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Re: Michael Fortune Garden Chair Video Series

I agree with TimR!

I'll go you one better -- you KNOW you already have the entire video series done and "in the can" ..... what's up with this drip....drip..... drip...........drip..............drip........ staggering of the episodes???? You're paranoid we won't check your website everyday?

We always DO!

Teasing us with these staggered episodes.....I dunno.....To me (at least) it somehow seems like a bit of a bush league move.

Release the series all at once, then sell the entire series video DVD RIGHT NOW -- as bizarre at it might sound, some of us would like to start building the chair before summer is over; you know?

Come on, folks. Come on.

Re: How Does a Fine Woodworker Change a Lightbulb?

If you believe the latest"safety" ads, the best woodworker uses a "LightBulb Stop" to change the light bulb. It uses only the latest in B.O.L.B.S.T. (Burned Out Light Bulb Sensing Technology).

That way, no tools, no sandpaper, no ladder, no brace, no tennis ball (and DEFINITELY no thought) need be used.

And by the way......Was that tennis ball cut using the latest in "ball-stop" technology, instead of caution, good judgement and focus? I certainly HOPE SO!!

Re: MIT Students and Professor Invent Handheld CNC Router System


On the one side, I surely do admire the "tech" component to this video-router setup, to say nothing of the countless hours these three geeks must have spent on it. Wood-dust

I am however reminded of that episode of The Big Bang Theory where the 4 geeks took countless hours to setup an elaborate way to use wireless networking around the world, just to simply turn on their living room light switch.

What a truly elegant solution to a non-existent problem.

Re: General Consolidates Operations, Closes its Canadian Factory

In the last few years, I don't really recall any particularly positive reviews of *any* of General's woodworking products.

As far as I'm concerned, their shutting down a mfg plant is translatable as follows:

"If you think our products aren't that great NOW, well... Hang on to your hats!

We can't afford to pay any more bloated Canadian (and U.S.!) union wages anyhow.

Because of these ridiculous wages we've been bleeding, our revenue stream has been evaporated by our (necessary) high prices, C- quality and eroding customer loyalty so....

Coming soon: a 'Made in China' tag on all our stuff, with even still lousier quality-control!"

Pardon me for not caring about this company's 'plant closing', but I would never have bought anything made by General anyway. If I ever might need badly-made, or unreliable tools, I already know where Harbor Freight and Craftsman-brand tools are sold; at least there I can save *some* money.

I do somewhat sympathize with their now-out-of-work employees, but they can thank their bloated union's demand for ridiculous wages for that calamity. I feel NO desire to subsidize yet another corrupt and bloated workers' union with my hard-earned funds.

Re: Shop Talk Live 5: Compounding Errors

I think I was far more offended by poor Asa's apology than anything he said originally. He did MORE than he needed, when he apologized for his "unproductive" comments. I listened to his original comments several times. Guess what, all you over-sensitive woodworkers: He was right about everything he said!

OF COURSE there are well-trained and vetted teachers on the Internet who can give a person a safe, reliable forum for many disciplines. That's common knowledge.


The internet is also littered with poorly-trained rank amateurs who want their 15 minutes of fame and think of themselves as 'woodworkers'. The problem is, because of various video websites ..... they won't get off the stage after 15 minutes!!!!!

It seems that it is far easier these days to cultivate the role of the "put-upon victim" or of the "offended" than to simply laugh off some viewpoint with which we might not agree.

Threatening to 'rethink' one's subscription over this? Honestly. Put on some big-boy pants and grow up, poor little 'victims'.

You all know who you are.

Re: UPDATE: Deadline extended again for tablesaw safety comments to the CPSC

Gosh --

I forgot to feel naked and unprotected without yet one more government-imposed 'safety device' at work for me!

I have been an active power-tool woodworker for over 9 years and yet I can STILL count to 10 using just my fingers.

Just how have I been able to easily avoid the dangers inherent in this craft? AND more importantly to that 'victim' Steve Gass and his agenda, just who do I think I am, stating that I don't need his VITAL TECHNOLOGY to keep me safe?

I am a simple man who uses three other 'technologies' that Mr. Gass did NOT invent:

1.) The Faithful Observance of in-place Safety Guidelines for all my tools.

2.) Healthy respect for the lethal potentiality of all power tools.

3.) Good common sense.

Unlike the necessity of seat-belts and airbags, my "cradle-to-grave" friends (and Andrius), power-tool accidents are pretty easy to either avoid altogether or else minimize by the simple use of those three things.

Here's the rub: one must actually pay attention to what one is doing, instead of moaning that a government didn't pre-emtively (or adequately) 'wipe your nose'.

"O$orio" acted stupidly. He did not heed safety precautions from his supervisor, he ignored common sense, and he chose to use the tool in a manner not consistent with its design or safety. $omehow, thi$ was pre$ented in court to appear as if the manufacturers' design had been lacking somehow. It is not.

Rather than ignore this stupid man's lawyers' quest for cash, the courts up-held the ridiculous cash award judgement.
"O$orio" (in my view) is nothing more than an ignoramus with some smooth lawyers who worked the system for cash. Ga$$ is doing little more than that.

Sorry, I will not drink the kool-aid. Why would anyone?

Re: Castor's Folly

Wow.... I'm guessing that slamming any of those drawers would be.... "BAD"????

Re: The Perfect Holiday Gift: 3,530 Router Bits

If I could just bring myself to share these router bits in the shop with my wife and her projects, I could leverage the purchase.

Now where's my checkbook???


My wife has it.....

Re: Is the Radial Arm Saw on its Last Legs?

I owned a Craftsman RAS in the 80's, (back when that brand was worth owning) and it worked just beautifully! Dado cuts, laser-sharp cross-cuts, perfect miter cuts, the list goes on and on. I now wish I had never gotten rid of it when we moved clear across the country.

There have been so many operations in the shop that I wistfully remember doing better with my old RAS than my much, much newer Jet TS. I could also see the entire operation with the RAS. I never have gotten completely used to the "hidden" cuts on my next successive 4 TS's.

Maintaining the RAS's square, and its safe use etc. were no-brainers, and it required no more of a learning curve than my modern day DBSCMS (dual-bevel sliding compund miter saw). Like so many others who wrote in today, (and despite years of use), I also have all 10 fingers as orginally issued to me.

As an aside, I truly wish someone would somehow convince 'TOMMAN' that capitalizing the first letter of every word in every sentence he writes here is an unnecessary distraction. Please consider the idea that 'quirky' and 'stupid' are NOT always valid substitutes for 'interesting'.

We're already packed with intentional mutants of English grammar, pronounciation, punctuation and spelling conventions today.

Kindly sell annoying somewhere else - please?

Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

There were no real winners here; unless of course you consider counsel for BOTH sides. You see, regardless of the case's verdict, THEY were the only ones who were assured of payment. Osorio almost lost his fingers (he had already lost any sense of good judgement long before), One World Technologies lost $$$ etc.

The only fault here lies in Mr. Osorio's foolish decision NOT to also have been drinking fast-food-chain coffee while making his dangerous (and warned-against) cuts without benefit of fence, or saw blade guard(s).

Think of the money he could have made THEN! Hot beverage, one handed cuts, no fence, no blade guards....

Reasoned as only a lawyer would, Scooteruk!

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