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Re: iPad and Woodworking?

It doesn't do Flash, ergo it doesn't do anything for me. Maybe the next generation iPad.

I would like to see more magazines on Kindle, iPad etc. I've been toying with getting one but would like to see FW on there first.

In general, I think the concept of the fifth screen is interesting but the issue of portability is a hard hurdle to get over. If I'm going to have one device that does it all, it has to be big enough to allow me to read plans, or even plain text comfortably, but small enough to slip into my pocket when I go skiing, riding my bike, to a concert, or any kind of activity. It would appear that portability and readability are mutually exclusive--at least until they develop an 8" x 10" screen that can fold up and fit in my back pocket.... Holographic projection anyone?

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

This is a very interesting discussion and I appreciate immensely the different view points. For me it comes down to appreciation. Work done by CNC is certainly fine, but I think I would appreciate it a lot more if it was done by hand (which may not always be easy to tell). If Michelangelo had sketched out the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and then turned the job over to a giant spray-by-numbers machine it would still be a beautiful sight, but perhaps we'd appreciate it slightly less.

I also think the CNC is more than a "power tool." Too often the phrase "power tool" is used with distain, to mean "hands free," as if the woodworker has nothing to do but turn the machine on and go have a cup of coffee. But in fact most power tools ARE hand tools. I don't know any hands-free table saw, hands-free mortiser, hands-free jointer etc. etc. We lay our hands on the pieces and guide them through these tools with TLC. One slip and a nice piece of wood is ruined. The CNC is totally hands-off, as best I can tell, though I confess I've not used one. For me, the joy of wordworking comes from using my hands. I don't think I'd get nearly as much pleasure watching a robot do it, though I have to say the finished product is certainly nice to behold and the time saved is probably a deal-maker for the pros.

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