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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

This country is rife with people whom lack any measure of self reliance and responsibility. This is an example of the height of entitlement so many of our people have come to, and what a terrible lesson to theach our children. I would personally be too ashamed to bring a law suite against a company for having misused their tool. If you have a Saw-Stop and trigger it, you've misused the tool.

Most saws come with guards that many wood workers remove (it gets in the way a lot). However, once you do this you accept full responsibility for getting your bloody fingers in the teeth.

That said, I have to cast a bit of shame on Ryobi's lawyers for having lost this suite. They clearly didn't take the matter seriously enough. I'm sure they'll be more on the ball in apeals court.

Saw Stop technology is prohibitively expensive. I have a cheap $100.00 table saw that is nicely portable. It's a little scary and I don't use it often (I use my nice Jet 99% of the time). If this lawsuite prevales, budget saws will be a thing of the past. Even your $400 and $600 will cost much, much more.

Maybe someone should sue Saw Stop for not providing adaptions of its technology for every other piece of shop equipement.

I could rant all day on this.

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