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Cabinet 13

A little James Krenov cabinet on a stand modelled after Cabinet 13 from his book "Impractical Cabinetmaker".  The cabinet is 59" tall, 29" inches wide and 9" in depth. The cabinet and stand are made...

New grade 10 intro project

I had to come up with a new  project for my grade 10 woodworking class as the old shaker clock project was eating up too much of the budget in hardware. I made this Birch box from an old 8/4 board...

Krenov Inspired Swiss Pear Cabinet

A little keepsake cabinet made for a friend. It is a veneered build with shop made plywoods and hardware. Mountain cypress, left natural for the interior, makes for a wonderful scent when the doors...

Wabi-Sabi Student Build

  I recently read a blog post by a well known woodworker who mentioned that he was concerned about the lack of interest young people have in woodworking.  I wanted to post this build that some of...

English Brown Oak Jewelry Box

A small English Brown Oak jewelry box for my wife. Made with Peruvian Walnut and Spanish Cedar. Started out as a "warm-up" project while I was building a wabi- sabi cabinet; just something to get...

Hand,Heart and Eye Trophy For Inclusive Student

  A small gift presented to Nathan, a dedicated hardworking student of mine after a very successful year in grade 12 cabinetmaking. Titled Hand, Heart and Eye as a reminder to him that when we...

Adapted Shaker Desk for student

One of the furniture making modules for my grade 12s requires them to build a shaker style desk following a fine woodworking plan by Christian Besksvoort. This year I...

Krenov Inspired/Gift for Parents

Inspired by the works of James Krenov I decided to try my first cabinet on a stand following Jim Budlong's article in FWW. After getting to use an actual Krenov plane at Inside Passage School I...

Recent comments

Re: is digital manufacturing a friend or a foe?

I just used my 3D printer at school to print a few different door pulls until I decide on the one I like. Saves me the time in roughing out prototypes out of wood. Technology is just another tool to me. Great work!

Re: Shaker-style Table

Nice, clean design Mark

Re: A box for bugs

Hey Sal, can you post a link to the LED's you used. Great work!

Re: Toy Box

Great job on your first "real" project King!

Re: First Father & Son Bed Project

Beautiful Work!

Re: Nolan's Ball

As my students say at school. "That looks sick!" Which of course means very cool.

Re: Saber-legged Side Table

Very nice piece Matt,fits the space well. Like your choice in grain graphics for drawer fronts and case work.

Re: Cornerstone

Hey Mav, that box is sweet. I like the sloped mitred top and how you rolled the inside maple over so it looks pillowed. Nice work!

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