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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

The judgement sounds lunatic to a European, but par for the course in the US legal system. Expect the US legal profession to be taking a close interest in woodworking until the next big thing. Maybe the partners of injured or drowned sailors. Watch out Wooden Boat magazine.
We all know that all woodworking machines can be dangerous, but if used properly with the appropriate guards, aids such as featherboards, and most importantly, an understanding of the potential risks of a particular operation, then a machine is safe. FWW magazine does a great job of educating people in the potential risks of woodworking, and there are any number of woodworking classes which teach safe methods. How long before chisels are sold with training wheels? There seems to be a disconnect between the ideals of the Land of the Free, taking personal responsibility for one´s actions, and what the British call the Nanny State. Everything regulated.

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