Charles Maxwell, Pittsford, NY, US

Im a retired naval officer pursuing my other loves in life - chasing my wife around the house and fine woodworking - in that order! I had the privilege of serving at the command level in the greatest navy that has ever sailed the Earth for a quarter century. Im proud to say that I wagged the finger at Qaddafi in the Gulf of Sidra (1984-5), nailed drug runners in the gulf coast, sailed proudly with our NATO forces against our former enemy, the Soviets, did my part in Somalia, Iraq and Korea and, most recently trained newly commissioned naval officers at the University of Rochester, NROTC. Now that Im retired from my naval career, Im giving the woodcraft career a go. Its a great hobby and can be a good business but, I dont want to spend my twilight years in poverty either! I enjoy the opportunities to create one-off projects in my makeshift basement work shop. Im enthusiastic about this forum and look forward to sharing with its members.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 01/18/1957

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Krenov Style 'Hope Chest' Case

This Krenov style case is a gift to my daughter as she prepares for her October 2014 marriage. I felt obligated to build a hope chest for her but, couldn't resist an opportunity to try my hand at a...

Krenov Style 'Hope Chest' Case

A Krenov style case piece for my daughter's Hope Chest. Woods are found at local garage/barn sales this summer. Finished with tung oil and brix wax.

Anniversary Clock

This is my 9th clock - M9 - Anniversary Clock. It was designed as a gift for a friend's 20th wedding anniversary. All of my previous clocks have been large and weight driven. My experience at craft...

Tall Case - All Wooden Gears - Clock

This is my 8th commissioned clock design. This clock is Cherry and Walnut with brass wire rope and weights. It runs for 36 hours on a single wind. Dimensions are 74"x22"x16". The finish is many coats...

M7 'Brown Sugar' Clock

This is clock number 7. I call it M7 'Brown Sugar.' It's entirely my own design and there are no plans - sorry, it's all in my head! This all wood clock is made from mixed hardwoods including ...

Battleship Tables!

Short story ... I was teaching at the University of Wisconsin, NROTC and was asked to act as liaison between the state historical society and the USS WISCONSIN, then in overhaul. The history society...

Service Flag Box

This military service flag box is made with Walnut, Holly, Teak and Maple. The Maple was salvaged from Ike's London HQs during a remodel! The Teak comes form the WWII Battleship, USS WISCONSIN BB...

M4 Timber Frame Clock

This clock was designed and built for a friend in Valley Forge, PA.  The design fits his gorgeous timber frame home. It's a large clock standing about 6-1/2 feet. It's made with red cedar...

M3 Clock

This is the third clock I have designed and built. It's constructed from Honduran Mahogany, Holly, and Bass (gears). It runs for 2-1/2 days on a single wind and keeps time to +/- 4 per week. The...

Contemporary All-Wood Clock - M5

This clock is a one of a kind design. It was built for a Jeweler in Chester, PA. The escape mechanism is a Graham design and the woods are Painted Poplar, Figured Maple and Gabon Ebony. The wire rope...

Timber Frame Clock - M6

This all wood clock is made with Sapele and Holly details. It's a table top design and runs 24 hours on a single wind. This is the sixth clock I've built and I have finally gotten all the gremlins...

Recent comments

Re: Flag Case

Allow me to commend you on two counts, you're wonderful flag case and your participation in a worthy cause. Well done young man. Two thumbs up!
Maxwell, CDR, USN (Ret)

Re: Carlyle Lynch Style Wood Lathe

Without doubt, the best post I have seen on this yet! That lathe is a work of art. A labor of love. What a wonderful tribute to your dad. The angel of your dad over your shoulder will always be present as you produce more tributes in the form of lathe objects. You have work to do! Keep charging!

Re: Ball and Claw Lions Foot,"Coffee Table"

It's what I've come to expect from the master, Dennis Zongker. Absolutely superb craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing Dennis.

Re: UPDATE: In the Greene & Greene Style: Projects and Details for the Woodworker by Darrell Peart

Darrell's books are a treasure trove of G&G masterpieces. If G&G hadn't originated these masterful strokes of woodcraft genius, Darrell would have! Recommended for all serious wood workers.

Re: Writing Desk

I don't comment often but, this is acceptation work. Very nice indeed.

Re: A Wooden Clock

Nice work. Is that a 3 wheel design 60-15-60-15-60-16?

Re: Executive Desk

Stunningly beautiful! I would have guessed the wood is Sapele.

Re: Drool-Worthy Workshop Videos for 2012

Where is the mill? I'd like to visit.

Re: Navigational Instruments for the USS Constitution

What a privilege to have a project become a piece of US Navy history! As a retired naval officer I can say with confidence that the officers and crew are thankful for your gracious offering. BZ! (In navy flag codes that means, WELL DONE!)

Re: Queen Anne Lowboy


Re: Segmented Turned Feet are Easier than You Think

This is the type of superb craftsmanship that those of us who follow Dennis' work have come to know and expect. Dennis' uncanny ability to create simplicity out of the complex is noteworthy. Thanks for posting! Max

Re: A nautical themed table to hold a ship model.

Fantastic piece! I'm an old salt (25 years Navy) and I greatly appreciate the theme you pulled together to honor the Navy's oldest and still commissioned ship! If you get the opportunity to visit Old Ironsides, ask if you can pull the trigger on the 0800 morning cannon shot! They'll even give you the 40mm casing after the shot! CDR Maxwell

Re: Military Shadowbox

First, you did an outstanding job! The imperfections that worry you are not imperfections at all. Those imaginary blemishes you notice are only in your eyes. The new owner, your CO, will place your handy work on his mantel and reserve a place in his heart for the time, talent and energy that you invested in his honor. By taking on the challenge and creating a memory (shadow box) with your own hands you have connected his retirement to his Sailors for the rest of his life. What greater gift could your Captain receive! Well done - BZ!
CDR Maxwell

Re: Bloodwood Table

This is the type of spontaneous creativity that I hope for every time I log into FWW Gallery! There is elegance in the simplicity of your wonderful design. I think your wood choices are more a result of your innate sense for beauty than luck! You hit a home run with this piece. More please! Thanks for posting ... Max, the night janitor at!

Re: USMC Margquetry Emblem

I always make it my duty to thank and pray for those who are/have served this great country of ours. - - Thank you. Semper Fi and keep your head on swivel. Wonderful project that truly honors your son. Bravo Zulu! (Well done!) CDR Maxwell

Re: Jewellery Box

An absolutely stunning piece! Beauty in simplicity defined. The box is a jewel in and of itself. Well done. Max

Re: "Santa Claus" Cookies and Milk Cabinet

As usual, your work is fantastic. I love the carefully mixed woods and your designs are artful and perfectly executed. Every time I see one of works of art it gives me a flurry of new ideas. Keep pumping them out, it's good for us all! Max

Re: Funky Coffee Console Cabinet

I was so amazed by the shear artistry in your work that I followed your link to the Huh website! Wow! Of all the posts I've seen in this and other woodcraft forums, yours is the most creative. I absolutely love your execution! I don't know how else to say it...just fearless! The colors, the use of non-conventional materials, the 'out-of-the-box thinking that goes into your designs...fantastic stuff. Truly professional grade! Thanks for sharing. Max

Re: Wooden Gear Clock

Nice! Looks like a Brian Law design. How long did it take you to construct? Beautiful piece!

Re: Valet box

Wonderful project. More importantly, thanks for your service to country.

Re: Grandfather Clock

Great clock (grandfather) metaphor and fantastic execution! As in most wood works, the photo simply doesn't do justice to the beauty in the woods and the quality of workmanship. I would love to share photos of my own clocks with you. Perhaps we could collaborate on a clock design - I could do the working clock with my specialty wooden gears while you create a masterpiece cabinet around the gears. The best of both worlds!

Top notch work. Thanks for sharing.


Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Traditional Molding Techniques: Cornice Moldings by Don McConnell

Fantastic! I'm right in the middle of a living room makeover and crown molding is my next adventure! I could use the help! Max

Re: The Carpenter

Fantastic stuff!

Re: School of Hard Knots

One of the best posts that I've seen in a long time! I love it. Can you put more photos of this work in the gallery? More details please!

Re: Retirement Shadow Box

Thanks for your service to country. Whoa!

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: The New Complete Guide to the Band Saw

Thanks Betsy! What a great addition this book would be to my burgeoning woodworking career! 25 years as a naval officer and now onto higher learning! Max

Re: Deco Inspired Liqour Cabient


Re: Arts & Crafts Weekend Projects

well done!

Re: Flooring Hang-Up

Nicely done!

Re: Walnut Retirement Box

Well done! Please pass to Master Chief, "Thanks for your service to country." R/CDR Maxwell (ret)

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