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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

How disappointed I was when I read this article yesterday. What has happened to our society when people are no longer responsible for their own action?

If I buy a gun, load it and shoot it the guns fault? No

If I buy a car and run it into a brick wall, is it the walls fault, the cars fault? No

If I'm running on a bridge and jump off it, is it the bridges' fault? No

Then why is it that if I purchase a table saw with a spinning carbide steel blade and I get injured, it's the saw manufacturers' fault. Just because they don't want to be extorted by Sawstop.

I've seen so much change in this country in the short 40 years I've been alive, it's frightening to think what will happen in the next 40.

How do I even know that Sawstop technology even works. All I see is demo's with hotdogs. If they technology really works, why don't they use their own fingers?

Big E

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