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Former mechanical engineer turned furniture maker. Currently teaching furniture making full-time at Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA.

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Cerritos College Woodworking Celebration

Annual woodworking event shows off student work

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Re: STL 72: Another Tablesaw Lawsuit

Why wouldn't a table saw owner think he couldn't use his saw without a rip fence? Check out a recent episode of This Old House, #6 of Charlestown 2014, where at the 6:30 mark Tom Silva rips a board without the fence. You can see him in action here,,20869122,00.html.

If I remember correctly, Norm Abram does the same thing a bit later in the show. Maybe SawStop is a sponsor...

Re: Adding Diagonal Bracing

You convinced me. When I got home (I couldn't install the plugin on my work computer) I tried it. Very slick! Thanks!

Re: Adding Diagonal Bracing

I tried this after reading the problem but prior to reading the solution. I was not familiar with the plugin, so I came up with a different method.

I created the brace in the same position as yours, but mine was 3" too long. I then drew a circle with 96 sides, with the center in the same spot as your rotation axis, and the radius at the opposite corner of the frame. I was then able to rotate the brace into position using the appropriate intersection point on the circle.

I don't think it's quite as accurate as your solution, due to the segmented circle, but it's pretty close if you use lots of sides on the circle.

Re: Component Axes and Flip

Great tip about flipping multiple components! That will come in very handy.

Thanks, Dave

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

I agree with Loxmyth; this is much safer when using a sled. I teach this method in some of my advanced classes at Cerritos College, although I first evacuate most of the material out with a series of cross cuts. The sliding action is only to smooth the tenon cheek.

I would not allow a student to use the method as shown in the video. Too many simultaneous or nearly simultaneous motions.

Re: Creating a Project Plan in SketchUp


(I hope you're still responding to old posts.)

I am trying to find an example of a project that includes all the scenes used to create the project plan views. If I purchase one of your or Tim's plans from the store will it include those? Or are the plans only in the PDF file?

Re: Connecting a Dowel Joint

Awesome! Thanks for the tip. I have gone through great frustrations to create that center point. This is so simple.

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