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Re: Woodcraft signs on to sponsor Tommy MacDonald's WGBH woodworking show

I have thoroughly enjoyed Norm and his projects over the years. The only complaint is that some of the tools Norm used were often beyond the means of the average hobbiest. Also, we never got to know Norm beyond his explanation of what he was going to do. It would be nice to get to know him, kind of like we do our neighbors.

But change is inevitable, so look forward to the new series.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

There was a lead story on the front page of the Oregonian this morning on this topic. The tone of the piece is that a local garage-inventor (Stephen Cass lives in Wilsonville, just South of Portland) is being quashed by an evil corporation.

Cass' idea of an instant shut off when skin contacts the blade, is a really good one, and although I've never even nicked my fingers during thousands of hours of table saw operations...I'd support this new technology as an options to the traditional table saw I'm now considering buying. But unfortunately, this working idea has a serious'll trigger even when my finger is no where near the blade. False positives like this are expensive...and I challange any wood worker sympathetic to this technology, to maintain their sympathy when, for the 4th time, they get to spend the $$ necessary to replace their safety mechanism and expensive blades.

If the consumer products safety commission is able to make this technology mandatory even though it continues its false positives, then they should not be surprised to hear of web-sites that offer instructions on how to disable the mechanism.

When manufacturing potentially hazardous consumables, consumers must be warned of their potential hazards, whether that is a ladder, an over-the-counter-medication, a folding chair, a cup of very hot coffee or a table saw. Once purchased, the consumer has the personal responsibility to read and follow the safety precautions. If they don't, then that is their responsibility.

I simply don't understand why this is such a difficult concept for some to grasp.

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