Rochester, MN, US

Retired Mechanical design engineer (30) years. Woodworking since 7th grade, and was part time instructor to other students by time in 9th grade.

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Lockable Box

This is a lock box as requested by my grandson, to "keep his sister out of his stuff". Well the design took off and this is the result. I an a retired design engineer so I just could not stop. I put...

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Re: UPDATED: Help a Fine Woodworker Solve a Veneer Problem

My mother had a card table with a veneered top from the early 30's. It had walnut, mahogany, maple in various patterns. It was stored in an attic (in Minnesota) cold heat humidity. some of the veneer lifted split etc. I used the same technique some 35 years ago. I used the wedge or v shape on many of the fixes and it turned out beautifully. Someday I should send a picture. I don't know if I can attach one to this message board.

Re: Having Trouble Finishing? Here's a Great Product

I have used this product on several projects, and highly recommend it. I also have used a "home brew" like auther, but find it less protective. Minwax wipe on poly seems to offer much better protection.

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