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Re: Extraordinary Arts and Crafts Furniture

There are times where I look at a piece of furniture and imagine what the craftsman was like. What he wore to work or in his shop, what he was thinking about while he worked, and if when he finished the project he imagined it would still be around for people to enjoy in 2014. I sometimes wonder if anything I ever create will ever be fought over at auction or cherrished by some common homeowner as their one prized antique. The art of the furniture itself hasn't been to prevelant in my thoughts, but seeing the simple round table with it's chunky wood base and feet just made me realize that if something that simple could be interpreted as "powerful" and I immediately understood that it was; then the whole concept of art and its very unspoken definition could be understood in the pegged tennons and cloaked commonality of a table that may
have held a purely utilitarian purpose.

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