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Corner China Cabinet

I designed this china cabinet for some friends to match their dining room table.  It is built with flame cherry, riff sawn cherry, cherry ply, and American black walnut.  Walnut inlays...

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Re: UPDATE: Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman by Peter Korn

I would like to win this book!

Re: Dovetailed drawers are overrated

Choice, Freedom, Creativity, Thought Provoking, and Fun...these are just a few of the reasons that I am a woodworker. I love it because I am free to be creative and create joints the way I want to create them and use what ever I like as long as the function is not compromised.

The ancient Egyptians used the dovetail joint because it works. I use dovetails because I want to. I use other joints because I want to. I am glad to have so many options available to me when I need to create a strong and attractive joint.

To say someone who does or doesn't use a particular joint when building a piece of furniture is wrong is like saying that someone who likes green beans is wrong.

Fine Woodworking uses the dovetail in their logo. Why? It represents beauty and strength, not to mention its one of the most well known joints ever created.

Use what you want, when you want, where you want. Don't let anyone try to fire you up by saying one joint is snooty or wrong.

Choice, Freedom, Creativity, Thought Provoking, and this is woodworking.

Re: Corner China Cabinet

Thanks. I used several different dyes to create a match to their dinning table. It was a lot of trial and error. I finished it with 5 coats of poly sprayed on with a HVLP sprayer and rubbed the final coat out with pummice, and two different types of rottenstone. It took a long time to rub it out until I was happy with it, but worth it in the long run.

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