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Maple Burl Box

This is the first turned object that I drew a design for before I turned it. I finished it with my Magic Mojo, a wax and oil mixture that I am selling at the local Woodcraft store. I love the gleam...

Small Urn

Walnut Urn - My own design. 8"tall x 4"dia. Three coats of wipe on poly, with steel wool rub out between coats. Turned from a walnut tree that had been standing dead for seven years. This was the...

Recent comments

Re: Seymour-Inspired Table

This table also won the Best of the Best at the Idaho Artistry in Wood Show. It is an amazing piece of art. Bob later did a few demos on the inlay and the dovetails on the draws and banding and even how he blended the fluted legs into the rest of the work. I believe this was the first time Bob did Flutes on turned legs. The man is an incredible artist. The rest of his work is just as Awe-inspiring!!

Re: Greg Brown Carves Out a Career

What an inspiration to us all.

Re: Fine Woodworking Magazine Goes Digital

oh and Apple sucks too. You lied about the Android version, and I refuse the buy Apple because of all the extra costs they tap you for, then you sign up for it and it still doesn't work.

Re: Fine Woodworking Magazine Goes Digital

Wow, really bummed! You send me an email telling me I can use my tablet.... the one I use Sketchup on. then when I follow ALL the links, I FINALLY get to this, which tells me you lied, it still doesn't work, and I just wasted an hour trying to figure out why it didn't work! This Sucks!!

Re: UPDATE: Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman by Peter Korn

Yes, I would like a chance to read this. I am ALWAYS looking to improve my woodworking!

Re: Why I love shellac

I LOVE Shellac! I mix my own. Sometimes finding alcohol that doesn't stink is a problem... Do NOT use that stuff you find in the box stores. anything with a kerosine additive will give you a horrible headache after just a little while. I found that if I use the spendier types you find in Woodcraft or Rockler stores its not too bad at all. I've even used Everclear from the liquor store. I use a high alcohol content if I want to just flash a sealer coat on, then use a mix with a lower content to finish up. The greatest thing is you can wipe away your mistakes with just a rag with alcohol only on it. It builds fast and clear and like the man says, it dries fast! I use it on all my turning and just about everything else. The only other finish I use is a water based wipe on poly. It takes longer than Shellac, and it is harder to clean off if you mess it up, but it is my second easier finish to use. I use it if I want a perfectly clear finish without any "amber glow" to it.

Re: UPDATE: Carving in the Round by Andrew Thomas and How to Carve Wood by Richard Butz

Yes, I would like a chance to win. This would be a great birthday present since my birthday is the 29th!

Re: General Consolidates Operations, Closes its Canadian Factory

Take the highest price and the lowest priced tools and toss them out, choose from those in the middle. That is how I have chosen tools for years. I love my ShopSmith. I know a lot of you turn your nose up at them, but they are good American made machines .

Re: Should Woodworkers Say Goodbye to Ebony?

Thank You Bob, Foe what you have done in the guitar community and for what you are doing for sustainability! It is fantastic that you are taking the time to read out little discourse on woodworking and commenting on it. It shows a real concern with wood and wood working. I do have one complaint about your guitars however. Every one of them sounds perfect! There is little to no searching when you go out to buy a Tayor guitar. When I look for a Fender, it can take me years to find the right one. If I want a Taylor, I just go buy one, it's perfect! No journey to find the right one, You just go to the music store and pick it up.

Re: Should Woodworkers Say Goodbye to Ebony?

The fact is that Gibson was closed down for using Ebony from Madagascar. It has nothing to do with politics, it was the law. Somehow the spin is that Obama closed down Gibson because it was an American Company, but the truth is, those laws were in place long before Obama came into office. It makes just as much sense to say that Clinton, or Bush closed down Gibson. A LOT of guitar companies are outsourcing to China, Gibson is just one of them. Even Fender has some Asian products, but most don't say Made in America, just because they were assembled here. If you are concerned about sustainability and the accord agreed on concerning sustainability, DO NOT buy your guitars or wood from China. They have a horrible Human Rights record, and a horrible record for supporting any sustainable growth. I salute Bob for going to look at what he was buying, instead of just buying the cheapest stuff he could find. It takes judgment like that to keep these woods in the world and NOTHING to do with politics. And as a member of the Accord on sustainable growth, Bob is required to plant, what he cuts.

Re: Should Woodworkers Say Goodbye to Ebony?

Why is it that there are people that have to relate everything to to "horrible" Obama? This is a question of sustainability, and here is just one person who can do something about it. If you think he is wrong, go do something yourself! But don't go all Ted Nugent, just because you don't like the current administration. And NO Chinese wood does not go through the same control of anything human rights or sustainability, so yea, if you buy Chinese, you ARE helping to destroy the remaining trees, JUST LIKR GIBSON!

Re: Sam Maloof's first commission

I don't use Interior Decorators either, and Architects even less. Why is it there is this whole group of industries that have a primary function of telling people what they really want, when they haven't a clue, just ego? I guess if you have enough money you don't need common sense, you just try and buy someone else's.

Re: Advanced Stringing Techniques for Spectacular Furniture

How in the world did you keep the Paduk from bleeding into the Maple? Every time I do any inlay like that I have to scrape them individually them lightly bring them together. You are just sanding away! When I do that, I get red maple.... Beautiful work. I will use those tecniques on my next guitar!

Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

This has NOTHING to do with safety and EVERYTHING to do with profits for Sawstop! Sawstop is simply selling their product to the government instead of consumers. If it is such a great saw, why don't people buy it instead? The problem lies in product cost and usefullness, NOT safty. If this is a great product, sell it to me, NOT the STUPID good for nothing polititians that sit on their brains all day and spend my money!! I have a friend that bought a Sawstop. After going off on a wet spot in the wood he couldn't afford or optain replacement parts that weekend, now it is jerryrigged to work without them. How many people are going to do that? But then you can't sue the mfg right? So their butts are covered and you have a saw that is even less safe than the ones made without sawstop. You want to save people from sawing off their hands, educate them, don't hogtie them with regulations. I'm over fity, I still have all my fingers and toes and I've been doing this all my life!

Re: Play Fine Woodworking's Game: Against the Grain

I quit wearing jewelry after seeing a guy pop his wedding ring finger off on the shop floor.... he swung down from a platform. There was a pop rivit on the rail that caught his ring and the weight of his body did the rest. I have since seen people crush their rings, catch bracelets, and one guy pull off most of his ear on a drill press. don't wear anything that might get caught up in the machinery!

Re: Pro Portfolio: Michael Hurwitz: Planks into Poetry

Wow. what an inspiration to all.

Re: Sphere Collection

Excellent job, I know how hard those are to turn .... I'm still trying!

Re: Monarch Flight

Nice Concept! Beautiful work.

Re: Creative Bookcases: Official Rules

Wow, cool bookcase. I wonder what the cats would think of it .... a little carpet here and there and..... I think I'll do it, a bit of a challenge getting the carpet to look right, but I know they will love it! A little hide hole in the middle, scratch pad on the back. Nice wide carpeted base to keep it from tipping. Inset the carpet pieces to match the wood. Might even hang a string with a ball off the top. I guess I shouldn't have shown it to my wife ..... :)

Re: Calling all benchtop warriors

I have both a bench top and stand alone band saw. I like the bench top for small stuff, I keep a 1/8" blade on it and a re-saw blade on the 14" w/ riser block. Both work great for what I have them set up for. I had a bench top router table, but it wasn't stable enough for me, so I built my router into my table. It works great like that, doesn't wiggle when I use it. I do have sort of a bench top jointer ... it's on my shop smith, so it's a different animal altogether. I'm looking to get a combo jointer/planer. 12" sounds much better than 4" for a jointer. :)

Re: Bow Front Box

Wow! Beautiful Work, I bet the teacher's aid was ecstatic!

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