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Carla's Wine & Liquor Cabinet

From concept to completion this project was a long time coming. I wanted to build a cabinet with a top similar to this but didn't have the cutter for my shaper or a planner to insure my boards where...

Mom's Curio Cabinet

I build this in the early 80's for my Mom & Dad's 40th wedding anniversary. At the time I was living in Midland Michigan and shipping was a big concern due to the size. When I called to get an...

Disk Sander attachment

This is my first posting. I designed and built this wood lathe Disk sanding attachment in the late 70's. I resently retired and plan to spend more time in my shop and sharing my projects with fellow...

Recent comments

Re: Disk Sander attachment

Darryl, It's been a while sense I've been back but if you still would like the plans send me an e-mail:

Re: Mom's Curio Cabinet

I don't speek Spanish but thanks to Google translater I appriciate your comments. Muchas gracias


Re: Barefoot Woodworker's Shop

Ha Barefoot, I love it too.

There's nothing like a shop that gets used and has been built over time to fit the needs of the craftsmen and the space available. Thanks for sharing.

Bill, Everett, Wa.

Re: Oak Hutch

Great job, HB,

I have make a few hutches in my day, yours is Beautiful. Stain glass work is time consuming but I'm sure you would agree worth the effort. Hopefully you built this for someone special.

Re: Shopmade 12" Disk Sander

Nice Job Bric,

Back in the earkt 80's I build a sander to attach to the tailstock of my wood lathe. Works great. The nice thing about it is I can utilize the motor ont he lathe whitch doesn't get used as much as my other tools. Now that I'm retired I'm planning to get more involved with woodworking. I also hope to post this project soon on this site.


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