portland, TX, US

Twenty-one years in the Army and twenty-six years as an uncivil servant. Retired and found I had saw dust in my veins. Been playing with wood ever since.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 04/25/1943

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Outdoor Table

This table was exercise in mortise and tenon construction. It has double through mortises on the top and pinned mortises on the legs and bottoms. I found I really liked working with Douglas fir...

Child's cremation casket.

The casket is made of curly maple and bubinga boards.  The bottom and inlays are made from the same board.  The casket was made and shaped with a mix of hand and power tools and was sealed...

Roman Style Sword Handle

My son-in-law asked me to make a handle for an old blued short sword a friend had made for him.  I fitted the tang to block of maple burl I had (it was worth it as he invites me over for dinner...

Recent comments

Re: Solid Pine Country Style Bookshelf

Those hinges are very impressive. Great job overall.

Re: Asymmetrical End Table

Beautiful. Being a closet engineer I would really like to see how you supported the tabletop, but still the design is beautiful. I'd give it a A+.

Re: Practice

Fantastic. Reminds of something from an archeology dig.

Re: Jasmin

Very nice. Did you use euro style hinges on the door or something home brewed?

Re: Hotels in Dublin

Is this some scumbag's ad for a hotel in Dublin? If I'm ever in Dubin I know where I won't go.

Re: California Considers Tougher Safety Standards for Tablesaws

To hell with all this bravado rhetoric! I like my fingers, toes, ears and nose right where there are and not on the floor. With as many tools we use being made overseas this may a chance for American companies to get back into manufacturing American tools and equipment.

Re: Coffee Table

Pure art work!

Re: Play Against the Grain: One Lazy Latheman

Re: Woodworking bench

Okay lets try that again: The clean lines make it look like furniture. I wouldn't mind that in my living room. My wife, probably not so much.
(One little word off changed the whole thing.)

Re: 1000yr old Redwood, Curly Maple and Bronze End Tables


Re: Woodworking bench

The clean lines make it look like furniture. I would mind that in my living room. My wife, probably not so much.

Re: Czappa's Studio

Yes, mine looks just like that too and up until a couple years ago I knew where everything was at. Now I have to go get my glasses first.

Re: Basement Pub

I only want know if I could come live at your house?

Re: Hayrake table, extended version.

Great job! What kind of wood? Making your own design usually means you mis-measured somebody else's design. My tables are mostly as long as my shortest board.

Re: Curly red, and white oak writing desk

Arts and Crafts stlye furniture always looked heavy and clunky. Your desk looks like you could lift it with one hand. Well done.

Re: Painful Box

I don't know about being super in all, never had the chance I guess. Love the box, it's beautiful. I'd save it and give it to my next wife.

Re: Maple & Wenge Jewelry Box

Almost likes like ivory. Very nice.

Re: Breakdown Bed

I like the design, clean and simple but as you say rock solid. Could you add bottom panels to create a storage area? The sides seem deep enough. I have a couple of grandsons that could use something like that.

Re: Caption Contest Winner!

You know I would rather build a two-holer but the back yard isn't big enough.

Re: The Wand Chooses the Wizard

Love it! I made a few for friends mostly on the lathe. You can't get any really good Unicorn hair or phoenix feathers around where I live.

Re: Woods of Arcady

A woodworking journey is traveled with your hands and your tools. Looks like you're in the right direction.
Being out doors what do you do to keep the rust down? I live on the Texas coast and have to oil everything all the time.

Re: Router Table with 2 DROs

Beautiful, but with something that complicated I'd loose a finger somewhere around the decimal point.

Re: Art Nouveau Bookcase

I like your design much better than anything by Henry van de Velde(the only other Art Nouveau furniture I've seen). To quote my grandson: You rock, dude!

Re: Wooden gear clock


Re: trestle table

While I was up in the DC area I saw train trestles (Metro) made out of parallam beams. Trestle table works for me.

Re: trestle table

Great job and both interesting materials. Did you need any metal reinforcement in the hypertufa concrete top? How strong is it?

Re: Kumiko art - landscape


Re: madrone sideboard

That's a very interesting question. The norm would be that each door would have a separate oval shaped grain pattern similar to 5 and 6. This makes each door a closed 'container'.

But you could with the use of the strong laterals of the drawers make one very large container with 1 and 2 mimicking 3 and 4 and 5 shaped like 6 in the drawing. Or (((==))).

Re: Against the Grain: Bone-Headed Bandsawing

I noticed he wasn't wearing any chain mail. My old shop teacher Mr Dugan's methods for safety was to scare every kid so bad that no one would dare use any tool more complicated than a hammer. We did not produce much but we did it safely.

Glad to see some sanity.

Re: Child's cremation casket.

Lucy was my grand daughter. Not sure I am ready to go into details. Thank you.

Re: Partners in Craft: Harold Wood and John O'Brien

Since the drawer fronts would expand in all four directions you would have to allow expansion in the drawer slides as well as top and bottom. I wonder if the resin in the old boards has changed over the years? Solidified or dried out any and making it stronger? This is beautiful stuff! Why can't I come up something like that. Whoops, my jealousy is showing.

Re: Epoxy inlay end table

Not to cut him short but I found Inlace color epoxy cheap and easy to use. It mixes up quite thin and pours like water then cut or sand away to overflow when set. The only bad part is you really need ventilation, ergo; it really smells bad.



Re: Catalpia Outdoor Table

I have used thick spar varnish to fill cracks and crevices. It levels nicely and doesn't have the fumes like epoxy.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Making Ladder Back Chairs with Russ Filbeck

Free book are some of the best reads.

Re: Play Against the Grain: The Wrong Way to Rip

It would be nice to replace all of our existing table saws with Stopsaws but that is not going to happen. Maybe the Stopsaw folks could come up with a way to retrofit their equipment to our saws. I would spend the money for that.

Re: Cherry Coffee Table

I like the bulldog stance of the legs. Gives it a feeling of weight and power.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: How to Make Picture Frames, from American Woodworker

I could use that book.

Re: Catalpia Outdoor Table

For outdoor varnish you can't go wrong with that spar crap.

Re: Side Table

The reverse treatment on the front and back corners makes overall design beautiful. Wish I did that.

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