made cove on table saw. Plenty of resawing to get ray flecks on wide trim peices to add visual interest.

Maple and Walnut Blanket Box

Blanket Box for my daughter. Walnut frame and maple panels. Finished with shellac. Aromatic cedar inside.

Cherry Bed Frame

Cherry bed frame styled after one by Thos Moser. Finished with oil varnish mixture. My wife loves it, as do I.

Red Oak Bar

Custom made trimwork, armrail custom coved on table saw, all flat trim cut to best show ray flecks for visual interest against the broad grain of the panels.Bar is 43 inches high, 90 inches long. Two...

Liqour Cabinet

Red Oak cabinet with 3 sliding doors. 34 inches high, 8 inches deep and 82 inches long. Frame and panel doors. Panels resawn to highlight ray flecks. Finished with Oil Varnish mix.

Maple Cutting Block

My friend wanted some different legs on his butcher block. This is how it ended up. The stretchers underneath are made from iron pipe. The block and legs were finished with Watco Salad Bowl finish.

Oak Trestle Table

Oak Trestle table 8' 6" long by 3'6' wide. Bread board ends. Bent lamination was used to make the arched trestle. Gives it a nice gothic look.

Distressed Industrial Punk

Been playing with steel pipe and fittings. The bug riddled boards came from the centre of an old oak veneered desk. I was looking for a lighter to start a nice little fire until this idea popped into...

Carved Maple Bowl

Look what you can find in the firewood pile. Bowls carved with Arbortech carving wheel. Hand rubbed finish with mineral oil.

Cherry Burl Bowl

Bowl carved using an Arbortech carving wheel on a grinder. Finish up with sanding disks then curved scrapers. Watco Salad Bowl finish.

Hickory Rocker

This rocker is a copy of one that my Grandfather used to use when I was a little fella. His rocker had been left out in the elements for many years and was rotted beyond repair. I built mine out of...

Cherry Curio Cabinet

This cabinet is for a good friend of mine. He wanted to suprise his wife with a really big gift for Christmas this year. He told me they used to have a cabinet years ago but it ended up at his...

Freddies Garden Bench

Two garden benches made from eastern white cedar. One finished with stain then marine varnish the other marine varnish only. 48 inches long. I applied a coat of epoxy on the base of the legs to keep...

Modern Shoji Lamps

I wanted to use japanese rice paper in a project so I designed these lamps. I use low wattage florescent bulbs so as not to heat up the paper on the shades. 17 inches tall and 6 inches square. They...

Ken's Workshop

I began renovating my 2 car garage in December of 2008 to transform it into this workshop. I raised the ceiling to a little over 9 feet, put is some windows and new doors, completely rewired for...

Kelly's Cabinet

Krenov inspired cabinet on stand for my neice as a wedding gift. Cabinet is hickory with quilted soft maple panels. The back panels feature spalting and were resawn from the same board and...

Iris Corner Table

Corner table for our family doctor's office. Constructed of maple with cherry beading.  Bent lamination used for the front apron. Leg to apron joinery is mortise and tenon. Legs are taperd on 2...

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Re: Red Oak Bar now

This post is here but i cannot remove it.
Try going to the original post at
You can see the base there.

Re: Ingenious foot-powered lathe

Awesome, worth every second. That was great.

Re: Drill Machine

Hijacker, pay to advertise in Fine Woodworking or get lost. Dismiss this Yashmachine user and defend the gallery.

Re: Transform an Old File into a DIY Burnisher

Veritas Tri Burnisher for me.

Re: Writing desk

Very nice, the bead around the bottom edge of the apron and drawers is a nice touch. Inlay on the top was a great way to bring the edging together with top while giving some visual interest. Hand cut dovetails, can't beat that.

Re: Modern Shoji Lamps

Thanks Bruce

Borrow away, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Have fun

Re: 6 place dining suite

Now that is a fresh look. Great work Nicholas.

Re: Kent Shepherd's Shop

Kent, nice setup. I put some pics of my shop on a blog so people can see more photos and see them in a larger format.
I'll follow your photo bucket link and enjoy the your wide open spaces. Thanks for posting.

Re: Ken's Workshop

Thanks grizzlysaw. The best part of woodworking is sharing with others.

Re: Ken's Workshop

Thanks Everwood. My brother in law got the Habs flag signed by Kirk Muller last season when in Toronto. Started a blog at check out my low budget chip seperator. Enyoy organizing the shop.

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