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A Nutty Alternative to SawStop Technology

This tablesaw safety technique is not for those with squeamish eyes

Day 7 Building a Workbench: Finishing Up

See the finished bench! we complete the base and assemble it to the benchtop. Options for a finish coating are discussed.

Day 6 Building a Workbench: Legs, Feet, Braces and Stretchers

Do you want to know how to make a really strong base for your workbench? I'll show you how!

Day 5 Building a Workbench: A Date with the Sander

We finished the benchtops by installing the front vise and tail vise. Then we took them across town to have them sanded. The tail vise installation was difficult due to a procedural issue but we finally resolved it.

Day 4 Building a Workbench: Vises and Videos

Come see how we installed the vises on our workbenches while we were visited by a Fine Woodworking web producer.

Day 3 Building a Workbench: Hardware Prep

See today's progress in building a cabinetmakers workbench at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking.

Day 2- Building a Workbench: Mortises and Tenons

Come along to see the second day of workbench class at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. Today we glued up the end vise, made twin mortises and tenons to join workbenchtop parts, and got a portion of the first workbench top dry fitted together.

Day 1 Building a Workbench: Benchtops and Bench Dogs

Follow along as I build a woodworkers workbench at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking in a week long class. The bench we are building is similar to the Lie Nielsen workbench and uses the Lie Nielsen vise hardware.

Building a 300 lb. Solid-Maple Workbench

This week I'm taking the class; Build a Traditional Cabinetmaker's Workbench. I'll report on my progress each day and give you the inside scoop on what its like. I'm really excited about building a real cabinetmakers workbench with Lie Neilsen vise hardware and solid maple construction.

Shop Manager Bill Peck: How I Got Started in Woodworking

How Fine Woodworking's shop manager Bill Peck got started in woodworking.

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