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I have had a passion for woodworking all of my life. Over the years, I have created beautiful works of art for myself, friends, and family, but I have never ventured out into larger markets until now. I have been encouraged to turn my art into my profession. I would like to start building my clientele by promoting my work in larger, more lucrative settings. With this, a website has been created and I am exploring multiple avenues for exposure.

As a hobby I discovered Intarsia wood working and played with this technique of using different color pieces of wood inlay to create a larger picture. Over the years I have perfected this technique and made it my own. I have created a unique style of doing custom designs from pictures and using a 3D effect. My first attempt at doing a custom project without any set plans was with a picture of my own dog. Everyone loved the idea of having these wooden designs of the things they loved so I began doing these designs, first of peoples pets and then of motorcycles, vehicles, homes, etc. This has turned into a big hit and I have had requests to do a wide variety of different projects.

Featured on this site will be my 1 of a kind custom woodworking projects. I will be posting often different projects that have been done over the years from Intarsia to custom furniture pieces. Soon my new woodworking shop will be complete and more designs will come. If ever you need something done custom please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Clydesdale and Colt - Intarsia Woodworking

Epona Celtic Horse Knotwork - Intarsia Woodworking

Epona Celtic Horse Knotwork – Intarsia Woodworking Epona was a goddess of great strength to the ancient Celts. She is the protector of horses and symbolized understanding, vitality, and...

Celtic Tree of Life - Intarsia Woodworking

Celtic Tree of Life - Intarsia Woodworking To read the full blog article, please check out my website at

The Rose Chris Mobley Designs

Horses - Intarsia Woodworking

Horses – Intarsia Woodworking One of my recent Intarsia projects is from a painting of horses. The client sent me a photograph of a painting hanging on their wall and requested an Intarsia piece...

Western Cross - Intarsia Woodworking

The makings of this western cross happened by complete accident, but what a great gift it made for my wife.   My daughter got a new computer aided design program. She was playing with it to learn...

Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water – Intarsia Woodworking Most everything that I do, I do with someone in mind and/or for some reason. I very rarely make something just to make it. I found a picture a while back...

Panhead Eagle

After seeing some of my work, my boss approached me one day with a request for his father. His father's birthday was quickly approaching and he wanted to do something special. I talked to him about...

Home on the Hill

Creating custom intarsia woodworking often finds its best design from a story.One stormy day in April, not very different than any other day, tragedy struck in Alabama. My father was out for the...

The Title - Marine Corps Emblem Image

Marine Corps Emblem Image – Intarsia Woodworking The Title It Can Not be InheritedNor Can it Ever be PurchasedYou or No One Alivecan Buy It for Any PriceIt is Impossible to Rentand It Can Not be...

Shih Tzu – Angel Intarsia

Pets are our close companions because they provide love, comfort, safety, warmth, happiness, levity, wonder, laughter, and friendship. Pets teach us to have more patience with life and to enjoy the...

Celtic Love Knotwork

 I was recently asked to do a Celtic Love Knotwork piece out of wood. I had never done any sort of knotwork before, and I knew there would be some great challenges in creating this piece, but I am...

Medieval Sword

  I recently tried my hand at making a Medieval style wooden sword. This is not something that I have ever attempted before, but I read a few articles that made me think "I could do that!" I decided...

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Re: My homage to Woodstock

Very neat! Thank you for sharing!
Chris Mobley

Re: My homage to Woodstock

Very neat! Thank you for sharing!
Chris Mobley

Re: Shaker counter stools

Nice! Thank you for sharing!
Chris Mobley

Re: UPDATE:French Polishing: Finishing and restoring using traditional techniques by Derek Jones

I have never attempted French Polishing but could always use this as a reference.
Chris Mobley

Re: Knife Box - Williamsburg Conference

Thank you for sharing!
Chris Mobley

Re: Wudworx--A Handy Plugin Set For Joinery

Thanks for the information!
Chris Mobley

Re: Mike Pekovich to Teach at Marc Adams School

This is a beautiful piece.
Chris Mobley

Re: a double pedestal oval dining table

Very intersting and beautiful!
Thank you!
Chris Mobley

Re: Easy dadoes with basic hand tools

Beautiful work!
Chris Mobley

Re: 7 Lessons for the Aspiring Furniture Maker

Great advice! Thank you!
Chris Mobley

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