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Re: UPDATE: Mortise and Tenon Joinery by Hendrik Varju

Hey, I could certainly use some good advice concerning M&T joinery! This DVD would be a welcome addition to my library.

Re: Quick to Build Tool Cabinet

Nice cabinet. I've built a similar cabinet from plans in, ummm, another magazine. If I hadn't already built mine I'd consider these plans. Stranded, I understand your concern. I had the same concern when I made the one I have (mine weights about 80 pounds empty). But just think of all the weight kitchen cabinets have to support. Stacks of plates are HEAVY. Anchored to my shop wall, my cabinet is rock solid and is not going to fall. I think you'll be alright. Cleats and screws are a lot stronger than you'd think.

Re: Shop Talk Live 3: Diminishing Returns

I agree about the sound effects (get rid of them!!!). Actually though, they come off almost insulting, undermining or disrespectful at times (even though I KNOW that is not at all the intention).

I like the banter and information though. Keep it up!

Re: Shop Talk Live: Episode 2

I'm liking the videos. I can enjoy them at work without having to constantly be watching the screen.

My only criticism - and it has to be said - is that the sound effects just aren't working for you. They take away from your show. We can do without.

Other than that: I love it. Thank you!

Re: A Woodworker's Musical Masterpiece

I believe MikeSweet means "beginner's mind" in the sense of not being biased by the normal confines of what "can't be done". A mind that's free to dream and create amazing wonders. And you have certainly done that!

Your desk is extremely cleaver and well executed. And beautiful. What an amazing piece of work. I'm a woodworker as well, but I certainly have never made nor seen anything like this.

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